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Get Your Trial of Flat Flyers Here

Today we have a new trial to share with you, courtesy of our friends over at Back Lucrative.

We reviewed Back Lucrative last year and awarded it a passed rating after making over 100 points profit in our trial.

Their other service, Hidden Winners, is currently over 50 points up for our live trial.

Well now they are opening up membership to another successful service – called Flat Flyers. It looks very promising and they are currently offering a special trial of it.

You can get a trial of Flat Flyers here.

The Flat Flyers service made +237 points profit during last year’s flat season and with flat racing just underway again it’s a great time to get involved.

Michael who runs Back Lucrative is one of the most respected tipsters out there and we’ve always found his services to be high quality.

So we are hoping this will be the same but as ever we will be running a live trial here at Honest Betting Reviews so we will see how it gets on.

In the meantime you can check out Flat Flyers for yourself here.




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