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How to Make Money on Betfair

When Betfair came along around twenty years ago, it completely shook up the world of betting. 

The idea of setting up an “exchange” – where punters could bet against other punters, set the odds, bet on horses or teams to lose – was revolutionary.

Suddenly punters, who had always faced the risk of being banned or restricted by the bookies if they were winners, could bet without restrictions on Betfair.  

At first many people thought it wouldn’t work and would just be a passing fad. 

Fast forward a couple of decades though and Betfair is now a multi-billion dollar global powerhouse with millions of customers all over the world. 

One of the many benefits of Betfair is that it has allowed bettors to become traders – buying and selling (or backing and laying) in various markets much as financial traders have been doing for years. Now Betfair traders could lock in a profit regardless of the outcome of an event by backing and laying, something their financial counterparts had been able to do for quite some time. 

As Betfair and the other exchanges have evolved over the years, so there have been countless systems and strategies developed to try and capitalise on all the opportunities that Betfair has presented for trading, laying, hedging and so on. 

All sorts of bots, software and systems were devised to try and gain an edge on the betting exchanges. 

These days it can be quite bewildering to navigate through all of these strategies, trying to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t, without potentially losing lots of your hard-earned cash finding out. 

Thankfully that is where we come in here at Honest Betting Reviews, having tested out dozens of Betfair-related systems and strategies over the past few years. 

We put all strategies through a rigorous test here on the site, recording all results in full. 

So, with all that testing we have carried out, are we able to answer the question of “how to make money on Betfair?”

You betcha!

Below is our list of the best strategies we have come across for profiting from Betfair. 


How to Make Money on Betfair – Top 5 Ways

Okay so here is our list of the top five ways to make money on Betfair. The list is in descending order from five to one, with the best saved for last…


5. Tennis Profits

Tennis is one of the most popular and liquid markets on Betfair. There is regularly millions of pounds traded on tennis matches, with odds fluctuating considerably during games, even from one point to the next. 

So tennis presents an excellent opportunity for trading and one service that is built around trying to find an edge on it is Tennis Profits.

From the same team as the very popular Goal Profits service (also featured in this list), it also includes Paul Shires who has run the Trade Shark Tennis service for over ten years and is a full-time professional tennis trader.

The Tennis Profits service includes a range of impressive features including trading guides and strategies, a stats database of hundreds and men and women players, a live stats tool for trading matches in-play and a live chat room where you can follow along with pro trader Paul. 

It’s easily the most comprehensive tennis trading service we’ve come across and provides some high quality tools to assist with your trading. Paul’s expertise is second to none and just following him for a while on the live chat you can learn a lot. 

Overall Tennis Profits is a top quality service for trading the tennis markets on Betfair and is well worth checking out.  



4. Little Acorns

Looking at a different aspect of Betfair now we have a system that instead focuses on laying – or in old money, betting on horses to lose. 

The system Little Acorns has been around for over a decade now and has won numerous awards in its time, including here at Honest Betting Reviews. In essence it is a low-liability laying system for the horses. It uses a set of criteria for finding horses that are suitable for betting against on the exchange markets. These horses are always odds-on, meaning that you are always laying at less than 2.0. 

We ran a live trial of the system and it made a very creditable 189 points profit, with a strike rate of 51%. Overall the system has made a profit every year for over 14 years now, making it one of the most consistent and reliable Betfair strategies out there. 

If you don’t have time to find the selections yourself, there is now an alternative option to have them e-mailed to you instead, via the spin-off service Little Acorns Gold

Either way the Little Acorns system has stood the test of time and proved itself to be one of the best ways to make money on Betfair over the long term. 


3. Sure Favs

One of the most significant developments on Betfair over the last few years has been the use of various pieces of software and bots on the platform. Some of these are designed to make trading faster and more efficient (e.g. Bet Angel, Fairbot etc) but would still require you to come up with betting strategies yourself.

Other pieces of software have included actual systems for betting and trading and one of those is Sure Favs. From the Exponential Bet team of systems developers, this is a system that places bets automatically on your Betfair account using cloud bet bot software.  

It all works seamlessly and as it uses the cloud, you don’t even need to use a VPN or keep your computer on day and night. The system itself is for the horses and as the name suggests, bets on favourites using criteria identified by the Exponential Bet team. 

We ran a trial of the Sure Favs system and it made over 170 points profit, which is very impressive stuff. With all the bets placed automatically on Betfair, it was beautifully simple and required no input other than setting up our account.

So if you’re looking for a system that works automatically, saves you time and has a proven ability to make a profit on Betfair, Sure Favs looks like a worthy choice. 



2. Goal Profits

Goal Profits

The most popular sport on Betfair, as you would expect, is football (or soccer to our American cousins). For those of you that love the beautiful game, there are almost non-stop matches to trade on Betfair, all day and each day of the week.

So it is no surprise that a multitude of trading strategies have been developed for football on Betfair. Goal Profits is a package of over 30 trading systems, covering a range of approaches and styles of trading to show you how to make money on Betfair.

It has won a number of awards as the top trading system on Betfair and has a legion of fans. The Goal Profits system includes a comprehensive training package, including videos and guides, as well as a forum to follow the live trades of the professionals. 

There are some members who even claim to be trading full time based on the strategies in Goal Profits, which is pretty impressive stuff. Now obviously we can’t verify that for sure, but given the level of support there is for the Goal Profits outfit, it doesn’t seem like too outlandish a claim.

It is worth noting that their trading strategies are enhanced by a huge database of stats they have created that covers leagues from all over the world. These stats give a value rating for a range of markets, giving you guidance on which ones to trade. For example, if there is value in the over 2.5 goals market, it may be advisable to trade some of their strategies that involve high scoring games.

Ultimately if you want to make money on Betfair then using a tried and trusted strategy like Goal Profits, with a wealth of support and a large community of members will probably give you a better of chance of succeeding than just going it alone.


1. Betfair Scalper

Betfair Scalper

The beauty of the Betfair markets is that you can approach them like a financial trader would approach the stockmarket.

There is so much liquidity in certain markets and so much movement in odds, that with the right tools at your disposal and the right know-how, you can operate as an expert trader without having to predict who is going to win an event. The art of skimming off profits from small movements in odds is called “scalping” and it is a tried and trusted method used by traders across the world on various platforms.

Knowing how to scalp successfully is another thing however. This is where our top recommended system for Betfair comes in – appropriately known as Betfair Scalper.”

It is essentially a training tool showing you exactly how to scalp the horse racing markets to regularly and consistently skim small profits. It contains over 10 hours of training videos and is for everyone from complete novices to experienced traders.

We tested Betfair Scalper for over three months and made 9.2 points profit in that time, with nine out of ten of our trading days finishing with profit. The scalping is remarkably simple to do and once you have got the hang of it, it will become almost automatic.

Although the amounts you will make per trade are small, repeated over and over again they will gradually add up and before long you may well have accumulated very decent profits.

Overall Betfair Scalper is an excellent product for making some money on Betfair.




The emergence of Betfair just over twenty years ago changed the face of betting forever. It opened up whole new opportunities for punters, whether through trading, laying, hedging, using bots or all manner of tools that are available now.  

With so much choice available these days though, it can be tough to figure out what to go for and to know which of the many systems that are out there will make you money and which will lose you money.

We have tested dozens of Betfair systems over the years and have found a number of good strategies for use on the exchange. Our list above covers our top five systems, which have all proven themselves under a live trial here on the site. 

The key point if you are looking to make money on Betfair is to have a clear strategy worked out in advance. It is almost impossible to make a profit long-term if you are just betting willy-nilly on whatever sports you happen to be watching that day or when you “fancy a bet.” 

All of the strategies above have been honed over many years and rely on data and stats, plus in most cases the use of software. Making use of tools such as these will give you the best chance of producing steady returns rather than going it alone and relying on your own gut feeling.

Whichever strategy you use on Betfair however, please bet responsibly and only gamble with money you can afford to lose.





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