These are the winning forex systems that we have tested over an extended period and found to consistently generate a profit.

We use all these services ourselves and we will regularly update results to ensure a continued place on our approved list is merited.

Angel Business Club

Angel Business Club – Results Update

Risk warning While the content on the Angel Business Club website is for general information purposes only and does not form financial or professional advice, any investment opportunity on the Angel Business Club website carries a high degree of risk. Your capital is at risk which can include loss of investment and dilution, illiquidity, lack of dividends and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Any financial promotion contained on the Angel Business Club has been approved by Angel Corporate Finance Ltd; a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.



N.B. – Please note this review was continued at our sister site, tradestocksfx, here.


There has been some massive news for one of the companies in the Angel Business Club’s portfolio recently. It involves a small British fintech company that has struck a huge deal with one of the world’s biggest financial institutions. 

For reasons of confidentiality we cannot reveal who this company is or details of the deal, but we understand an official announcement will be made soon. 

In the meantime though the Angel Business Club released details to members via a special webinar and the implications were nothing short of mind-blowing. 

If you have followed our review here over the last couple of years you will know that we have cautioned patience and that it could take time, but there was always the chance that one of the portfolio companies would hit it big. 

Well with this deal there’s a real chance this particular company could hit it very big. Out-of-the-park big, as it were. 

They still have to deliver on what the larger financial company is asking for, but if they do then the potential for growth is tremendous. 

And the really good news is that if you sign up to paid membership of the Angel Business Club before the end of the month (so by the end of tomorrow UK time) you will get FREE BONUS SHARES in this amazing company.

Not only that but you will get allocated free shares in a number of other exciting early-stage businesses. 

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity – you can sign up to the Angel Business Club here today.  





Angel Business Club – Results Update

22nd July 2020

The Angel Business Club is a facility whereby you pay a monthly membership fee and then receive free shares in a range of early-stage companies. It’s a bit like Dragons Den, apart from you don’t get to pick the companies, the Club does. 

We had remarked previously that is was difficult to give a results update on our investment in the Club as there weren’t any results in the form of companies being sold or floated on the stock market (IPO). 

Well the good news is we finally have some results to report! And they are positive.

Yes, the Club made an investment in a company that was about to float on the stock exchange and members were allocated shares at the end of May at the price of £0.025 per share.

Then the company floated on the stock exchange at the start of June and shares have generally traded in the range of £0.045 – £0.05 per share since then.

Taking into account the spread (i.e. the sell price being lower than the quoted mid-price), this meant that members could have sold shares for around 4-4.5p per share, potentially achieving a 100% uplift on the price of the allotted shares. 

If you had the standard membership for example at £89, you would have received 350 shares at £0.025 per share, for a value of £8.75. At this level you would have struggled to make a profit on selling the shares due to dealing costs, so really for it to have been worthwhile you would have needed a higher level of membership. 

If for example you had the Pro Membership at £428, you would have received 2500 shares, equal to £62.50 at the valuation of  £0.025 per share. That would have allowed you to make a good profit on the shares if selling at £0.04 – £0.045 per share, even factoring in dealing costs.

And of course whichever level of membership you had, you would also have received allocations in a number of other companies for the month. 

Anyway, this kind of short-term investment before an IPO is a new approach from the Club and we think it is a good one. They will still be making the more long-term investments (5-15 years) but having these shorter-term transactions in addition gives members something tangible to enjoy in the meantime whilst waiting for the longer plays to materialise. It makes good use of the Club’s privileged position as an Angel investor able to invest in early-stage companies closed off to most retail investments. 

We expect to see more of these in future and hopefully there will be opportunities for members to buy additional shares on top of the allotted monthly memberships allocations.  

In terms of the Club’s other invested companies there appears to be lots of good news coming out despite the covid difficulties experienced by many companies so that is encouraging. 

There have been no significant developments in Britannia’s Gold Ltd (BGL) however which is a shame but they are rather beholden to other authorities and restricted by the covid limitations. Hopefully they will get back out to sea in the next few months.  





Angel Business Club – Results Update

20th April 2020

It’s been a few months since we updated our review of the Angel Business Club (ABC) so we thought a good time for an update given the hiatus in all things sporting-related at the moment. 

Just a reminder, the Angel Business Club is a facility whereby you pay a monthly membership fee and then receive free shares in a range of early-stage companies. It’s a bit like Dragons Den, apart from you don’t get to pick the companies, the Club does. 

The companies are varied and interesting, with everything from a healthy tonic company to a fire safety company to posh dog food! 

With the coronavirus crisis it’s obviously a very worrying time for all businesses, particularly start-ups and early stage businesses. Time will tell how it turns out for the companies in the ABC portfolio but let’s hope they make it through to the other side. 

There isn’t a great deal of news on the companies, other than that one went bust and is being restructured to start over when the covid-19 crisis is past. Some other companies seem to be making good progress, although as we say with the current economic crisis it is only sensible to be cautious in that regard.

Obviously it is also not the time to be doing stock market flotations or trade sales so we don’t have any clear results to report in terms of profit/losses banked. 

The good news however is that the Angel Business Club are offering free access to their weekly webinars, which are normally for paid members only. So you can check those out and get more info on the companies and what else is going on at the Club. 

You can sign up as a free member here. 






Angel Business Club – Results Update

13th November 2019

It’s been a few months since we updated our review of the Angel Business Club (ABC) and in fact it’s been two full years now since we joined the club. 

Just a reminder, the Angel Business Club is a facility whereby you pay a monthly membership fee and then receive free shares in a range of early-stage companies. It’s a bit like Dragons Den, apart from you don’t get to pick the companies, the Club does. 

The companies are varied and interesting, with everything from a healthy tonic company to a fire safety company to posh dog food! 

Anyway, as we say we’ve been members for two years so you would think after that long we would have some concrete results to report. 

Well unfortunately – and those who have been following us in the long run will have heard this before – we still can’t report any clear results! 

That is because there haven’t been any exit opportunities like IPOs or trade sales of the companies in our portfolio, which is how you realise the investment you have made in the Club and potentially bank a profit (or a loss if a company happened not to have done well). Whilst there have been a couple of IPOs planned, they both fell through for one reason or another and no others are planned as far as we are aware. 

Now as mentioned below in our previous updates, you do have the option of selling your shares to other members on the ABC’s internal trading platform, although not all companies are tradeable on there (for example one of the companies has recently gone into voluntary liquidation so has been removed).

If you do sell shares on the platform however, you would generally be taking a loss on your shares so it is not recommended. Ultimately if you want to realise the full opportunity of the companies you will have to wait for the exit event in most cases. 

So needless to say the ABC is only a vehicle for people with a great deal of patience! You need to have a long-term mindset that it could take 5-10 years in many cases to see the companies go from early stage to actually float on the stock market or be bought out. 

That is all we can say at this stage really, we wish we had something more concrete to report in terms of results but that is the “nature of the beast” unfortunately. 

A quick word as well on Britannia’s Gold Ltd (BGL), one of the companies in our portfolio and one people could also invest in separately. There has been some positive news lately, in that they have been contracted by a third party to carry out a salvage operation on a vessel in the Pacific with a potentially large quantity of gold on board, which BGL would receive 12.5% of in addition to receiving a fee for doing the job. 

So if that came in it would provide a very nice dividend to shareholders and help to fund the mission on the Empress of Britain which is due to recommence next Spring. 

Here’s hoping anyway!







Angel Business Club – Results Update

3rd July 2019

It’s Dan here and I thought it would be a good time to do an update on the Angel Business Club after I attended their Global Convention last week in London.

I’ll start with the Convention and then move on to a wider update on how things are going.


Global Convention

The Convention was held at the Holiday Inn Kensington on 22nd June and it was a fantastic day. We got to hear a dozen presentations about all the promising companies that are part of the ABC platform and how they are progressing, which was very interesting. These included:

  • – A drinks company that is making healthy, natural drinks and is hoping to get listed in all the major UK supermarkets.
  • – A premium, high end dog-food company that looks set to break into America.
  • – A payment app that has signed a big deal with one of the world’s biggest credit card companies and has a number of other deals lined up.
  • – A breakthrough fire safety company that could revolutionise how fires are dealt with in the home and workplace

And there were so many more inspiring stories from companies that could not only be big successes but have a positive impact on the world.

It was also great to meet other members at the Convention and share their experiences of the Club. Not to mention we got lots of goodies, including (non-alcoholic) wine and soft drinks at our table and excellent food at the conference venue. Joao (the CEO of the ABC) and his team did a great job so hats off to them. It was such a success they have even booked in the event for next year already! 


Portfolio Update

There hasn’t been much change in our portfolio since our last update. We currently have 13 companies in our portfolio (plus an extra investment in Britannia’s Gold – but more on that below). The total we have paid via membership fees is €2,592 and that is also pretty much the estimated value of our portfolio according to the strike price values. 

In terms of the strike price values, we believe it would be beneficial for the Club to report how they arrive at their strike price valuations (with price/sales ratios etc) to increase transparency and accountability and have suggested this to them. 

As we remarked last time though, in the grand scheme of things the strike price values of the companies are something of a moot point until a company can either float on the stock market or is bought out (what is called a “trade sale”). 

You can sell shares via the ABC’s internal trading platform in the meantime if the companies are listed on the platform. Of the 13 companies in our portfolio, 11 are listed on the trading platform.

We stated in our last update that it is not always possible to sell shares on the platform. This is not quite correct – as long as the company is listed on the platform you can sell shares, although it will usually be at a significant discount to the strike price so is not advisable unless you really have to sell in order to release funds etc. It is better to wait for the exit events – an IPO or trade sale.


The IPOs That Weren’t

Talking of IPOs, one of the disappointing aspects of our time as a member has been that two IPOs were promised but then didn’t materialise, for one reason or another. 

One of the companies in question had raised funds from members on the basis that it was about to IPO but then chose not to list on the stock market, for its own reasons. Whilst it is always of course up to the company to decide how to proceed in these matters and to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders, there were complaints about this at the Global Convention and we can understand why.

In our view if a company raises money on the basis that it plans to shortly IPO and then pulls it (with no date given for when it may IPO in future), it is understandable if people are frustrated and we hope this is just a one-off and isn’t repeated by the ABC.

In terms of the other IPO, it is hoped this will proceed later this year.


Britannia’s Gold

We reported last time that Britannia’s Gold (BGL) was embarking on its third attempt to salvage gold from a Wold War Two shipwreck. Well sadly it wasn’t successful in that attempt.

We received an update from Philip Reid, Chairman of BGL, at the Global Convention and he gave a rather reflective summary of the situation, remarking that the whole project had turned out to be far more challenging than they had ever envisaged and it would require significant additional funds and time to complete the current salvage. It has been a salutary lesson for all involved in just how difficult such salvage operations are – as Mr Reid commented “that’s why no-one else has done this.” Well, er, yes indeed!

Whilst this was disappointing news for investors, there is something to be said for Mr Reid’s honesty and now at least they have more realistic expectations of the time and effort involved in not just completing this salvage operation but any potential ones in future.  

All is not lost as they have the funds to head out to the vessel again and try to complete the salvage, whilst now having to split any proceeds 50% with another company. However, whilst there is still hope this could all turn out successfully, when taking into account the tone of Mr Reid’s update and a cold hard reflection on how difficult it has all been you can’t help feel like the dream may be slipping away. We will see anyway…



So how would we summarise our time as an ABC member after more than 18 months? Well our experience probably mirrors private equity investing generally. It is high risk and there will be many disappointments and setbacks along the way. Certainly we have experienced those so far with the aborted IPOs and Britannia’s Gold. 

At the same time though I came away from the Convention feeling very positive about the opportunities of many companies in the portfolio. There were some great stories and promising developments reported, so hopefully at least one of the companies will go on to be a big success.

Only time will tell on that, so in the meantime we will just have to wait and see…and keep those fingers crossed!

You can check out the Angel Business Club for yourself here.








Angel Business Club – Results Update

3rd April 2019

It’s been over a year since we started our review of the Angel Business Club, so it is more than high time for an update.

The strange thing however – and this is mainly why we have delayed doing an update for so long – is that we don’t really have any results to update!

Yes it may sound crazy, but even after having been a member of the Club for around 18 months, we haven’t been able to cash in any of our investments. 

Before we explain fully, here is a quick reminder of what the Angel Business Club (or ABC for short) is all about: when you join up as an active member, you pay a monthly fee and you may receive free monthly share entitlements at the Club’s discretion and in proportion to your membership level in companies at all stages of development, from start-ups to pre-IPO and even listed companies.

It is kind of like Dragons’ Den apart from you don’t get to choose which companies you get shares in, the Club does that for you on a monthly basis.

The problem is that you need to wait for an “exit event” like an IPO (a flotation on the stock market) or a trade sale (a company being bought out by a much larger company) for your investment to be realised and some profit (or loss) to be made. 

There is the option of trading internally on the ABC’s website, but we have tried this a few times and even when putting in the lowest price allowed, we still haven’t found any buyers for our shares. There just isn’t the liquidity available compared to trading on a platform like Hargreaves Lansdown for example. That isn’t surprising as the ABC has around 1100 paying members compared to hundreds of thousands or even millions of traders on a platform like Hargreaves (plus HL have market makers, but that’s a different story altogether).

Anyway, the overall picture is that so far we have paid €2,325 in membership fees and our shares are estimated to be worth around €2,860. 

However, this estimated value is the “strike price” attributed to the shares by ABC, which has to be taken with a pinch of salt as it just their internal valuation and as they used to say on those property programmes, an item “is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.”

So you will only know what those shares are really worth once there is an exit event and you can actually sell them. 

In summary then all we can say so far is that the Club is definitely for the long-term investor rather than the short-term one. If you are looking to make a “quick buck” then this isn’t for you. In many cases you will have to wait 3-5 years for an investment to come to fruition, so patience is of the essence. 

There are a couple of companies due to have IPOs later this year and Britannia’s Gold – one of the the ABC’s flagship projects – is currently embarking on their third crack at retrieving some gold from WW1 and WW2 shipwrecks, so it may be that we have some concrete results to report in the coming months. 

For the moment though, it’s very much a case of “wait and see…” 







Angel Business Club – New Review

10th January 2018

If you are a long-term follower of ours you will know that we like to look into a wide-variety of money-making opportunities and not just betting systems.

We like to test out trading systems, forex strategies, cryptocurrencies and really any investment opportunity that we think has the potential to be profitable.

The latest opportunity represents something new again and is called the Angel Business Club. 

I attended a seminar they held just before Christmas and was impressed enough by it that I decided to join up as a paying member.

What is the Angel Business Club All About?

In essence the Club provides the chance to be invested in a range of start-up companies.

Normally this is something that is closed off to the vast majority of people and only venture capitalists like the guys you see on “Dragons Den” would have the chance to become involved in start-up companies.

For a lot of investors this is very frustrating because investing in new start-ups can be one of the most profitable forms of investment possible.

Think of the early investors in Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and the like and the vast fortunes they have amassed from being able to invest at the earliest stages of those companies, well before they floated on the stock market.

Venture capitalists who were able to do this have apparently made hundred-fold, or even thousand-fold, their original investment. 

There is even a story of a cleaner at the Google offices in the very early days of the company who was given a few hundred shares to thank them for their hard work, and now those shares are worth millions!

Whether it is true or not, the story gives you an idea of the incredible value that can be obtained from being an early investor in a company. 

This is where the Angel Business Club comes in. When you join up as an active member, you pay a monthly fee and you may receive free monthly share entitlements at the Club’s discretion and in proportion to your membership level in companies at all stages of development, from start-ups to pre-IPO and even listed companies.

It is all completely legal and legit and has been running for a couple of years now and has:

  • – Become Europe’s largest community of business angels with over 10,000 members
  • – Developed 10 Companies and driven 2 IPOs with more to come in 2018
  • – Built a complex and scalable financial e-platform

The Angel Business Club has an experienced professional team with decades of business and financial experience behind them who vet the potential companies to invest in and then help nurture them. 

The beauty of it as an investor is that you don’t have to do anything, just let the team do all the work and sit back and receive the shares. 

Track Record

Of course the big question you are probably eager to know the answer to is what their track record is like in terms of returns.

Well apparently gains on the portfolio have ranged from 40-70% per year for members to date, which comfortably beats the stock market average and certainly any savings account. 

A notable success includes Wide Cells Group, a stem cell company which the Angel Business Club (ABC) took from an early stage company to float on the stockmarket and the IPO price represented a doubling in value to the price ABC members received shares at (8p to 16p).

Gains will of course vary and all investments in early-stage companies are high-risk, but the track record so far looks very good

There are currently over 20 companies currently on the ABC books. You can read more about them on the ABC website. 

I have recently joined up and will do a full review of the Club here, including the return on investment of my subscription over the course of the year.

This could be a great chance to invest in the next big companies of tomorrow, whilst also becoming involved in an investment community with regular meet-ups, online forums and webinars. 

You can check out the Angel Business Club for yourself here. 






Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Results Update

N.B. – Please note this review is continued at our sister site, tradestocksfx here.



The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a share tipping service provided by two brothers, David and Tom Gardner. It is one of the best known stock picking services in the world and has been running for nearly 20 years. We have been following the service for over three years now here at HBR. 

Even with the market crash experienced over the last couple of months due to coronavirus, they have still managed to add more growth since our last update, with a further 89% growth in the recommended stocks. 

That means the stocks have grown a combined 2,816% for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

It’s testament to their stock picking skills that their picks have still managed to hold up in the current market conditions, with their selections over the last year alone up a combined 82%. 

There may be more turbulent times to come for the stock market but the Motley Fool’s ethos of buying and holding for the long term has certainly produced stellar results over the past twenty years despite all the market’s ups and downs. 

It’s great credit to them and why they remain one of the most popular share tipping services in the world. 







Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

14th November 2019

It’s now been a full three years since we joined the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service and a year since we last did an update so we are well overdue a report on progress.

Once again we can say the performance has been amazing, with a further 1159% growth made since our last update and 2727% growth of the recommended stocks for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Those results are quite phenomenal and as we have said before, the best of any stock-picking service we have seen. 

It’s interesting that the results from the two brothers David and Tom have been almost identical for the period of our review, with David having made 1377% profit and Tom having made 1338% profit. Although over the whole history of the service David’s results have been better (an average gain of 518% for David on each share recommended versus 153% for Tom), it appears Tom may be catching up. 

The only slight negative is that this year hasn’t been quite as good for them, with the stocks recommended in 2019 actually down a cumulative 53%. However, many of those recommendations are only a few months old and the average holding time is recommended to be 3-5 years, so it may just be the case that these recent ones need time to play out. 

In any event the overall performance of the service as we say has been superb so we’ll continue to monitor it and let’s see what the next three years bring! 







Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

9th October 2018

It has now been almost two years since we started following the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service and what a two years it has been!

Their total stock picks combined are now up an amazing 1569% since we started following them in November 2016. 

You can view full results here.

(Please note on the results spreadsheet we haven’t included the names of the stocks recommended to avoid giving away their picks for free).

To put the results another way, if you had bought $1000 worth of each stock recommendation they have made since November 2016, you would currently be over $156,000 up! 

Now to do that you would have had to invest $47,000 in buying the 47 stocks they have recommended over the last couple of years, which of course not everyone has just lying around. 

But even if you had bought just $100 of every stock they had recommended, you would still be over $15,600 up, which is pretty awesome. 

Some shares do cost more than $100 each of course, but there are other options for that such as using a spread betting account.

Anyway, the bottom line is the results have been quite amazing and this is the best stock picking service we have ever come across. 

These are not penny stocks they are selecting either that can surge or crash on a whim, they are virtually all multi-billion dollar companies that are stable and you can actually achieve the prices they recommend to buy the stock at. 

There is also lots to learn across the Motley Fool platform and a great deal of wisdom about how to approach long term investing. 

We will continue to follow this just because it is doing so well we want to see where it ends up and if they can continue to achieve such amazing results. They have been doing so for over 20 years so let’s hope they can. 











Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

14th February 2018

It’s been a while since we updated our review of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor so we thought it was high time we brought you some news.

And we are pleased to say we have good news to report – very good news in fact.

Since we started following the service back in November 2016, they have amassed an incredible 611% profit from their stock picks. 

You can view full results here.

Those gains are outstanding and as we have said before, this is the best stock-picking service we have ever come across.

In terms of the records of the two brothers who provide the picks – David and Tom Gardner – their records since November 2016 are as follows: David is 347% up and Tom is 264% up.

That kind of fits with the long-term pattern, with David having achieved an average gain on his picks since the service started of 487% versus Tom’s 133%. In fact you could say Tom has been outperforming his overall record lately.

Either way though, they have both done fantastically well.

There is also so much useful information on the website to learn from. We enjoy in particular David Gardner’s podcasts for his Rule Breakers service, which is very educational as you can understand more about the thinking that goes behind his picks and why he has been so successful.  

Anyway, we will report back again in a couple of months’ time to see if their impressive results continue.







Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

27th July 2017

It’s been a while since we updated our review of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor so we thought it was high time we brought you some news.

And we are pleased to report that the news is good – very good in fact.

Since we joined the main Motley Fool Stock Advisor last November, they are an astounding 207% up on their stock picks.

You can view full results here.

Now we can’t include the names of the stocks here because as the Motley Fool is a long-term service where you generally hold stocks for 3-5 years or even longer, that would be giving away their picks for free.

But rest assured these results are fully accurate and verified.

And it is worth pointing out that unlike some other share tipping services, you can generally get the price they recommend the stock at with no problems at all.

This is primarily because they are picking big, multi-billion dollar companies whose prices are not going to be affected by the followers of the Motley Fool all buying shares at the same time. Plus they give out the stock tips with the live current price, rather than “this is the price I bought it at a week ago” which has now gone up 20% by the time you hear about it.

As we mentioned last time, we also signed up to the Rule Breakers service that is run by David Gardner. That is also up an astonishing 218% this year, simply fantastic results.

The UK version, Share Advisor, is around break even for the year. We have stopped following the Income Investor because it is too long-term a service to be worth reviewing here – it is the kind of thing you do to set up an income for yourself in retirement.

All in all though we think the main Stock Advisor and Rule Breaker services are fantastic and without doubt the best stockmarket services we have come across.






Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

20th March 2017

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a legendary stock-picking service run by two brothers, David and Tom Gardner. 

In this fast-paced, action-packed world we live in, Tom and David take a rather contrary approach to investing and look to hold stocks for a long time rather than profit from day-trading or quick swings in prices.

When they say a long time, they mean a period of around 5-10 years, which is like an eternity in the modern world of super-fast trading.

However, their approach has been phenomenally successful, with winners such as Amazon (up 500-fold since they originally recommended it), Netflix (up over 7,000%), Priceline (up over 7,000%) and many more fantastic winners.

Now given their investing timeframes, we can’t really do our normal results spreadsheet as that would give things away and you could just use that to buy their recommended stocks rather than signing up to the service.

What we can say though is that their stock picks are up a combined 70% since we joined in November, a pretty awesome total.

In that time there have been nine picks, with one of those picks up 40%.

We have to say we are absolutely loving this service and think it is without doubt the best stock-picking service we have ever come across.

The depth of knowledge, the quality of the analysis, the presentation of the website, but most of all – the results – are superb.

As we said below in our introduction back in November, imagine if you had bought just $1,000 of Amazon shares back when David originally recommended it. You would now have shares worth over half a million dollars!

And you would have had some other fantastic gains as well.

We are enjoying this so much we have signed up to three of their other services:

  • Rule Breakers – a service run by David Gardner that focuses on breakthrough tech companies he believes are poised for massive growth. Big winners to date include Netease (over 2,000% gain), Intuitive Surgical (over 1,400%) and Baidu (over 1,900%).
  • Income Investor – a service focused on creating an income through investing in shares that pay dividends.
  • Motley Fool UK – the British version of the site, which recommends UK companies to buy and has also had some decent results.

We will start including these services in our updates as well to give you a sense of how they are doing across some of their different services.

It is worth pointing out that you do need a decent bit of money to invest to make it worth signing up to these services – we would say at least ten thousand pounds, but maybe more like twenty-five thousand.

And of course you would need to have money to invest on an ongoing basis if you wanted to buy each of their monthly picks as well.  

If you do have some money to invest and are looking for a stock-picking service to follow, then certainly on the basis of what we have seen so far, the Motley Fool is looking very good.





Motley Fool Stock Advisor – Update

20th December 2016

It’s a bit early for a results update on the Motley Fool Stock Advisor service, as the picks take a long time to realise their full value, with the average holding time for a share being 3-5 years.

So we thought we would just do a quick update on how we have found the service so far.

Basically you normally receive one pick from each of the Gardner brothers, Tom and David, every month together with their reasoning for their pick.

I really like the detailed explanations for their stock picks. They are a mixture of sound reasoning as to why the particular company is expected to grow (and thus the share price should grow) and detailed (but not boring and overly-long) analysis of the numbers. 

You can see why they have made such incredible picks, like 500-bagger Amazon, 40-bagger Netflix and so on over the years.

On the website you can also look back at all their previous picks and the thinking behind them, which is interesting. Quite a lot of their predictions about how companies would grow have proved startlingly accurate!

There are David and Tom’s top 5 “Best Buys” now, plus their 15 “Starter Stocks” – the essential companies that embody David and Tom’s investing philosophies and the ones they think should form the basis of your portfolio. These are mainly big-name companies that we’ve all heard of and have been solid growth engines, with more expected.

In addition you will find other features on the site such as a community forum to discuss things with other members, plus a “scorecard” to track stocks you are interested in.

After signing up to the Stock Advisor service, you are hit with quite a lot of marketing to sign up to other Motley Fool services. Some of these actually look quite interesting, particularly the Rule Breakers and Options Trading services.

However, these are all considerably more expensive than the Stock Advisor service, which is a squeak at a mere $99 per year.

So overall our impressions of the service are very good so far. Obviously as we say only time will tell how they get on in the long term with their stock picks, but we will update things periodically on the progress being made. 





Motley Fool Stock Advisor – New Review

22nd November 2016

Among the many dozens of e-mails, adverts and requests we receive each week to look at betting and investment opportunities, occasionally one comes along that really sparks our interest.

This happened to us today when we came across an article talking about a stock recommended by a guy called David Gardner, who is the co-founder with his brother Tom of the popular Motley Fool share website.

The article went on to mention that David Gardner had a pretty decent record in his stock tips, having recommended Amazon back in 1997 (and again in 2002).

Now everyone knows that Amazon has grown massively as a company since those recommendations. But how much exactly?

Well, back in 1997, Amazon was worth around $1.50 per share. In 2002, it was around $15 per share. 

Guess what it is today? 

A whopping $785 per share.

Yep, that’s not a typo – it really is $785 per share.

That is pretty astonishing growth. And yet, back in 2002, most people would certainly have heard of Amazon, used its services and would have expected it to grow as a company.

But how many people actually bought some shares in it?

Well David Gardner did and now he’s sitting on a 500-bagger (i.e. a share that has grown 500-fold, or 50,000% since he bought it).

Intrigued by this, I started looking at some of the other recommendations made by David and his brother Tom in their Stock Advisor newsletter.

How about Netflix – advised in 2007 at $2.69 per share, now worth $118.

Or Nvidia, advised in 2005 at $7 a share and now worth $93. 

There is Priceline group, advised in 2004 at $23 and now worth $1,526.

Or Walt Disney, advised at $3 per share in 2002 and now worth $98. 

Some pretty astounding success stories there, any one of which could have made you pretty wealthy. Think if you had invested just $1,000 in Amazon when he recommended it in 2002, you would have made a cool half a million dollars. 

Looking at their overall record, obviously not every stock they pick is a winner and there have been some losers as well. 

But the beauty of this kind of investing is that you can afford a few losers if you have some shares that 10, 20, 50 or even 500-bag.

Indeed, David has averaged an incredible 300% profit for each of his stock picks whilst Tom has managed a very respectable 81%. 

And this isn’t one of those “throw enough stuff at the fan and some will stick” situations either. They tend to give out just one or two stock picks per month, so it is a very selective service and should be manageable in terms of running a portfolio based on their picks.

The other thing we like about this service is that these are all big companies they are investing in, not some fly-by-night penny share nonsense that you see ramped by the pump and dump merchants.

That means they shouldn’t suffer from some of the problems we have seen with other share services that recommended much smaller stocks, where they recommend a tip and then it has shot up in price by the time you get to buy it. 

We are quite excited about this service, as you can imagine. It takes the approach that we think is the correct one for investing in shares – buy and hold for at least 3-5 years.

The only negative we can see from looking at the results is that the recent results over the last couple of years aren’t quite as impressive as previous years, but then a lot of their really big wins took a few years to build, so this is perhaps understandable.

Anyway, we have signed up to their $99 per year subscription today and will be commencing a review.

Obviously given the nature of their approach, we will have to run the trial for longer than the normal three months and will aim to run it for a year.

In just a year we won’t see the kind of massive winners they have had, which as we say take many years of growth, but it should give us ample time to judge how the service works in practice and to see if it is worth carrying on with.

Just a final note to point out this is the US version of Motley Fool’s Stock Picks, as there are ones in other countries as well but it is the US one that we will be reviewing here. 

Onwards and upwards then – let’s hope they find the next Amazon!



Naked Trader

The Naked Trader – Final Review

We have reached the end of our trial of the Naked Trader, but rather than doing our normal numbers table summarising the results, we thought it would be more useful to sketch out our final conclusions on what we have found by following Robbie’s service.

So here are our findings:-


                    1. There is no point following Robbie’s trades

As we suspected, there is absolutely no point in copying Robbie’s trades based on the results of our trial.

After more than four months of trying to copy his trades, whilst Robbie has made over 200% profit, we have in fact made over 100% loss!

Yes I will repeat that again just in case you missed it – whilst he made a whopping profit, we made a substantial loss. Ouch.

You can view full results here.

Basically the problem is that by the time you have found out about a trade that Robbie has made – which is usually a week or two after he has bought or sold the share, the price will invariably have moved against you.

Now you may be wondering why this is. Surely, all else being equal, at least a portion of the shares would stay roughly the same price, or on a few you would expect the share to fall after Robbie has bought it, or rise after he has sold it.

Well sadly not.

This may be because Robbie is so damn good at picking shares, he knows when to buy (just as a share is about to go up) and when to sell (just when a share is about to go down).

Or the cynical among you may think that there is the possibility of what is often called “aftertiming” – i.e. picking shares after they have gone up and then saying you had bought them earlier.

Who knows? We don’t think that is the case as frankly we don’t think Robbie could have maintained his reputation and made as much money as he apparently has if he wasn’t actually very good at picking shares but was just aftertiming. Plus he seems like a standup guy from what we know of him.

Either way, the bottom line is you shouldn’t try copying his trades because in all likelihood you will lose money based on the results of our trial.

It would be great if Robbie offered a share picks service where he sent out e-mails or texts right after he has bought or sold a share, like many services we know do, but alas he seems reluctant to do so.

Hopefully at some point in the future he will consider doing so…


               2. Robbie has big bucks to trade with

When you look at Robbie’s results, it is tempting to think you can make similar amounts to him by following his process.

Beware though that Robbie has huge amounts of money to invest. At any one time, he may have well over £100,000 invested in shares and sometimes closer to £200,000.

For most people, investing those amounts is not feasible. You may look at his results and see that he has made say £80,000 profit in a year and think you can make similar amount.

But that would only be realistic if you had the huge sums that Robbie does to invest, often buying £10,000 worth of  shares in a company.

In one of his books, Robbie says that realistically, if you are really disciplined, follow his advice and do all the things a good trader does, you could make around 15-20% profit per year.

If you have £10,000 to invest, that would £1,500 to £2,000 profit per year. Think about that and whether it is worth the time needed and the risk to make that kind of money.

For some people it will be and they enjoy doing the research and the enjoyment of owning shares, but for others it may be better off looking to an investment trust or index fund.

But either way you are unlikely to become a millionaire trading shares unless you have a large amount to invest in the first place and are prepared to wait a number of years.


       3. A few big winners make all the difference

Looking at Robbie’s trading history and reading his books, the thing that jumps out is how significant some of his trades have been.

Just the top 30 trades he has done have made over £230,000 in themselves and the top 10 have made over £118,000.

And that doesn’t include those shares that he still holds, some of which go back many years.

Some of these have gone up hugely, by 10 or even 15 times, so those will be worth many tens of thousands of pounds now as well.

So it really does emphasise the point Robbie makes in his books about riding the winners and shedding the losers.

If you can turn a few into 10 or 20-baggers, you can put up with quite a lot of shares that don’t do very much or make a small loss.


      4. His books are very good

We have read a lot of books over the years about buying shares and making money in general and we have to say that Robbie’s are among the best.

They are amazingly easy to understand and very clearly written. So much of the jargon of share dealing is demystified and things explained in plain English. There is a lot people not just in the financial sector but anyone writing a how-to guide or self-help book could learn.

The other thing that is so good about the Naked Trader is that it gives you a step-by-step guide to picking shares that is very specific. So many books like this talk in theory and generalities which sounds good but then you think “what am I actually meant to do to implement the ideas?” 

You won’t have that here – everything is set out for you so will know exactly what to do.


So there you have it, hopefully that has given you a bit of a sense of how best to follow the Naked Trader and what to expect if you do. Ultimately it is not a get-rich-quick-scheme but rather a useful guide to buying and selling shares and that is what you should take it for.







The Naked Trader – Results Update

10th October 2016

There has been a reasonable amount of activity from the Naked Trader (aka Robbie Burns) since our last update at the end of August.

From following his trades, of those that are closed, we are currently 4.5% in profit, versus Robbie’s profit of 93.7%.

You can view full results here.

So a huge difference there and it underlines the difficulty of making any money from following his trades. 

Of those trades that are still open, we are generally also buying at much higher prices than Robbie, so it looks like this is not really an avenue to profit.

Of our own trades, MXCP has fallen slightly to 2.92 and Opti has stayed steady at 70.45, whilst Purplebricks has risen to 134.50. 

Back soon with more updates. 





The Naked Trader – Results Update

29th August 2016

Not much to report for the Naked Trader, as Robbie is on holiday until 8th September so new trades or closed trades from him since our last update.

In terms of my own trades following the advice in Robbie’s books, both are going well.

MXCP, which I bought at 2.9p is now up to 3.19p at the time of writing and Purplebricks, which I shorted at 145p, is now trading at 129.2p.

I have also invested in Optibiotix Health (OPTI) at 71p.

This is a very interesting little biotech company that works in the field of the microbiome.

If you don’t know what the microbiome is, don’t worry, neither did I. It is basically all the billions of microbes that live in your gut and around your body. 

It is a relatively new area of science but they are discovering that by tinkering with these microbes they can have a huge impact on human health. It’s kind of like those yoghurts with “good bacteria” in them, except with much more potential.

Anyway, OPTI are making great strides in this field and have over 40 patents already secured. They are focusing on the foods markets for things like cholestorel, weight loss and diabetes, which are much quicker to market than going down the drug trials route, which can take 10-15 years. 

They already have deals signed with some big multinational players and have a number of other deals pending.

If any of their patented strains really hit the mark then this could be huge, but even if they don’t they should be generating steady revenues soon and there is room for solid growth. One to tuck away in a draw for a while and see how big it can become. 





The Naked Trader – Results Update

2nd August 2016

At the time of our last update on the Naked Trader, we said we would be focusing more on the overall package offered rather than just following the trades blindly.

So we are going to take a look at a couple of things in this update – firstly our own share trades based on the advice in Robbie’s books.

Secondly, we have recently purchased and read his book “Trade like a Shark,” so will give our initial thoughts on that.


Robbie’s Trades

But before that, a quick word on how Robbie’s own trades have been going.

Well to be honest, the main takeaway we have so far is that it seems fairly pointless, in that by the time they are posted on his website or in his fortnightly e-mail, the prices have changed completely.

You can view full results here.

This is akin to the popular tipsters like Pricewise and Hugh Taylor, who once they have given out a selection, the price crashes and all the value is gone.

Well here we have a situation where pretty much all the shares Robbie has bought have gone up considerably in price by the time you hear about them.

So not ideal by any means.


Own Share Trades

Right, moving on to our own share trades, we have made two so far.

MXC Capital (MXCP)

First up I have bought into a company called MXC Capital. They are a merchant bank that specialises in the technology and IT sector. 

They have a great business model, in that they basically advise companies in the tech sector on takeovers and mergers etc. In doing this, they advise on and execute the transaction, secure the funding and then add the operational management experience to drive the strategy of a particular company.

So they get big fat fees for advising on the transaction, get shares in said company at a considerable discount, then use their expertise to drive it forward and make the shares that they hold worth more! Clever stuff.

So far they have done this with spectacular success, with all seven investments they have made growing considerably. Their investments of £31m are now worth £73m in a short space of time. 

Plus they posted £12m in post-tax profits this year from what they have been making on the deals. 

They have a policy of returning some of the returns to shareholders, which was done this year by way of a share buy-back, thus increasing the attractiveness of the holding. 

I really can’t understand how they are only valued at a market cap of just over £100m with investments worth £73m plus posting £12m a year in profits.

So MXCP seems to fulfill all of Robbie’s criteria set out in the Naked Trader – all of its statement are very positive and produce plentiful green under his traffic light system. Its profits are well over 10x its market cap, it is a good size company (over £100m) and has a clear, effective business model with experienced and skilled management.

So I bought in at 2.9p and expect to hold this for a good time if it grows as anticipated. I have put in a stop loss at 15% below my buy price.


Purplebricks (PURP)

At the other end of the spectrum in terms of value is the online estate agent Purplebricks. 

This is a classic example to me of a company that is overhyped and is valued almost entirely on PR rather than actual numbers.

If you break it down, they are valued at over £350m and yet they only generated £18.6m in revenue and made a £10.5m loss last year. 

They have a target of 3,500 new instructions pcm to maintain their own growth forecasts, but at the moment are barely managing 2,800. 

They have the difficulties of a slowing housing market following Brexit and a rapidly decreasing number of sales, plus new rivals to contend with like Yopa. 

In their results a lot of this is glossed over by mention of “£2.8 billion of house sales,” which is actually irrelevant when you consider they charge a fixed fee and that any company involved in housing can make figures look good by quoting aggregate house price sales in today’s market.

So on the basis of all this, I think they are one of the most overvalued companies in the history of the market and have put in a big SHORT of them on the spreads at 145p.


Trade Like a Shark

Finally, as I mentioned, Robbie has released a new book called Trade Like a Shark which we will be reviewing separately, but a quick heads up that it is very good guide to trading psychology and could be applied to all forms of investing, not just share trading. 

Back soon with more updates.








The Naked Trader – New Review

24th June 2016

We just wanted to do a quick update on our review of the Naked Trader (aka Robbie Burns).

It is not that we have any results yet, but rather than we received an e-mail from Robbie pointing out the dangers of copying his trades.

We did mention this when kicking off the review below, but did want to stress again that Robbie does not advised copying his trades. 

Robbie has emphasised that those “copying” him would be buying a share blindly that might already have risen a lot and he might be considering selling.  

If you “copied” a trade there is a danger that there could be a profits warning. Robbie would be out
and take his loss. However someone who “copied” may not know. A share he bought
recently issued a surprise profits warning. He got out fast but still lost £1,000. Anyone still
holding it a day later would have lost more than half their money. 

To be honest, we would have to agree with Robbie’s sentiments and strongly advise against copying his trades. 

Notwithstanding the advice that we always give about only risking what you can afford to lose, being responsible for your own positions and never following a system until we have at the very least completed our own three month trial and given a clear recommendation, we can see the downsides of trading on a “delayed” basis as you would be here.

We will be paper trading the shares for the review – as much for an academic exercise but also to see how the advice on Robbie’s books and e-mails translates into actual trades and what we can learn from them.

We will also be seeing if we can choose our own shares based on what we have learned and whether we can make a profit ourselves.

So please don’t risk any of your earned cash on copying the trades – keep it in your pocket, or if you do want to spend something, buy one of Robbie’s books and get a good introduction to buying and selling shares. 





The Naked Trader – New Review

2nd June 2016

When I started out investing in the stockmarket I began by reading Robbie Burns’ book the Naked Trader, which is an excellent guide for those new to buying shares.

It is one of those how-to guides that really takes you through the process step and step and tells you how to make money from shares.

Robbie himself claims to have made over £1 million from trading shares, which is a sizeable sum indeed.

So after reading his book and seeing how successful he had been, I took to the internet to see if there was more I could find out about him.

And so I came across the Naked Trader website, on which Robbie helpfully records all his trades.

At the time of writing, Robbie is over £1,256,000 in profit from all his share trades, plus his spread bets and Big Brother bets.

The thought occurred to me – and I accept I am certainly not the first person who has thought this – what if I just copied all Robbie’s trades?

Could I, too, become a millionaire? 

How nice it would be, just wake up, check the stocks, then off to play golf and spend the afternoon down the pub.

Well sadly as seems to always be the case with these things, it was not quite as easy as it at first appeared. 

Robbie only updates the trades every couple of weeks, so often the price of a stock will have changed quite a bit between when Robbie bought or sold it and when it is posted on the website.

But just how much does it change? Can you still make a nice profit?

Having looked at the history on the site, there are some shares that Robbie holds for many months or even years that double or treble in price, so you should not be losing out much by missing a couple of ticks here or there.

However, to be sure about how much money you could actually make following Robbie’s trades, I thought the only fair way would be to run a live trial.

So here is what I will do – I will sign up to Robbie’s e-mails and then buy the exact same shares Robbie does as soon as I receive the emails. 

Then I will record the results here on the website and see how much money I make.

We will probably need to run the trial for longer than the normal three months, so six months is probably more reasonable to get an accurate picture of what kind of money you can make.

Now just to say that Robbie doesn’t actually advise following his trades – but then who is he to stop us!

Anyway, it should be a fun trial and it will be interesting to see if we can learn anything from a master. Robbie is primarily a fundamentals man and looks at a company’s performance and likely direction rather than studying charts and using complex software. 

In fact his approach is refreshingly simple and is quite unusual in this day and age when everyone seems to want to make everything more and more complicated.

Let’s see how Mr Burns does under the spotlight and hopefully he can make us a few bob.

In the meantime you can check out the Naked Trader website here.


TIG Trading

TIG Trading – Final Review

TIG Trading is an online forex trading course from a professional forex trader called Dwayne Dowman and it comes with the offer of being able to follow Dwayne’s trades via a trade copying service (which costs extra via a provider such as 4xsolutions). 

We have now completed the TIG Trading Course and have also been following their trades live via a trade copier for five months, so we thought it was time to wrap up our review. 

We apologise it took a little longer than expected to complete the course, but on the plus side it has given us an extended period of following the live trades. 

Trade Copier Results

Let’s start first with the results of the trade copier, which unfortunately took a turn for the worse since our last update and finished £929 down in the end. That is partly because the long-term open trades, which had been showing a loss, were closed out and so those losses were finally banked and registered on the results sheet. 

You can view full results here.

It was a shame to finish in a loss overall after five months as for the most of the time we had been expecting to conclude with a profit, even with the open trades being closed out. 

Trading Course

In terms of the course itself, we have generally shied away from reviewing trading courses here at Honest Betting Reviews because it is very difficult to give definitive verdicts on them. People using a course will get totally different results depending on how closely they follow the advice, how much time they put in, their own approach to trading, risk level, and a whole host of other factors.

Therefore to give a course a “Pass” or “Fail” is inevitably somewhat of a subjective call and our goal in setting up this site was to avoid subjectivity and to let results speak for themselves objectively – and crucially for results to be replicable by all users of a system (hence why we always record BSP results for our horse racing trials for example).

Anyway, with all those caveats in mind, what did we think of the course?

On the plus side we like the way the course is structured with written content, videos, quizzes (so you can test whether you have understand the content correctly) and the offer of one-on-one Skype calls with Dwayne who runs the course. So it’s very hands-on and tailored to your needs. 

We think the course is probably not suitable for complete newbies to forex trading and would recommend a basic course or book on FX trading first if you are totally new to the scene. 

Whilst including some general advice on trading around discipline, spreading and managing risk etc which is very much par for the course these days, most of the course is focused on the specific approach to trading Dwayne takes. 

His analysis of markets includes historical sentiment, fundamental analysis and technicals and he aims to get you into a routine of how to study a market and structure a trade. 

You then learn how to highlight potential ‘triggers’ or market execution levels within your identified zones for a trade.

Once you have executed a trade, it is then a case of managing it accordingly with reference to your open portfolio, risk levels and profit targets. 

Dwayne is keen to stress that this is NOT a mechanical method that could be automated or subject to a completely strict set of “rules” as such and there is always an element of understanding the fundamental picture around news cycles etc and the dynamic nature of markets which requires human input. What you are getting is more structures, set-ups and processes.

Overall Verdict  

We think the course is good and contains lots of valuable and helpful advice. In and of itself we could see it being of use to aspiring FX traders.

However, we do have to question the cost of the course which is very high at £2,997. Although this is not unusual in the world of FX courses, in our opinion the whole genre is exorbitantly overpriced when compared for example to books you can buy on Amazon about FX trading, or even Betfair trading courses which are typically priced at a fraction of the cost.

Will any of these courses turn you into a professional trader able to make thousands of pounds per month and therefore justify the cost of the course? Well we are yet to see any that can do this and have the results to back it up – this one included. 

Ultimately then given the high cost of the course and the losses made by the trade copier, we cannot recommend this service at the current time. 






TIG Trading – Results Update

20th July 2019

It’s been an excellent month for TIG Trading’s trade copier, with another £554 profit made on the closed trades since our last update.

That means they are now £825 up for our trial overall on the closed trades, using a 0.1 lot size. Or in pips they are 1226 pips up. 

You can view full results here.

The open trades currently stand £625 down (or 893 pips), with some of them stubbornly refusing to turn around and move back in our direction, despite having been open for over two months now. You can see the open trades on the second tab of our results spreadsheet.

Even taking those open trades into account though, we are still up overall which is good to see. Hopefully at some point these trades will turn around and close at a profit – or even a reduced loss – and obviously not move further away from us. 

We have made further progress through the course so hope to have completed it by the time of our next update in August and to then wrap up our review. 






TIG Trading – Results Update

15th June 2019

It’s been something of a mixed story for TIG Trading’s trade copier since our last update a month ago. In terms of their closed trades, they have made another £66 profit since our last update, bringing their total profit for our trial to £271 using a 0.1 lot size.

You can view full results here.

However, in terms of their open trades it is not such good news, as those currently sit £630 down. Hopefully at some stage they will bounce back into profit and everything will be good, but for moment those trades are quite significantly under water.

In terms of the course, unfortunately we haven’t made too much progress since our last update for various reasons, but hopefully will have more time to get stuck into it over the next month and have some concrete findings to report by the time of our next update. 

As we said last time, it all makes sense is logical, although we are yet to see any “secret sauce” as it were – although to be fair are only around a third of the way through the course so wouldn’t necessarily have expected to see that yet anyway. 





TIG Trading – Results Update

10th May 2019

TIG Trading is a forex trading course and you can also sign up to one month of a trade copying service to see how good their own trading is.

Initially we set up our trade copier with IG Index, but unfortunately it was not copying the trades and we later found out that IG do not support trade copiers. 

Since switching over to LCG it has all worked smoothly and the trades have all been copied. Of the closed trades, they have done well with £205 profit made so far using 0.1 lot size. 

You can view full results here.

There are also five open trades which are all underwater at the moment, so we need the Yen to slide for those to go into profit. 

Please note the trade copier service is only available for one month, as a kind of introduction to the course and to prove they know what they are doing.

In terms of the course itself we are making slow but steady progress. It all makes sense and is logical, although we would say it is not for complete beginners and you will need to have some knowledge of forex and MT4 to understand it. If you don’t there are plenty of free guides out there online these days to get you up to speed. 

We hope to have made more progress by the time of our next update and to have got to the “nuts and bolts” of the strategy as it were.

Finally, just a note that if you are thinking of signing up there is currently a special discount for Honest Betting Reviews readers – just use the code honestbetting500 and you will receive £500 off the cost of the course.  You can check out TIG Trading here.





TIG Trading – New Review

9th April 2019

Today we are starting a trial of a very interesting forex trading course called TIG Trading.

It is provided by a guy called Dwayne Dowman, who worked for top forex brokers for over 5 years and in that time learned exactly what the 5% of winning traders do versus the 95% of traders who lose money. That makes Dwayne truly “The Inside Guy” – or T.I.G. for short.

Dwayne is now a full time trader and Forex mentor,  apparently making an annualised return of over 100% on his trading account and consistently averaging over 800 pips profit per month.

His record is even independently verified via myfxbook, so you can see that it is not just big talk – he is actually making returns of around 10% per month on average, which is quite outstanding. Here you can see the verified percentage gains per month:

Dwayne is offering a comprehensive training course with mentoring to help you produce similar kinds of returns to these. It is a kind of like the mantra “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for life.”

So TIG Trading offers the opportunity to learn a few basic but highly effective techniques based on Dwayne’s own very successful trading and a few unique strategies that nobody else will ever show you.

He says he will teach you how to do it right… and how to do it successfully and profitably, day after day, month after month.

That sounds very enticing and certainly given the exceptional independently verified results we are very keen to check this out and undertake the training course ourselves.

Now this doesn’t come cheap – understandably given Dwayne is potentially offering up the chance to join the elite group of traders who actually make money from the markets – and will set you back £2997, but that kind of fee isn’t actually too unusual in the world of forex.

In addition, Dwayne offers the option to copy his trades directly via a trade copier for one month only for £99, so you can see for yourself first hand just how good he really is.

It’s been a while since we have done any forex trading reviews so we may be a little rusty but nonetheless are keen to engross ourselves in the course and see what we can learn. We have also signed up for the month’s trade copier service so will report back on both with our findings in due course.

In the meantime you can check out TIG Trading for yourself here.







Etoro homepage

Etoro Trade Copier – Final Review

It is now nearly 18 months since we started our review of the Etoro Trade Copier so we thought about time we wrapped up our review.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

After following eight people for an extended period of time, we made a small profit of $276 from $8,000 invested. 

Whilst that wasn’t too bad, to be honest we would have done better just following an index fund of the stock market as a whole. For example the S&P 500 has gone up around 10% over the course of our review and so if we had taken the $8,000 and invested it in an S&P 500 index tracker we would have done considerably better than following the traders we did on Etoro.

It seems like the traders do well when the market is going up and badly when it is going down, but we aren’t sure if any of them have developed strategies to make a profit regardless of the overall market conditions, or “alpha,” which is the returns someone generates over and above the market average.

We also weren’t entirely sure about the Etoro platform setup. Whilst it looks very nice, it is difficult to view a trader’s full trading history if you want to copy them, which is kind of essential in our view.

In summary then we award this a NEUTRAL rating – it made a small profit which is good, but really the returns were very minimal overall and we could have done significantly better investing funds elsewhere, even in entities such as index funds.

The idea of “social trading” is nice in theory but we are yet to see evidence that it is better – or even as good as – investing with dedicated financial professionals in the traditional manner. 








Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

18th July 2018

The positive momentum has continued for our Etoro Trade Copying account, with $307 profit made since our last update.

That means we are now $276 up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

With the improvement recently it is now working rather well and is proving a good way to make some passive income for us. 







Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

21st May 2018

There has been a big uptick in our Etoro Trade Copying Portfolio recently, with $282 growth in our portfolio value since our last update . 

But unfortunately after the very tough month we had previously, we are still $31 down overall.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

If it works it would be an ideal form of passive income, but at the moment as we are down overall the jury is still out on this one for the time being. 








Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

16th April 2018

It’s been a rough ride for our Etoro Trade Copying portfolio since our last update a month ago, with $428 lost in that time. 

That means we are now $313 down for the trial overall, which is a little disappointing.

You can view full results here.

To be fair it has been something of a bear market over the last month so it is perhaps not surprising that the traders we are following are all showing a loss.

However, we are concerned that they all seem to be long on their positions, with very shorts being taken. How much of their success is just down to the fact we have been in a bull market for the last few years rather than their skills as traders is unclear. A really good trader will make profit in both bull and bear markets as they have an underlying strategy that works. 

Anyway, let’s not get too disheartened, hopefully our traders will turn things around shortly. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

16th March 2018

Things have finally started moving forward in our trial of the Etoro Trade Copying service after we had some initial problems getting things set up properly.

So far in the trial we are $115 up, which isn’t bad considering that you don’t have to do anything other than click “copy” on the people whose trades you want to follow.

You can view full results here.

At the moment we are following eight different people, which gives a good amount of diversification.

Hopefully now things are working properly and moving in the right direction we will continue to see those profits being built. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

15th February 2018

It has still been a little quiet for my Etoro trade copying portfolio, with not a lot of action over the last couple of months.

However, what action there has been has generated positive returns, and I am now 11 points up overall.

You can view full results here.

Only two of the five traders I have been following have been active, so today I have added three more traders to my portfolio to hopefully see some more movement.

Still, despite things being quiet, it is good to be in profit considering the correction in the stock market recently.

Back soon with more updates. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

12th January 2018

It’s been a bit of a false start to our trial of the Etoro’s Trade Copier so far unfortunately. One thing they don’t make very clear is that to follow some of the traders, you need to invest a minimum amount to be able to copy their trades.

We are following five different traders and so far after more than a month, we have only copied the trades of two of them.

It is a shame this isn’t made a little clearer and although visually it is a very nice platform and most of it is intuitive, a little more guidance from them would improve the user experience considerably.

Anyway, for what it’s worth we are 0.17 points up so far for the traders we have been able to copy.

You can view full results here.

We have upped our investment in all the traders now to $1000 each, so that should be enough to copy all of their trades.

Hopefully by the time of the next update we will have a more complete picture to give you regarding how things are going.






Etoro Trade Copier – New Review

30th November 2017

Today we are starting a trial of something a little bit different here at Honest Betting Reviews.

As regular followers will know, we like to try out a variety of means of making some additional income and not just restrict ourselves to betting systems. We try out trading systems, forex strategies and have even gotten into cryptocurrencies lately.

So today we are going to test something new – a “social trading network”  called Etoro.

What is unique and great about Etoro is that you can copy the trades of expert traders on there with just the click of a button. Hence the “social trading” idea.

It’s a fun and interactive way to get involved in trading without needing to be an expert yourself or spend a fortune on expensive software or trading courses.

Amazingly, according to the Etoro website, a massive 78% of copied trades closed on the platform have been profitable (as at 17.08.2017). That’s a huge edge as normally you’d expect it to be around 50%.  

That’s the “wisdom of the crowds” at its finest really.

There are hundreds of traders on Etoro platform and their full records are there for you to view, so you can see:

  • – How much they have won and lost overall
  • – Their monthly profit and loss
  • – What things they like to trade
  • – Their open positions
  • – Their max drawdown
  • – How many trades they have made in total
  • – What percentage of their trades are profitable (strike rate)
  • – How many people are copying their trades

It really gives you all the information you need to decide who to follow. 

There are some very successful traders on there, people who have a very high percentage of winning months, low drawdowns and returns in excess of 80% and even 90%. 

That beats the hell out of most Wall Street hedge fund managers and any kind of index fund – and certainly massively beats bank interest rates at the moment!

Etoro is also a really nice platform visually and user-friendly too. 

The great thing about is that you don’t need to be an expert on the markets or spend hours studying charts and lines and bollinger bands and all that complicated stuff.

You can just sign up, deposit some funds, choose who you want to copy and then sit back and (hopefully) let them make you some money!

So it’s potentially a nice source of passive income.

There are also other options on the Etoro platform like you can trade yourself (and if you do well people can copy you, thus making you some additional income) and there are “copyfunds” so you can copy large investment funds like their special cryptocurrency fund or a stock market fund.

However, for this review we are going to concentrate on copying other traders as that’s the easiest one to do and is something anyone can do. 

So we are going to have a portfolio of different people we follow to balance the risk and not leave ourselves exposed if one person has an unfortunate run.

We will detail who we have chosen in our next update, so you could even copy us copying other traders if you like 🙂

Anyway, we will kick the review off now and will report back here soon on how it’s going.

In the meantime you can check out Etoro here.




Black Port Capital

Black Port Capital – Final Review

Unfortunately we have bad news to report regarding our trial of stock trading service Black Port Capital. 

We have not received a single update from them since 19th July and even that was the sole update for July. 

They have not responded to our e-mails going back to June and now their website is not working – it just says “We are not accepting new members at the moment. Please check back later.”

The tips they did give out are down quite significantly too.

All of these are very worrying signs and it looks for all intents and purposes like the service has shut down.

We therefore have to issue a “Scam Warning” and advise that this should be avoided at all costs if there does come an option to sign up again.

Now of course we don’t know for sure if this is a scam or not and they could return with a new website and start sending out stock tips again.

However, the signs are clearly not good as communication from them has completely ceased, which in our experience is almost always the end of the road. 

If they were in the process of setting up a new website or providing signals again then you would expect regular updates, but there has been nothing. 

So there is no other choice but for us to give this a big fat FAILED rating.

This is another example of a dodgy stock tips service – which sadly there are a lot of out there on the internet.

Once again we would emphasise our usual warnings – never sign up to a service until you have seen a comprehensive and independent review of it and that review is complete. Be suspicious of results that seem “too good to be true” – they almost always are. And watch out for slick marketing that accompanies such outlandish results – the two together are tell-tale signs of a fraud.

Hopefully the people behind things like this will be caught and brought to justice but with the lack of online transparency we doubt it would even be possible to trace who they are. 

So it is yet another service in the FAILED bin unfortunately and time to move on to the next trial…








Black Port Capital – Results Update

4th July 2018

There hasn’t been any change to the overall results for stock tipping service Black Port Capital since our last update, as none of the positions have closed recently.

So in terms of closed positions, we are still 16% up.

You can view full results here.

However, in less positive news the six open positions are all currently down from the price bought at. 

None of those losses have been realised yet, so hopefully they can turn around and get into profit. But a little worrying for the service to see all that red. That is compounded by the fact that it is a very low volume service, with just two closed trades since joining in March, so this is a service that requires patience.

Anyway, let’s hope for more positive news by the time of our next update.






Black Port Capital – Results Update

1st May 2018

It’s been a good – if quiet – start to our trial of stock trading service Black Port Capital.

So far after six weeks we are 16% up, which is good news. 

You can view full results here.

However, we have only had two completed trades in that time, with two trades still running. In terms of the ones that are still running, we have not included the names of the stocks on our results spreadsheet, to be fair to the owners of the service so we are not potentially giving away their picks.

Anyway, suffice to say this is a low volume service, with only a few trades per month. We actually like that though. It means a low workload and it also seems they put a good deal of research into each pick.

Generally we haven’t found much of a problem getting the advised prices and one was even available at below their advised buy price. 

We have been using IG Index for our trades and it is worth noting that not all the advised trades are available on the spread betting/CFD function at IG. We have researched a number of other providers and they don’t either – in fact IG seem to be the best (here in the UK anyway) in terms of the number of stocks you can trade via spread betting/CFDs.

So for one of the picks we have ended up actually buying the stock in the traditional way, which of course brings fees into the equation. 

It is something to keep an eye on but for the moment we don’t see it as too much of a problem in that most of the picks do seem available to trade via spread betting/CFDs.





Black Port Capital – New Review

19th March 2018

As regular visitors here will know, we like to test out a variety of potential money-making strategies  on the site and not just betting systems. 

So when we recently came across a share tipping service that piqued our interest with some very strong-looking results, we thought we would give it a try and do a review of it.

The strange thing is that other than the mighty Motley Fool, there do seem to be a dearth of good share tipping services out there. 

And whilst the Motley Fool tends to concentrate on long-term ownership of shares over a 3-5 year period, this new service focuses more on trading over short periods of a few weeks normally, which gives the potential to bank some quick profits rather than having to wait a while for results.

The service in question is called Black Port Capital and it boasts some very impressive-looking results on its home page, with a strike rate of 82% successful trades and over 5600% profit supposedly made since 2013.

It is a straightforward tipping service, with buy alerts sent out of which stock to buy and at what price and the same thing when it comes to selling, so there is no need to understand complex graphs and charts and all that complex stuff. 

There is a list of all their trades for 2017 on the home page aswell, with the average winning trade making 25% profit whilst the average loser only lost 7%.

In addition there are lots of glowing testimonials about the service on Trust Pilot and Facebook, although of course those could be faked. That is the very reason we set up this website though, so we could test systems like this out and see if the testimonials are real or not.

It has the feel of a professional service from what we have seen of it so far and they were quick and efficient in coming back with questions we had, so we are cautiously optimistic that this could be the real thing.

Anyway, only time will tell of course. We have signed up for a full year so that will give us plenty of time to form a true opinion of the service.

As usual we will report all results here on a regular basis so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Black Port Capital here. 





us uk jigsaw

Diff Code Transatlantic – Final Review

We have reached the end of our seven month trial of Diff Code Transatlantic and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    -83 pips
Strike Rate:   61%
Bank Growth:   -4%
ROI:   -1%
Average number of trades:     3 per week 
Cost:   £297 for 6 months then £12.50/month 


You can view full results here.


Diff Code Transatlantic – Full Review


Diff Code Transatlantic is a trading system for one specific market, a differential market between Wall Street and the FTSE – hence the “Transatlantic” in the name. It is part of a stable of Diff Code products from a former City trader called Martin Carter.

Diff Code Transatlantic is a “set and forget” strategy where you just check the website early in the morning (preferably before the markets open) and then place the trade.

It will give you the direction (buy or sell) and your stop loss and profit target levels. So you just place the trade and let it run.

The only thing you then need to do is check the next morning as to whether you need to close the trade (it it hasn’t already) or open a new one.

So a very simple service to follow.

Coming into our trial, the results looked very impressive as they had apparently turned a £10,000 starting bank into £30,000 in 18 months using a compounding approach.

But how did it get on under live trial conditions?

We ran an extended seven month trial to give this a full chance to shine and show us what it was capable of.

Unfortunately though, after seven months we ended up 83 pips down in total.

Below you can see how the trial went in graph format:

Diff Code Transatlantic Profit Graph

As you can see, we did go quite a way down before a strong rally towards the end.

There were a couple of trades early on that were losses for us but that Martin recorded as wins. That is because it depends what time you time you put the trades on and where the market is exactly.

So if you had got in at the same time as Martin in those trades, you might have made 100 – 200 pips more than us.

However, either way it has been a fairly unspectacular trial and with a small profit or loss made depending on your trade timings, we feel a NEUTRAL rating is the deserved verdict here.

Seven months is quite a long time to go treading water, so this is not one we will be adding to the portfolio at the moment.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  As we say above, it’s a really service to follow with just 3 trades per week on average and it’s set and forget so no need to stare at charts for hours.

Availability of prices:  As we have discussed above, our results varied a little to Martin’s as we got on a few trades a little later in the morning. So your results may differ from the official ones, but overall it should even itself out. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 61%, which is a little below that claimed on the sales page of 68%, which is probably where it needs to be for this to generate a profit. 

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 2000 pip bank for the trial and used level staking. Although Martin recommends using %age staking, we wanted to give a simple picture of results based on level stakes. Either way 2000 pips was very comfortable and our bank was never in danger.

Subscription costs: The subscription fees are £297 at the outset which includes a full, detailed hard-copy manual explaining the system and 6 months of the trades. If you want to continue receiving the trades after that six months, it is then £12.50 per month. 

Plus there is a 45-day money back guarantee at the outset if you don’t like the service.



The Diff Code Transatlantic is a simple trading system that aims to predict movements in the Wall Street / FTSE differential market.

Its results coming into our trial looked very impressive but sadly under the microscope of a seven-month trial we came out 83 pips down.

Although the official results were a little better as we got in a couple of trades at the wrong time, either way the service finished close to even over the seven months we followed it.

Therefore we feel a NEUTRAL rating is fair here and it is a watching brief for the time being on this one.







Diff Code Transatlantic – Results Update

11th August 2017

A small loss of 41 pips for the Diff Code Transatlantic since our last update at the beginning of July.

That means we are now 128 pips down for the trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

It seems as if the recent tensions between North Korea and the USA have been affecting the markets and that has hit the Diff Code Transatlantic this week. 

Let’s just hope tensions don’t escalate further, or the least of our problems will be a few pips lost trading! 





Diff Code Transatlantic – Results Update

1st July 2017

It has been a good run for the Diff Code Transatlantic, with 248 pips profit made since our last update towards the end of May.

That means we are now 87 pips down for the trial as a whole, although as we said in our last update, a couple of the trades that lost for us actually won for Martin (who runs the system) as it depends when exactly you put the trades on, so the results could be slightly better than this. 

You can view full results here.

The good recent run included nine winners in a row in June, which is what can happen when the market gets momentum in a certain direction.

So pretty much even stevens so far for the Diff Code Transatlantic, but hopefully signs of a turnaround in the right direction.  





Diff Code Transatlantic – Results Update

25th May 2017

Unfortunately there has been a reversal of fortunes for the Diff Code Transatlantic since our last update, with 685 pips lost in that time.

That means we are now 335 pips down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It is worth noting however that two of our trades which lost were recorded as wins by Martin, who runs the service.

So that would have made a 337 pip difference to the results and would mean we would actually be 2 pips up so far.

That shows the importance of getting your trades on early, i.e. as close to 7.30am as possible. There have been occasions when we have been unable to do this, hence the variance in our results.






Diff Code Transatlantic – Results Update

26th April 2017

It’s been a good start to our trial of the Diff Code Transatlantic, which has racked up a tidy 350 pips of profit so far to level staking after three weeks of our trial.

You can view full results here.

As we said in our introduction at the start of the trial, this is very straightforward to operate and no previous knowledge of trading is required.

Just check the signal in the morning, place the trade and that is it – a true “set and forget” method.

Very early days obviously but looking good so far for the Diff Code Transatlantic. 





Diff Code Transatlantic – New Review

6th April 2017

Despite the name of this site including the word “betting,” we actually like to look a wide variety of money-making opportunities beyond just gambling systems.

So we include forex signals, stock market tips and really anything that looks like it could be profitable.

To be honest, if it makes money then we don’t really care what particular medium it focuses on!

In that spirit, today we are taking a look at a trading system called the Diff Code Transatlantic.

It is part of a range of “Diff Code” products put together by a guy called Martin Carter, who was a risk manager at a leading financial services firm before retiring at 49 (alright for some eh?).

The other Diff Code products include Diff Code Europe and Diff Code Oil.

This is a straightforward trading product that provides a direction for trading a particular market.

It is a “set and forget” system, so you just need to check the website in the morning, see what direction Martin recommends for the day and then place your trade.

Then you don’t need to do anything else, just check at the end how much you have won or lost.

The term “Diff Code” is to do with the fact that it trades a differential, which is basically a market comparing two different indices.

“Transatlantic” is because the differential in question compares a US index with a UK one. 

The system is all about having your position hedged in the markets, so you are protected if the markets crash.

As Martin’s speciality was managing risk, you can understand that this would be his approach.

We were drawn to this after seeing the exceptional results, which have seen it turn a £10,000 bank into over £30,000 in around 18 months using a compounding approach.

If those results could be repeated in a live trial and maintained long term, then we could have a great – and very simple – way of making some additional income with a minimum of effort.

As we always say though, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so we will see how the service gets under live trial conditions.

Without further ado, we will get the live trial underway and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out the Diff Code Transatlantic here.  


Gold Signals – Final Review

We have reached the end of our seven month trial of Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    -35 pips
Strike Rate:   45%
Bank Growth:     -18%
ROI:   -11%
Average number of trades:    5 per month 
Cost:   $89/year


You can view full results here.


Gold Signals – Full Review


Gold Signals is a gold trading service from the people behind, a service we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews and given a passed rating to. 

They don’t select the gold signals themselves, those originate from someone else, but the 123 team send out the signals to members who have paid for the gold signals service.

To sign up, you will need to contact the 123freesignals team – or use this link. 

It is a very simple service to follow, with on average just 5 signals per month. 

As a member you will receive an e-mail like this:

BUY GOLD $1267 – $1268
STOP $1252
PROFIT $1296

So you would then just buy gold at the recommended price of $1267-$1268, put in your stop loss at $1252 and your take profit price at $1296 and then leave it to run – until it either closes or you are given further instructions.

For example you may receive another e-mail shortly afterwards saying:


So you are advised to move your stop loss to the entry level – in this instance the price would have moved in a favourable direction.

We were optimistic coming into this trial on the basis of the results achieved by 123Freesignals and were hopeful that things would turn similarly well for the gold signals.

Unfortunately though they have ended up somewhat disappointing, with a loss of 35 pips being made.

We used 10 points (or pounds in our case) per pip, which sounds like a lot but actually when most signals have a potential move of 10-20 pips, it isn’t actually very much and some people no doubt are using considerably higher stakes than that.

In any event, we feel that for a seven-month period, making a 35 pip loss isn’t too good and it is a narrow FAILED rating from us.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: A very simple service to use which is good news. With just 5 signals per month on average, the time commitment needed here is extremely low.   

Availability of prices: The prices did tend to move quite quickly from when the signals are sent, which can be any time, to us getting the trade on. That meant we often missed the recommended price, so our results are a little worse than the official ones. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 45%, which on the face of it is good but would obviously need to be higher to make a profit, probably above 50%.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 200 pip bank for following the service, which seemed reasonable given the strike rate and average risk level. 

Subscription costs: The costs are $89 per year, which is very reasonable. 



Gold is one of those seductive commodities that you can’t help but be drawn to. It has an enduring quality and feel that has appealed to people from across the world and throughout history. 

So we were rather drawn to the prospect of a service that trades in gold signals, perhaps partly because there aren’t many gold services out there and perhaps also just because its general allure.

We also had high expectations given that it comes from 123freesignals, whom we have a lot of respect for.

It is therefore a little disappointing to finish with a loss of 35 pips (or 345 points in our case), particularly after following the service for 7 months.

So we are forced to award this a narrow FAILED rating as we cannot recommend it at this time. Hopefully results will pick up over time and if they do we will update this review.

By the way, if you do want to sign up, you will need to contact the 123freesignals team – or use this link. 






Gold Signals – Results Update

13th September 2017

Still not much positive news to report for Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals unfortunately, with more losses since our last update.

We have a lost a further 170 pips since our last update, meaning we are now 505 pips down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

We have been following the signals for coming up to six months now, so will wrap things up here shortly.






Gold Signals – Results Update

17th August 2017

It continues to be a bit of a struggle for Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals, which have lost a further 200 pips since our last update just over a month ago.

That means we are now 335 pips down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

You could say we have been a little unlucky, with a couple of trades that were doing well before the Trump/North Korea situation developed and sent them to a loss.

There also appeared to be some e-mail problems from their end so we may have missed a trade or two. 

In any event, we are not quite seeing the returns we had hoped for here, but things can always turn around and let’s hope they do soon. 





Gold Signals – Results Update

12th July 2017

A quiet time lately for Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals, with our last five trades ending up being cancelled.

Since our last update we have lost 140 pips, although we did seem to miss one profitable trade due to e-mail problems.

Overall for the trial we are now 135 pips down after three and a half months.

You can view full results here.

The gold price has dropped quite considerably over the last month, so a few sells would have done well but obviously that is with the benefit of hindsight!

Hopefully we will see a few more completed trades this month and some movement in the right direction.  






Gold Signals – Results Update

30th May 2017

It’s been a tricky trading period for Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals, with quite a bit of volatility in the markets leading to a 90 point loss since our last update.

That means we are now 5 points in profit for the trial as a whole, trading at £10 per pip.

You can view full results here.

As we mentioned previously, this is a fairly low volume service, with only 14 signals given since we started following the service two months ago.

Overall then we are more or less where we started at around break even. Hopefully things will pick up for Gold Signals now. 






Gold Signals – Results Update

5th May 2017

It’s been a steady – if unspectacular – start to our trial of Gold Signals from 123 Free Signals.

Since starting on 27th March, the service has only provided 10 signals, so this is a low volume service.

The good news though is that we are in profit – having made 95 points profit to 10 pounds per pip (or £10 per dollar in the case of gold). 

You can view full results here.

It is worth mentioning that you may have done slightly better than us if you had been following the service, depending on how quickly you had got your trades on after the signal was sent out.

We have been a little slow on a couple of occasions (only by an hour or so) and the price had already moved a couple of dollars by the time we had executed the trade.

But all in all a good start and let’s hope for more of the same going forward. 




Gold Signals – New Review

27th March 2017

Trading gold is a tantalising prospect.

It’s one of the world’s most valuable commodities.

It has a certain glamour that most other commodities just cannot match.

It’s something we can all identify with.

And a few years ago it enjoyed a mammoth bull run that made some people very wealthy. Very wealthy indeed.

Back before the financial crisis of 2008, gold was valued at around $400 per oz.

As markets crashed around the world however, investors flocked to the safe haven of gold and its price shot up to around $1900 per oz by 2012.

You may even have had your grandad telling you he had been hoarding little gold trinkets for decades in the hope that its value would soar in the event of a financial meltdown. 

Now grandpops might not have made quite the fortune he was hoping for, but certainly some people did very well and it shows you the potential of the commodity.

Anyway, gold has fallen quite a bit since 2012 to around $1255 per oz at the time of writing, but that is still a huge uplift on its price before the crash.

So gold has enjoyed some huge fluctuations over the years and even has some big fluctuations from day to day as well, making it ideal for traders.

It is also one of the most liquid markets to trade, with generally small spreads available.

Gold is something we have always wanted to trade but have never really had time to look at properly.

So we were very excited when we heard about a new GOLD signals service from the people behind the best forex service we have ever come across, 123 Free Signals.

Basically they have been receiving gold signals from a lady who works as a full time gold trader and allowed them access to her signals as a trial. They have apparently seen her profit for many months and years on GOLD and recently came into proper contact with her where she gave them more information and promised some trial signals.

Now after her trial ended – and in their opinion very successfully – they were interested in signing up to her service.

She doesn’t supply signals to individuals but has agreed to supply them to 123 Free Signals in a kind of “bulk package.”

Subscribers to 123 Free Signals can then get the signals for a ridiculously low cost of just $49 per year.

Amazingly, they actually hope to provide the signals free in future years.

Either way, it looks like exceptional value if the signals continue to be as good as those seen during the trial.

So far the signals are about 20% up for the year, which we understand is fairly typical for the service and the lady supplying the signals makes around $300 – $500 per successful trade apparently. 

Although we have only been privy to the signals for a short period, they do look promising – certainly promising enough for us to sign up to the year’s subscription and to run a live trial here on the site.

So we will commence the trial today and aim to follow the signals for three months for the purpose of the trial.

There are expected to be just 1-2 signals per week, which is very manageable.

If you are interested in getting these signals as well, you will first need to sign up to 123 Free Signals (which as the name suggests, is free), as the gold signals doesn’t have its own website at the moment. Then they will send you details of the GOLD subscription.

Anyway, it is nice to get to trade something new as opposed to football and horse racing all the time, so let’s see how this one gets on.

You can check out 123 Free Signals here. 



Stock Market

Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – Final Review

We have reached the end of our trial of Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier and here are the final results:


Profit/loss   +130 pips
Strike Rate:   41%
Bank Growth:    13%
Cost:   £79 per month (plus £18 for trade copier)
Average number of trades:   2 per week


You can view full results here.


Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – Full Review


Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier is a system for automatically copying the trades that Roger, a forex expert, makes himself.

Once you have set up the software, it operates by itself and you don’t need to do anything. So it suits busy people who don’t have time during the day to execute trades that are sent out by e-mail or text.

During our trial, it made 130 pips profit, which isn’t too bad but we felt not quite enough to warrant a recommended rating, when you consider the subscription costs are £79 per month, plus the trade copier costs £18 per month.

So you are talking just shy of £100 per month, which is quite a steep cost.

We always compliment anyone who makes a profit and that has been the case here, but as we say it just fell short of achieving a passed rating. If you are able to trade at high stakes, at say 5 pips per point, then it might be worthwhile. But we imagine for most people, at £1 or £2 per pip you would not have made the subscription costs back.  

There are a low number of trades, with just two per week during our trial, so this is a very careful approach to trading, which we can’t knock. 

It was a little complicated getting the trade copier set up and involved quite a few e-mails back and forth with the company involved, 4xSolutions.

Once it was set up though, it ran very smoothly and we think it is actually a great innovation. One of the big problems we encounter is that people struggle to match trading signals that are sent out quickly enough before they have moved. So this takes that worry out of the equation for you. 



Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier is an innovative approach to forex trading, allowing busy people to copy the exact trades that Roger takes using automated software.

It made 130 pips profit during our trial, which is good but fell just short of a recommended rating. With subscription costs of nearly £100 per month, you would need to trade at quite high levels to cover those costs.

If you are able to do so, then it may be worth having a go. 





Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – Results Update

23rd September 2016

It’s has been a quiet time for Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier since our last update at the end of August, with only four trades executed.

Still, those trades have brought us further profits, with another 37 pips of profit added, bringing us to 223 pips in profit overall for the trial.

You can view full results here.

Roger is careful to trade only when he says a really good opportunity, so as to maximise profits and make sure we are not risking our money on anything that he is not 100% sure of.

That means things are slow and steady rather than fast and furious so to speak.

But results so far have fully justified that approach and the bank is growing nicely.

Just a reminder that you can get a £10 discount on your first month’s subscription as a visitor to Honest Betting Reviews.

Just use the code DFHB when you sign up and Roger will apply the discount.




Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – Results Update

30th August 2016

It has been a good month for Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier, with 191 pips of profit added since our last update.

That brings the total profit for our trial so far to 186 pips. 

You can view full results here.

The great thing about this, as we have said before, is that once it is set up you don’t need to do anything – you don’t even need your computer switched on, the trade copier service will do everything for you.

Anyway, good to see profits being made and let’s hope things continue in the same vein. 






Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – Results Update

4th August 2016

It has been a fairly slow start to our trial of Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier.

So far we are more or less where we started, at 5 pips down.

To be honest, there hasn’t been much action with only 6 trades executed to date since we started copying the trades on 14th July.

You can view full results here.

It is nice though not to have to do anything once you have set up the trade copier – just sit back and see how much you have won or lost each day.

Roger provides detailed updates regularly as well, analysing how the trades have been going and responding to queries and concerns of members.

Anyway, let’s hope by the time of our next update we will have a few more winning days to report!





Roger Elliot’s Trade Copier – New Review

15th July 2016

I have a confession to make: I’m lazy.

Right, there I’ve said it.

What I really want from a betting or trading system is to have to do as little work as possible.

This, as I say, is partly because I’m lazy. It’s also to do with time, since I have other things to do (not least running this website!) so can’t be spending hours finding selections for a particular system.

So when someone came along and suggested a new idea to me, I was quite intrigued.

The idea is basically a trade copier. 

What it does is to mirror the trades of someone else, so once you have set it up you don’t need to do anything at all.

The service in question comes from a guy called Roger Elliot who runs Consistent Forex Trades.

The trade copier follows certain select trades he makes, mainly based around the Forex pair GBP/JPY.

These trades supposedly make Roger around 300 pips per month and he has yet to have a losing month from them.

In the first month of the service going live in June, over 1,100 pips profit was made.

July has started positively as well, with over 400 pips profit made so far.

So if this works as well as Roger says, then we might have something very special. Not just a profitable system, but one you just have to set up and then can leave alone.

I am also just generally intrigued by this idea of a trade copier and wonder if there are some other services you can apply this to.

Would take away the worry of missing selections if you are on holiday/in a meeting etc and take any possible human interference with staking out of the equation.

I suppose it’s not that different to the Bet Hawk betting bot we have trialed and approved here at Honest Betting Reviews, just on forex rather than Betfair.

Anyway, let’s see if this is as good as I’ve built it up to be. We will run a normal three month trial and report back regularly on how things are going.

***We have a special offer for you here at Honest Betting Reviews: Join now for August and get the rest of July for free + a 10% discount!***

So that’s just £70 for the rest of July and August.

To qualify for this offer, please use the code DFHBR

So just contact Roger here with the code above and you will be eligible for the discount to the trade copier service. 




Beat the Market Analyzer – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    98%
Strike Rate:    69%
Bank Growth:    49%
Cost:   $14 for 14 days, then $47 per month 
ROI:   7.5%
Average number of picks:    2 per month 


You can view full results here.


Beat the Market Analyzer – Full Review


Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club is a stock market advisory service run by a chap called Grant Gigloitti.

Grant analyses hundreds of US stocks and then sends spreadsheets by e-mail with details of his analysis.

He uses colour-coding to indicate a possible buy (in yellow) or a recommended buy (in green).

The depth of his analysis is very impressive and you can see Grant really knows his stuff. This is definitely not one of those fly-by-night, pump and dump merchants you see so much of on the internet these days.

What you are getting here is very high quality research with all aspects of a stock examined.



For the review, we bought all those stocks that were recommended (i.e. those in green), plus those that Grant bought himself.

The results were very impressive over the course of the six month trial. 

We recorded results for two different approaches to following the recommendations:

  • If you had bought all the stocks and held them, you would currently be 98% up, an excellent total and one that you would struggle to match anywhere. So if you had invested $2,000 in each of the shares recommended, you would have made $1,960 profit over the trial using this approach.
  • If you had taken the approach that Grant advises on his message board – to sell stocks when they are 5% in profit and to hold the others until they hit that point – you would have made 50% of realised gain and be holding three stocks, that are a combined 20% down currently. So in effect you would be 30% up – also very good for quite a conservative approach.

Plus these figures don’t include dividends – although they don’t include dealing costs either, but we would imagine the dividends would exceed the dealing costs slightly, depending on the amount of your investment of course.

Here are the results in graph format:

Beat the Market Analyzer Profit Graph

As you can see, very impressive growth throughout the trial.


Patience Required

This is the kind of service that requires patience – over the course of six months we only bought 13 stocks. 

So if you are looking for instant thrills and loads of trades, this probably isn’t for you.

However, frankly the stats on day trading are pretty horrendous, with over 98% of people losing money, so you are better off avoiding it altogether!

If you are looking to make money though, this seems like a great way of doing it. Grant follows the value approach of Warren Buffett and the results show without doubt that this is very effective.

In our experience, the best way of making money in the stock market is to buy and hold stocks for a good period of time. The shorter a period you trade over, the more likely you are to lose money. 



The Wealth Builders’ Club has had a great trial, racking up 97% profit over six months.

The approach to picking stocks is very selective, with only those that tick all the boxes being recommended.

If you have some money to invest in shares and want to experience excellent returns – the like of which you would struggle to match through any mainstream investment trust or a typical fund manager – then we can highly recommend this.

You will be getting a first class service, with tonnes of research done for you and only the very best value stocks recommended. 

You can get a 14-day trial for just $14 here. 





Beat the Market Analyzer – Results Update

20th August 2016

Things have continued in strong fashion for Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club, with the recommended stocks now 110% in profit if you had bought and held them.

You can view full results here.

If you sold those that reached 5% profit and held the rest, you would be 30% up and holding 4 stocks.

So excellent stuff from Grant and it looks like this is heading for a firm recommended rating. 




Beat the Market Analyzer – Results Update

25th July 2016

The BTMA Wealth Builders’ Club has progressed along nicely – albeit quietly – since our last update just over a month ago.

The recommended buys are now 55% up if holding the stocks, very decent returns indeed. 

If you had taken the approach of selling stocks when they achieve a 5% gain and holding the others, you would still have +25% of realised gains and be holding three stocks currently.

You can view full results here.

Grant also sold Chevron (CVX) on 29th June for a 5% gain plus dividends, although the stock was bought before our trial started so won’t be included in our results.

There has been one recommended buy since the last update – Parker-Hannifin Corp – which has moved up nicely since being recommended.

Good to see this one progressing steadily and results are very much in line with those advertised.

Back soon with more updates.




Beat the Market Analyzer – Results Update

21st June 2016

There has been good progress for BTMA Wealth Builders’ Club since our last update a month ago, with an increase of 13% on the stocks bought.

That means we are now +11% for the trial taking the approach of holding all the stocks.

If you had taken the approach of selling stocks when they achieve a 5% gain and holding the others, you would have +20% of realised gains and be holding three stocks currently.

You can view full results here.

Grant also sold Exxon on 15th June for a 5% gain plus a 3.31% dividend per year, although that was bought on 4th March 2015 so well before our trial started.

Just to say again we really like Grant’s no-nonsense approach and straight, honest advice. There is no hyped sales-y rubbish here nor any inflated results to make himself look better than he is, like you see from a lot of supposed stock market “gurus.” 

So far what we have seen is very thorough analysis and only shares that tick all the boxes receive a “recommended” rating.

That means there aren’t many that are recommended, but those that are have performed well to date.

Back soon with more updates.







Beat the Market Analyzer – Results Update

18th May 2016

It has been a quiet time for BTMA Wealth Builders’ Club, with just 2 stocks bought (plus one that Grant bought himself, so you had the choice of copying him on that as well).

Overall, if you bought all the recommended stocks and held them, at the time of writing your net position would be a loss of 2%.

You can view full results here.

The alternative approach – and how Grant recommends you trade the stocks – is to sell after a gain of 5% has been made. 

If you had done that, you would have realised gains of 10% and be holding three other stocks.

The main loser so far has been the GAP, which is unfortunately 28% down since Grant recommended it.

However, stocks often bounce back relatively quickly so if that one picks up then things might be looking pretty strong right now.

Back soon with more updates.





Beat the Market Analyzer – Results Update

20th April 2016

As one of the first stockmarket products we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews, we were intrigued by Beat the Market Analyzer (BTMA) Wealth Builders Club as it looked like a very promising product.

And we have to say that so far we have not been disappointed. 

Frankly there are a lot of rubbish stockmarket products out there that either make ridiculous claims that they will make you untold riches or that are just waffle that is incomprehensible.

This is not the case though with BTMA. What you get with this is genuine, in-depth research on stocks that is clear and very well informed. 

Grant who runs the service gives regular analysis on stocks in the following indices:

  • S&P 500
  • S&P 400 Mid Caps
  • NASDAQ 100
  • DOW 30
  • Russell 2000 Small Caps
  • Biggest decliners amongst the entire market
  • 52-week low stocks amonsgt the entire market

What you get with the service is regular weekly spreadsheets with hundreds of stocks analysed in amazing detail.

Each stock Grant looks at gets a thorough analysis which is based on the Warren Buffett ethos of “value investing.”

Grant uses a range of indicators to look at whether a stock is a bargain price, including:

  • Companies must have been around for 10 years
  • Good and consistent fundamental data
  • Do you understand what this company does?
  • Will this company’s product still be successfully sold within the next 10 years?
  • Does the company have a durable competitive advantage?
  • Reviewing financial statements and annual reports

Then having done this analysis, on the spreadsheet there are stocks that Grant considers “possible buys” which are highlighted in yellow and then good buys which are highlighted in green.

So how have things been going so far?

Well there have only been three recommended buys so far, but they have all done very well.

You can view full results here.

The three stocks that Grant has rated as good buys have made profits at the time of writing of:

  • 10%
  • 5.4%
  • 1%

So excellent progress and well in line with the kind of gains advertised.

Although it is early days and only a small number of stocks have been recommended to buy, we are impressed both with the thoroughness of Grant’s approach and the results.

Back soon with more updates on Beat the Market Analyzer. 






Beat the Market Analyzer – New Review

20th March 2016

Do you want to invest like Warren Buffett?

That’s a rhetorical question really, of course everyone would. He is one of the richest men in the world and an all-time legendary investor.

Now you may not be able to emulate the billions that Buffet has made, but there is a new strategy we have come across that promises to follow his value investing strategy.

The system is called Beat the Market Analyzer (BTMA) and is run by a guy called Grant Gigliotti.

The results on the sales page show that the system has consistently – and convincingly – beaten the S&P 500 over recent years. 

From 2013 to present, the S&P 500 has made 38.61% profit, where as BTMA has made 392.06% profit.

In that period it has beaten the S&P 500 in all but 2 months (with four months having no stocks sold), which is a very healthy monthly success rate.

The explanation on the sales page about how Grant developed the strategy is very logical and as I say, is based closely on the value investing approach of Warren Buffett and the mentor of Buffett, Benjamin Graham.

You can get a 14 day trial for a very reasonable $14, which is a good opportunity to get a feel for the system.

By signing up you will receive the Wealth Builders Club System and your bonus “Company Analysis Reports,” as well as daily recommendations of the most profitable, safest stocks to buy along with thousands of analyzed stocks each week.

So we will be interested to trial this one and see if we can build our stockmarket portfolio in the style of Warren Buffett!

We will return soon with updates on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can get Beat the Market Analyzer here.