This is an archive of ALL betting system reviews including current reviews and final reviews.

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The Golfing Guru – New Review

Well the Masters may have just finished with Tiger Woods’ winning in historic fashion but there are still three majors left this season and a whole host of top quality tournaments too. 

So it’s as good a time as any start a new trial of a golf tipster and today we have one for you that looks pretty special.

They are called The Golfing Guru and rather appropriately come from the Tipping Gurus tipster platform. 

Although a relatively new kid on the block, the Golfing Guru has put together such strong results so far that we felt we just had to take a look for ourselves and undertake a full review.

Since starting up in January of this year they have made over 150 points profit, which would be over £1,500 to just £10 stakes and works out at over £500 profit per month.

That has been achieved with a staggering return on investment of over 90%, which is quite phenomenal and to be honest is probably not sustainable over the long run.

However, if they keep churning out the profits each month then you don’t need an ROI as high as that, 20% or 30% would be more than acceptable. 

Some of the winners so far include:

  • – Phil Mickelson at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am at 25/1
  • – JB Holmes at the Genesis Open at 150/1
  • – Justin Harding at the Qatar Masters at 40/1

And a whole host of placed finishes, which in just over three months of operating is pretty impressive stuff. 

Anyway, we will see if that kind of form can be maintained over the long run so will aim to run a full six-month review of the service. We will update results here regularly during the trial. 

In the meantime you can check out The Golfing Guru for yourself here.







Etoro homepage

Etoro Trade Copier – Final Review

It is now nearly 18 months since we started our review of the Etoro Trade Copier so we thought about time we wrapped up our review.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

After following eight people for an extended period of time, we made a small profit of $276 from $8,000 invested. 

Whilst that wasn’t too bad, to be honest we would have done better just following an index fund of the stock market as a whole. For example the S&P 500 has gone up around 10% over the course of our review and so if we had taken the $8,000 and invested it in an S&P 500 index tracker we would have done considerably better than following the traders we did on Etoro.

It seems like the traders do well when the market is going up and badly when it is going down, but we aren’t sure if any of them have developed strategies to make a profit regardless of the overall market conditions, or “alpha,” which is the returns someone generates over and above the market average.

We also weren’t entirely sure about the Etoro platform setup. Whilst it looks very nice, it is difficult to view a trader’s full trading history if you want to copy them, which is kind of essential in our view.

In summary then we award this a NEUTRAL rating – it made a small profit which is good, but really the returns were very minimal overall and we could have done significantly better investing funds elsewhere, even in entities such as index funds.

The idea of “social trading” is nice in theory but we are yet to see evidence that it is better – or even as good as – investing with dedicated financial professionals in the traditional manner. 








Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

18th July 2018

The positive momentum has continued for our Etoro Trade Copying account, with $307 profit made since our last update.

That means we are now $276 up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

With the improvement recently it is now working rather well and is proving a good way to make some passive income for us. 







Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

21st May 2018

There has been a big uptick in our Etoro Trade Copying Portfolio recently, with $282 growth in our portfolio value since our last update . 

But unfortunately after the very tough month we had previously, we are still $31 down overall.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is a stock and crypto service where you can follow other people’s trades automatically. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do anything yourself other than choose who you want to follow and for how much. 

If it works it would be an ideal form of passive income, but at the moment as we are down overall the jury is still out on this one for the time being. 








Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

16th April 2018

It’s been a rough ride for our Etoro Trade Copying portfolio since our last update a month ago, with $428 lost in that time. 

That means we are now $313 down for the trial overall, which is a little disappointing.

You can view full results here.

To be fair it has been something of a bear market over the last month so it is perhaps not surprising that the traders we are following are all showing a loss.

However, we are concerned that they all seem to be long on their positions, with very shorts being taken. How much of their success is just down to the fact we have been in a bull market for the last few years rather than their skills as traders is unclear. A really good trader will make profit in both bull and bear markets as they have an underlying strategy that works. 

Anyway, let’s not get too disheartened, hopefully our traders will turn things around shortly. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

16th March 2018

Things have finally started moving forward in our trial of the Etoro Trade Copying service after we had some initial problems getting things set up properly.

So far in the trial we are $115 up, which isn’t bad considering that you don’t have to do anything other than click “copy” on the people whose trades you want to follow.

You can view full results here.

At the moment we are following eight different people, which gives a good amount of diversification.

Hopefully now things are working properly and moving in the right direction we will continue to see those profits being built. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

15th February 2018

It has still been a little quiet for my Etoro trade copying portfolio, with not a lot of action over the last couple of months.

However, what action there has been has generated positive returns, and I am now 11 points up overall.

You can view full results here.

Only two of the five traders I have been following have been active, so today I have added three more traders to my portfolio to hopefully see some more movement.

Still, despite things being quiet, it is good to be in profit considering the correction in the stock market recently.

Back soon with more updates. 





Etoro Trade Copier – Results Update

12th January 2018

It’s been a bit of a false start to our trial of the Etoro’s Trade Copier so far unfortunately. One thing they don’t make very clear is that to follow some of the traders, you need to invest a minimum amount to be able to copy their trades.

We are following five different traders and so far after more than a month, we have only copied the trades of two of them.

It is a shame this isn’t made a little clearer and although visually it is a very nice platform and most of it is intuitive, a little more guidance from them would improve the user experience considerably.

Anyway, for what it’s worth we are 0.17 points up so far for the traders we have been able to copy.

You can view full results here.

We have upped our investment in all the traders now to $1000 each, so that should be enough to copy all of their trades.

Hopefully by the time of the next update we will have a more complete picture to give you regarding how things are going.






Etoro Trade Copier – New Review

30th November 2017

Today we are starting a trial of something a little bit different here at Honest Betting Reviews.

As regular followers will know, we like to try out a variety of means of making some additional income and not just restrict ourselves to betting systems. We try out trading systems, forex strategies and have even gotten into cryptocurrencies lately.

So today we are going to test something new – a “social trading network”  called Etoro.

What is unique and great about Etoro is that you can copy the trades of expert traders on there with just the click of a button. Hence the “social trading” idea.

It’s a fun and interactive way to get involved in trading without needing to be an expert yourself or spend a fortune on expensive software or trading courses.

Amazingly, according to the Etoro website, a massive 78% of copied trades closed on the platform have been profitable (as at 17.08.2017). That’s a huge edge as normally you’d expect it to be around 50%.  

That’s the “wisdom of the crowds” at its finest really.

There are hundreds of traders on Etoro platform and their full records are there for you to view, so you can see:

  • – How much they have won and lost overall
  • – Their monthly profit and loss
  • – What things they like to trade
  • – Their open positions
  • – Their max drawdown
  • – How many trades they have made in total
  • – What percentage of their trades are profitable (strike rate)
  • – How many people are copying their trades

It really gives you all the information you need to decide who to follow. 

There are some very successful traders on there, people who have a very high percentage of winning months, low drawdowns and returns in excess of 80% and even 90%. 

That beats the hell out of most Wall Street hedge fund managers and any kind of index fund – and certainly massively beats bank interest rates at the moment!

Etoro is also a really nice platform visually and user-friendly too. 

The great thing about is that you don’t need to be an expert on the markets or spend hours studying charts and lines and bollinger bands and all that complicated stuff.

You can just sign up, deposit some funds, choose who you want to copy and then sit back and (hopefully) let them make you some money!

So it’s potentially a nice source of passive income.

There are also other options on the Etoro platform like you can trade yourself (and if you do well people can copy you, thus making you some additional income) and there are “copyfunds” so you can copy large investment funds like their special cryptocurrency fund or a stock market fund.

However, for this review we are going to concentrate on copying other traders as that’s the easiest one to do and is something anyone can do. 

So we are going to have a portfolio of different people we follow to balance the risk and not leave ourselves exposed if one person has an unfortunate run.

We will detail who we have chosen in our next update, so you could even copy us copying other traders if you like 🙂

Anyway, we will kick the review off now and will report back here soon on how it’s going.

In the meantime you can check out Etoro here.




player profits pic

Player Profits – Final Update

After not receiving any selections from this service for some months, despite chasing it up, we have no choice but to discontinue our review.

We are not sure if the service is still active, but we note that results on the website have not been updated for some months either. 

The service looked promising, but there were issues with obtaining prices as often there would only be one bookie (Bet365) offering odds as the markets bet in were very niche. 

Anyway, as we say there is nothing more we can do at this stage other than to discontinue our review given the circumstances.





Player Profits – Results Update

18th December 2018

Not much change for specialist football service Player Profits lately, with a small loss of 3 points since our last update.

That means they are now 23 points up for our trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

With the busy football schedule coming up over the festive season there should be plenty of action so hopefully that will get things moving in the right direction again.





Player Profits – Results Update

6th November 2018

There’s been a small loss of 4 points for football service Player Profits since our last update just over a month ago.

They are still well up for our trial overall however, with 26 points profit made so far.

You can view full results here.

A couple of things to note with this service – firstly, as the markets are very specialist, not many of the bookies offer them. Most of the bets are with Bet365, with them sometimes being available with Ladbrokes and William Hill as well.

Secondly, with certain bets it’s best to wait until the teams are announced so you know the player in question will be starting the match. 

So just a couple of things to be aware of if you are thinking of signing up, but overall this has been performing well and looking like a promising service. 







Player Profits – Results Update

1st October 2018

Results have been very good lately for football tipster Player Profits, with 31 points profit made since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 30 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

They are now really starting to shift into high gear and replicate the excellent results of their sister service Sports Spread Betting, with the last five bets all having won and similar runs like that throughout September.

Let’s hope they can keep that up throughout October and over the long term. 







Player Profits – Results Update

30th August 2018

It’s been a quiet start to our trial of Player Profits, with a loss of 1 point made so far after three weeks. 

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is fixed-odds football betting service from the same team behind the excellent Sports Spread Betting.

It focuses on niche markets like the number of shots, corners and passes made by particular players or teams in a match.

Very early days so too early to draw any conclusions but let’s hope we will have moved into profit by the time of the next update.





Player Profits – New Review

8th August 2018

The new trials are coming thick and fast at the moment and the good news is that we have another promising football service to look at just in time for the start of the football season. 

We are particularly excited about this one because it comes from the same team behind another hugely successful service, Sports Spread Betting, which has made over 3,000 points profit since starting up last August. 

Whilst that service focuses on spread betting (as the name suggests) this new service uses fixed odds betting, which most people are more familiar with, and is called Player Profits. 

And whilst Sports Spread Betting provides tips across a variety of sports, Player Profits will focus exclusively on football.

They have a massive database of Premier League and European player statistics that they will use to find an edge over the bookmakers.

These days the bookies offer markets on just about every possible facet of the game you could possibly think of, which provides excellent opportunities for those prepared to put in the time to analyse the stats.

That is exactly what Max who runs the service will be doing and he will be focusing on the following niche markets:-

  • – Player passes
  • – player shots
  • – player shots on target
  • – player tackles
  • – player assists
  • – yellow cards
  • – goals

So perhaps some markets you haven’t bet on before there but should be avenues for profit with not many people focusing on them. 

A bank of 50 points is recommended for following the service and each selection will be graded 1-3 points.

With the success of Sports Spread Betting we are very hopeful for this service and it would be great if it could prove as profitable. 

They are targeting between 20 and 50 points profit per month on average, which based on the results of the spread betting service should not be out of the realms of possibility. 

We will kick off our review today then and will aim to run a standard three month trial, although may extend it depending on how things go. So look out here for regular updates.

In the meantime though you can check out Player Profits for yourself here.









TIG Trading

TIG Trading – New Review

Today we are starting a trial of a very interesting forex trading course called TIG Trading.

It is provided by a guy called Dwayne Dowman, who worked for top forex brokers for over 5 years and in that time learned exactly what the 5% of winning traders do versus the 95% of traders who lose money. That makes Dwayne truly “The Inside Guy” – or T.I.G. for short.

Dwayne is now a full time trader and Forex mentor,  apparently making an annualised return of over 100% on his trading account and consistently averaging over 800 pips profit per month.

His record is even independently verified via myfxbook, so you can see that it is not just big talk – he is actually making returns of around 10% per month on average, which is quite outstanding. Here you can see the verified percentage gains per month:

Dwayne is offering a comprehensive training course with mentoring to help you produce similar kinds of returns to these. It is a kind of like the mantra “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for life.”

So TIG Trading offers the opportunity to learn a few basic but highly effective techniques based on Dwayne’s own very successful trading and a few unique strategies that nobody else will ever show you.

He says he will teach you how to do it right… and how to do it successfully and profitably, day after day, month after month.

That sounds very enticing and certainly given the exceptional independently verified results we are very keen to check this out and undertake the training course ourselves.

Now this doesn’t come cheap – understandably given Dwayne is potentially offering up the chance to join the elite group of traders who actually make money from the markets – and will set you back £2997, but that kind of fee isn’t actually too unusual in the world of forex.

In addition, Dwayne offers the option to copy his trades directly via a trade copier for one month only for £99, so you can see for yourself first hand just how good he really is.

It’s been a while since we have done any forex trading reviews so we may be a little rusty but nonetheless are keen to engross ourselves in the course and see what we can learn. We have also signed up for the month’s trade copier service so will report back on both with our findings in due course.

In the meantime you can check out TIG Trading for yourself here.







racing odds pic

Racing Odds – New Review

We were recently contacted about a new horse racing tipster called Racing Odds, which has a rather smart looking website and some promising results to back it up. 

The service is run by a guy called Paul Towers and he says his strategy is based on his “experience over the years from following horse racing. I look at various factors when reviewing the selections for the day and only picks ones I am confident about and do not pick for the sake of having a selection, as some days there may be no selections.”

He has been running his strategy since October 2018 and in that time has amassed some impressive-looking results, with 147 points profit made since starting up.

That has been achieved with a decent strike rate of 34% and a very commendable ROI of 42%. Five of the six completed months so far have been profitable, with the one losing month only dropping 2 points.

It is a selective approach with only around one bet per day, so should be a fairly simple service to follow. 

All in all then this looks like an interesting service and we look forward to seeing how it gets on during our review. 

We started receiving tips last Friday 29th March, so will record results from then. Results will be updated here periodically during the review. 

In the meantime you can check out Racing Odds for yourself here.





Ace Tennis Previews

Ace Tennis Previews – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Ace Tennis Previews and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -28 points
Strike Rate:  50%
Bank Growth:  -28%
ROI:  -4%
Average number of bets:  1-2 per day
Cost:  $9.99 per week or $24.99 per month


You can view full results here.


Ace Tennis Previews – Full Review


Ace Tennis Previews is a tennis tipping service based in Australia and provides selections in men’s and women’s matches around the world. 

We have completed a six-month trial of the service (which included the end-of-season break) and we proofed over 280 tips in that time. 

The selections come with detailed write-ups and you can see that they really know their stuff when it comes to tennis, with strong knowledge of the lesser-known players and their games in particular. 

Sadly though, even with this specialist knowledge it didn’t translate into profit during our trial and a loss of 28 points was made overall. 

Whilst that wasn’t necessarily the end of the world, over an extended period like our review covered, we would hope to see some kind of positive return generated. 

So unfortunately we think the only fair verdict here is a narrow FAILED rating, as once you take subscription fees into account you would be quite a bit out of pocket from following the service. 

We don’t doubt Ace’s expertise, it is just a question of whether that can be turned into an edge over the market in the long run and that remains to be seen for the moment. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good – tips are normally sent out a good day or so before matches are scheduled to start and with an average of 1-2 bets per day there isn’t too much work involved in following the service. 

Availability of prices: As this is an Australian-based service the odds are occasionally advised with Aussie bookies like Topsport which might not be available to UK-based punters, but most bets are advised with bookies like Unibet and Bet365, which should be widely available to punters internationally. We had a few occasions when we weren’t able to obtain the advised odds but others when we beat them, so overall it probably balanced out OK. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 50%, so exactly half the bets were winners which is pretty decent. 

Advised Betting Bank: We didn’t come across any advice on betting bank size but used a 100-point bank for the purposes of the trial, which seemed more than adequate for following the service.  

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are pretty reasonable at $9.99 per week or $24.99 per month



We have struggled over the years to find many profitable tennis betting services and unfortunately this one is another that failed to find the mark. 

We can see that Ace Tennis Previews have considerable expertise in tennis but we just didn’t quite see that turned into profit over our trial. 

A loss of 28 points and a negative ROI of 4% means a FAILED rating unfortunately, although as always if they could demonstrate profitability in the longer run we would of course be prepared to revisit our findings.













Ace Tennis Previews – Results Update

22nd January 2019

It’s been a good month for Ace Tennis Previews since our last update, with a profit of 17 points made in that time. 

That means they are now 6 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

With the tennis season getting into full swing now and the form settling down it is good to see the results picking up as well and hopefully it is a sign of things to come.

Back soon with more updates. 






Ace Tennis Previews – Results Update

22nd January 2019

It’s been a good run lately for Ace Tennis Previews, with a profit of 12 points made since our last update in November. 

That means they are now 11 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It’s been a busy start to the year with the Australian Open so there have been a good number of bets lately and it’s encouraging to see things moving in the right direction for them. 

Let’s hope by the time of our next update we will have moved into profit for our trial. 






Ace Tennis Previews – Results Update

3rd November 2018

It’s been a tough start to our trial of Ace Tennis Previews, with 23 points lost so far after just over a month. 

You can view full results here.

This is an Australian-based service so the odds are occasionally advised with Aussie bookies like Topsport, but most are advised with bookies like Unibet and Bet365, which should be widely available to punters internationally.  

The official service is now taking a break until the start of the new season, although there will be a few bets posted on the website in the meantime.

We will pick things up again though when the main season kicks off down under in early January. 





Ace Tennis Previews – New Review

20th September 2018

Regular followers will know that we have complained quite a lot about the lack of good tennis betting services out there, with only two ever having passed trials here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Well thankfully it looks like we may have found a couple of promising new tennis services out there after a great deal of searching.

One of them is Tennis Goldmine, which we are currently reviewing and has got off to a good start.

The other one, which is the subject of this trial, is a service called Ace Tennis Previews.

This one was actually suggested to us by one of our members, Vlad, so thank you to Vlad for pointing it out. It comes from Australia and is a betting (rather than trading) service looking at a variety of markets including handicaps, game numbers and so on. 

What intrigued us about this service was not just that it had strong-looking results with 24 units profit made at a return on investment of over 11% over the last couple of months, but a big Twitter following of over 10,000 fans and an account going back to 2013.

Looking at the Twitter account you can see they have built up a loyal fan base and clearly have very in-depth knowledge of tennis. 

Indeed, they say that they “have a keen eye for value, thanks to my knowledge and understanding of the lesser-known players. Here is where I have my edge on those creating the odds for the matches we watch.”

That comes across clearly as you look around the site and the Twitter account.

So it seems to us that this is a genuine service and has some promise, but will it actually generate a profit over the long term?

Well as ever, that is what we are here to find out, so we will run a live trial to see how they get on.

The trial is likely to run longer than our normal three months as the tennis tours have a hiatus in November/December time.

Hopefully we’ll get a sense of how well the service is performing before then though and will update results here soon so you can take a look.

In the meantime you can check out Ace Tennis Previews here.





Loves racing

Loves Racing – New Review

We have a very promising horse racing service called Loves Racing which we are starting a review of today as the flat season is just about to get underway.

The service is provided by a guy called Brett Love who started adult life as a professional footballer but when injury cut that career short Brett turned to pro gambling and more recently tipping to a select group of private clients.

Brett has established quite a reputation for himself and since he went live to paying members in November 2017 the service has apparently recorded a profit of 212.42 points and a 32% ROI.

Darren Power of the Betting Insiders Club said of the service:

“These results are amazing… …if I hadn’t seen the proofing mails come in before racing with my own eyes I’d have thought these were made up results.

I truly believe that these are the best results I’ve ever seen from a tipster.”

That’s quite a statement to make but given the results achieved to date it isn’t actually that outlandish. 

The service has just opened to new members today and if you join this weekend (i.e. by 1st April 2019) you will get:

 – A substantial discount on the normal subscription price;
 – Brett’s festival selections, which last year made 115 points of profit at a 41% ROI;
 – And his Rating Selections which produced an additional 138 points profit at a whopping 78% ROI.

So overall that’s 465 points profit across Brett’s various tips over the last 18 months. That would be £4,650 profit to £10 stakes or £11,625 to £25 stakes.  

Please note the special discounted prices and extra bonuses are only available until Monday 1st April 2019 however.

We think this is a very promising service so are looking forward to doing a full review of it. As usual we will update results here during the trial so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Loves Racing here.





Man In The Know – Final Review

We have reached the end of our four month trial of the Man In The Know and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  +174 points
Strike Rate:  26%
Bank Growth:  174%
ROI:  38%
Average number of bets:  2 per day
Cost:  €85 per month


You can view full results here. 


Man In The Know – Full Review


The Man In The Know is a horse racing tipster from the Inbetsment tipster platform. The tipster has been gambling professionally since 2001 – solely on horse racing since 2013 and poker prior to 2013.

He has been tipping since 2014 and his record since then according to the Inbetsment website has been outstanding, with a profit of over 2,400 points made at a return on investment of over 22%.

With such a strong record behind him we were eager to check out the service and see if those kind of results could be repeated during a live trial. 

Quite often on this website we end up saying that results in our trial failed to live up to the pre-trial billing. 

Well gladly this isn’t one of those occasions and we are delighted to say that the Man In The Know has lived up not only to his pre-trial results but also to his name, proving that he very clearly is in the know. 

Yes with an excellent profit of 174 points to advised prices, that represented nearly a trebling of the recommended starting bank and was achieved with a superb ROI of 38%. 

Those are some of the strongest results we have seen in a trial for some time and put him up there in the pantheon of greats along with the likes of Quentin Franks and the Bet Alchemist. 

Here are the results for the trial in graph format:-

So as you can see, very steady profit throughout the trial.

However, as you might expect with such fantastic long-term results, the Man In The Know has built up quite a following for himself and the advised prices do come under a lot of pressure immediately after tips are sent out. 

You can receive tips either by e-mail or through the Inbetsment app, so getting the tips quickly and acting fast is imperative.

Looking at the Betfair SP results, they were still very good with a profit of 64 points made but that is obviously well below the 174 points made at advised prices.

So please bear this in mind if you are thinking of signing up. Either way though this was an excellent trial and it’s a definite PASSED rating from us. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good – tips are sent out the evening before racing, usually around 7-9pm (UK time) and with an average of 2 bets per day there isn’t too much work involved in following the service. 

Availability of prices: As discussed above, the advised odds come under significant pressure as soon as tips are sent out, so this is something you need to be prepared for if signing up. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 26% (including placed horses), which is solid enough. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 100-point bank is advised for following the service, but even with the excellent results we think a 150-200 point bank would be more appropriate having looked at some of the past drawdowns. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are quite high at €80 per month but that is to be expected with results as good as these and is fully warranted in this case. 



The Man In The Know certainly lived up his name during our trial and showed he must really be in the know when it comes to horse racing because he amassed a superb 174 points profit at advised prices.

With a return on investment of 38% and more than doubling the advised betting bank there is no doubt this receives a PASSED rating from us. 

As with other services as good as this however, they often become victims of their own success and the odds do get smashed in as soon as tips are sent out. The results at Betfair were still good with 64 points profits made, but that is obviously well below the total at advised prices and needs to be taken into account if you are considering following the service. 






Man In The Know – Results Update

7th February 2019

Horse racing tipster the Man In The Know continues to deliver the goods, with another 66 points profit made at advised prices since our last update.

That means he is now 117 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here. 

However, prices get absolutely smashed in after tips are sent out – it really is a case of getting those bookie accounts open and funded before tips are sent out and placing the bets pretty much instantly after you receive the tips.

That is reflected in the Betfair SP results, which made just 15 points profit since our last update and have made 29 points profit for our trial overall. So that’s nearly 100 points difference between the results at advised prices and BSP.

So this is looking like one of those cases of becoming a victim of their own success in some respects as they have obviously built a large and loyal following meaning that a lot of pressure is put on the prices.

You can’t blame The Man himself as he’s just doing his job and producing high quality tips but this does happen sometimes with the best tipsters unfortunately. 









Man In The Know – Results Update

7th January 2019

It’s been a positive start to our trial of horse racing tipster Man In The Know, who has made 51 points profit so far at advised prices.

You can view full results here. 

At Betfair SP it has also been profitable, although not quite as strong as at advised prices, with 14 points profit made for our trial so far. That is reflective of the fact that prices do tend to get hit quite hard after tips are sent out, meaning a bit of a scramble to get the bets on. 

It will be worth keeping an eye on the difference between advised prices and BSP results and whether there is a big gap by the end of our trial. 

So far so good though for the Man In The Know.  






Man In The Know – New Review

26th November 2018

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing tipster called “Man In The Know” from the Inbetsment tipster platform. 

The Man himself has been gambling professionally since 2001 – solely on horseracing since 2013 (poker prior to 2013).

He has been tipping horses since early in 2014 and started off by giving his tips for free, built a following and then moved to a subscription service in April 2015. He was previously on the Racingproofing service.

He focuses on UK horse racing and is strong across all codes of racing throughout the year.

The main thing that attracted us to checking out this service was the super-impressive set of results, with an immense profit of over 2,200 points since starting tipping in 2014.

His return on investment over that period has been a formidable 21% and a fair strike rate of 27%. His consistency is remarkable, with a profit made in 14 of the last 15 months. 

So with results like those we felt we just had to check the service out and see if it could deliver us some decent profits. 

We started receiving tips a week ago so will record results from then. Please check back here for regular updates on how the trial is going.

In the meantime you can check out Man In The Know here. 





rugby players on ground

Rugby Trading Webinars – Final Review

We have completed our four month trial of the Rugby Trading Webinars and here are our final results:-


Profit/Loss:  +136 points
Strike Rate:  75%
Bank Growth  68%
ROI:  n/a  
Average number of webinars:  1-2 per week
Cost:  £59.99/month


You can view full results here.


Rugby Trading Webinars – Full Review


We have been following the Rugby Trading Webinars provided by pro rugby trader Phil since last November’s Autumn Internationals so we thought it was time to wrap up our review. Plus the service has been put on hold for the moment – but more on that below. 

Basically the webinars show you live screen shots of the bookies’ websites and Phil gives out live bets to be placed at the bookies and explains the reasoning behind them as the game unfolds.

The strategy works very well in and of itself and produced an excellent profit of 136 points during our trial. In addition, Phil’s pre-match and pre-tournament tips for the Six Nations made 26 points profit, which was a nice bonus.

However, in terms of practicality there were some issues with following the live webinars and we know from the feedback we received that some of you found the service difficult to follow. 

In the first instance it does require bookie accounts – in particular Bet365 and Betfair Sportsbook, with William Hill and Coral also helpful but not essential. 

And secondly the speed with which the trades need to be executed made it very difficult in some instances to get the advised bets on.

We found that even with the best will in the world we weren’t able to get some of the advised trades on in time, which inevitably meant getting a different result to the official one. 

Over the long-term the missed trades should even themselves out, with the odd winning one you miss being cancelled out by the odd losing one you miss, but at the same time in an ideal world you should be able to match all the trades a service advises. 

These issues with practicality were reflected in the fact that by the end of the Six Nations only a handful of people were still joining the webinars. This has led the team behind the webinars to reconsider whether the service is viable in the long run. 

They are looking at the potential of trading via Betfair – possibly using automated software – so if that works it could be a very positive development. 

For the time being though it looks like the service will be put on hold. 

So in summary whilst we award this a PASSED rating given the results achieved and Phil’s undoubted skills as a trader, it is a question of waiting to see how and if this service is taken forward in future. 

We will update any further news on that here.








Rugby Trading Webinars – Results Update

14th February 2019

The Rugby Trading Webinars continue to deliver superb profits, with another 68 points profit made since our last update a month ago. 

That means the webinars have now made 149 points profit for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

In addition to the live trading webinars, head trader Phil has also been providing betting tips for the Six Nations. Those tips have made 21 points profit so far (you can see the results in the second tab of our results spreadsheet). 

And his outright tips for the tournament are also looking very good, particularly England to win the Six Nations and to be the top try-scorers, so it appears more profits are coming from those as well.

All in all they are well on their way to smashing through the 100 points profit target for the Six Nations.

And the good news is you can still get a £1 trial for the Six Nations so you don’t keep missing all this profit. There are two packages available, so even if you aren’t able to join the live webinars you can still get the betting tips. 

You can check out the £1 trial for the Six Nations here. 





Rugby Trading Webinars – £1 Trial Offer

1st February 2019

We mentioned earlier in the week about the Six Nations Package where they are targeting 100 points profit on the tournament.

We’re pleased to say they are now offering a special trial for just £1, so you can “try before you buy” the full package. They are also now offering their full tournament guide for FREE.

And remember if you haven’t made a profit by the end of the tournament, they will refund your money in full.

The action kicks off tonight with the first live webinar, France v Wales at 7.45pm, so don’t miss out.

You can check out the £1 trial for the Six Nations here. 




Just a quick shout-out that the Rugby Trading Service is now launching a Six Nations Special where they are targeting 100 points profit for the tournament – which would be £1,000 profit to just £10 stakes. 

Given they have made 98 points profit in just 10 webinars whilst we have been following them, this seems very achievable. 

They are even offering a money back guarantee whereby if they don’t make a profit during the tournament they will refund your subscription in full. 

There are two packages available for the Six Nations, one that includes all of the following for £120 (spread out over two payments of £60):- 

  • – Full Tournament Guide
  • – 10 LIVE Trading Webinars
  • – Tipping Service
  • – Individual Team Reviews
  • – Predicted Finishing Positions 
  • – Weekly Match Previews and Predictions
  • – Trading Strategy Overview
  • – Members Support Chat Room
  • – FAQ & Betting Guide

And one that includes the Tournament Guide, match previews and tipping service for £60.

As we have said in the review below, we think this is one of the best trading services we have come across in some time and the strategy behind it is very clever. 

Also a reminder that you will need bookie accounts to operate the trading strategy – in particular Bet 365 and Betfair Sportsbook (Coral and William Hill also helpful) – this does NOT work on the exchanges. 

So if you would like to make some profit from the Six Nations then don’t miss this – places for the trading webinars will be limited.

You can check out the Six Nations Package in full here. 






Rugby Trading Webinars – Results Update

16th January 2019

The profits have continued to roll in for the Rugby Trading Webinars we have been following with professional trader Phil, with another 59 points profit made since our last update. 

That means they are now 81 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

As mentioned previously, you will need bookie accounts to follow the trades as the strategy does not work on Betfair due to liquidity issues and some of the markets not being available. In particular you will need Bet365 and Betfair Sportsbook for the majority of the bets, with Coral and William Hill being used occasionally too. 

The trading schedule has been low volume so far, with nearly a month break for Christmas, but should be ramping up now with the Six Nations coming up. 

The service is currently by invite only as they do not have a website, so if you are interested in following the webinars then please send us an e-mail at





Rugby Trading Webinars – Results Update

30th November 2018

It has been a good start to our trial of the Rugby Trading Webinars, with a profit of 22 points made after one month. 

You can view full results here.

This is a new innovation – for us anyway – whereby you can follow along with a professional trader on a live webinar and copy his advised trades.

It is a fast and furious style of trading and you need your finger on the button to execute trades quickly, but we can see from the webinars we have viewed that the strategy he uses is effective and it has made a decent profit so far. 

The trading schedule has been quite light recently due to the Autumn Internationals but is expected to pick up now that we are returning to domestic action. 

The next webinar is this evening at 19.30 (UK time) featuring Harlequins vs Exeter, so please send us an e-mail at if you would like to join this webinar – or be added to the list for future ones. 

It is by invite only on a first-come-first-served basis and places are filling up fast, so don’t miss out if you want to see how a professional trader operates. 






Rugby Trading Webinars – New Review

14th November 2018

It is amazing how these things go – just a few days ago we were starting our first ever review of a rugby betting service and commenting how surprising it was that there aren’t more around.

Well wouldn’t you know it – here we are with another one just a few days later!

Yes today we are starting our second-ever review of a rugby service, but this one is a little different.

It is a trading service and comes from a guy called Phil who is a professional rugby trader and has done very well over the years, apparently making a significant amount of money trading on the game. 

The service is provided by way of webinars, whereby you watch Phil’s screen and listen to his analysis and place the trades he recommends as the game unfolds.

We have already listened in on three of the webinars and have been very impressed. 

When you have looked at hundreds of betting and trading systems over the years as we have, you can judge pretty quickly if something is genuine and can actually make money or is just a fly-by-night scheme. 

And we can tell that this one is the real deal. Phil’s knowledge of rugby really is very in-depth and he has an excellent reading of the game. 

Of the three webinars we’ve seen, Phil has been very close to landing some big profits and has been very unlucky with some last minute decisions going the wrong way – many people would say unfairly!

We could see this one being a long-term winner though and delivering substantial profit over time. The way Phil offsets different handicaps against one another is a very clever strategy and you can see during the webinars how effective it can be.

So having taken an initial look at the service and having been impressed, we decided to do a full review here and record all our live trading results from the webinars.

In the meantime though if you are interested in seeing it for yourself, the good news is that they are offering the next webinar completely free so you can test it out for yourself and see Phil in action.

Here are the details of the webinar:

  • – Match: Scotland vs South Africa
  • – Webinar Date/Time: 17 Nov, 2018 @ 17:05 GMT 

This is strictly by invitation only and spots are expected to fill up quickly, but we have managed to secure access on a first-come first-served basis for Honest Betting Reviews visitors. 

So if you would like to join the webinar, please just drop us an e-mail at expressing your interest and we will send you the details of the webinar. 

One thing to note is that you do need bookie accounts to be able to follow Phil’s trades, so having one or more of the following is essential really:

  • – Bet 365
  • – Coral
  • – Betfair Sportsbook
  • – William Hill

With Bet 365 being the main one. 

It should be a good game and you will get to trade alongside a professional trader like Phil which is an informative experience in itself, so please get in touch if you are interested. 

Hope to see you there on Saturday!







bank builder pic

Bank Builder – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Bank Builder and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -$496 
Strike Rate:  79%
Bank Growth:  -50%
ROI:  -3%
Average number of bets:  One per day
Cost:  £47/month, £112/quarter or £450/year


You can view full results here.


Bank Builder – Full Review


Bank Builder is a football betting strategy from the team behind the popular Football Advisor service. It provides tips on short-odds favourites across Europe, such as Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munch and Man City etc.

Bank Builder has changed its modus operandi quite a bit since we started our trial, but for the purposes of this review we stuck to the strategy set out at the start, which was to bet 33% of the bank on each selection. 

The advised approach is to start with a set amount for each “cycle” – which was $1,000 for us – and to start a new cycle each time the bank doubles, starting again at $1,000. 

Things started off very well with the initial bank doubling in just two weeks.

Sadly though that was where the good news ended. From then on it was a real struggle and our review finished with the bank for the second cycle almost gone, despite adding an additional $500 half way through, as advised by them.

Overall we finished $496 down, which was obviously a pretty bad loss and represented nearly half of our original bank.

The top sides in Europe such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona struggled this season – particularly in the first half of the season – which hit the results quite hard. 

As stated a few times during the review however, our main concern was that the staking was far too aggressive with 33% of the bank being risked on each selection. 

It was always set up for a fall to risk that much of your bank on each bet, no matter how confident you might be in the selection.

So really the question is how much of this system’s failure was down to the staking and how much down to the actual picks?

Well, at level stakes it would have lost approximately 4 points, which although disappointing would not have been the end of the world. 

In essence then the main problem here was the staking system which made the results much worse than they otherwise would have been. 

We can see some merit in backing strong favourites in football matches and it has worked well elsewhere (see Banker Bets for example). Plus there are some stats to suggest there is value in short-odds favourites, primarily because most punters don’t like backing them.

All in all though, whichever way you look at it this had a very rough trial with a big loss made and the only realistic outcome is a FAILED rating. 

It’s back to the drawing board with this one and we note they are looking at other iterations of the system with more sensible staking so we will keep an eye on how those develop. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  With an average of one bet per day there isn’t too much work involved in following the service, although of course most tips are sent out at weekends when there is more footy. 

Availability of prices: There were no problems at all in obtaining the advised prices, with huge liquidity on Betfair for the kind of teams they back. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 79%, which on the face of it seems good but would have needed to be quite a bit higher to turn a profit at average odds of 1.23.

Advised Betting Bank: As discussed above, it wasn’t so much the advised betting bank that was the problem but rather the stake advised per bet. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are high at £47/month, £112/quarter or £450/year.



Things went badly wrong for Bank Builder with a loss of $496 made from an initial starting bank of $1,000 and that means it’s a FAILED rating from us unfortunately. 

The main problem was the staking was far too high but even with level staking it would have made a loss so it’s back to the drawing board with this one we’re afraid. 







Bank Builder – Results Update

5th February 2019

Sadly we are pretty much bust now on Cycle 2 of Bank Builder, with just $29 left from a starting bank of $1,000 and with another $500 thrown in. 

In terms of the recent results, they have lost another $51 since our last update a month ago and are now $499 down for the trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

So all in all it looks like this one is heading for the failed pile when we wrap up our review shortly. 

In essence we think there is potentially value in backing strong favourites in football, but this season just hasn’t worked out for the big teams in Europe.

Plus we think the staking approach of wagering 33% of the bank on each selection is far too high.

As we say we’ll be back soon to finalise our review but it looks like the writing’s on the wall for this one unfortunately.  





Bank Builder – Results Update

2nd January 2019

Not much change for football service Bank Builder lately, with a profit of $35 since our last update.

But unfortunately they are still $448 down for our trial overall after the previous losses.

You can view full results here.

It will take something pretty incredible to rebuild the bank here after the losses suffered and also quite a bit of time.  

The over/under service (results on second tab of spreadsheet) has also had a tough run lately, losing $116 since our last update and is now $55 down for our trial overall.

The problem with an approach like the one used for the over/unders service is that when you are backing at odds of around 1.06, one or two losses can wipe out a lot of previous wins and that is what’s happened recently. 







Bank Builder – Results Update

28th November 2018

The brutal run continues for Bank Builder, with a further $316 lost since our last update. 

That means for Cycle 2 they are now $1455 down, which is a pretty hefty drawdown to say the least. For Cycle 1 they made $972 profit, which means for the trial overall they are $483 down.

You can view full results here.

This is sadly a case where pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Their chosen strategy – of backing supposed “bankers” in the top leagues – has coincided with one of the worst runs of form in recent memory for teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. 

They have recently decided to scrap Cycle 2 and commence a new Cycle, which is OK if you joined right at the start of Cycle 1 and made some decent profits there, but for those who joined for Cycle 2 the bank will be nearly all gone, so it is a question of whether you have the funds (and the patience) to try another cycle. 

They have also added a new strategy of backing in over/under markets, which we have included in a second tab on the results spreadsheet. That strategy is currently $61 up.

All in all this has been a trial that started off with great hope and excitement but has been rather blown to pieces over the last couple of months. 

We had concerns the staking was far too aggressive at 33% of the bank for each selection and that has been borne out. Staking at 10% or even 5% may have been more appropriate and avoided the huge drawdowns. That is the approach they went for however and whilst it looks great when things go well, we have seen what happens when things go the other way. 






Bank Builder – Results Update

22nd October 2018

It’s been something of a horror story for Bank Builder lately, with a big loss of $1,043 since our last update at the end of September.

That means for Cycle 2 they are now $1,141 down, but made $972 profit in Cycle 1 so are $169 down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Now of course you may be wondering how they are still going in Cycle 2 if their starting bank is $1,000 and they are $1,141 down for the Cycle.

Well, on 26th September they put in an extra $500 to the bank – a so-called “Wild Card” – to help keep things going. 

Sadly it hasn’t helped much and either way most of your bank for Cycle 2 would be gone, whether you put in that extra $500 or not. They use a fixed percentage of the bank each time, so in theory the bank can never be wiped out, but if it ends up getting too small then realistically the chances of building it back up to a profit become pretty remote. 

It is worth mentioning that this recent downturn has coincided with one of the worst runs of form for the top teams you could imagine. It is difficult to remember a time when Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich all struggled so badly at the same time – and those are the kind of teams they bet on. 

You could question of course the merits of still backing these teams at such a time, particularly Real Madrid who have been really poor so far this season after losing Christiano Ronaldo. 

In any event though, the position for the trial overall isn’t too bad so you just have to put the recent run down to an exceptionally unlucky set of results and hope that things improve fairly rapidly for them. 






Bank Builder – Results Update

29th September 2018

The first cycle of football betting system Bank Builder completed successfully with just under $1,000 profit made, but the second one has proved more of a roller coaster ride with some big ups and downs so far. 

Currently they are $98 down for Cycle Two, which isn’t actually too bad when you consider some of the results that have against them like Bayern Munich and Barcelona both not winning in the same weekend.

You can view full results here.

It is worth bearing in mind when looking at the spreadsheet that they injected an extra $500 on 26th September to boost the bank. That is optional but means you can stake slightly more on the bets. The target for the cycle also goes up by $500, so they are now trying to win $1,500. 

There have been some surprising results lately so let’s hope that spell is over and they can get the profit cycle back on track now. 




Bank Builder – Results Update

26th August 2018

A quick update to say that indeed Bank Builder did manage to complete the Cycle and double the bank so they will already be commencing Cycle 2 today.

You can view full results here.

What an amazing run it was with 100% of bets winning and it only taking just over two weeks to double the bank. Some services don’t manage that in an entire year!

Just a note to say that the bank actually grew 97% rather than 100% but they felt the risk / reward ratio did not warrant the extra bet just to achieve the few extra pounds to make it exactly 100%. There will be many occasions where they hit 105%, 110% or even 120%, so over time they expect it to average out any way.

Please be aware that Cycle 2 will start at 5pm UK time today (Sunday), so if you want to get involved in the next go at doubling your bank you can do so here. 





Bank Builder – Results Update

23rd August 2018

It’s been a great start to our trial of Bank Builder, with all the bets having won so far (100% strike rate) and the bank having grown by 76.6% – or $766 if starting with a $1,000 bank. 

You can view full results here.

So they are close to having doubled the bank already in just a few weeks which is impressive stuff.

If all goes to plan then they could double the bank and complete the first Cycle in the next 2-3 bets, after which the next Cycle would start straight away.

Staking is quite aggressive as a portion of the bank, so you want to start with a bank and staking you are comfortable with.

As long as you do that though then this is looking like a top quality system. There are no worries about price availability either because they are betting on the top football leagues where there is masses of liquidity.

Anyway, let’s hope it all goes smoothly and they complete the Cycle in the next few days. 

You can sign up for the next Cycle here. 








Bank Builder – New Review

3rd August 2018

Before the World Cup we highlighted Football Advisor as a service to follow and they went on to rack up a very nice 28 units profit from the tournament.

Well now they are launching a new system for the upcoming football season and it looks very interesting.

It is called Bank Builder and they ran it last year, when it made an overall profit of £4,267.19, across the four active Cycles that they ran.

The idea is to bet on football using a smart staking strategy which firstly protects your betting bank, while allowing for compounding, capitalising on short winning streaks to deliver accelerated growth over short periods of time and to double your betting bank (each one being a “cycle”).

With a full season ahead, they are expecting to run between 6 and 10 cycles over the 2018/19 season.

Already 85% of the members from last year have signed on again this year and they have decided to open a limited number of spots for new members to join them on their rapid bank growth strategy.

Here is what they say you can expect from Bank Builder:

• Aim to double your betting bank
• Guaranteed that you will never go bankrupt or lose all of your betting bank
• The cost of the service will be between 2% and 20% of your returns
• You will win between 80% and 95% of all of your bets

This looks very intriguing and we are going to be running a live trial of it at Honest Betting Reviews to see if it can deliver on those claims.

If you want to check it out for yourself you can do so here – please note the first cycle starts this weekend so there isn’t much time left to sign up.

With the expertise of Football Advisor behind this one we can see it has a chance of doing well, although as always the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

We will aim to run a three month trial, although how long the trial lasts will depend to some extent on the length of the cycles but hopefully we will get through at least one of the cycles within three months.

Anyway, as we say things are due to kick off this weekend so without further ado we will get the trial underway and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Bank Builder here.