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How to Make Money on Betfair

Around two decades ago, the emergence of Betfair caused a seismic shift in the realm of betting.

The groundbreaking concept of establishing an “exchange,” where punters could wager against one another, set odds, and bet on the potential loss of horses, players or teams (depending on the sport), revolutionized the industry.

Previously, punters faced the constant threat of being banned or restricted by traditional bookmakers if they proved successful.

However, with the advent of Betfair, they could now bet without constraints. Initially met with skepticism, many believed it was just a fleeting trend.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and Betfair has evolved into a global powerhouse, boasting a multi-billion dollar valuation and millions of customers worldwide.

A notable advantage of Betfair is its transformation of bettors into traders, akin to financial traders engaging in buying and selling within various markets.

This transformation allowed Betfair traders to secure profits irrespective of event outcomes by strategically backing and laying—a practice akin to financial counterparts for years.

As Betfair and similar exchanges progressed, numerous systems and strategies were developed to capitalize on the myriad opportunities presented for trading, laying, hedging, and more.

A plethora of bots, software, and systems were devised to gain an edge on the betting exchanges. Navigating through this landscape today can be bewildering, as one attempts to discern effective strategies without risking substantial losses.

Fortunately, that’s where Honest Betting Reviews comes in. We’ve rigorously tested dozens of Betfair-related systems and strategies over the past few years, subjecting each to a thorough examination and recording comprehensive results on our site.

With the wealth of testing we’ve undertaken, we confidently address the question: “How to make money on Betfair?”

Below, we present our list of the most effective strategies we’ve encountered for profiting from Betfair.


How to Make Money on Betfair – Top 5 Ways

Okay so here is our list of the top five ways to make money on Betfair. The list is in descending order from five to one, with the best saved for last…


5. Sure Favs

In recent years, one of the notable advancements on Betfair has been the widespread utilization of various software and bots on the platform.

While some, like Bet Angel and Fairbot, are designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of trading, they still necessitate the development of betting strategies by the user.

However, there are other pieces of software that offer complete systems for both betting and trading, and Sure Favs is a notable example.

Hailing from the Exponential Bet team of systems developers, Sure Favs is an automated betting system that places bets directly on your Betfair account using cloud bet bot software.

The seamless operation of the system eliminates the need for a VPN or keeping your computer running continuously. Specifically tailored for horse racing, the Sure Favs system focuses on betting on favorites, leveraging criteria identified by the Exponential Bet team.

The automated nature of the system on Betfair makes it remarkably straightforward, requiring minimal input beyond the initial account setup.

For those seeking a hands-free approach to betting and trading, coupled with a proven ability to yield profits on Betfair, Sure Favs emerges as a compelling choice.



4. Tennis Profits

Tennis stands out as one of the most popular and dynamic markets on Betfair, seeing millions of pounds traded during ATP and WTA Tour matches.

Odds fluctuate significantly during tennis matches, often changing from one point to the next, presenting a lucrative opportunity for trading. Tennis Profits is a service specifically tailored to exploit these fluctuations and gain an advantage in this market.

Developed by the same team behind the widely acclaimed Goal Profits service (also included on this list), Tennis Profits benefits from the expertise of Paul Shires.

Paul, a seasoned professional tennis trader with over a decade of experience, is also known for his Trade Shark Tennis service.

The Tennis Profits service boasts an array of impressive features, including comprehensive trading guides and strategies.

Additionally, it provides access to a vast statistics database covering both male and female players, a live stats tool for in-play match trading, and a live chat room where subscribers can actively follow and engage with Paul, the pro trader.

Regarded as the most comprehensive tennis trading service available, Tennis Profits offers high-quality tools to enhance your trading experience.

Paul Shires’ unparalleled expertise is a valuable asset, and simply observing his interactions on the live chat can provide invaluable insights and knowledge.

In summary, Tennis Profits emerges as a top-tier service for trading the tennis markets on Betfair, offering a wealth of features and tools. For those looking to elevate their tennis trading endeavors, exploring Tennis Profits is highly recommended.



3. Little Acorns

Shifting focus to a distinctive facet of Betfair, we explore a system centered on laying—essentially, betting on horses to lose.

Little Acorns, a system with a decade-long track record, has garnered numerous awards, including recognition from Honest Betting Reviews.

At its core, it operates as a low-liability laying system for horses, employing specific criteria to identify suitable candidates for laying on the exchange markets. Notably, these horses are consistently odds-on, ensuring that laying occurs at odds less than 2.0.

In a live trial conducted by Honest Betting Reviews, the Little Acorns system demonstrated commendable performance, yielding a substantial profit of 189 points with a strike rate of 51%.

Impressively, the system has maintained profitability each year for over 14 years, establishing itself as one of the most dependable and consistent Betfair strategies available.

For those with time constraints or seeking added convenience, an alternative option is offered—Little Acorns Gold, a spin-off service that delivers selections via email.

Regardless of the chosen approach, the resilience and effectiveness of the Little Acorns system have endured the test of time, establishing it as one of the premier methods for generating long-term profits on Betfair.



2. Goal Profits

Football, or soccer for our American counterparts, reigns as the most popular sport on Betfair, offering non-stop matches for trading throughout the week.

Given this, a plethora of trading strategies has emerged, and among them, Goal Profits stands out as a comprehensive package encompassing over 30 trading systems.

Recognized with multiple awards as the top trading system on Betfair, Goal Profits has garnered a dedicated following.

The service includes an extensive training package comprising videos and guides, along with a forum that allows users to track live trades of seasoned professionals. Some members even claim to trade full time based on the strategies provided by Goal Profits, a testament to the system’s impact and effectiveness.

While claims of full-time trading success can’t be independently verified, the substantial support for Goal Profits suggests a level of credibility.

Notably, the system’s trading strategies are bolstered by an expansive database of statistics covering leagues worldwide.

These stats provide a value rating for various markets, offering guidance on which ones to consider for trading.

For instance, if there’s value in the over 2.5 goals market, it may be prudent to explore strategies tailored to high-scoring games.

In essence, if your goal is to make money on Betfair, leveraging a proven and trusted service like Goal Profits, with its extensive support and a thriving community of members, could significantly enhance your chances of success compared to navigating the platform solo.


1. Betfair Scalper

Betfair Scalper


The unique nature of Betfair markets allows for an approach similar to that of a financial trader navigating the stock market.

Certain markets boast substantial liquidity and odds movements, enabling individuals to operate as expert traders without the need to predict event outcomes.

The technique of extracting profits from small fluctuations in odds is known as “scalping,” a well-established and proven method employed by traders globally on various platforms.

The key to successful scalping lies in understanding the nuances of the process, and this is precisely where our top recommended system for Betfair, aptly named “Betfair Scalper,” comes into play.

Functioning as a comprehensive training tool, it provides precise guidance on scalping the horse racing markets to consistently and systematically capture small profits. The package comprises over 10 hours of training videos, catering to both novices and experienced traders alike.

During a rigorous three-month testing period, Betfair Scalper delivered a notable 9.2 points in profit, with a remarkable nine out of ten trading days concluding with a positive outcome.

The scalping technique is surprisingly straightforward, and once mastered, it becomes nearly automatic.

While the gains per trade may be modest, the cumulative effect of repeating successful scalping endeavors can lead to the gradual accumulation of substantial profits.

In summary, Betfair Scalper emerges as an excellent product for generating income on Betfair, offering a well-designed and effective approach to scalping in the horse racing markets.




The advent of Betfair slightly over two decades ago has revolutionized the landscape of betting, introducing a plethora of opportunities for punters, ranging from trading and laying to hedging and utilizing various tools and bots.

The vast array of choices available today can be overwhelming, making it challenging to discern profitable systems from those that may result in losses.

Having tested numerous Betfair systems over the years, we have identified several strategies that have proven effective under live trials. Our list above showcases our top five systems, each demonstrating its viability on the exchange.

A crucial aspect for anyone aiming to make money on Betfair is the necessity of having a well-defined strategy in place. Long-term profitability is nearly impossible without a clear plan, and haphazard betting on random sports or impulsive decisions can often lead to losses.

The highlighted strategies have undergone refinement over many years, relying on data, statistics, and, in most cases, the use of specialized software.

Leveraging such tools increases the likelihood of generating consistent returns compared to navigating the platform independently based solely on gut feelings.

Regardless of the chosen strategy on Betfair, it’s essential to bet responsibly and only gamble with funds that one can afford to lose. Responsible gambling practices are fundamental for a sustainable and enjoyable betting experience.





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