TIG Trading

TIG Trading – Final Review

TIG Trading is an online forex trading course from a professional forex trader called Dwayne Dowman and it comes with the offer of being able to follow Dwayne’s trades via a trade copying service (which costs extra via a provider such as 4xsolutions). 

We have now completed the TIG Trading Course and have also been following their trades live via a trade copier for five months, so we thought it was time to wrap up our review. 

We apologise it took a little longer than expected to complete the course, but on the plus side it has given us an extended period of following the live trades. 

Trade Copier Results

Let’s start first with the results of the trade copier, which unfortunately took a turn for the worse since our last update and finished £929 down in the end. That is partly because the long-term open trades, which had been showing a loss, were closed out and so those losses were finally banked and registered on the results sheet. 

You can view full results here.

It was a shame to finish in a loss overall after five months as for the most of the time we had been expecting to conclude with a profit, even with the open trades being closed out. 

Trading Course

In terms of the course itself, we have generally shied away from reviewing trading courses here at Honest Betting Reviews because it is very difficult to give definitive verdicts on them. People using a course will get totally different results depending on how closely they follow the advice, how much time they put in, their own approach to trading, risk level, and a whole host of other factors.

Therefore to give a course a “Pass” or “Fail” is inevitably somewhat of a subjective call and our goal in setting up this site was to avoid subjectivity and to let results speak for themselves objectively – and crucially for results to be replicable by all users of a system (hence why we always record BSP results for our horse racing trials for example).

Anyway, with all those caveats in mind, what did we think of the course?

On the plus side we like the way the course is structured with written content, videos, quizzes (so you can test whether you have understand the content correctly) and the offer of one-on-one Skype calls with Dwayne who runs the course. So it’s very hands-on and tailored to your needs. 

We think the course is probably not suitable for complete newbies to forex trading and would recommend a basic course or book on FX trading first if you are totally new to the scene. 

Whilst including some general advice on trading around discipline, spreading and managing risk etc which is very much par for the course these days, most of the course is focused on the specific approach to trading Dwayne takes. 

His analysis of markets includes historical sentiment, fundamental analysis and technicals and he aims to get you into a routine of how to study a market and structure a trade. 

You then learn how to highlight potential ‘triggers’ or market execution levels within your identified zones for a trade.

Once you have executed a trade, it is then a case of managing it accordingly with reference to your open portfolio, risk levels and profit targets. 

Dwayne is keen to stress that this is NOT a mechanical method that could be automated or subject to a completely strict set of “rules” as such and there is always an element of understanding the fundamental picture around news cycles etc and the dynamic nature of markets which requires human input. What you are getting is more structures, set-ups and processes.

Overall Verdict  

We think the course is good and contains lots of valuable and helpful advice. In and of itself we could see it being of use to aspiring FX traders.

However, we do have to question the cost of the course which is very high at £2,997. Although this is not unusual in the world of FX courses, in our opinion the whole genre is exorbitantly overpriced when compared for example to books you can buy on Amazon about FX trading, or even Betfair trading courses which are typically priced at a fraction of the cost.

Will any of these courses turn you into a professional trader able to make thousands of pounds per month and therefore justify the cost of the course? Well we are yet to see any that can do this and have the results to back it up – this one included. 

Ultimately then given the high cost of the course and the losses made by the trade copier, we cannot recommend this service at the current time. 






TIG Trading – Results Update

20th July 2019

It’s been an excellent month for TIG Trading’s trade copier, with another £554 profit made on the closed trades since our last update.

That means they are now £825 up for our trial overall on the closed trades, using a 0.1 lot size. Or in pips they are 1226 pips up. 

You can view full results here.

The open trades currently stand £625 down (or 893 pips), with some of them stubbornly refusing to turn around and move back in our direction, despite having been open for over two months now. You can see the open trades on the second tab of our results spreadsheet.

Even taking those open trades into account though, we are still up overall which is good to see. Hopefully at some point these trades will turn around and close at a profit – or even a reduced loss – and obviously not move further away from us. 

We have made further progress through the course so hope to have completed it by the time of our next update in August and to then wrap up our review. 






TIG Trading – Results Update

15th June 2019

It’s been something of a mixed story for TIG Trading’s trade copier since our last update a month ago. In terms of their closed trades, they have made another £66 profit since our last update, bringing their total profit for our trial to £271 using a 0.1 lot size.

You can view full results here.

However, in terms of their open trades it is not such good news, as those currently sit £630 down. Hopefully at some stage they will bounce back into profit and everything will be good, but for moment those trades are quite significantly under water.

In terms of the course, unfortunately we haven’t made too much progress since our last update for various reasons, but hopefully will have more time to get stuck into it over the next month and have some concrete findings to report by the time of our next update. 

As we said last time, it all makes sense is logical, although we are yet to see any “secret sauce” as it were – although to be fair are only around a third of the way through the course so wouldn’t necessarily have expected to see that yet anyway. 





TIG Trading – Results Update

10th May 2019

TIG Trading is a forex trading course and you can also sign up to one month of a trade copying service to see how good their own trading is.

Initially we set up our trade copier with IG Index, but unfortunately it was not copying the trades and we later found out that IG do not support trade copiers. 

Since switching over to LCG it has all worked smoothly and the trades have all been copied. Of the closed trades, they have done well with £205 profit made so far using 0.1 lot size. 

You can view full results here.

There are also five open trades which are all underwater at the moment, so we need the Yen to slide for those to go into profit. 

Please note the trade copier service is only available for one month, as a kind of introduction to the course and to prove they know what they are doing.

In terms of the course itself we are making slow but steady progress. It all makes sense and is logical, although we would say it is not for complete beginners and you will need to have some knowledge of forex and MT4 to understand it. If you don’t there are plenty of free guides out there online these days to get you up to speed. 

We hope to have made more progress by the time of our next update and to have got to the “nuts and bolts” of the strategy as it were.

Finally, just a note that if you are thinking of signing up there is currently a special discount for Honest Betting Reviews readers – just use the code honestbetting500 and you will receive £500 off the cost of the course.  You can check out TIG Trading here.





TIG Trading – New Review

9th April 2019

Today we are starting a trial of a very interesting forex trading course called TIG Trading.

It is provided by a guy called Dwayne Dowman, who worked for top forex brokers for over 5 years and in that time learned exactly what the 5% of winning traders do versus the 95% of traders who lose money. That makes Dwayne truly “The Inside Guy” – or T.I.G. for short.

Dwayne is now a full time trader and Forex mentor,  apparently making an annualised return of over 100% on his trading account and consistently averaging over 800 pips profit per month.

His record is even independently verified via myfxbook, so you can see that it is not just big talk – he is actually making returns of around 10% per month on average, which is quite outstanding. Here you can see the verified percentage gains per month:

Dwayne is offering a comprehensive training course with mentoring to help you produce similar kinds of returns to these. It is a kind of like the mantra “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for life.”

So TIG Trading offers the opportunity to learn a few basic but highly effective techniques based on Dwayne’s own very successful trading and a few unique strategies that nobody else will ever show you.

He says he will teach you how to do it right… and how to do it successfully and profitably, day after day, month after month.

That sounds very enticing and certainly given the exceptional independently verified results we are very keen to check this out and undertake the training course ourselves.

Now this doesn’t come cheap – understandably given Dwayne is potentially offering up the chance to join the elite group of traders who actually make money from the markets – and will set you back £2997, but that kind of fee isn’t actually too unusual in the world of forex.

In addition, Dwayne offers the option to copy his trades directly via a trade copier for one month only for £99, so you can see for yourself first hand just how good he really is.

It’s been a while since we have done any forex trading reviews so we may be a little rusty but nonetheless are keen to engross ourselves in the course and see what we can learn. We have also signed up for the month’s trade copier service so will report back on both with our findings in due course.

In the meantime you can check out TIG Trading for yourself here.







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  1. Jack Humphries
    Jack Humphries says:

    Hes a complete scammer. He was part of fx foundations. I did the course, then I did a competition to get funded for £50k. I ‘won’t competition and never heard from him or michael powers again. Website closed, bo contact for over a year. Complete wasters!!!


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