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Banker Bets – Six Month Update

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we don’t just review a product and then forget about it – we like to continue following our approved services to make sure that they continue to produce profit.

It is just over three months since the end of our trial of Banker Bets so it is a good time for an update as we now have six months of proofed results to evaluate the service.

As you may recall from our original review, this produced excellent results during our trial, recording 95 points profit and very nearly doubling the bank in three months.

At the time those were the best results we had come across in our time reviewing betting products, although it has subsequently been surpassed by Master Racing Tipster and Big Race Bookie Busters.

Six Monthly Results Update

So how has it done since the end of our review?

Well things have been a bit up and down since the end of our review in April.

Overall, the totals since we concluded our trial on 5th April have been:


April (from 5th onwards): +21.5 points

May: -47.6 points

June: +31.6 points

July (to 16th): +23.7 points.

TOTAL: +29.2 points

You can view full results here.


So good solid profit, but not quite living up to the explosive 95 points of profit we experienced during our trial.

However, overall in six months of proofed results they have produced 124 points of profit, and 124% growth of the bank using level stakes.

Overall it’s very impressive stuff – and you have to remember that the strike rate is very high with this service, up at around 85%, meaning you can stake at much higher levels than you would with most tipsters.

That means there is real potential to grow a bank here. We started off with a £1,000 bank at the start of the trial and it is now worth £2,284 in just six months. If it keeps growing at that rate, we will be talking about some sizable sums in a couple of years’ time.

There has only been one losing one month so far out of the six we have trialed the service for, which is good to see.

Perhaps one of its strongest points is that all bets can be placed at Betfair and you will generally get close to or will match the advised prices. So it is practical to follow and no worries about having your bookie accounts closed.


We will definitely stick with our recommended verdict for Banker Bets, it is one of the most straightforward, consistent tipsters we have come across.

There is real potential to grow a bank with this service as the strike rate is very high, so you can stake at high levels and the consistency is very good.

So a sold thumbs up and let’s hope things continue on in the same vein for a long time to come.

We will of course continue to monitor it and provide regular updates.

In the meantime you can get Banker Bets here.




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