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Both Teams to Score Strategy

Both Teams to Score (also known as BTS or BTTS) is a popular betting market and involves a bet whereby you need each team in a football match to score.

In this article we take a look at some different strategies for betting on the market and how you can potentially make a profit from it.


What is the Both Teams To Score (BTS) Market?

The Both Teams To Score market is a simple one to bet on. You just need both sides to score at least one goal at any time in a match.

It doesn’t matter how many goals they score or who wins the match, just that each side scores one or more goals in the game. The bet does not include any extra time or penalties that may be played in a game.

So once both sides have scored a goal, your bet has won – even if it is only ten minutes into the game.


Should You Bet on Both Teams To Score?

The Both Teams to Score market has lots of advantages to it to bet on. 

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about who will win a match, just that both teams will hit the back of the net at some stage during the 90 minutes. So you can sit back and cheer on goals, ready to celebrate as either team sticks the ball past the keeper.

In this day and age of attacking football, there are many opportunities to take advantage of the both FC Barcelonateams to score market. Looking at sides that score and concede plenty of goals is an avenue for profit.

The odds on both teams scoring is usually around the 1.5 to 2.5 mark, with lots of games being around evens (2.0). So you often have around a 50% chance of winning your bets, meaning a decent strike rate if you are betting in this market.



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Disadvantages of the Both Teams to Score Market

There are some things to watch out for if you betting on the both teams to score market. 

In the first instance, if you have bet on the market and one team has scored, you can be left with a frustrating wait for the other team to score on some occasions. If the other team are pressing forward, creating lots of chances but just failing to convert any of them, it can leave you tearing your hair out by the end of the game if they have failed to break through.

Football goalSecondly, it can pay to watch out for team news when betting on the both teams to score market as if key attacking players are missing for either side, that can make a significant difference to their chances of scoring and it could be best to leave the bet alone.

Equally, if a team has their main defenders missing or their first-choice goalkeeper, then this can increase the chances of both teams scoring.


Best Tipsters for Both Teams To Score Strategy

These days you can find a number of tipsters providing tips for the Both Teams to Score market. We would recommend checking out our list of the Best Footy Tipsters and in particular Predictology for BTS Tips.


Both Teams to Score Betting Strategies

Below we take a look at some of the best Both Teams to Score strategies we have found based on our own experience.


Strategy One – Using the Stats to your Advantage

The first both teams to score strategy we will look at is to dive down into the stats and use the findings to assist your betting on the BTS market.

If you go to the website soccerstats, you can click on the leagues at the top of the homepage. For the purposes of this we are going to use the English Premier League, which is “en” at the top.

If you then go the dropdown menu under “Statistics” you will see the menu item “goals per match” and under that you have “Both teams scored.”

This gives you stats at a glance on how many of a team’s games finished with both teams having scored over the course of a season.

This can form the basis of your selections, but it is probably worth drilling down a little deeper to get some more detailed information.

For example, below is a table representing the home results in terms of the both teams to score stats.

Soccerstats Home Results

Looking at these stats, you can see that an amazing 74% of Manchester City’s home games finished with both teams scoring.

Liverpool also had a very high percentage, with 68% of their home games finishing with both sides having hit the back of the net.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Hull City had 63% of their home games finish with a positive BTS result, which could have generated quite a profit for those who backed such an outcome regularly.

Now we have a look at the away stats:

Soccerstats Away Stats

On the away side of things, we can see that West Ham top the table with 74% of their away games finishing with both sides scoring, followed by Arsenal at 68%.

What can really pay off in these instances is to go for matches where both sides have a high percentage of games finishing with both teams scoring. 

And you can enhance things even further by going for a side playing at home with a strong home BTS record (e.g. Man City) against a side with a high away BTS percentage (e.g. West Ham).

Bear in mind that the odds for the BTS will often be around evens, so if you are backing sides with around a 70% record, you may well be securing significant value.  


Strategy Two – Using Betfred’s Goals Galore Coupon

Betfred's Goals Galore Coupon

Another both teams to score strategy is to use Betfred’s Goals Galore coupon. This is a coupon that is set up specifically for BTS matches.

Their Bonus Coupons list offers significantly better odds for BTS matches so these are the ones you want to focus on. For example a 3/1 treble on their normal coupon could be as high as 9/2 on the bonus coupon, a significant improvement.

You must back at least three selections and your bet will be an accumulator. The Bonus Coupon consists of matches selected by their experts as ones they consider aren’t likely to have both teams to score, but of course with some shrewd analysis of the stats as above you can find some good fixtures to go for.

So taking this approach can reap dividends. On the downside, you have to back at least three matches and there may be occasions when you don’t see three good opportunities. If that is the case, it’s probably best to leave it alone and wait for the next week.


Strategy Three – Going In-Running

An alternative both teams to score strategy is to wait for the game to go in-play and then pounce on opportunities as they arise.

What you are looking for ideally is a situation where one team has scored and you are waiting for the other team to register on the scoresheet.

Football HeaderYou can use tools such as the In-Play Scanner to let you know where there are instances of sides creating a lot of pressure and a goal seems likely. It will give you a live rating based on the likelihood of a goal being scored which can be very helpful. 

Then if you wait until between half time and 60 minutes, the odds on BTS will start to rise and you can obtain some decent value.

So you place your bet and then just sit back and wait for the goal to be scored – hopefully!


Summary – Both Teams to Score

Both teams to score – also known as BTS or BTTS – is a fun market to bet on and it means you want two teams who are strong in attack but weak in defence, increasing the likelihood that they will both score a goal.

There are different strategies you can employ, including using stats, taking advantage of Betfred’s Goals Galore coupon or playing in-running.

As ever, if you are going to use a both teams to score strategy, please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.

And good luck with your bets!


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