Pro Tennis Tips – Update

We regret to report that we have received an e-mail from John Baker who runs Pro Tennis Tips stating that he is discontinuing the service.

This is because he wants to concentrate on his other service, Banker Bets, which is going great guns. 

We support the decision and it is honest of John to admit he won’t be able to put the time in necessary to make it a success. If only more tipsters were that honest!

Anyway, this is what John said in his e-mail:

After a great deal of thought and reflection while I was away I’ve come to the decision that I won’t be able to continue providing the Pro Tennis Tips service moving forward.

My football betting service Banker-Bets is performing very well but also keeping me extremely busy, and in all honestly I just don’t see myself being able to consistently devote the same amount of time and energy to a second service on a daily basis.

Tennis is a particularly difficult sport to follow to begin with as it requires frequent changes to your daily schedule as the tour moves around around the world through so many different time zones.

Unfortunately it’s just too difficult to balance out these constant changes in a way that I can consistently send out tennis selections early enough for subscribers around the world to comfortably place the bets, while also continuing to meet the many demands of my football service.

With that in mind, I have no intention or desire to offer a service to the public that has anything less than my full commitment, which is why Pro Tennis Tips will formally cease operations.

All that said, there will be some weeks during the year when I’ll be able to follow tennis quite closely and will certainly be placing some bets of my own, so I may be in touch from time to time just to let you know when I see particularly high value opportunities.”

So there we have it, this will go into the defunct pile and we too will concentrate on Banker Bets, which is doing really well.





Pro Tennis Tips – Results Update

26th November 2016

Pro Tennis Tips is taking a break from tipping until 2017. The results haven’t quite been as hoped and John who runs the service wants to take a bit of time to rethink the approach to picking selections.

That is understandable given that the tennis season is nearly over now for the year. 

Looking at the results for the trial, since our last results update they have lost 5 points.

That means they are now 11 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It certainly has been no disaster so far, but hopefully over the December break John can come up with some strategies for improving results in 2017.







Pro Tennis Tips – Results Update

2nd November 2016

A bit of a downturn this month for tennis tipster Pro Tennis Tips, with 6 points lost since our last update.

That means we are also 6 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Let’s hope things push on from here and we have a really good month in November.

Back soon with more updates.





Pro Tennis Tips – Results Update

4th October 2016

It has been a quiet start to our trial of Pro Tennis Tips, who are 0.42 points up so far to 1 point level stakes.

You can view full results here.

The average odds so far have been 3.33, so we are talking about reasonable outsiders, which is what the service is about, rather than the odds-on shots that Banker Bets goes for.

Anyway, nothing to complain about so far – let’s hope for some good profits to report back on in our next update. 




Pro Tennis Tips – New Review

8th September 2016

We recently completed an 18-month update on the popular sports betting service Banker Bets, giving it a continued recommended verdict and a four-and-a-half star rating.

The service is run by a guy called John Baker who is a very honest and decent chap and has always been completely transparent about his results whilst we have been following Banker Bets.

And those results have been very good, with a doubled bank for 2016 and 250% total profit over the past 2 years.

Well now John is setting up a new service devoted just to tennis and given his record of success with Banker Bets, we are rather excited about its prospects.

The service is called Pro Tennis Tips and actually takes kind of the opposite approach to Banker Bets.

Where as the latter is focused on very short-odds favourites, with the average price around 1.28, this new tennis service will be based around finding longer-odds selections where a favourite has been mis-priced.

John says it’s all about finding good value odds by identifying favourites that may be ripe for an upset for a variety of reasons and the bookies have priced up too short. 

He has started formal testing of this and though still in it’s infancy initial results are outstanding, with the service already 10 points up after just 9 bets.

Interestingly John ran a tennis tipping service for 2 years and despite turning a decent profit and having several positive reviews published the service didn’t generate much interest, so he shut it down at the end of 2014 to focus 100% on Banker Bets, which had proven to be far more popular.

But the new approach looks very interesting and with John’s thorough research and ability to spot value in a price, we do think this is worth following to see how it gets on.

For one thing, the tips are being provided completely FREE for the time being, so no harm in signing up and seeing how things go!

Let’s hope he can follow the success of Banker Bets with this new tennis service and produce a few aces along the way!

You can sign up to the FREE  Pro Tennis Tips here. 

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