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Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs – Results Update

Firstly an apology for the delay in updating our review of Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs. It is quite a difficult service to review as there are 17 separate strategies and a huge amount to take in.

The main thing we had to decide on was which of these strategies we would proof as it would not be feasible to try and track all of them – or even half of them to be honest. 

After some careful thought we have settled on three strategies – one of which is an in-play strategy and the other two are pre-match strategies. 

The three strategies are:-

  • 15 Minute Lay the Draw (LTD) – this involves laying the draw in a match after 15 minutes if the score is still 0-0. 
  • Home Values Draw – backing the draw before kick-off
  • Home Win – backing the home win before kick-off.

These three strategies are all pretty simple to operate and should be manageable for anyone, even if you are new to betting/trading. 

In any event, the results for those three strategies have been very good:

  • 15 Minute LTD: +£497 profit
  • Home Values Draw: +£560 profit 
  • Home Win: +£325 profit

Those results are to £10 per point stakes so the total of £1382 profit is equivalent to 138 points profit for our trial so far.

You can view full results here.

Although we haven’t been able to proof all the strategies as we say, the official results show a profit of 389 points in total for 2023 for the strategies combined. 

So it’s been impressive stuff so far. 

All the selections are sent out by Telegram and the odds quoted are with the Betfair exchange. 

For us following three strategies is just about manageable but there may be members who follow more (or all) so it’s a question of picking what is right for you. 







Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs – New Review

18th January 2023

We are starting a new trial today of a football trading service called Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs

The trader behind the service is a guy called Chris, a professional trader who has been proofing to the Banker Bets site for 8 months and has reportedly made an impressive £7,373 profit in that time. 

Chris operates 6 profitable trading strategies he’s refined over the past couple of years. They’re a mix of back and lay betting, some pre-match and some in-play.

The trading strategies have reportedly produced the following results:-

  • Lay the Draw: +£1568 profit
  • Half-time Lay the Draw: +£1317 profit
  • 60 minute Lay the Draw: +£409 profit
  • Double Chance: +£749 profit
  • Second half goals: +£2518 profit
  • Overs: +£814 profit

In terms of what all that means in points terms is a little difficult to say as different staking is used for each system (and even within each system), ranging from as little as £10 up to over £100 stake liability.

However, clearly the results have been excellent (presuming they are accurate of course) in terms of achieving substantial profit across each of the strategies. The strike rate across the strategies has been high at 77% overall. 

The trades are provided via the Telegram app where you’ll receive notification of each selection.

We are quite excited by this one as we have always felt there is great scope to make profits from trading football, but with one or two notable exceptions (e.g. Goal Profits), we are yet to see any services actually produce trading profits under live trial conditions. 

As ever we will reserve judgement until we have conducted the trial but we are at least hopeful this could be a decent trading service. Results will be updated here as we go along as usual. 

In the meantime you can check out Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs for yourself here.




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