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Football Betting Systems that Work

You may well be wondering if there are any football betting systems out there that actually work.

Certainly there are hundreds on the market and most of them make bold claims of huge profits made, allowing people to give up their jobs and bet on football for a living.

However, the truth is that the vast majority of them don’t work and would not only cost you money to purchase but end up losing you money as well from all the lost wagers.

The good news though is that there are some strategies that do actually work and can make you some money. We have tested out dozens of systems here at Honest Betting Reviews and fortunately there are a few “hidden gems” that have shown an ability to make a profit under live trial conditions.

Below we take a look at some of the top systems and how you can get your hands on them.


The Hard Truth About Football Betting Systems 

Football is the most gambled-on sport in the world, with over £500 billion estimated to be wagered on the beautiful game each year.

So you would think with such huge sums changing hands and millions of people participating in football betting, a few would have figured out a successful approach.

Well the reality is systems that actually work are few and far between. The betting markets are remarkably efficient, with studies showing that the closing lines (the final odds before a match kicks off) accurately reflect the correct chances of an outcome over the long-term. 

So you need a strategy to identify the instances where the odds are wrong and you are getting better value than you should. Doing so is extremely tough and these days it seems many professionals use in-play betting where there are more likely to be inefficiencies.

We will look at some of these in-play strategies below in our list of the top football betting systems, but first a word on the bookies and football betting.


Best Bookmakers for Football Betting

With so many bookies these days offering football betting markets, you are spoiled for choice in terms of which one to go for.

It is important to give yourself the best chance of success in your football betting though. These days comparisons are often made between the “soft bookies” and the “sharp bookies.” The sharp bookies, mainly based in Asia, take on vast sums on football matches and don’t tend to restrict customers in the same way European bookies like Bet 365, William Hill and Ladbrokes do.

These sharp bookies tend to therefore have more accurate odds and their betting lines move more quickly as huge sums (often from syndicates and professional operators) are placed on matches. There can be small opportunities whilst the “soft books” catch up, when you can jump on at better odds.

Indeed, tools like Trademate Sports have built an entire strategy around capitalising on these small discrepancies.

You can simply follow the picks of that software if you like, but the main point is to ensure you capitalise on value by following what the sharp and sort books are doing, as well as keeping an eye on the exchanges. Securing the best odds you can is crucial to succeeding in the long run – in fact it will be nearly impossible to do so otherwise.


Top 5 Football Betting Systems that Work

Okay, so now we’ve established the importance of using the tools at your disposal and to get the best odds available, let’s take a look at our Top 5 Football Betting Systems That Work – all proven under live trials here at Honest Betting Reviews.

The list is from five to one, saving the best for last. We hope you enjoy the list, but please let us know in the comments below if there are any we have missed off that you think should be on there!


5. Using AI Software like Predictology

Every football fan knows that it is impossible to keep on track of every team in every league around the world and every game they play. The stats become totally unmanageable and even following just one team closely can be tricky. 

Help is at hand however. Football betting software package Predictology is a database of over 300,000 matches that can be analysed in seconds to find profitable bets.

Its AI prediction engine can be set to a range of parameters to find potential angles to test, or you can go with their pre-designed strategies. There are a range of options including the well-known and popular strategies like lay the draw, over/under bets, lay bets and match odds bets.

All of that is good in theory of course, but the key thing is whether Predictology actually works in practice. Well we are pleased to report that after a live trial here at Honest Betting Reviews we made a more-than-respectable 38 points profit at a 52% win rate. So that would be £760 profit at £20 per point stakes.

We used the pre-defined strategies which are sent to your inbox each day, but you can of course develop your own strategies as well using the Predictology database.

Either way Predictology is a very useful tool for aspiring football bettors and has shown an ability to make a profit under a live trial.



4. Correct Score Trading

If you are a regular football trader on Betfair you will have probably tried the correct score markets at one stage or another. They are some of the most liquid markets to trade and offer a range of opportunities to build strategies around.

Perhaps for example you believe a match will be a high-scoring but close game, with neither side expected to dominate. You could for example back a range of scores, like 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-1 and 1-3.

As long as there is at least one goal – and preferably two – you should have a good chance to trade out at some stage for a profit (or small loss if there is just one goal late in the game). You don’t need to predict the eventual score, just that there will be goals during the game, which would mean most of these scorelines will drop in odds, giving you a cash-out opportunity. 

You could do the opposite on low-scoring games and back low scores, again with the aim of trading out at a point where your positions are in profit.

A number of strategies like these have been developed around the correct score markets. The multi-award winning Goal Profits has built a whole suite of approaches which members can use on the correct score markets.

An alternative approach is automate your correct score trading. A very smart system has been built by perennial systems developer Mike Cruickshank called the Momentum System.

Although we can’t give away the specifics of how the system works, it uses first half correct scores and creates low-risk opportunities for profit on Betfair. We have tested it ourselves and can verify it does work, although the profit on each match tends to be quite small.

There are also other correct score strategies such as that of Assured Soccer Profits, which is a popular and long-running service utilising the “Any other (AO)” part of the correct score market together with certain other scores in tandem.

The bottom line is there are host of correct score strategies that can make a profit from the correct score market. Testing and developing your own strategies, or using one of those mentioned above, is well worth doing.


3. Focusing on Late Goals

We mentioned at the outset of this article that increasingly people are using in-play strategies to try and profit from their betting as the closing lines have become more and more efficient.

One particular focus is on late goals in football matches. It is amazing just how many late goals there are in football – in fact statistically it is the period with by far the most goals in football matches. Whether it’s because players tire, or attack more knowing a goal can win them a game and grab the three points, it is something we witness again and again. 

Some pro punters have therefore taken to watching matches live and just picking out games where there is a lot of goalmouth action towards the end and backing a goal to be scored. This could be a worthwhile approach with the right study and execution.

Another approach to late goals is to use a vast stats database of leagues from around the world and focusing on teams with a high propensity for late goals. This is what the popular service Trade On Sports (TOS) has done. 

Their “Gamestate” app is an amazing tool that looks for value in-play opportunities based on this data. It performed very well in a live trial here on the site, making £5,120 from their half-time alerts for a late goal to be scored.

They have since developed a range of other systems that capitalize on late goal opportunities and have continued to go from strength to strength. They have won numerous awards, including our very own “Best Sports Betting Service” voted for by our members, twice.

Whether you use Trade on Sports’ alerts or develop your own strategy for betting on late goals, such approaches have demonstrated an ability to generate a profit on the football.



2. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

Although not simply a football betting system, Profit Maximiser has a lot of football offers contained in it that you allow you to make hundreds of pounds at a low risk.

Profit Maximiser is the premier matched betting service, providing full details of how to do it, together with instructional videos, a very popular forum with over 50,000 members and daily lists of the best betting offers.

There are dozens of these offers each month, so there is the possibility to make £500 or more each month.

And the great thing about Profit Maximiser is that not only does it bring all these offers together from the various bookies, but it shows you how to set them up so you can make a guaranteed profit whatever happens.

In addition to the football offers, there is also a myriad of other offers on sports, casino, bingo and games for you to take advantage of.

Some people have turned this into a full-time living and make upwards of £20,000 per year playing these offers, which is quite amazing.

You don’t necessarily have to do that though, you can just take the good offers and make yourself an extra few hundred quid per month risk-free.

And the great thing is that Profit Maximiser is also available for a 14 day trial for just £1 here.


1. Backing the Draw

Footballer Celebrating

The top football betting system we have found is quite an unexpected one but has proven to be very profitable and that is backing the draw.

When you think about betting on the footy, probably one of the last things you would think of is going for the draw. It feels almost like you are undecided – as if you don’t know which side is going to win.

Perhaps because of this a lot less money is generally placed on the draw than one or other of the teams to win, meaning often the odds of the draw are inflated.

A shrewd individual named JK Diego figured this out and built a very successful system to profit from the extra value you often get on the draw. That doesn’t mean backing the draw blindly of course – such an approach would only lose you money in the long run. Rather, he found out which factors were most important in predicting whether a match would finish in a draw or not.

Certain leagues and teams have a much higher number of draws for example – plus there are certain factors that make a particular match-up more likely to end in a draw. Having put all this information together, Mr Diego built a draw betting system that made over $100,000 – no mean feat at all.

We tested it ourselves for an extended 15 months and it made an excellent $10,000 to $100 flat stakes and has continued to perform well since then.

By utilising this niche approach developed by JK Diego, you too can make a profit from backing on the draw. It is clearly a football betting system that works.



There are some good football betting systems out there that do actually work. Building up a portfolio of these systems may be the best way to generate yourself a profit in the long run.

In this article we have concentrated on football betting systems, but of course the other option is to look at footy tips. We have compiled lists of both the best football tipsters and the best free football tips, so you may want to check those out as well. 

If you come across any other football betting systems that work well, please let us know and we would be happy to take a look at them.




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