Winner Spreads – Final Update

We began this review back in July but after a few weeks stopped receiving tips. 

We have been chasing the tipster but have not received any response to our e-mails nor any tips for quite some time now. 

So we can only presume the service has been discontinued and will call time on this review.

A shame as the previous service had been pretty good but for one reason or another the tipster wasn’t able to continue the service.

So it’s a FAILED/DEFUNCT rating here and we will move on to the next one…





Winner Spreads – New Review

10th July 2023

We are starting a new trial today of a service called Winner Spreads. 

This is actually a follow-up to a service we reviewed a few years ago, Sports Spread Betting

It was a service run by a guy called Max and focused on spread betting, which is quite a niche these days compared to the more ubiquitous fixed odds betting. 

The service made an excellent 751 points profit in our trial, with a 51% strike rate and 75% bank growth. 

It continued on for a couple of years after our trial ended, performing very well overall and delivering healthy profits.

However, at the beginning of 2020 Max had to discontinue the service due to time constraints and work pressure.

Now though he is back in business, having brought the service back to life at the beginning of this year and things have been going well (485 points profit Jan-Jun 2023).

He says his database of stats has improved massively he is very confident of long-term consistent profits.

Max says the same money-back guarantee that he used to have will be provided for any month that doesn’t clear 25 points of profit.

A variety of sports are used including football, horse racing and tennis. There are generally 1-2 bets per day making it pretty simple to follow. 

You will of course need a spread betting account to place the bets. We would recommend Sporting Index who have some excellent opening offers and generally good spreads across their markets. 

So we will kick this review off today and will record results here as we go along as usual so you can see how the service is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Winner Spreads for yourself here.  




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