Who Is the Best Tipster?

Having previously taken a look at the best tipsters in various sports – including horse racing, football, tennis and golf – we thought it was about time we produced a list of the best tipsters overall across all sports.

This is obviously much more competitive and we are talking about the very best tipsters out there – the real creme de la creme across all disciplines.

We have reviewed hundreds of tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews since we started up back in 2015, so in theory there should be no shortage of contenders to choose from. 

The vast majority of tipsters we have reviewed have failed to make the grade though, or after passing an initial trial have then lost their edge and in some cases stopped tipping altogether.

So that leaves a fairly select group of elite tipsters who have managed to show an ability to beat the bookies again and again, year-in-year-out.

These are the ones we will be focusing on today and whittling them down to a list of our top ten best tipsters. Here are the factors we have looked at in compiling our list:-

  • – Return on investment (ROI) – how much “bang for your buck” are you getting? Or in other words, how much would you have gotten back for every £100 invested?
  • – Strike rate – otherwise known as “win rate” – how many of a tipster’s bets win? Are you likely to have long losing runs while you wait for that one elusive long-shot, or does the tipster regularly generate returns?
  • – Profit/Loss – the key metric of how much profit they have made in a given period (e.g. a year), normally expressed in points. 
  • – Bank growth – if you had started with a £1,000 bank, how much money would you have now? 
  • – Longevity – how long has the tipster been tipping?

The last of these points is perhaps the most important – any tipster can have a lucky run over a short period of time – a few weeks or a few months. Some might even manage to produce a profit for a year purely through luck. But it would be impossible to keep beating the bookies year after year if you weren’t very good at what you do and have a clear edge over the market. 

It takes a special skill for a tipster to consistently produce a profit over the course of many years and only a select few manage it. The longer a tipster has been producing a positive return, the more likely they are to continue doing so. And ultimately that is what we are all looking for – a tipster who can go on beating the bookies long into the future. 


The Top 10 Best Tipsters

OK, so now we have set out the criteria, let’s get on to looking at the list of the best tipsters out there. These can be in any sport and include some well-known names in addition to those who are more “under the radar.” 

All of these tipsters have been tested by us here at Honest Betting Reviews and all their results have been proofed over an extended period of time – some over a number of years. This means they are all of the highest quality and their results are fully verified. 

So without further ado, here is our list, from ten to one, of the best tipsters out there.


10. Bet Alchemist

Key Stats:

  • – Running since: 2012
  • – ROI: 14%
  • – Strike Rate: 33%
  • – Total Profit made: +640 points
  • – Average annual profit: +80 points
  • – Bank Growth: +640%

The Bet Alchemist is a renowned horse racing tipping service run by a guy called Nicky Doyle. It is primarily focused on jumps racing but does cover some flat racing as well for the big races like Royal Ascot. We reviewed the service back in 2016 and have continued to follow it since then, during which time it has remained the model of consistency. Each year since 2016 has been profitable and Nicky has excelled in the festivals like Cheltenham. 

It’s quite a low volume service with an average of just one or two bets per day which makes it easy to follow, although the volume does increase at weekends and during the big racing festivals. With an advised betting bank of 100 points, the initial capital would have grown 640% since the start of the service, which is very good going and beats the returns of most tipsters or investment schemes you could think of.

Bet Alchemist is a popular service with a loyal following and it’s easy to understand why with its excellent, consistent results.


9. Bookie Insiders – Football


Key Stats:

  • – Running since: 2013
  • – ROI: 7%
  • – Strike Rate: 51%
  • – Total profit made: +410 points
  • – Average annual profit: +59 points
  • – Bank Growth: +410%

It is extremely rare in football betting to find a  tipster who manages to make a profit betting on the big European leagues and competitions. There is supposedly very little value to be found in these leagues due to the sheer volume of money being wagered on them that creates a very accurate market. Most football tipsters tend to look at more niche markets like corners or cards or at smaller leagues which get less attention. 

However, Bookie Insiders Football is one of the very few services to tip in the main leagues and still make a very healthy profit. Tending to focus on the goals markets – over/under and team goals – but also on Asian handicaps, match odds and others, they have produced a handsome 410 points profit since starting up in 2013. To the advised £50/point that works out at over £20,000 profit. That has been achieved with a strike rate of over 50% – so over half of the bets to date have been winners.

Having achieved such consistency tipping in the big leagues for over seven years is almost unrivaled in football tipping so we feel Bookie Insiders deserves a place on this list and it’s a service we are happy to follow with our own money. 


8. Loves Racing

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2017
  • – ROI: 27%
  • – Strike Rate: 22%
  • – Total Profit made: +828 points
  • – Average annual profit: +276 points
  • – Bank Growth: +330%

Loves Racing is a service provided by a guy called Brett Love (see what they’ve done there?) whose family have long been involved in the gambling business, primarily as bookmakers. After his career as a footballer got cut short due to injury, Brett decided to use his immense knowledge of the gee-gees to go the other way and become a professional gambler.  

After initially supplying his tips to a private group of investors, Brett went public with his tips in 2017. He hasn’t looked back since, notching up substantial profits every year. 

The great thing about Loves Racing is that it’s actually four services in one. There are four separate strategies provided as part of the service: the main selections, festival selections, system selections and the horses to follow (which you have to sign up to separately but are free). Each one has contributed over 100 points profit to the overall total of over 800 points profit made so far, with the main selections leading the way with over 350 points profit. Brett has a knack for picking out long-shots, with a number of 50/1 and 40/1 winners. 

With an excellent return on investment of 27% and such a sizable amount of profit built in just three years, Loves Racing is a class service and is establishing itself as one of the best in the business. 


7. Premier Greyhound Tips

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2014
  • – ROI: 11%
  • – Strike Rate: 27%
  • – Total Profit made: +715 points
  • – Average annual profit: +119 points
  • – Bank Growth: +715%

Greyhounds may not have the glamour of some other sports or grab the headlines like horse racing and football, but they should not be discounted as a source of potential profit. One service in particular that is worthy of attention is Premier Greyhound Tips, which we have followed since 2015 and is one of the most consistent tipsters out there in any sport.

With a profit of over 700 points made since starting tipping, they have made a profit in over 70% of the months they have been operating. The advised starting bank of 100 points would have grown over 700% since inception, which would equate to over £35,000 from starting capital of £5,000. 

It’s a very simple service to follow with just one or two bets per day, which are accompanied by full write-ups and analysis. Michael who provides the tips clearly knows his dogs and this is backed up by the rock-solid results. Premier Greyhound Tips is an apt name – this is the premiere greyhound tipping service out there.


6. JK Diego’s Draw Betting System

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2018
  • – ROI: 7%
  • – Strike Rate: 44%
  • – Total Profit made: +450 points
  • – Average annual profit: +150 points
  • – Bank Growth: +450%

Ever bet on the draw in a football match? Perhaps not, after all it’s not the first thing most people think of when looking to place a bet on the footy. Most punters want to back one side or the other to win, which is natural. The draw tends to be a neglected option, but that means it can present value to the shrewd punter as there is a lot less money gambled on it.

One such shrewd gambler is the self-styled JK Diego, a dynamic individual who spent a number of years devising a strategy for betting on the draw in football matches. There are eight key factors he identified as being crucial in predicting whether there is likely to be a draw in a match. Using these factors, JK Diego designed a strategy that has produced superb profits, over $100,000 in fact to his recommended staking.

Even just to flat staking the service has produced over 450 points profit since starting up in 2018. That is one of the highest totals we have seen from a football tipster and is worthy of a great deal of respect. During our own 15 month trial of the service, it made over 100 points profit to 1 point flat stakes, also very impressive.

One thing to be aware of though is that this is a service for high-rollers only as the subscription costs are high. We would suggest a minimum starting bank of $5,000 is required to make it worthwhile once you have paid the monthly fees. If you can do that though JK Diego has undoubtedly found a profitable edge on the football and has exploited it to the max.



5. Back Lucrative

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2013
  • – ROI: 15%
  • – Strike Rate: 16%
  • – Total Profit made: +1645 points
  • – Average annual profit: +235 points
  • – Bank Growth: +823%

Next up we have a renowned horse racing tipster called Back Lucrative which is run by chap called Michael Carr. It is one of the most established racing tipsters on the internet, having been running since way back in 2013 and has racked up huge profits since then. 

The average yearly profits have been tremendous at over 230 points and a healthy return has been made every year the service has been operating – just the kind of consistency we love to see. In our own trial Back Lucrative made over 100 points from its two systems, but it was really the Value Bets that produced the goods with 180 points profit made versus a loss for the Banker Bets.

Indeed, it’s by focusing on value that Michael really finds his edge as a tipster, picking some horses at big prices that might not be obvious to the everyday punter but stand out to an expert form analyst like him. 

For a record of consistency and overall profits of more than 1600 points made over the course of seven years, Back Lucrative must surely rank as one of the best tipsters in the game. 



4. Russell Blair Racing

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2015
  • – ROI: 28%
  • – Strike Rate: 9%
  • – Total Profit made: +2010 points
  • – Average annual profit: +402 points
  • – Bank Growth: +804%

How would you like to win a 180,000/1 accumulator? Pretty awesome eh! Well that was what members of Russell Blair Racing had the chance to do when he tipped four winners in one day back in July 2019 at prices of 33/1, 11/1, 33/1 & 12/1. Although not recommend as an accumulator, that is what the odds added up to if you had done an acca. Even as singles the bets landed 170 points profit in a day, which is not a bad return! 

That wasn’t just a fluke though. Russell has been plundering the bookies over and over again since he began tipping back in 2015 and his record of having made over 2,000 points profit – or £20,000 to £10/point – speaks for itself. 

We began following the service in 2016 and have conducted two independent reviews of it since then, both of which performed excellently producing 214 points profit and 305 points profit respectively. At Betfair SP the results were 121 and 198 points profit, which is very encouraging for those restricted by the bookies. 

Following Russell Blair does come with a health warning however. You may have seen the 9% strike rate in the key stats above – that means there can be long losing streaks and big ups and downs with this service. So it is really only for the patient gambler with a large betting bank – at least 250 points in our view. 

If you have a long term mindset though and a large enough bankroll then there are few better tipsters to follow than Russell Blair Racing



3. Racing Intelligence

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2017
  • – ROI: 19%
  • – Strike Rate: 38%
  • – Total Profit made: +1093 points
  • – Average annual profit: +364 points
  • – Bank Growth: +547%

The next service on this list isn’t a tipster in the classic sense of the word. When you normally think of tipsters, you probably imagine someone studying the form, crunching stats, watching past races etc. Racing Intelligence is a little different however.

The service is based on information that come from a guy who works on the inside at one of the UK’s top bookies. He gets to see where certain big players are placing their bets, on so-called “marker accounts” that the bookies use to assess where money is being placed in the market. These marker accounts signify the smart and professional money and represent high value bets. This info is then passed onto members as tips.

It’s an approach that’s been remarkably successful, with over 1,000 points profit made to advised prices with the bookies if betting each-way or over 1,500 points profit if betting win-only. And encouragingly for those backing at Betfair SP, Racing Intelligence has made over 620 points profit if betting win-only and 500 points profit backing win-and-place at BSP. We saw similarly impressive totals during our own trial of the service. 

Those are very strong results and have produced one of the highest average annual profits we have seen over a period of three years or more. Like many tipsters, there are ups and downs with this service so you need to be prepared for that and have a long-term mindset. It is not for the faint-hearted and is a service we view more for the professional/serious gambler. 

If that is you though Racing Intelligence is definitely up there with the very best tipsters in the business. 


2. Golf Insider

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2014
  • – ROI: 15%
  • – Strike Rate: 16%
  • – Total Profit made: +2242 points
  • – Average annual profit: +374 points
  • – Bank Growth: +897%

Betting on the golf is generally not seen as a path to big profits by most punters. Perhaps due to the fact that it is a more sedate, gentlemanly game without the instant thrill of sports like racing and football, it often goes under the radar from a betting perspective. 

That is not necessarily a bad thing however and it opens up possibilities for sharp bettors to exploit chinks in the bookies’ armour. Particularly when it comes to the longer-odds players, the bookies’ prices can be wildly wrong and present chances for significant gains to be made. All of the focus is at the top end of the market on players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and co. whilst those lurking a little further back tend to go unnoticed. 

One tipster who has exploited this bookies’ weakness remorselessly and very successfully is the Golf Insider. A service that has been running since 2014, it is one of the very few tipsters to have amassed over 2,000 points of total profit, or £20,000 to £10/point stakes, putting it in a very elite club. The average yearly returns are superb at over 370 points and the bank growth is closing in on 1,000%. 

Some of the winners the Golf Insider has hit are quite phenomenal, with successes like Martin Laird at 250/1, Rasmus Hojgaard at 200/1, Corey Conners at 175/1, Marc Warren at 150/1 and many more at monster prices. The thrill of hitting one of these massive winners is quite something – as we can personally attest to! The service also performed superbly during our live trial, proving its quality over an extended period. 

Without question then the Golf Insider deserves a place right towards the top of this list and is one we can personally recommend. 



1. Quentin Franks Racing

Key stats:

  • – Running since: 2014
  • – ROI: 17%
  • – Strike Rate: 23%
  • – Total Profit made: +1520 points
  • – Average annual profit: +253 points
  • – Bank Growth: +760%

To be a successful tipster takes a huge amount of hard work, discipline, knowledge and an ability to think outside the box and not just do what most other punters are doing. It is rare to combine all these talents in one tipster and is perhaps why there are so few really good tipsters out there.

One tipster who combines all those attributes – and more – however is the venerable Quentin Franks. This is a tipster we started proofing in 2015 and have continued to do so ever since. His results throughout that time have been outstanding, with over £15,000 profit made to just £10/point stakes. Amazingly that works out at £200 profit per month on average, which is phenomenal consistency. The return on investment for his career is 17%, which is an excellent level to have maintained for a period of more than six years.

What really wins it for Quentin though in terms of the accolade of best tipster is not just those results, but the additional profits he has made for his sister service, QF Value Tips. For that service he provides tips the night before racing, where as for the main service it is the morning of racing.

Mr Franks has added another 500 points profit through his QF Value Tips service at a return on investment of just under 20%, which when you add it to his main results puts him over the 2,000 point mark – or £20,000 profit to £10 stakes.

Even if you don’t have time to follow Quentin’s tips every day, you could do worse than just follow his ante-post selections (part of his main service), which in themselves have made nearly 300 points profit. These selective bets are in the big races and prices tend to hold up fairly well. Oh, and did we mention the return on investment on these bets stands at over 50%?!

Whichever way you follow his tips however, the bottom line is that Quentin Franks is a tipping genius and fully deserving of his place at the top of this list as the best tipster out there. We have run out of superlatives to describe Quentin Franks Racing so instead we will simply say this: if you are not already a member, we strongly suggest you sign up today.



Conclusion – Weighing it All Up

Choosing the best tipster out of the hundreds we have trialed here at Honest Betting Reviews was never going to be easy. What should you place the most importance on – overall profit made? Return on investment? Or perhaps bank growth? 

Inevitably it has to be a combination of these factors, but as we mentioned at the start of this article the most important of all is longevity. That’s why all the tipsters on our list have been going for at least three years and many of them much longer. It’s that ability to beat the bookies year after year that separates the men from the boys in this game. 

There are of course a few honourable mentions we would like to make of those who were close to making this list. Ben Coley of the Sporting Life has an excellent record and very nearly made it into our top ten. The only negative point against Mr Coley is that he had one year (2019) when he lost over 100 points, which isn’t something any of the tipsters on this list have done. His overall record is worthy of high praise though and we know lots of people who follow his tips religiously. 

There will be those who argue that the likes of Hugh Taylor should be on this list aswell. Whilst we have great admiration for Attheraces’ tipster-in-chief, as our own review discovered it is virtually impossible to make a profit from his tips as Mr Taylor has sadly become the victim of his own success, with prices being smashed the instant tips are released.

At the same time there are tipsters like the Golf Betting Expert who at one time was part of the 1,000 point club (having made over 1,000 points profit in total) but after a rather lean time in 2020 dropped below that level…but we are sure he will bounce back again soon.

There are surely many others we could mention aswell…Master Racing Tipster, Betting Bias, Premium Boxing Tips and quite a few others. Suffice to say they are all top tipsters and would easily have made the list if we had expanded it to a top 20. 

And of course there are probably many more we haven’t mentioned here who you feel are worthy of recognition – if so please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise thanks for reading and well done for making it to the end! We hope you enjoyed our discussion of who the best tipster is and some of them have made you a few bob over the years, or if not will do in the future!




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