Racing Exchange

Racing Exchange – New Review

One of the perks of running a review site like this is that we get contacted about all manner of interesting and innovative new betting systems and strategies. 

A lot of the time these come with lots of hype but turn out to be a load of rubbish, whilst some are so obviously scams they aren’t even worth taking seriously. 

But occasionally something lands in our inbox that looks truly exciting. 

And we have just received one such e-mail this week. 

It concerns a new betting service called Racing Exchange that boasts what are some of the best results we have ever seen. 

Since early last year they have made a phenomenal 3,000 points profit to 1 point level stakes. That would be an amazing £30,000 profit to £10 stakes or £15,000 to just £5 stakes.  

That has been achieved with a solid strike rate of 22% and an almost unheard of ROI of 68%.

On a monthly basis that would work out at an average of over £1,400 per month profit to just £10 stakes, which is an outstanding return. 

Not only that, but the results are all at Betfair SP! Yes that’s right, you don’t even need bookie accounts to follow the service. 

Really the results are quite amazing and they are on the borderline of being too good to be true to be honest. However, the service is run out of the Tipster Street stable of tipsters who say they have proofed the results since early last year. We know the Tipster Street team and have always found them to be honest so we don’t doubt the published results and what they say. 

Of course we don’t just take their word for it though – that is why we are here, to test these systems out and see if they live up to expectations.

So we will run a live trial of Racing Exchange and see if they can replicate the phenomenal results published on the website for the last 20 months or so. 

Looking at the results, it is interesting that they have an incredible record backing horses over 100/1, with over 1500 of their points coming from those, including one at over 800/1!

Those at smaller prices are also profitable though, so it is not just a question of them having picked a few lucky long-shots. 

In any event, this does look very promising so we can’t wait to see how they get on under live conditions. So please check back here for regular results update on how the trial is going if you are also interested in finding out.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Exchange for yourself here. 







strict rule system

The Strict Rule System – Results Update

The Strict Rule System continues to perform excellently, racking up another 71 points profit at advised prices since our last update. 

That means they are now 148 points up for our trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

The results at Betfair SP having been holding up well against the advised prices, with 53 points profit made since our last update and 137 points profit made overall. 

Just another reminder that the staking here is quite high with an average of 7 points per bet, meaning that they would be approximately 21 points up at one point level stakes. But that is still very good and has been achieved very steadily over our trial. 








The Strict Rule System – Results Update

21st September 2018

Horse racing tipster The Strict Rule System has been on good form since our last update just over a month ago, with 76 points profit made at advised prices in that time.

That means they are now 77 points up at advised prices for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP they are actually doing slightly better, with 96 points profit made since our last update and 84 points profit made for the trial overall.

As we mentioned last time, the staking is between 4 and 10 points per bet, with the average being 7 points, so that is worth bearing in mind when looking at the results.

Still, good stuff from them and let’s hope for more of the same going forward.





The Strict Rule System – Results Update

12th August 2018

It’s been an up and down start to our trial of horse racing service The Strict Rule System, which went into big profit early on but has since fallen back to be just 1 point up so far at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it is actually in deficit for our trial, with 12 points lost so far.  

The staking system utilises staking between 6 and 10 points placed on each selection, so that is worth bearing in mind when looking at the results (please note this update previously had Tipstrr’s staking which is unit based on £/€/$ etc so that was not the staking system used by the service itself, which as we say is 6-10 points).

Most of the bets come in Irish racing which is unusual but nice to have a bit of variety as most of the services we follow concentrate on UK racing. 

So things pretty much even here so far but early days and plenty of time to get moving in the right direction again. 






The Strict Rule System – New Review

24th July 2018

Today we are going to take a look at a new tipster from the reputable Tipstrr platform and this one is called the Strict Rule System.

It is a horse racing service and although we don’t get details of what the rules behind the system actually are, apparently it is run by a guy called Edward, whose trialled and tested horse racing system has become a staple of the Tipstrr platform. 

Edward likes to prioritise helping members improve their level of knowledge with regards to horse racing and giving them all the tools they need to win.

The system appears to work very well, with close to 1800 points profit made since the service started around a year ago.

That has been made with a return on investment of over 17% which is pretty decent and the strike rate is over 32%, which is fairly solid. 

There is certainly something to be said for strategies that follow clear rules as it takes out the element of human emotion and bias that can affect the objectivity of some gamblers.

Whether it ends up making profit under live trial conditions remains to be seen but we will find out soon enough.

So we will kick off a standard three month trial and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out the Strict Rule System here.











exponential bet

Exponential Bet In-Play Betting System – New Review

We recently posted a one-year update on our review of Exponential Bet’s Dutch Betting System and gave it a continued passed rating after a strong performance over the last 12 months. 

The Exponential Bet platform is run by a guy called Ryan who is a professional gambler himself and we have been impressed by both the profitability of Exponential Bet’s various systems and Ryan’s honesty and transparency.  

So today we are starting a review of one of Exponential Bet’s other services, namely their In-Play Betting System.

The results of this system so far look extremely impressive, with over £640 profit made to just £10 stakes since March of this year. 

That has been achieved with a 56% strike rate, so the majority of selections have been winners and the losing runs have been minimal so far.

Essentially the system is for betting on the horses in-play. It is recommended you use a bot to operate the system – any of Fairbot, BF Bot Manager or Bet Engine can be used. Personally we are using Bet Engine for the review because we are familiar with it and can be programmed to be “set and forget” for this system. 

There is a list of selection criteria you need to go through each day to see which races qualify. Then you tell the bot which of the races to operate in and let it do its thing. This process may be automated in future so you don’t need to find the races, but for now you do. 

It is worth pointing out that the system is currently in beta mode for testing purposes. Given the outstanding results achieved to date though we can’t see it being too long before it goes from beta into being officially launched.

In any event the good news is that you can still get access to the beta mode for a 25% discount at the moment so you don’t miss out on the excellent performance of the system. 

Anyway, without further ado we will kick off the review and will report back here soon how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Exponential Bet’s In-Play Betting System here.









Bookie's enemy pic

The BSP Tipster – Results Update

It’s been a good start to our trial of the BSP Tipster – the horse racing tipster who tips at Betfair SP so you know you can match their results. It is from the same tipster behind the very successful Bookies Enemy service. 

So far after just under a month of following the tips we are 11 points up.

You can view full results here. 

Tips are normally sent out around lunchtime the day of racing so with a couple of hours or more to get the bets on. But using BSP it takes very little time to place the bets which is good.

Anyway, good to see this off to a positive start and let’s hope it continues. 





The BSP Tipster – New Review

18th September 2018

It’s the age-old problem. You sign up to a tipster, do well for a while and all is rosy.

Then one of the bookies sends you a curt e-mail telling you that your account has been restricted and you can only place minimal £1 or £2 bets.

So you continue on with other bookies for a while, but eventually most of your accounts go the same way.

Ultimately you decide you need a tipster that is profitable at Betfair SP, so you can rid yourselves of the bookies for good and just go about your business on the exchanges.

Well if that scenario sounds like one you have encountered, then today we may have the answer for you. 

Yes, today we are going to start a trial of a tipster devoted to making a profit specifically at Betfair SP.

The tipster in question is called – quite aptly – The BSP Tipster (BSP being short for Betfair SP of course).

The beauty of BSP is that you can be sure everyone will achieve the same results as those published by the tipster. 

Plus it is quicker to place your bets as you don’t have to go around searching for the best prices, log in to various bookie websites and deposit funds into each one etc.

Anyway, whilst we can go on and on extolling the virtues of betting at Betfair SP, the question still remains as to how good the tipster actually is.

That is of course what we are here to find out, but the results achieved to date look very promising in any event. 

They have made over 60 points profit since May 2018 at a return on investment of 17% and and 28% strike rate, which are encouraging stats to have achieved all at BSP.

The service comes from the same man behind The Bookies Enemy, one of the best services we have reviewed this year. with a profit of over £4,500 made to just £10 stakes since starting up, so it looks like we are in good hands with this one. 

Of course, you’re under no obligation to use these bets to Betfair SP and you can place the bets with any bookmaker you wish – perhaps BetVictor as they now guarantee to accept all bets to win £500. 

But there has been huge demand for a service to provide tips and record results at Betfair SP, and this is it. 

Plus the good news is that for the rest of September they’re running a Special Offer of 3 months for £29, whereas normally it’s £79 per 3 months.

Just click on the banner at the top of the tipster page that has a countdown until the end of September.

Anyway, without further ado we will get the trial underway and will aim to run our standard three month trial of this one. 

We will report back here on how things are going during the trial.

In the meantime you can check out The BSP Tipster here.














Rods Runners-US

Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

It’s been a tough run lately for Rod’s US Runners, with 56 points lost since our last update back in September. 

But even with that drawdown, Rod is still well up for the trial, 172 points up in fact.

You can view full results here.

It just goes to show once again the importance of having patience and a sufficient betting bank to cover the losing streaks. They will happen from time to time even with the best tipsters.

Hopefully the recent form is just a blip and Rod will get back to winning ways shortly. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

12th September 2018

It’s been a good run for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with another 51 points profit made in that time.

That means we are now 228 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As with the main Rod’s Runners service, there are a high quantity of bets with this service, so you need to set aside some time each afternoon/evening to place the bets – and have a decent sized bank too.

But from what we’ve seen so far this is looking very impressive and every bit as good as Rod’s main service. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

3rd August 2018

A small decline for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with 13 points lost in that time.

Overall though it is still doing very well, sitting at 177 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

The nice thing about betting on US racing is that it gives you something to focus on after UK racing has finished, with betting going on late into the evening. 

And the US Racing market could really open up now that gambling can be legalised in US states, so we could well see more interest and liquidity on the markets and that should be good for those wagering on the geegees stateside.  






Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

14th July 2018

It’s been a superb start to our trial of Rod’s US Runners, the first American racing service we have trialled here at Honest Betting Reviews.

So far after six weeks of our trial they are an astonishing 190 points up.

You can view full results here.

Whilst the results have been amazing, it should be noted that Rod goes for big priced winners, meaning there are some extended losing streaks to contend with. So you need a big bank and some patience if you are going to follow the service. 

If that is you, then this is looking like a top notch service based on what we have seen so far during our trial.







Rod’s US Runners – New Review

1st June 2018

The recent US Supreme Court decision to legalize gambling in the US has opened up a whole new market for punters that has until recently been very restricted.

The decision means that individual states in the US can choose to allow people to legally gamble in their territory and it looks like most states will be doing so.

So the result means that we should see much more betting activity on US horse racing and there should be the kind of liquidity we see on UK and Irish racing in time.

Certainly a number of the big UK bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes are already eyeing up big opportunities in America and staking their ground. 

All of this looks like good news for punters and with more coverage and liquidity it is likely we will see more tipsters focusing on US racing, as at the moment there is somewhat of a dearth of top quality on American racing.

One tipster who has staked out an early claim to lead the pack is Rod’s US Runners, from the Betting Gods stable. 

If you familiar with Betting Gods then you may have come across Rod before, as he already runs the very successful Rod’s Runners service that has been averaging around £1,000 profit per month to date. Now he has decided to launch this service focusing specifically on US racing. 

Having started up in December 2017, Rod has made an impressive 270 points profit, which equates to over £460 profit per month to just £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with a return on investment of over 44%, which is quite exceptional. 

The strike rate is a little on the low side at 14% but that is because Rod focuses on picking out longer-odds selections at 10/1 and above. 

There are quite a few selections – 4 or 5 per day normally – so you have to be ready to be fairly active with your betting.

The nice thing about a service focusing on US racing is that after your day of UK horse racing betting is over you can then turn to the US to enjoy some more action!

Anyway, this is looking like a very promising service and as we say it would be nice to have a profitable service on US racing as we don’t have any here yet at Honest Betting Reviews.

So we will commence a trial today and report back soon how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Rod’s US Runners here. 








revolution racing

Revolution Racing – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing tipster from a tipster stable out of Australia called the Better Punter.

Whilst the tipster platform is Australian, the tipster in question actually concentrates on UK and Irish racing and they are called Revolution Racing.

The results published on their website look very encouraging, with over $32,000 profit made to $100 unit stakes.

That has been achieved with a healthy strike rate of 36% and a very respectable return on investment of 17%.

The profit graph looks highly impressive too, with nice solid movement upwards pretty much throughout:

Tips are provided by a chap called Stephen who uses a detailed ratings system along with a cleverly devised staking method to guide his selections.

The idea is to combine value, a solid strike rate & ROI with a discipline staking system and you have a well oiled machine that can put bookies to the wall year in year out.

That’s the theory anyway, but will it hold up under scrutiny?

Well that is what we are here to find out, so we will be undertaking a three month trial to see if they can deliver.

They have an interesting payment method for the tips, which are “pay as you win” rather than a monthly fee. So you only pay if you profit. Commission is 30% of your profit per week, that is all. If you don’t win, you don’t pay. 

That sounds fair enough to us and we’re surprised in some ways that other services don’t follow such a model. 

Some people prefer the pay as you win model and some prefer the monthly/quarterly subscription, it is down to your own personal choice really.

Anyway, just to note that we actually started receiving the tips on 22nd September so will record results from then onward. 

You can check back here regularly for updates on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Revolution Racing here.










Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams Racing – Results Update

It’s been a good start to our trial of horse racing tipster Ron Williams Racing, with 28 points profit made so far at advised prices after one month. 

You can view full results here. 

At Betfair SP things are progressing well too, with 33 points profit made so far.

Tips are normally sent out the evening before racing, so plenty of time to get the bets on.

Good to see this one off to a promising start and is looking like a top tipster from what we have seen so far. 







Ron Williams Racing – New Review

1st September 2018

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing tipster called Ron Williams Racing. 

Whilst a lot of the reviews we do these days are from tipster platforms and established betting websites, this one is a stand-alone tipster.

It is quite refreshing in a way to focus on “the little guy” as it were – although perhaps in this instance that isn’t the right way to describe this service.

That’s because Ron already has a huge following on Twitter and has made quite a name for himself.

Just check out some of the tweets from his followers:

“Oh my man!!!! Get in you beauty!!”

“Awesome Ron. Boom.”

“BOOOOOM. Amazing month Ron. Superb tipping. Roll on September.”

“There was me watching lord of the rings, seeing Gandalf, and thinking wizards weren’t real! Ronny, you are pure magic!”

And so on.

From looking at his results you can see why Ron has built up such a delighted bunch of followers, with a profit of £3,422 made since starting up last July to just £20 bets.

That has been made with a return on investment of 22%, which is very decent going. 

There tend to be around 2 bets per day so a manageable workload and the odds tend to be below 10/1, with a fair number of favourites being backed. 

Ron shows an impressive level of consistency too with 10 out of 11 months having been profitable so far.

There is a 14-day trial available for just £1+VAT, then the monthly subscription fee is £37/month.

So all in all this looks like a promising service and we are looking forward to seeing how it gets on in a live trial, which we will kick off straight away. 

In fact we started receiving tips on 30th August so we will record results from then. 

Anyway, please check back here for regular results updates on how the trial is going.

In the meantime you can check out Ron Williams Racing here.





overpriced horse tips

Overpriced Horse Tips – New Review

You could be forgiven for being a little confused over the name of the service we are starting a trial of today – and that is Overpriced Horse Tips.

At first we though they were suggesting the service is overpriced, which would be a little strange to suggest that they are overcharging people for their service. Then we realised however they meant that the horses the service picks tend to be overpriced – or higher odds than they should be. That makes a little more sense!

Little matter about our confusion though, what counts is how good the service is at making profit and by the looks of things, they are very, very good at that.

The service has been running since 2013 and in that time has made over 750 points profit to 1 point stakes, which is superb stuff and the kind of results that very few services have ever achieved.

The return on investment in that time has been over 26%, which is an exceptional level to have maintained over such a long period. 

There are around 40 tips per month, which works out at just over one per day, so a pretty simple service to follow.

With average odds of 7/1 this is all about identifying value at decent odds rather than picking obvious favourites, as is the case with most successful horse racing tipsters we have come across over the years.

We have actually been following this privately for the last couple of months so can verify the results published on the website for that period are accurate.

We are genuinely excited about trialling this service as it has one of the best long-term records we have seen and could join those rare few top-level tipsters that consistently beat the bookies and deliver bumper profits for their members. 

So without further ado we will get things underway and will report back here soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Overpriced Horse Tips here.








racing bulletin banner

Racing Bulletin – New Review

Oh dear – it looks like this service has been discontinued. We haven’t received any tips since they went live and have had no response to our e-mails to them.

Plus now the website appears to have been taken down! 

Oh well, sometimes these things happen – people’s personal circumstances can change.

Perhaps if they ever decide to recommence in future, we can run a trial then.





We are starting a trial today of a horse racing service called Racing Bulletin.

This is a service that provides quite a detailed explanation on its website of how selections are arrived at.

Things start off with their speed ratings and some markers to potentially exclude horses based on being poorly handicapped, unproven on the ground or at today’s distance.

Then from this they form a shortlist based on factors such as the going, form and the time of the year.

Finally from this shortlist they will perform their final analysis and select their tips. 

The tips focus on turf races but there is also an AW Handicap service adding some selections to the mix, but these don’t come with the same detailed analysis as described above.

Nice to see a tipster that provides detailed explanation for how their choose their bets, although as ever the proof will be in the pudding as they say.

The service is available for a 14 day trial at a cost of £1 but then costs are rather steep to say the least at £79.95 per month.

There are no long term results published on the website so we have to say we are surprised by the level of subscription fees charged. We normally only expect such fees charged for tipsters that have a long track record of proven success.

Anyway, we will see how this one gets on as we are intrigued by the approach. 

We will run our normal three month trial and provide regular updates on how this one gets on.