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Best Tipster 1X2

The 1X2 market, also known as the match odds market, is the most popular market for people to bet on in football.

It is the most simple and the one the media and all the pundits focus on – who will win the game? The glory, the excitement of a late goal winning a game or your favourite team beating their fiercest rivals.

It is therefore the most liquid football betting market out there. Typically on Betfair for a big Premier League or Champions League game you will see millions matched on the 1X2 market. 

However, the match odds is also tough to make a profit on as it is a very efficient market. We have searched far and wide to find the best tipsters for match odds betting, putting dozens through their paces in the form of live trials here on the site.

Below we take a look at the very best of them.


Our Top 5 Tipsters on the 1X2 Market

Okay so let’s take a look at the top 5 tipsters in the 1X2 market. These are all tipsters who have shown an ability to generate a profit over a sustained period – in most cases over many years.

To be a successful tipster you need to show you have an edge over the bookies for a long period of time, otherwise it could just be down to luck.

To continually generate a profit however puts you in elite company and shows that you have an edge over the market.

Here’s our list then of the best 1X2 tipsters, from five to one:


5. Banker Bets

One of the earliest services we reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews was a football betting service called Banker Bets. As the name suggests, it focuses on sides that are heavily favoured to win, the so-called “bankers.”

Now conventional thinking would have it that backing such teams would be a poor strategy as they offer no “value.” However, numerous studies have showed quite the opposite in fact – that very short odds bets statistically offer the best value. There are various reasons postulated for this – most likely it is because the bookies struggle to attract much interest at low prices of 1.25 or below and so offer competitive odds.

Whatever the exact reason, the Banker Bets service has made a specialism of backing short-priced favourites, making 126 points profit during our live 18 month trial. The strategy continued to perform well after our trial ended with 145% profit made from the single bets and 410% profit from the accumulators in total.

The nice thing about these Banker Bets is that they have a very high strike rate, with over 80% of the tips winning. So you can enjoy lots of winners as well as building a bank gradually over time.

Overall then for a service which focuses on one end of the 1X2 market, Banker Bets is well worth checking out.


4. Scottish Football Income Booster

There is much to be said for focusing on a niche. In the case of Banker Bets it is on short-priced favourites, whilst for this service it is Scottish football. 

The Scottish Football Income Booster’s tips are provided by a university-educated mathematics expert who has spent years gaining an in-depth knowledge of the Scottish leagues.

Having worked at some of the leading bookmakers and an Asian-based private investment syndicate as a proprietary trader, he was also head-hunted by a betting investment fund due to his expert knowledge of Scottish football.

And he has the results to back that up, with a profit of over 180 points made since he began tipping in 2015/16. That works out more than £18,000 profit to £100/point stakes or £3,600 to more modest £20 per point stakes.

The metrics are good too with a solid strike rate of 47% and a return on investment (ROI) of over 11%. We normally say anything over 5% is good in football betting and over 10% is particularly noteworthy.

So you can see the value of focusing on a niche and the results from the Scottish Football Income Booster have been top-notch by doing just that.


3. Bookie Insiders Football

Next up in our list of the top 1×2 football experts is a long-running service called Bookie Insiders Football.

They are a team of professional bettors with previous experience working for the bookmakers. Their tips come in the major European Leagues such as Serie A, the Bundesliga, La Liga, the Premier League and Ligue 1. They also provide selections on big international tournaments and club competitions like the Champions League and Europa League.

The tips are provided via Telegram and are accompanied with detailed explanations, including analysis of factors like team news, expected goals (xG), form and more. The service has been running for over seven years and you can see the wealth of knowledge and experience they have built up in that time.

We ran a live trial of the service and it made an excellent £2053 profit at £50 per point stakes, which is 41 points profit at level stakes. That was achieved with an impressive strike rate of 54%, and a respectable ROI (return on investment) of 7%

It is worth pointing out that whilst the majority of the tips are in the match odds market, there are some tips in some other markets like team goals and over/unders.

Whether you want to follow just the 1×2 bets or all of the tips however, Bookie Insiders Football has established a strong record over an extended period of time.


2. Predictology

At the second position in our rankings we have something a little different from your traditional tipsters. This is in fact a whole betting platform called Predictology.

Essentially it is a database of resources and statistics for football betting, allowing you to build your own profitable football betting systems or use those developed by the Predictology team. It uses an AI prediction engine to analyse thousands of matches from around the world to find potential value.

You can build various systems yourself based around the 1×2 market or you can use the systems already made by the Predictology team. Daily e-mails are sent containing whichever systems you choose so you can see instantly the relevant bets for the day.

We ran a live trial of the service and it made an impressive 38 points profit at a return on investment of 11%. That equates to £1900 profit at £50 per selection which is good going. And it was based just on the daily e-mails from the pre-selected systems but could have been even higher if we had developed our own strategies.

So if you’re looking for something a bit different with your 1X2 tips then Predictology is a very worthwhile choice.


1. JK Diego’s Draw Betting System

At the top of our list we have a tipster that focuses on just one part of the 1X2 market – specifically the “X”part – or the draw.

JK Diego has made quite a name for himself in betting circles by developing a highly successful strategy for betting on the draw.  In essence it involves evaluating a range of eight different factors that help to determine whether a match is likely to finish in a draw or not. Quite often the bookies offer a more generous price on the draw than they should because most punters don’t bet on it.

There is particularly value to be found in low-scoring leagues and teams who tend to be involved in low-scoring matches. That is quite simply because there is a higher likelihood of a draw in low-scoring games. To find some of these teams JK Diego searches far and wide to all parts of the globe to secure value selections on the draw.

His strategy has proven very effective, with over $52,000 profit made if using his increasing stake system or $11,000 profit made using flat stakes. We conducted our own trial of the service for 18 months and it made over 100 points profit in total. It is a service for high-rollers only though as the subscription costs are high.

For someone to have produced such high quality results however from a specific 1X2 strategy is very impressive and makes JK Diego’s Draw Betting System the number one on our list.


Conclusion – Best 1X2 Tipster

The 1X2 – or match odds – market is the biggest one to bet on in football. Millions of dollars are matched on big games and even more is traded in-running as the action unfolds.

Finding a profitable way to bet on the 1X2 market is tough however and very few have mastered it.

We have tested out hundreds of tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews and only a handful of them have made the grade. Above is our list of the premier ones, with our best 1X2 tipster going to the renowned draw specialist JK Diego.

We hope you found that list useful but please let us know if there are any top 1X2 tipsters we have missed off this list.

And please remember if you are betting on the match odds or any other market to always gamble responsibly.




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