Racing Professionals Flat Service – Final Review

It is the end of our three month trial of the Racing Professionals Flat service and here are the final results:


Profit/loss: -132 points 
Strike Rate: 10%
Bank Growth: -88%
Cost: £44.99 per month
ROI: -36%
Average number of tips: 4 per day


You can view full results here.


Racing Professionals Flat Service Final Review

Well at the end of our trial of the Racing Professionals Flat Service, what can we say – other than it has been something of a sorry story for them over the last three months.

Sadly they have ended up with a 132 point deficit and have lost 88% of the advised bank. 

They do rely somewhat on picking some big priced winners, with past results showing winners at 100/1 and above, so they are perhaps just one big winner away from turning things around.

Unfortunately though, we can only judge a service on what is has achieved during our trial and with an 88% loss of the bank, it has been a disappointing run.

Certainly we would suggest that on the basis of this trial, a 150 point bank is not nearly enough and 300 points or more would be appropriate.

You should never get this close to losing your entire bankroll, although we suspect in reality after a drawdown like this most people would have stopped following the tips in any event.

Anyway, here are the results in graph format:

Racing Professionals Flat Service Profit Graph

It’s been one way traffic – unfortunately the wrong way – for the majority of the trial. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Very good – the tips are sent out by e-mail early in the morning and then all bets are simply placed at Betfair SP, so very quick to operate.

Availability of prices: As above, with all bets placed at Betfair SP, there are no issues around price availability.

Strike rate: With the strike rate for the trial down at just 10%, it was clearly well below the expected level for the service to make a profit.

Advised Betting Bank: The advised bank was 150 points, which was clearly not enough as we lost 132 points and 88% of the bank. We would think a 300 point bank would be needed given the drawdown experienced during our trial.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are high at £44.99 per month.



There doesn’t seem to be any other possible verdict than failed with a 132 point loss and 88% bank decline.

This trial has shown once again that it is no easy ride making money in this game and some long losing runs can hit anyone, whatever their experience and level of expertise.

Hopefully they will hit a nice 100/1 winner soon and get back on track, but for the moment this one has to be added to the failed systems pile.



Results Update

17th July 2015

We are over two months into our trial of Racing Professionals Flat service so it is about time for an update.

This is a sister service to Racing Professionals AW service which we reviewed earlier this year and gave an approved rating to.

So how has it been going for the flat service?

Well the news isn’t good – in fact it’s very bad. 🙁

They are a whopping 133 points down so far after 304 bets. To put that in context, they recommend a 150 point bank, so that is 89% of the bank lost.

You can view full results here.

This shows once again the importance of trialing a service first to see whether it lives up to its stated results before you back it with your own hard-earned cash.

It is tough to make money in the long run in this game and only a select few tipsters manage it. Sadly at the moment this one isn’t one of those select few.

Needless to say they need a Houdini-like recovery in their last few weeks to avoid a failed rating.

Will be back in early August with the final verdict to see if they can manage it.



Racing Professionals Flat Service – New Review

4th May 2015

You can check out the Racing Professionals Flat service here.

With the flat season just getting underway we thought it would be a good time to commence a review of the Racing Professionals Flat service. 

We recently reviewed their All Weather service and gave it an approved rating.

The flat service operates under very similar principles – bets are sent out in the morning and the advice is to back them at Betfair SP.

The service claims very impressive results of over 1600 points profit to 1 point level stakes over the previous three seasons, which would be over £16,000 to just £10 stakes.

Much like the AW service, this includes some big priced winners at over 100/1.

The 2015 season has started promisingly for the flat service with a profit of 25 points so far.

We are hopeful this form can continue and land us some similar profits to those amassed over the past 3 seasons.

In the meantime you can check out the Racing Professionals Flat Service here.


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