How to Make 560% Profit with Banker Bets

One of the first services we reviewed here at Honest Betting Review was Banker Bets, which provides odds-on tips in football matches.

We awarded the service a PASSED rating after our initial three month trial and maintained that rating a full 18 months later.

With 126% profit made in that time and 270% overall since they started in 2014, Banker Bets is one of the most consistent long-term services we have come across.

However, we recently received an e-mail from the owner John which piqued our interest, hinting that the results could be even better than this.

What John revealed was that there is a simple tweak to how you back selections that can boost the profits from 270% to 560% whilst simultaneously doubling the ROI!

This is a pretty massive difference and certainly intrigued us.


How to Boost Results to 560% Profit

So you may be wondering what this simple change is. 

Well, basically it is just a case of on days where there is more than one selection, you back the tips in accumulators rather than as singles. 

On days when there is just one tip, you back that tip as a single as normal.

Simple as that, no other changes needed to staking or anything else.


Results Comparison

Here is what that simple change does to the overall results:-

Original Bankers

Bets: 1,206
Wins: 967
Losses: 239
Strikerate: 80.18%
Profit: 270.1%
ROI: 2.33%


Bets: 596
Wins: 407
Losses: 189
Strikerate: 68.29%
Profit: 560.4%
ROI: 9.57%

And here’s the yearly profit breakdown as a percentage of starting bank.

Original Bankers: 96.1%
Accumulators: 103.4%

Original Bankers: 31.8%
Accumulators: 69.2%

Original Bankers: 188.3%
Accumulators: 338.8%

Original Bankers: -46.1%
Accumulators: 49%

Grand Total
Original Bankers: 270.1%
Accumulators: 560.4%

Pretty awesome stuff then! 



We have had a think about why this might be and it is probably down to the fact that on days where you have more than one loser – and on some really bad days you can have two or three – it puts a massive hole in your bank if you are backing them as singles.

Whereas backing them in an acca means if things do go badly pear-shaped in that way, you are only losing one bet so not too much damage is done.

Now it’s important to stress that they are just suggesting this as an alternative to backing the selections and that it is ultimately up to you how you want to back the selections.

But we think given these astonishing results of over 560% profit – and that’s not even using compounding – we will be switching to the new acca method when backing Banker Bets!

Bear in mind that these results are based on a big sample size of bets (over 1200 individual bets and 500 accas), so they have a reasonable amount of significance behind them. 

Looking back at the results, even though the strike rate is a bit lower with the acca method (80% down to 68%) it doesn’t even look like the bank size needs adjusting as the overall drawdowns are not much different. In fact – there appears to be more stability in the bank rather than less by using the acca method. 

Plus on some busy days you could even use the bookies’ acca refund offers to further enhance your returns, so all in all we are pretty excited about these developments.

Anyway, we will continue following the tips and will update our ongoing review of Banker Bets in July to include analysis of how the new accumulator approach is going.

In the meantime you can check out Banker Bets here.  






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