Goal Hunter

Goal Hunter – Final Review

We have reached the end of our trial of Goal Hunter and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +£27
Strike Rate:   65%
Bank Growth:   11%
ROI:   3%
Average number of bets:   n/a
Cost:   £77


You can view full results here. 


Goal Hunter – Full Review


Goal Hunter is a football trading strategy for the over/under markets on Betfair. It comes from the Football Advisor team, who have other services which have previously passed trials here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

The Goal Hunter strategy comes in the form of a PDF guide which is 31 pages in length. The PDF sets out the statistics behind the trading strategy, how to select matches to trade and then goes onto explain how to trade the strategy during football matches. 

There are a few mistakes in the guide, not least the calculation that odds of 1.5 imply a 50% win probability (in fact odds of 1.5 imply a 66.7% win probability). 

However, these small errors should not distract from the overall guide, which is clear and logical and sets out a step-by-step process to follow when trading the over/under markets and the reasoning behind the strategy. 

If you don’t want to go through the process of selecting which matches to trade based on the criteria set out in the guide, then you can receive the Daily Trade Sheets at an extra cost (£37 at the time of writing). 

For the purpose of our trial, we utilised the Daily Trade Sheets and only traded those games that had a positive value (indicated in green on the spreadsheets). 

So how did the strategy do and what did we think of it?

Well, the first thing to stress is that everyone will have different results depending on which games they trade and how they trade them. Within the overall strategy there are slightly different options you can choose to follow depending on how a game is unfolding.

For our part we made a profit of £27 in the end after 100 matches traded, using a total risk of £8 per match (we started off with a £10 risk but reduced that to £8 after realising the final £2 probably wasn’t worth risking if a trade was going totally against you). 

That isn’t bad and a profit is a profit as they say, so is not to be sniffed at. The profit graph for the trial was pretty good too:

The guide is also clear and sets out how to react in different scenarios, which is good to see. Quite often trading guides only tell you what to do when the trade goes for you, not what to do when it goes against you, which is something that tends to annoy us. 

We would advise taking up the option of the Daily Trade Sheets if you are going to join the service as they save a lot of time and provide some useful info on value. 

However, whilst these aspects of Goal Hunter were positive, we feel like £27 was quite a small amount to have made from trading 100 matches and the ROI of around 3% didn’t seem quite high enough for the time and effort put in.

We agonised quite a bit over whether to award this a passed rating or not, but ultimately we feel like there are more sophisticated trading strategies out there for the football markets (notably the Football Trading Webinars we reviewed previously) and the trading strategy outlined here would be nothing new to experienced traders. 

So we have decided in the end to award Goal Hunter a NEUTRAL rating. Ultimately it did OK and made a profit so we can’t complain from that point of view. If you are new to trading then this could be a good introduction and get you used to trading a simple strategy.

For more experienced traders however we think you will be probably be looking for something more advanced. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  You can either trade games live, which is probably preferable in order to maximise profits, or “set and forget.” If you trade live then it is obviously quite a time commitment to follow the matches, but the strategy is very straightforward to understand. If you take up the Trade Sheets, they are normally sent out at around 7am UK time.

Availability of prices: Not applicable in this case as you are trading on Betfair. 

Strike rate: The win rate for the trial was 65%, which is pretty good. 

Advised Betting Bank: We used a £250 bank based on £8 risked per matched which seemed a very safe level for us. 

Subscription costs: The costs are a one-off fee of £77 for the Goal Hunter PDF and then £37 for the Daily Trade Sheets.



Goal Hunter is a football trading strategy for the over/under markets on Betfair. It is a PDF guide with an optional extra of trade sheets indicating which matches are best to trade for the day.

After trading 100 matches we made a profit of £27 to an £8 risk level per match, which isn’t bad.

However, for the time put in we didn’t feel it was quite enough profit to award this a passed rating and the strategy itself is probably something experienced traders are already familiar with. 

So it’s a NEUTRAL rating from us on this occasion for this trading strategy. 








Goal Hunter – Results Update

20th June 2019

It’s been a slow start to our trial of Goal Hunter, a trading strategy for the over/under markets in football matches. 

We are using the Daily Trade Sheets which are an optional extra with the service and give you the best games to trade in for the day, with the expected value for each game. 

So far after trading 45 matches we are 11 points down.

You can view full results here. 

It is important to stress that these are just our own results and everyone will have different results depending on which games they trade and how exactly they trade them. 

The problem for us however has been that 0-0s hit you very hard and we have had too many of them so far – five to be exact. 

Ideally we would like to get up to 100 matches traded before finishing the review, although at this time of the year there aren’t too many matches to trade so we will see how things go. 






Goal Hunter – New Review

19th May 2019

We have been pleased to see a number of new sports trading products coming to the market recently as we are seeing an evolution in how people bet. 

The fact is that these days there is so much knowledge and info out there about a sporting event before it starts, the odds are very rarely wrong pre-event. Hence you are seeing fewer and fewer tipsters passing reviews here at Honest Betting Reviews – and even fewer maintaining their results in the long run.

But in-running all kinds of crazy things happen and people don’t know how to react – prices move all over the shop. You particularly see this in golf and NFL but also sometimes football, cricket and tennis. Plus of course it is much easier to predict how a price will move than who will actually win an event.

As professional bettors have come to realise this, so they have shifted to trading in-running or in some cases trading prices before the off. 

We see this as a definite trend in the world of gambling and only expect it to continue as more sophisticated bots and software are developed. Those investors able to find an edge in the in-play markets will make a killing whilst the rest are left behind in the dust. 

So today we have another promising new trading product to look at and this one is called Goal Hunter and comes from Jon Roberts and the Football Advisor team. 

Goal Hunter is part of their new trading platform – Betting Prophet – and shares their Number One Football Trading strategy and how they apply it almost every day.

The idea is to show you clearly and easily how to start making real trading profits. Everything is apparently covered in detail, laid out in an easy to follow format.

After joining up and following the guide you should be able to accurately predict the price movements in the goal markets and understand how the markets work, what influences the price movements and how to predict the price change at any moment.

They promise to show you how and where to find the best and most optimal trading opportunities.

You can also get access to their daily “trading sheets” – which are the lists of matches, prices and trading opportunities for the next 24 hours.

This all sounds great and if it works as well as described it will be a hugely valuable tool, but as ever we will remain skeptical until we have seen it in action and tested it for ourselves.

So we will run a trial of this detailing our thoughts on the strategy as well as recording our results from trading the system. So please watch out here for regular updates on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Goal Hunter for yourself here.






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  1. Alberto Canetti
    Alberto Canetti says:

    Hi Dan,
    On the checkout page of footee hunter it says “satisfaction guaranteed”, but there are no further details. What are the terms of this guarantee?


    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi there,

      Am around level so far, will be doing an update shortly. You don’t have to be at your computer, you can “set and forget,” but it is probably preferable to monitor the games to be able to trade out at certain times. But as I say, not essential.




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