This is an archive of ALL betting system reviews including current reviews and final reviews.

Oddball Tips pic

Oddball Tips – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Oddball Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -12 points
Strike Rate:  22%
Bank Growth:  -8%
ROI:  -12%
Average number of bets:  5 per week
Cost:  £2.99 for 1st 28 days then £30/month, £75/quarter or £179 per season


You can view full results here. 


Oddball Tips – Full Review


Oddball Tips is a football betting service from the Tipsters Empire platform of tipsters. The vast majority of their tips are accumulators, focusing mainly on the match odds and both teams to score markets.

For the most part they concentrate on English football from the Premier League down to the National League but also tip in other top leagues around Europe.

Coming into our trial the results looked pretty strong with over 100 points profit made at a return on investment of over 20%. 

However, unfortunately after three months of following the tips we are left with a small loss of 12 points. 

As that is only an 8% loss of the advised betting bank of 150 points, it wasn’t a disaster by any means and we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair in this instance. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Most of the tips are sent out the evening before matches or early in the morning, so plenty of time to get the bets on.  

Availability of prices: There was no problem at all with obtaining the advised prices as the tips are normally in the main markets and liquidity strong. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 22% which is OK in itself but would need to be a little higher to achieve a profit at the odds tipped at. 

Advised Betting Bank: For once we would say the recommended bank was sufficient, with a 150 point bank advised which should be enough to cover drawdowns etc. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £2.99 for the first 28 days then £30 per month, £75 per quarter or £179 per season



With a small loss of 12 points made during our three month review, it was a slightly disappointing trial but certainly no disaster for Oddball Tips.   

With just an 8% loss of the recommended betting bank we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair in this instance and it’s a service to keep an eye on for now. 






Oddball Tips – Results Update

9th November 2019

A slight decline over the last month for football specialist Oddball Tips, with 4 points lost since our last update.

That means they are now 18 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here. 

Despite the loss for the month they have staged something of a recovery lately, with three of the last six bets winning at odds of 1.5, 2.99 and 6.82, so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come and them getting back towards a profit for our trial overall. 





Oddball Tips – Results Update

10th October 2019

It’s been a slow start to our trial of football tipster Oddball Tips, with a loss of 14 points made so far after one month. 

You can view full results here. 

Most of the tips are accumulators and come in a variety of leagues including the English leagues as well as some European ones and the Champions League. 

Although it’s not got off to a great start, not a lot of damage has been done and just one or two of the accas landing could turn things around.






Oddball Tips – New Review

12th September 2019

Today we are starting a new trial of a football tipster from the Tipsters Empire platform called Oddball Tips. 

According to the website, Oddball Tips keeps it simple. With so many football markets available, Oddball sticks to the win, draw or goal markets, in order to ensure that everyone can the bet on.

They follow football on a daily basis, from the Premier League down to National League, as well as other top leagues around Europe. Along with many punters, they’ve had accounts banned in the past by betting on random leagues and sports so stick to the main leagues now. 

The results so far look very impressive with over £1,150 profit made at a return on investment of 20%, which is high for football. 

The strike rate however is lower than most football services at 15%. That is because most of their tips are accumulators with odds as high as 90/1 in some cases. 

A 150 point betting bank is recommended for following the service which seems reasonable given the strike rate and staking used, which tends to be between 0.5 and 2 points. 

It’s an interesting looking service and we are keen to get the review going and see how they get on. We will update results here during our trial at regular intervals so you can see what kind of progress they are making. 

In the meantime you can check out Oddball Tips for yourself here.








Bookie Smasher

The Bookie Smasher – New Review

Today we are starting a review of an interesting new tipster who tips in multiple sports and has the encouraging title of “The Bookie Smasher.”

We hope that name proves appropriate over the course of our review and beyond, but looking at their published record the title might not be out of place. 

Since starting up in May they have made over 130 points profit, all to one point level stakes. That equates to over £1,300 to £10 stakes or £3,250 to £25 stakes. 

The strike rate is exceptionally high at 62% and since May the longest losing run has been just 6 bets and the highest drawdown on the bank has been just under 15pts (where as the longest winning run has been 17 bets). So these results look ideal if you are searching for a consistent tipster who regularly finds winners and has manageable staking.

Even with such a high strike rate the ROI is also solid at over 11%, which is good to see. 

As ever with Betting Gods tipsters you can get a 7 day trial for just £1 to check out the service and see if it is right for you.

Tips are provided across a huge spectrum of sports from football and tennis to badminton and volleyball, which is an unusual approach as most tipsters usually just concentrate on one or two sports. 

However, there are some very good multi-sport tipsters out there like Betting Bias and Sports Spread Betting, so we know it can be done to make a profit betting in multiple different sports. 

Whether it proves to be the case for this tipster we will have to wait and see but certainly the published results to date look very promising. 

So we will kick off a review today and report back in around a month on how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out The Bookie Smasher for yourself here.






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Speedform – New Review

We have something a little different for you today here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

We are taking a look at a service called Speedform, which is a speed and form ratings service for UK horse racing. 

Ratings services are a longstanding feature of horse racing and provide a way for punters to compare horses based on a range of factors and to see how they line up for a race today. Ratings platforms such as Timeform and Raceform have been around for many years and proved popular with aspiring punters. 

One aspect of ratings which has grown in ubiquity is rating horses based on their speed. In simple terms this means recording the time it takes for a horse to complete a race of a given distance and comparing it to the time taken by other horses to complete the same distance. 

Speed ratings are largely an American idea, popularised by Andrew Beyer in a number of very technical and in-depth books, the most famous of which is Beyer on Speed. 

Although not exactly a light read which you’d take with you on holiday, Beyer’s seminal work explained in great detail how the speed of horses is a very important, but largely overlooked, factor in horse racing. Speed ratings demonstrated they could be very profitable if used in the right way and therefore become very popular.  

The Speedform website explains the value of speed ratings quite well:-

“Most casual punters will simply look at the finishing positions of the horses in a race to determine the likely winner, but this often does not tell the whole story….

For instance, say we have a 7f race at Kempton, Horse A won it’s last race and Horse B came 4th, both over the same course and distance as today and carrying the same weight, Horse A is the obvious winner right?.

Wrong. Because if we look at the speed ratings the horses achieved in those races, Horse A achieved a speed rating of 86 compared to Horse B’s rating of 91, which means although Horse A won it’s race, that race was run in a slower time than Horse B’s race, so although Horse B only managed to come 4th, it covered the 7f in a quicker time, so all other things been equal Horse B should beat Horse A today.”

Just using speed ratings on their own isn’t a surefire way to success of course, but when used in the right context and in combination with other form factors, is a potential way to gain an edge on other punters. 

What really piqued our interest was the past results on the website, which show for instance:

  • – 581 points profit (BSP) from 2849 runners (ROI: 20%) for backing horses to a given criteria
  • – A profit of 95 points (BSP) from 546 runners (ROI: 17%) when backing at odds of 4/1 or less in given criteria
  • – A lay profit of 731 points (to early prices) to a morning price of 6/1 or less when laying to certain criteria. 

So very strong results there and well worth investigating further to see if they hold up in a live trial. 

With a ratings service like this of course it is all about how you use the ratings, so people will get different results depending on how they use the ratings.

What we will aim to do is give an overview of the service and then also provide a sample of results from following the criteria that gave the 581 points profit at BSP mentioned above (which was over about an 18 month period).

So we will kick off a review today and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Speedform for yourself here.






wight horse tips

Wight Horse Tips – Final Update

This is a final notification to say that this review has been discontinued due to the tipster leaving the tipping platform. It happens from time to time and is unfortunate. As with another recent incident that happened on different tipping platform, it is not our place to get involved with any disputes that may have arisen between the parties as that is between them.

Unfortunately though these things happen in all walks of life and so it also happens in the world of tipping, but as we say it means the end of our review. 





Wight Horse Tips – Results Update

6th November 2019

It’s been a good start to our trial of Wight Horse Tips, with a profit of 35 points made to advised prices after just under one month of following the tips. 

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP results haven’t been quite as good but are still in the plus, with 14 points profit made for our trial to date. 

With the profits made in October that made it nine months in a row of profit for the service, which is a fantastic level of consistency. Obviously eight of those months were before our trial started, but the tips were proofed live on the Tipping Gurus website so we can be assured they are accurate. 

Let’s see if that excellent run of consistency continues through November and December, would be great to see. 







Wight Horse Tips – New Review

11th October 2019

Today we are starting a trial of a horse racing tipster with some absolutely superb results and we are really quite excited about this one. 

The service in question is called Wight Horse Tips and it comes from the Tipping Gurus stable of tipsters. 

It is run by an experienced professional horse racing tipster called Sean Brehaut. Sean has been betting on horses for over 14 years now and after finding tremendous success he began to offer tips 7 years ago.

This is Sean’s full time job and that along with placing his own bets is his only source of income so as you can imagine it’s imperative he does well from it…and from the results it certainly looks like he does that.

As well as providing daily tips Sean also covers the big festivals such as Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, York Ebor and Glorious Goodwood where he provides tips in every race.

Onto those results then, which look pretty awesome as we say. Since proofing to the Tipping Gurus back in March this year, every month has been profitable and the total profit stands at a whopping 495 points – so that’s £4,950 at £10 stakes.

Here are the monthly totals since March:

  • – March: +£1369 profit
  • – April: +£847 profit
  • – May: +£706 profit
  • – June: +£333 profit
  • – July: +£400 profit
  • – August: +£367 profit
  • – September: +£707 profit
  • – October (so far): +£225 profit

So as you can see pretty incredible stuff. The return on investment has been a very healthy 21% whilst the strike rate has been over 30% which is very good for a service making this much profit. 

Whilst those results do look excellent, at the same time we mustn’t get carried away and let’s see how it does under live trial conditions. We’ve seen many services over the years boast very strong results coming into a trial only to disappoint when put under the spotlight. 

Anyway, hopefully this one will be different but only time will tell. As ever results will be updated here regularly during the trial so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Wight Horse Tips for yourself here. 





NHL Tips

NHL Betting Master – New Review

With the legalization of betting in some American states you are starting to see more US sports tipsters popping up, which is encouraging to see. 

Up until now though we haven’t come across any good ones, or any good enough to pass a trial here at Honest Betting Reviews in any event. 

However, that might be about to change with the latest service we are going to take a look at, namely the NHL Betting Master.

The results for the last year during which they have been proofing to Betting Gods look fantastic and we have been following the tips for the last few weeks and been very impressed too. 

Over the last 12 months they have made £3,194 profit to £10 stakes and made an average monthly profit of £266. That has equated to a more than trebling of the advised 100 point betting bank. 

Eleven out of twelve months so far have been profitable, which is obviously a superb level of consistency. 

The return on investment (ROI) is a whopping 35%, with a very high strike rate of 48%, which are some of the highest combined metrics we have seen from any tipster. 

Normally when you have a high strike rate approaching 50%, it is very tough to also achieve a high ROI because you are tipping at low odds, often around evens, where picking up value is tough. 

So typically you would see an ROI around 10% if a tipster had a strike rate around 50%. Somehow though this tipster has managed to hit achieve over 30%, which is quite remarkable. 

Like we say we’ve been following the tips since early November and have been mighty impressed. Not just with the profits made (over £200 to £10 stakes), but the consistency and the ease of following, with just one bet per day normally and being able to place them on Betfair – where we’ve often been able to beat the advised odds. 

Of course it’s very early days so we shouldn’t get carried away and that’s exactly where our review comes in – to look at the longer-term performance. 

So we will kick off the review formally today, although will record results from when we started receiving tips on 9th November.  

As you can probably tell we are quite excited about this one given the overall package; let’s hope they can deliver the same kind of consistency during our trial – and beyond.

You can check out the NHL Betting Master for yourself here. 






soccer ball

Goal Profits – Re-Review

It’s now nearly four years since we reviewed football trading service Goal Profits (see below) when we awarded it a neutral rating.

In that time the service has changed almost beyond recognition, with a whole host of new features and tools added. In addition they have also won numerous awards since our original review, including our very own “Best Football Service 2018” award voted for by you, our members!

So we thought it was only fair to the Goal Profits team that we had another look at the service and checked out all the new features they’ve added to see if we should reevaluate our original rating.

There is no doubt this is the most popular football trading service on the internet and the community seems to absolutely love the offering, so we are really looking forward to getting stuck in and testing it out.

Today then we are launching a “re-review” of Goal Profits and will report back soon on our findings. There is an awful lot to get through so it may take some time but hopefully it will be worth it and we’ll be able to provide some decent insights into what the service is all about and whether it can make you some profits.  






Goal Profits – Final Review

4th February 2016

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Goal Profits and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +12 points   
Strike Rate:   33%
Bank Growth:   30%
Cost:  £37 + VAT per month 
ROI:  6%
Average number of tips:   5 per week


You can view full results here.


Goal Profits Full Review


We have completed our trial of the much-heralded Goal Profits, a suite of systems for trading football matches on the exchanges such as Betfair.

We have to confess to being slightly underwhelmed at the results after three months of testing.

Following the trades of Steve (who runs the service) exactly for 3 months has yielded just 12 points profit over the course of 63 matches traded. 

So that would be nearly 100 hours of trading time to make 12 points profit, which at £10 per point doesn’t quite cover the subscription fees.

Now of course it wouldn’t quite have been 100 hours of trading because you would have been out of some matches before the 90-minute mark, but you get a good idea that lots of time needs to be invested here.

And for that amount of investment, we would like to have seen better results to make it worthwhile.

Here you can see the results for the trial in graph format – a good start followed by a long period of steady decline and then a big jump at the end.

Goal Profits Profit Graph


What do you get with Goal Profits?

As we said previously in our results update, there are essentially three different types of trading system included in the Goal Profits package:

  • Lay the Draw strategies
  • “Matrix” systems
  • Correct score strategies

In total you are given 28 potential strategies to trade with Goal Profits.

There are some bold claims made on the Goal Profits website that people trade these systems full-time for a living.

That may very well be true, but for us there needs to be much clearer direction given before we are convinced that anyone who joins can make such profits – or even just good profits.

We would expect there to be very clear instructions given for live trades. For example, an e-mail sent out prior to kick-off saying:

“Lay HT Draw in Liverpool v Chelsea at 2.4 for 1 point”

Then another e-mail after a goal saying:

“Trade out of Liverpool v Chelsea HT Draw market for 0.6 pts profit.”

If they did this across say at least half a dozen systems and these averaged a decent profit of around 5-6 points profit per month each, then we would be more convinced that following their systems can deliver a solid profit each month.

But as is, you can follow Steve’s trades in the forum for the most part and some of Kevin’s, but not the kind of clear, testable service outlined above we would like to see.

So the subscriber is left to test all these other systems for themselves and see what they can achieve.

For us there wasn’t anything in their 28 systems that jumped out as having a clear edge. And some of them are available elsewhere on line for free.

The “Lay the draw” system is well covered for free on the internet and we have our own strategy laid out here.

Plus we detail the “lay the draw at half time” strategy in our Football Betting Secrets manual which is available here.

So for us, whilst this made a profit over the trial, it wasn’t enough to merit a recommended rating and that is likely to remain the case for us unless they set up the kind of service we outlined above.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: This is a heavy workload service to say the least. You will have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to firstly learning the systems and how they work and then to trading them. 

Availability of prices: The prices Steve records for his systems are generally readily available. The correct score market is the main market you will trade following his methods and it has very good liquidity. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 33%, which is good and you shouldn’t have too many losing trades in a row here.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 40 point bank for following Steve’s trades which we felt with a fairly good strike rate and 3.2 points risked per trade, would be comfortable and that proved the cae here. However, for each system that you trade you will need either a separate bank (recommended) or to increase the overall size of your bank if using one for all systems. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £37 + VAT per month, which are a little on the high side and there is no introductory offer for people to try for a period (e.g. 1 week or 14 days). 



Overall we can see that a lot of work has gone in to creating a suite of trading strategies here and the owners of the service, Steve and Kevin, are dedicated to their cause.

We would not deride any system that can turn a profit and Steve has managed to do that with his correct score trades, gaining 12 points over the course of our trial.

However, we feel that there is not enough here to give this a passed rating. 

There are 28 systems provided, but excluding the correct score systems, we could not see that the other systems would guarantee a profit over the long term.

If there was a more systematic approach to providing live trading advice for those systems and they proved profitable, we could well be persuaded to change our view on this.

But until then, this goes into the neutral list for us. 






Goal Profits – Results Update

11th January 2016

It has taken a little longer than normal to get our first update done on Goal Profits and we apologise for that if you have been waiting for it.

This one has been trickier to review than most systems we trial here at Honest Betting Reviews as there is an awful lot of information to take in – including a number of manuals to read, lots of videos to watch and about 30 potential systems to trade!

So that is probably the first thing to warn you about – if you do sign up to Goal Profits, be prepared to devote quite a lot of time getting to grips with it.

What is Goal Profits actually all about then?

Well Goal Profits is a set of systems for trading football matches on the exchanges such as Betfair. There are essentially three different types of trading system included:

  • Lay the Draw strategies
  • “Matrix” systems
  • Correct score strategies

In terms of the lay the draw strategies, these are widely available for free online – in fact we have done our own guide to lay the draw for your perusal here! 

Looking at the Matrix systems, we had a look through each system but struggled to find anything that either wasn’t available for free elsewhere or had a clearly identifiable “edge” as such.  Why would they make you money? That is the question we always ask with a trading system. There wasn’t an obvious answer for us when looking at those systems.

So that leaves us with the correct score strategies. These are probably the mainstay of Goal Profits and what the service is really about.

There are different methods for trading the correct score markets outlined, but basically they all centre on hitting certain “target scores” where you make a profit if a game finishes in certain scores like 2-3, 3-2, 3-1, 2-2, etc but a loss if it finishes 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1.

We have recorded the results for the main “Batman and Robin” trades that Steve, who runs the service, uses for his own trading.

You can view full results here.

After two months of trading and 50 matches traded, we are 4 points up overall.

Given the amount of time invested in having to be at the computer for the duration of those 50 matches, 4 points seems like quite a low return.

Plus, those are the official results if you have traded just like Steve and got exactly the same results as him. We have not managed to get as good results as these, but have been learning and are getting closer now.

It does take a bit of getting used to and knowing what you should do in each situation when a goal is scored.

So in summary the verdict so far is that the jury is still out on Goal Profits. We have struggled to make a profit after two months and a huge amount of time invested – and even following Steve’s trades exactly you would only be 4 points up.

We have a month to go in the trial so will be interesting to see how things turn out and if we can extract some more profit from this. 

Will be back in a month with our final review. 




Goal Profits – New Review

3rd November 2015

Today we are commencing a review of Goal Profits, a popular football trading product that focuses mainly on the correct score markets on Betfair. 

This is a sister product to Value Football Betting, a service we have reviewed and originally gave a passed rating to but downgraded to a neutral rating after a disappointing run of results.

There are some fairly bold claims made on the sales page of Goal Profits – such as that they can “turn beginners into full-time professionals” and that some of their members “now work part-time because their trading profits provide enough income.”

The guy who runs the service, Steve Brown, also claims that “my correct score trading strategies and exclusive Team Statistics software have changed the way football matches are researched and traded for profit.”

Well that is perhaps the boldest claim of all, because it is one thing to say people make a living out of trading systems and another thing to say you have changed way the market is traded, particularly with a massive worldwide website such as Betfair!

Their claims appear to be backed up by something though, as they have won a number of awards for being the best trading product in their field.

Goal Profits

So we are intrigued to find out what all the fuss is about and whether they can live up to their bold claims. At the end of the day, when you strip away all the hype and layers of theory and padding, any system ultimately comes down to results. 

A lot of trading systems we have come across rely on either unrealistic amounts needed to trade on markets without enough liquidity, are so ridiculously complicated that it would take a degree in trading to comprehend them, or rely on super-fast trading out.

Hopefully that won’t be the case here and trading strategies will be more sensible.

Anyway, the key question is can they produce consistent profits month-in month-out. Well our trial will endeavour to find out. 

In the meantime you can check out Goal Profits here.




tipping point

Tipping Point – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Tipping Point and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  +113 points
Strike Rate:  24%
Bank Growth:  113%
ROI:  11%
Average number of bets:  6 per day
Cost:  £15 for 1st month then £30/month or £70/quarter


You can view full results here.


Tipping Point – Full Review


We have been proofing the tips of horse racing tipster Tipping Point from the Punt Hub stable for a full six months now which has provided a very extensive sample size of over 1100 bets.

Coming into the trial results looked very good, albeit over just a few months so not enough time to judge the service properly. 

In many cases the results after just a short period could be just down to luck rather than someone being a skilled tipster. That is why we see services struggle so often during a live trial after having very strong looking results over a period of three to six months previous.

This time however we are pleased to say that Tipping Point has lived up to the pre-trial billing and produced some excellent results over a full six month review.

In total they amassed an excellent 113 points profit at advised prices, at a decent return on investment (ROI) of 11% and a solid strike rate of 24%. 

Looking at the monthly totals during our review period, they were very consistent:


May +68 points
June +3 points
July -2 points  
August +35 points
September -1 point
October +18 points
November +5 points

So as you can see, very consistent monthly totals. The two losing months were for very small amounts and the rest made decent profits. 

At Betfair SP the results weren’t quite as good with a profit of 34 points made for our trial. So whilst that is still a respectable profit, really if you are going to make the most out of the service it pays to have bookie accounts.

Overall though given they more than doubled the starting bank during our trial, we have no hesitation in awarding Tipping Point a PASSED rating, with bells on!


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Most of the tips are sent out the evening before racing, via Telegram or e-mail, at various times between 1700 and 2100. There are also some tips sent in the morning. With an average of 6 tips per day following the service does require a little more time than some others but it is no by means overly onerous. 

Availability of prices: Prices do tend to get pushed in so we recommend taking early prices if you can.  

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 24% which is pretty solid, and thankfully there were no extensive drawdowns to speak of during our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: We couldn’t find any bank recommended for following the service but with the strike rate and staking we think a 100 point bank should be sufficient and that is what we used for this trial.  

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable for a service of this quality at £15 for the first month then £30/month or £70/quarter. 



It’s been an excellent trial for horse racing service Tipping Point with 113 points profit made over the course of our six month review, which represented a more than doubling of our betting bank. 

With very consistent monthly totals and a solid ROI figure of 11%, we are more than happy to award it a PASSED rating and it is one to definitely consider adding to the portfolio. 








Tipping Point – Results Update

13th October 2019

A small backward step for horse racing service Tipping Point over the last month, with a loss of 15 points made at advised prices since our last update.

With the excellent previous results however they are still 85 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

There’s quite a big difference between the results at advised prices and those at BSP, with 17 points lost at BSP since our last update and 26 points profit made for our trial overall. 

We now have nearly 1000 bets for our trial which is an excellent sample size and more than enough to wrap up our review next month, with hopefully some more profits to report. 







Tipping Point – Results Update

16th September 2019

It’s been an excellent month for horse racing service Tipping Point, with 45 points profit made at advised prices since our last update.

That means they are now exactly 100 points up for our trial overall at advised prices, which is impressive stuff. 

You can view full results here.

Although the results at Betfair SP aren’t quite as good, they are still decent with 36 points profit made since our last update and 43 points profit made for our trial overall. 

We now have a sample size of over 800 bets which is a very good number and suggests they do have a clear edge over the market to have made a profit over such a large number of selections. As long as you are comfortable with the high bet volume then this looks like a top service to be a member of. 





Tipping Point – Results Update

14th August 2019

A small step backwards for Tipping Point recently, with 13 points lost at advised prices since our last update.

With the excellent results compiled previously however they are still 55 points up for our trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it’s been somewhat of a worse month with 35 points lost since our last update, taking them to 7 points up for the trial overall.

Let’s hope they can bounce back this month and get back on track. 







Tipping Point – Results Update

16th July 2019

It’s been an uneventful month for horse racing service Tipping Point, with just 3 points profit made at advised prices since our last update. 

But they are still an excellent 68 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP there has been a small loss over the last month, with 5 points lost since our last update. However, they are still a healthy 42 points up for our trial overall at BSP.

As mentioned last time this is a high volume service with an average of around 6 bets per day so there is a little bit of work involved in following the service but so far it looks well worth it!







Tipping Point – Results Update

13th June 2019

It’s been a cracking start to our trial of horse racing service Tipping Point, with a profit of 65 points made so far at advised prices after six weeks.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP the results have also been excellent, with a profit of 47 points made for our trial to date.

This is quite a high volume service with an average of around 6 bets per day but staking is always to 1 point so is very manageable. 

It’s great to see a service finally living up to its pre-trial billing – long may that continue!






Tipping Point – New Review

11th May 2019

Today we are starting a trial of a new horse racing tipster from the Punt Hub tipster platform. 

This one is called Tipping Point and it’s been causing quite a stir in the Punthub community with some stellar results since going live. 

In less then 3 months of live tipping to Punthub it has made 78 points profit to advised prices or 35 points at BSP. 

Results since July 2018 are very impressive, with 1023 selections of which 245 have won (23.9% strike rate). Those bets have generated a profit of 317 points (Betfair SP) or 453 points profit (Bets odds), which is obviously awesome stuff.

The system has only had 1 losing month to Betfair SP and no losing months to best odds guaranteed (BOG). Quite remarkably both sets of results show very good return on investment at 31% to Betfair, or a huge 44% to best odds.

Although results prior to March haven’t been published, we have found Punthub to be a reliable and transparent platform so wouldn’t doubt those results have been achieved. 

As always however, what counts is how they do under the spotlight of a live trial, so let’s reserve our judgement until we have seen them in action for a while. 

This is quite a high-volume service with as many as 10 bets per day on busy days so there is a bit of work involved in following it but the results so far suggest it would be worth it. 

Tips can be received through both e-mail and Telegram which is good to see. 

We have been receiving tips since 30th April so will record results from then and will update things here regularly during the review.

In the meantime you can check out Tipping Point here. 





Rebel Betting – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a popular and well-known betting service called Rebel Betting. 

It started out as essentially an arbitrage platform but has recently added another tool, value betting, which is what we will be starting out looking at in this review.

According to the website they have had over 125,000 users of their tools since starting up 11 years ago. which shows you the popularity of the platform. 

The idea of the value betting software is to identify instances of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. But how do they know if odds are overpriced, you may ask? 

Well, some bookmakers have proven that they are extremely good at determining odds that reflects the actual probability of an outcome. These are often referred to as “sharp” bookmakers, or “sharps”. These “sharps” can vary by sport but are generally consistent in their efficiency.

So when there is a difference between the sharps odds and those of other bookies, you place a bet at the other bookie and lock in the value. 

It could be for example that team news comes out before a game and alters the odds with the sharps who recognise the affect the news has on the teams’ chances, but some bookies are slow to react and adjust their odds, allowing an opportunity to take advantage.

The software constantly crunches the numbers of all these opportunities, comparing the “sharps” with the rest and churns out value bets you can place, in most instances with a link to the relevant market on the bookie’s website. 

You then just place the bet and that is it – no trading or other hedging is required. 

This is very similar to a product we looked at last year, Trademate Sports. We are not sure who came first but it is not unusual in this genre to see similar products emerge, particularly if they work well! 

The disadvantage of value betting versus arbitrage is that the journey doesn’t tend to be quite as smooth, with more ups and downs, but over the course of enough bets (e.g. 1,000+) you are very likely to be up overall. The graph below illustrates how things may go:

In fact, Rebel Betting say the average results of their users is to double their money in three months, if you place 30 bets per day that is.

That would be pretty decent going and you couldn’t complain if those were your results.

Anyway, let’s see how we get on with the software in our review and we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Rebel Betting for yourself here.






caan berry

Caan Berry Trading Guide – New Review

One of the most famous Betfair traders is Caan Berry. Having previously been in the army, Caan turned his attention to Betfair in 2009 and spent a great deal of time and effort learning how to trade effectively.

Having done so he apparently became very successful at it and went on to be featured on Betfair Learning, Betdaq Tips, BBC Radio 4, and in 2014 was featured by Betfair for their ‘pro traders’ campaign as well as being a recognised figure on the Betfair website. Mr Berry has also published a renowned book on sports trading. 

Given his excellent reputation, we thought it would be a good idea to take some time looking at Caan’s trading courses and to see what we could learn. 

There are a few different ones to choose from, but we are going to start with the Pre-Race Trading Guide, which costs £39 and comes with:-

  • – Where to begin, how to get set up
  • – The understanding behind market limitations and characteristics
  • – How to best interpret streaming information and indicators within a live market environment
  • – Influencing forces and factors that cause market movement
  • – The 7 stages to market formation
  • – How to identify profitable situations, ready in anticipation to squeeze as much profit from them as possible
  • – Where to anticipate potential threats and dangers, avoiding them before they develop
  • – Practical methods to maximise trading efficiency
  • – Which tools are most helpful to read the market and why

All of which sounds pretty good and we are looking forward to checking this material out. Will it turn us into professional traders? Who knows, but hopefully there will be enough in there to point the way towards profits, which is all you can ask for really. 

So we will get the review underway and will report back in due course on how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Caan Berry’s Pre-Race Trading Guide here. 





golfing guru pic

The Golfing Guru – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of The Golfing Guru and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -125 points
Strike Rate:  22%
Bank Growth:  -125%
ROI:  -24%
Average number of bets:  14 per week
Cost:  £5 for first 14 days then £25/month or £60/quarter


You can view full results here.


The Golfing Guru – Full Review


When reviewing golf tipsters we can become like a broken record. Regular visitors will probably be tired of us pointing out the difficulties of following golf tipsters – namely that because they tip at such high odds you tend to get long losing runs and need a large bank to withstand those runs. 

Well yet again this has proved to be the case, this time for the Golfing Guru. Despite entering our review period with excellent results, it has been a very difficult six months and they have finished our trial 125 points down. 

That actually represents more than the advised bank of 100 points, which is obviously a very disappointing outcome. 

Of course as we often also say with golf tipsters, one big winner can turn everything around, but sadly that big winner has proved elusive for this service. 

Unfortunately then there isn’t any other choice than to award this a FAILED rating given the substantial losses made during our six month trial. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The tips are normally sent out Wednesday afternoon/evening ahead of the week’s tournaments on Thursday. There are tips for 3-balls and also outright selections. 

Availability of prices: There was no problem obtaining the advised prices. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 22% which was helped by the 3-ball selections having a higher strike rate but even so was well below where it needed to be to generate a profit.  

Advised Betting Bank: A 100 point bank is recommended for following the service, but the entire bank was wiped out during our trial so we think at least a 200 point bank should be used.  

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £5 for the first 14 days then £25/month or £60/quarter.



Following golf tipsters can be a trying experience at the best of times and normally requires a good deal of patience. In this case sadly we think even those with the patience of Job would not have been able to withstand a loss of 125 points made over the course of our six month trial. 

So unfortunately it’s a FAILED rating for The Golfing Guru with the entire betting bank lost during our trial. 








The Golfing Guru – Results Update

24th September 2019

It’s been a tough month for The Golfing Guru, with 34 points lost since our last update. 

That means they are now 93 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

As we’ve said many times here at HBR, this is often the case with golf tipsters. As they are tipping at high odds there can be very long losing runs, which are tough to take for subscribers. It is important to have a big enough betting bank – which we note here is advised at 100 points and would be nearly gone now. We think a 150-200 point bank would be more appropriate for this tipster.

Anyway, as we say it’s been a tough run but it can always turn around with one big winner. 





The Golfing Guru – Results Update

23rd August 2019

Not much change for the Golfing Guru since our last update, with just 2 points profit made over the last month.

Unfortunately with the previous losses made that means they are still 59 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

They had a nice winner on Bernard Langer at the Senior British Open at 10/1 and the threeball bets continue to do well, but unfortunately the main tournament bets just aren’t quite firing yet. One big winner could turn that all around of course. 







The Golfing Guru – Results Update

25th July 2019

It’s been a tough old run for The Golfing Guru over the last month, with 43 points lost since our last update.

That means they are now 61 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

They could really do with a big winner soon and nearly had one at the Open, tipping Shane Lowry at 60/1 in the first round leader market rather than the outright. Lowry led for most of the first day before being pipped by JB Holmes which was obviously a shame. 

Still, betting is often a game of ifs and buts and all the matters at the end of the day is the final result.

Let’s hope they can turn things around and land that big winner soon.





The Golfing Guru – Results Update

19th June 2019

Not much change for The Golfing Guru since our last update, with a profit of just 2 points made over the last month. 

That means they are now 18 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

We remarked last time on their threeball bets and they continue to do very well, with a profit made in all of the tournaments they have given them out so far and 11 points profit made overall.

It could be worth combining these in permutations to give even more profit if you have the available funds. In any event it is good to see these bets doing well whilst we wait for one of the outright tips to land.  








The Golfing Guru – Results Update

17th May 2019

It’s been a bit of a slow start to our trial of The Golfing Guru from the Tipping Gurus Network, with a loss of 20 points made so far after one month of our trial.

You can view full results here.

Interestingly they have started including some threeball bets in their tips which are five points up so far, so those are worth keeping an eye on.

The good thing about threeball bets is that they will have a much higher strike rate than the outright bets so can help the bank tick over whilst waiting for one of those main bets to land. 

Anyway, still early days for this trial so nothing to get too worried about yet.





The Golfing Guru – New Review

17th April 2019

Well the Masters may have just finished with Tiger Woods’ winning in historic fashion but there are still three majors left this season and a whole host of top quality tournaments too. 

So it’s as good a time as any start a new trial of a golf tipster and today we have one for you that looks pretty special.

They are called The Golfing Guru and rather appropriately come from the Tipping Gurus tipster platform. 

Although a relatively new kid on the block, the Golfing Guru has put together such strong results so far that we felt we just had to take a look for ourselves and undertake a full review.

Since starting up in January of this year they have made over 150 points profit, which would be over £1,500 to just £10 stakes and works out at over £500 profit per month.

That has been achieved with a staggering return on investment of over 90%, which is quite phenomenal and to be honest is probably not sustainable over the long run.

However, if they keep churning out the profits each month then you don’t need an ROI as high as that, 20% or 30% would be more than acceptable. 

Some of the winners so far include:

  • – Phil Mickelson at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am at 25/1
  • – JB Holmes at the Genesis Open at 150/1
  • – Justin Harding at the Qatar Masters at 40/1

And a whole host of placed finishes, which in just over three months of operating is pretty impressive stuff. 

Anyway, we will see if that kind of form can be maintained over the long run so will aim to run a full six-month review of the service. We will update results here regularly during the trial. 

In the meantime you can check out The Golfing Guru for yourself here.