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Betfair Trading Strategies

Since the emergence of Betfair in the early 2000s, punters have been exploring strategies to trade sports markets akin to stock, forex, and crypto markets.

The concept involves laying a bet at a certain price and then backing it at a higher price, thereby potentially earning a profit regardless of the outcome—assuming the trade goes as planned, of course.

Considerable attention has been devoted to developing Betfair trading strategies that capitalize on market movements. Countless e-books, trading systems, and forum discussions have been dedicated to this pursuit.

But do these Betfair trading strategies actually work? Can one make money by trading the markets, or does it lead to financial ruin?

Well, it is certainly not a walk in the park, and without caution, one can suffer significant losses while trading. Maintaining discipline is crucial, and refraining from excessive trading or impulsive decisions is paramount.

However, there are indeed effective methods available that, if adhered to with discipline, can yield profits.

In the following sections, we will delve into the top six Betfair Trading Strategies that we have discovered through extensive research and testing.


Best Betfair Trading Strategies

Below are our top six Betfair trading strategies, which cover a range of different sports and type of strategy.

These are listed from six to one, with our top Betfair trading strategy saved for last.

We hope you find these useful – and please let us know if you think we have left one off this list that should be on there!


   6. Back-to-Lay Horse Race Trading

One notable aspect of horse racing is the fluctuation of odds during the race. As horses compete for the lead or make late charges, their odds concurrently rise and fall.

While it may not be recommended to trade horse races based on real-time action, unless you’re physically present at the track with a fast internet connection, there is an approach you can employ by backing before the event and then laying off in-play.

This method works best for horses that tend to run prominently but don’t necessarily win many races. In other words, these are horses that have reasonable pre-race odds but are likely to shorten in-play.

Some individuals refer to this strategy as “dobbing,” an abbreviation for “double or bust.” For instance, you could back a horse at odds of 10 before the race and then lay it off at 5 in-play. This scenario would double your money without even requiring the horse to win—just being in contention and causing its odds to drop to a minimum of 5.0.

However, it’s not necessary to strictly adhere to the dobbing approach. You could also target smaller movements in-play, such as from 10.0 to 7.5 or from 5.0 to 4.0.

Obviously, with such an approach, the winnings would be lower, but typically, you can expect a higher strike rate compared to using the dobbing strategy.

To optimize the back-to-lay strategy, it’s essential to focus on the specific horse and race. Some horses may frequently halve in price, while others may regularly experience a drop of around 30% but rarely more. Being adaptable rather than rigid is advisable when implementing the back-to-lay approach.


   5. Spartan Trading Tips

Spartan Trading Tips Screenshot

Spartan Trading Tips, provided by Patrick Ross of Tennis Trading League, offer valuable insights for tennis betting enthusiasts. What sets these tips apart is their foundation in a theory that has captivated us for many years—the potential to capitalize on significant odds swings during tennis matches.

If you’ve ever observed the odds of a tennis match on Betfair (or another exchange), you’ve likely witnessed the remarkable fluctuations that occur. These fluctuations can happen within individual games, when players face break points, or within sets as players fall behind or catch up. The same holds true for entire matches as players win or lose sets.

Now, imagine if you could identify matches prone to such fluctuations or players known for their unpredictable performances (we’re looking at you, Andy Murray).

That’s precisely what Spartan Trading Tips aims to accomplish. By laying at a specific price and then backing at a higher price, the service attempts to lock in a profit.

The beauty of Spartan Trading Tips is that you can enter your trades on Betfair before the match begins, select “keep at in-play,” and then go about your day without having to monitor the match in real-time.

Since its launch in 2013, these trading tips have accumulated a profit of nearly 1,000 points, which is an impressive achievement.

If you’re seeking a trading opportunity on Betfair that requires minimal effort on your part but delivers substantial returns, Spartan Trading Tips is undoubtedly the way to go.


   4. In-Game Tennis Trading

The following strategy involves in-game tennis trading, aiming for quick profits after one or two points.

Although it carries some risk due to the need for swift execution, the high liquidity of tennis on Betfair and the use of software like Bet Angel ensure that your bets are matched most of the time.

When trading during a game, the goal is to identify optimal entry points, leveraging the serve and return statistics for the players involved in the match (i.e. how often they hold and break serve respectively). 

Strategic entry points often occur at specific scores when a strong server or returner is trailing in a game. For instance, if a strong server is down 15-40 or 0-30 on their serve, the market tends to heavily favor their opponent, assuming a likely service game loss.

However, statistics reveal that a top server typically wins the next two points approximately 50% of the time from such situations. The odds swing in your favor would be greater than if they were to lose the next two points (or point in the case of 15-40). Thus, this presents an excellent trading opportunity to achieve over 50% returns on a 50/50 event.

Conversely, laying weak servers who are leading in their service game by a certain margin can be profitable.

If a poor server is ahead in their game, entry points like 40-30 and 30-15 can be highly effective. At this stage, the market assumes they will win the game. However, as a weak server, they are susceptible to being opposed if the returner wins the next point (or two points). The resulting odds swing would be significantly in your favor.


   3. Trading Late Goals in Football Matches

Football trading is immensely popular worldwide, offering a plethora of strategies to explore. Among the consistent and user-friendly approaches is trading on late goals.

This particular method has been successfully employed by professional traders like Psychoff, who has honed his strategy by selecting the right matches, entry points, and exit moments in the games he trades.

At its core, late goal trading revolves around identifying matches where there is a high probability of a goal being scored in the closing minutes, based on the live action unfolding on the screen.

While studying pre-game statistics and trends can be helpful in identifying teams known for scoring (or conceding) late goals, the crucial point is to watch the game live and closely monitor the markets to ensure they align with the on-field developments.

If numerous scoring opportunities arise, and it feels like a goal is imminent despite the odds not reflecting it, that is the opportune time to act.

It’s essential to bear in mind that markets typically follow a predictable pattern. For instance, if the under 2.0 goals market is priced at 1.9 at kick-off, it will gradually decrease (due to time decay) if no goals are scored, often reaching around 1.15-1.20 by halftime.

Therefore, there can be instances where the odds decay pattern doesn’t align with the game’s actual dynamics, presenting trading opportunities. Various approaches can be employed, such as laying the draw when the scores are level and trading out after a goal, laying the unders, or laying a struggling team.

For those with limited time to watch multiple games, an alternative is to utilize a service like Trade on Sports.

This platform offers an extensive database of statistics from football leagues worldwide, which is utilized to identify late goal trading opportunities. A bot will then alert you to potential opportunities during a game. Our own review of the service yielded an impressive £5120 profit over a two-year trial period.

Whether you opt for a service like Trade on Sports or engage in your own trades, it’s remarkable how frequently late goals occur in football matches and how effective this strategy can be. Just ask professional traders like Psychoff, and they will attest to its effectiveness!


   2. Scalp the Horse Racing Markets

Scalping, the art of generating small and consistent profits from minor market fluctuations, is a skill worth mastering. In the context of Betfair, it entails capturing just a tick or two in odds movement, such as from 2.14 to 2.12.

Betfair Scalper is a comprehensive training course designed to teach you this technique. It includes ten hours of instructional videos that feature live trade examples and cover the theory behind successful scalping. The focus is on trading horse racing markets during the 10-15 minutes prior to the race, a period characterized by high liquidity and significant odds fluctuations.

The brilliance of Betfair Scalper lies in its approach. Instead of attempting to predict market movements, a challenging task indeed, the course emphasizes profiting from the small back-and-forth shifts in odds.

We conducted a live trial using the methods outlined in Betfair Scalper and achieved remarkable results. Out of ten trading days, nine were successful, resulting in a profit of 9.2 points. Once you grasp the technique, scalping can become an enjoyable and even somewhat addictive endeavor.

Overall, Betfair Scalper provides an excellent guide to mastering the art of scalping, enabling you to consistently generate modest yet reliable profits from the Betfair markets.


   1. Trade With The Pros

Engaging in solo trading can be challenging and isolating. The task of studying statistics, keeping up with multiple leagues, identifying value opportunities, and executing profitable trades all on your own can be overwhelming.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to shoulder all of this alone. Trading platforms now exist that handle a significant portion of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus more on executing trades. One of the most renowned and effective platforms in this regard is Goal Profits, which has garnered multiple awards, including our esteemed “Best Football Betting Service” accolade in 2020 & 2022, as voted by our members.

Goal Profits offers a plethora of valuable resources, which we delve into more extensively in our comprehensive review. Here are some key highlights:

  • Launchpad – a comprehensive football trading course tailored for beginners.
  • Trading strategies – an extensive collection of winning football trading strategies.
  • Chat room – join live sessions with professional traders Kevin and Steve, and interact with other members.
  • Team stats – analyze over 200,000 fixtures to base trades on accurate and detailed information.
  • Live Stats Module – utilize in-play statistics to trade matches in real-time and spot optimal opportunities.
  • Custom Shortlist Pro – create personalized shortlists for quick and effortless trade discovery.
  • League tables – easily identify teams that perform above their overall league position based on various parameters.

Goal Profits boasts an active and devoted community, with many members reportedly transitioning into professional traders and others leveraging the platform as an additional income stream. By following the live chat room discussions featuring expert traders Kevin and Steve, you can learn valuable insights into their strategies, trading techniques, and the profits they achieve.

With its comprehensive toolkit catering to aspiring football traders, Goal Profits has gained immense popularity and garnered numerous awards. If you’re seeking strategies from seasoned professionals along with the necessary resources to support your trading endeavors, Goal Profits is top of the tree. 



There is an abundance of Betfair trading strategies available, ranging from books and articles to e-books and online services.

Having conducted extensive testing on numerous trading strategies, we have compiled our list of the Top 6 strategies mentioned above. These strategies have proven to enhance our own trading performance, and we believe they can do the same for you.

The key to successful trading lies in discipline: meticulously plan your actions before engaging in a trade, whether it’s a match or a race, and adhere to your predetermined entry and exit points.

Even with a good strategy, failure is inevitable without maintaining discipline. Therefore, it is crucial to stick to your plan, remain focused, and we wish you the best of luck with your trading endeavors!




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