Roger Federer – Seven Month Update

Back in August we completed a three month trial of and unfortunately gave them a failed rating after they finished 82 points down at the end of the trial.

However, in fairness to the service we agreed to continue monitoring the results as they said the trial coincided with one of the worst periods in their history and they were confident they could turn things around as they had a long track record of success.

We have followed the tips for a further four months now, giving us seven months of proofing the tips in total.

So how have they fared? Have they managed to pick things up and improve on previous results?

The answer is yes, they have made a significant improvement since our trial ended.

In that four month period, they have made 188 points profit, a pretty decent effort.

That has been made up of the following totals:

  • Free Picks: +2 points
  • Standard Picks (i.e. £14.99/month): -16 points
  • VIP / Premium Picks (i.e. £69.99/month): +202 points

Overall then over the seven months, that means they are 106 points up to advised prices.

We have found though that advised prices are quite difficult to obtain sometimes, so you may have struggled to match those totals if you had been following the tips. 

Realistically you would probably be looking at deduction of 30-40% off the advised price totals, so you might have been looking at around 60 points profit over the seven month period.

On that basis though, we are happy to upgrade Tennis Tips from a failed rating to a NEUTRAL one and to recommend them as a tennis tipster.

We will continue monitoring results and hopefully things will continue in the same vein, at which point we could consider moving them up to a passed rating.

In the meantime though, it’s well done to the team at for turning things around and good luck for 2017.






——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- – Final Review

12th August 2016 

We have come to the end of our three month trial of and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    -82 points
Strike Rate:    46%
Bank Growth:    -33%
Cost:   £24.99/month for standard package or £99.99/month for VIP package
ROI:   -10%
Average number of bets:    1.5 per day


You can view full results here. – Full Review


It has been something of a struggle to find a winning tennis tipster here at Honest Betting Reviews, despite a good deal of searching and a number of trials.

When we were approached to have a look at we were hopeful that we had found a rare winning system.

Certainly their past results looked excellent and their attitude seemed very professional.

However, during the trial things did not turn out as hoped and we ended up 82 points down at the end of three months of testing.

As you can see from the graph below, things went quickly downhill and touched 140 points down before recovering somewhat towards the end. 

Tennis Tips Profit Graph

With a return on investment of -10% and a third of the bank being lost, it was a tough three months for them.

It may be that we just caught this at a bad time though, as their previous results over three years look impressive. 

So we will continue to monitor their progress and see if things pick up in the coming months.

Sadly for the time being however, we have to give this a failed rating until such time as the results turn around.  


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Fairly straightforward to use, with tips sent through by e-mail each day, and also reminders in case you missed the tips originally.

Availability of prices: The prices given in the initial e-mails when tips are sent out are best bookmakers prices, which is what we have used when recording our results. However, by using the exchanges you can often beat the advised prices by a few percent.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 46%, which is well below the 66% stated on the website and explains the sub-par performance during our trial.  

Advised Betting Bank: No betting bank was advised, but we used a 250 point bank for the trial, which suffered a 33% loss over the trial and was 56% down at one point. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £24.99/month for the standard package (which includes ATP tips only) or £99.99/month for the VIP package (which include ATP, WTA and Challenger Tour tips).



We are disappointed that this trial didn’t turn out better as we were hoping to have finally found a winning tennis tipster.

The results coming into our trial were very strong and we were impressed by the professional approach taken by

Sadly things didn’t turn out well though and with a loss of 82 points and an ROI of -10%, we feel we can only give this a failed rating. 

It may have just been unfortunate timing though so we are prepared to give this more time and continue monitoring it so see if results pick up.

Certainly we like the new website and simplified approach, so they seem to be working hard at providing a good service.

Let’s hope results improve for them as well and we have some more positive news to report soon.




——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- – Results Update

29th June 2016 

With Wimbledon in full swing – weather allowing – we thought it would be a good time to update the results of one of the tennis tipsters we are trialing at the moment.

Unfortunately though the news is not good for

They have continued to struggle and have lost a further 55 points since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 82 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It is a shame things have been such a struggle for them as we had high hopes for this one coming into the trial.

With lots of action over the next couple of weeks at Wimbledon, hopefully they can turn things around.

We will be back with our final review of Tennis-Tips in July.





——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- – Results Update

25th May 2016 

It’s been a tough start to our trial of, who are 27 points down so far at best bookmakers’ prices. 

You can view full results here.

We are recording the results for both their VIP and Elite picks, which are the two subscription options for the service.

The one thing we have noted so far from the service is that staking fluctuates around quite a bit, with staking between 1 and 10 points per tip. 

Early on there were a lot of 1 and 2 point stakes with the occasional 5 point stake, but recently there have been quite a few more 8-10 point stakes.

So to follow this service we think you would need a reasonably-sized bank to cover these sometime large stakes.

Anyway, let’s hope things pick up for Tennis-Tips by the time of our next update. 




——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- – New Review

6th May 2016 

With the clay court season getting into full swing and the French Open not too far away, it is a good time to be getting a trial of a tennis tipster underway here at Honest Betting Reviews.

This one looks very promising with an excellent record of results shown on their website.

The site in question is the straightforwardly-named and has been tipping since 2013.

There are basically three categories of tips with the service: –

  • Free Picks – available via e-mail or on their blog: +15 points profit
  • VIP Picks – paid tips for club members: +448 points profit
  • Elite Picks – also paid tips and the best performing of the tips: +680 points profit

The tips are in major men’s and women’s matches and come in a variety of markets including match odds, set betting, game handicaps and others. 

Normally when you are betting on tennis you expect to have a low ROI (return on investment) of perhaps 10% or below as the odds you are betting at are low, with the plus side being that you have a high strike rate.

However, Tennis Tips appear to have established an ROI well above that level, with overall figures of close to 20% and an amazing 37% for their Elite Picks.

That is with an overall strike rate of 56%, which is quite remarkable stuff.

You can get a free trial for 30 days followed by monthly payments of £69.99 for all the tips, which if their past record continues, would actually be quite reasonable.

For instance, from backing their tips since the start in 2013 with £100 stakes, you would be over £12,000 in profit.

And of course with such a high strike rate there is the possibility of compounding your stakes, to make even more profit.

The tips are sent out each day by e-mail and at the end of the day you get a summary of the picks performance with profit figures etc.

So without further ado we will get the trial underway and will be back soon with our first update on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Tennis Tips here.



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