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AH Racing Pic

AH Horse Racing – New Review

We recently started a new trial of a Punt Hub service having not done one for a while, so much like buses, it is time for another one to come along straight after.

The Punt Hub service we are looking at today is AH Horse Racing.

There isn’t much info about AH Horse Racing, but we are told that they have “Determination – Ability – Consistency,” which sound like the kind of qualities we would like to see in a tipster.

Looking at the results, after a tough first month they have done well, with the following five months producing a profit and currently February is in profit too.

The overall profit stands at 32 points so far, which has been made with a 6% return on investment.

Hopefully they will continue to produce regular profit during our three month trial and continue the last five months consistent form.

As ever, only time will tell but the signs are encouraging anyway.

Results will be updated here on a regular basis. We started receiving tips on 15th February, so we will record results from then onwards.

In the meantime you can check out AH Horse Racing here.





The Racing Tipster pic

The Racing Tipster – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing tipster with the very apt name of just  “The Racing Tipster.”

The Racing Tipster is apparently a tipster organisation run by a chap called Joel Ellis who has many years of knowledge and also form studying that has enabled him to devise this horse racing system.

It delivers an average of one to two horse racing tips on a daily basis in the win market in Betfair. The service can also be used with other leading bookmakers as well.

The results published on the website look very impressive and it has one of the strongest profit graphs we have seen. Just take a look at this:

Just the kind of unwavering upward growth you dream of really.

Since starting up in January 2017 the service has apparently made over 300 points profit, with an impressive strike rate of 39% and average odds of 3.88.

That works out at profit of 22 points each month and what is encouraging is that every month so far has been profitable according to their results.

Now as we always say, it remains to be seen if those results can be replicated under the spotlight of a live trial.

But there is only one way to find out, so today we will kick things off and get going on a standard three month trial.

As usual, results will be updated here regularly.

In the meantime, you can check out The Racing Tipster here.






Trackside – New Review

It’s been a little while since we reviewed any services from the Punt Hub tipster stable, with Classic Racing Gold being the last tipster of theirs we reviewed back in 2016. 

Since then Punt Hub have added a number of impressive-looking services to their roster, so we thought it was about time we took a look at some of them.

First up is a service called Trackside, which gets info “straight from the horse’s mouth” as it were. In other words, it seems like they get inside information from key contacts in the horse racing industry, although there aren’t many details on the website about where this may come from.

What is more instructive is their record, which looks very good indeed.

In just over a year of tipping they have amassed over 195 points profit, at an impressive return on investment of 22%.

Staking is pretty sensible too, with a max of 4 points per bet, but an average of 2 points and a fair number of each-way bets which should help up the strike rate.

Bets are apparently sent out on the day of racing, no later than 12.30pm, probably when they have obtained info from their contacts.

We have always felt that one of surest ways to profit from horse racing would be if you could obtain reliable information from insiders. Certainly it seemed to work for professional gamblers like Patrick Veitch.

Sadly though we are yet to come across a successful service that uses inside info, but hopefully Trackside will break the mould.

As we always say, only time will tell. So we will kick off a three month trial today and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Trackside here.  





Thoroughbred Betting

Thoroughbred Betting – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Thoroughbred Betting and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss    -16 points
Strike Rate:  25%
Bank Growth:   -16%
ROI:  -7%
Average number of bets:   2 per day
Cost:  £1 for the first 14 days then £37/month 


You can view full results here.


Thoroughbred Betting – Full Review


This is our second time reviewing Thoroughbred Betting. We reviewed it originally back in June of last year and gave it a failed rating after it finished 25 points down at the end of our three month trial.

However, as the service passed to new ownership (and a new tipster) we were prepared to give it another look as it is like starting from scratch again really with a new tipster at the helm.

Unfortunately though the results have turned out pretty similar in the end. We finished 16 points down this time to advised prices versus 25 points down last time, both of which were disappointing in all honesty. 

As you can see from this graph, we were in deficit for most of the trial:

Thoroughbred Betting Profit Graph

We were nervous at the outset when the new owner said “I don’t have losing months. NEVER. 25-50 points per month without fail. GUARANTEED.”

Firstly very little in life is guaranteed (other than death and taxes), but certainly nothing is guaranteed in the tipping game. It’s an up and down ride and even the best will have losing months sometimes.

So unsurprisingly the guarantee didn’t last longer than a couple of months and when someone makes a claim like that it damages their credibility to a certain degree.

Anyway, whilst it was a disappointing trial, finishing 16 points down was not a complete disaster and only represented a small loss of the bank, so we think a NEUTRAL rating and two and a half stars is an appropriate rating for Thoroughbred Betting this time.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Pretty straightforward service to follow, just a couple of bets per day on average sent the evening before racing, with the occasional late tip sent out on the day.  

Availability of prices: We didn’t see much of an issue in obtaining the advised prices. The Betfair SP results were only 8 points worse than the advised prices, with a loss of 24 points.

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 25%, which is a little below the long term average of 36%. 

Advised Betting Bank: No bank was advised for following the service but we used a 100 point bank which proved to be sufficient. 

Subscription costs: The costs to sign up are £1 for the first 14 days then £37 per month.



Although under new ownership, unfortunately Thoroughbred Betting returned similar results to the previous owners, with a 16 point loss being made to advised prices at the end of our three month trial.

Whilst that wasn’t a calamity by any means, we feel it is a watching brief for now until there are signs that the service can start generating some regular profits. 






Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

15th January 2018

The slow improvement has continued for Thoroughbred Betting, with another 5 points profit made since our last update.

That means we are now level for the trial at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

There has also been a small improvement at Betfair SP, with 2 points profit made since our last update.

However, that still leaves us 10 points down for the trial overall at Betfair SP.

The highlight of the trial came on Saturday when they managed to land three winners in a row, at prices of 15/8, 5/1 and 11/4, which would have been nice if you had it in a treble.

Anyway, good to see the service has recovered to get back to even and let’s hope it can now finish the trial with a flourish.  





Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

15th December 2017

There’s been something of an improvement for Thoroughbred Betting since our last update, with 12 points profit made at advised prices.

That means we are just 5 points down for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have picked up as well, with 9 points profit made since our last update, but we are still 12 points down for the trial overall.

Hopefully they are back on the right track now and we will see things move into profit for the trial overall soon.

Back soon with more updates.






Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

22nd November 2017

It’s been a rocky start to our trial of Thoroughbred Betting, with 17 points lost to advised prices so far.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it has been a little bit worse, with 21 points lost so far.

In the introduction to the review we copied an e-mail from Thoroughbred Betting say they would make “25-50 points per month guaranteed.”

We always cringe a little bit whenever a tipster says that because no matter how good you are, profits are never guaranteed.

And they will have to go some not to finish well down for this month, so that guarantee is looking a little hollow right now.

To be fair to them though, it is still early days in the trial and far too soon to draw any conclusions. They have also had quite a large number of second places so with a little bit of luck results could be a lot better at this point.

Let’s hope some of those seconds start turning into wins for them going forward.





Thoroughbred Betting – Re-Review

1st November 2017

Back in June we completed a trial of Thoroughbred Betting (a horse racing tipster) and gave it a failed rating after it lost 25 points during our trial.

However, the service has since been taken over by someone else and they are taking a completely different approach to it.

So we thought we would give it a look and see if the new owner can do a better job than the previous one of making some profit. 

In many ways it is like a brand new review, but since we already have a “Thoroughbred Betting Review” here on the site, we thought best to clarify what was going on so there was no confusion.

The new Thoroughbred Betting service is run by a guy called Paul and he says the reason he bought the service was due to the large social media following as well as having a fully functioning website.

That sounds fair enough to us. 

He says he is not a tipster as such, just a very well connected member of the horse racing community and gets insider info which he uses to his advantage.

Here is what Paul has to say about his service in his own words:

“I’m connected with well over 100 very influential people in racing and this allows me a clear upper hand when tipping horses. Having said that it doesn’t take into account factors such as unknown injuries/illness with the horse, jockey error etc so its never a guarantee.

The best way I can sum it up is every time I tip a 6/1 you can basically expect it to run like a 3/1, and a 4/1 will most likely run like a 2/1 and so on.

Its like flipping a coin that 65% of the time will land on heads. If you only flip it 3 times it may still land on 3 tails, its unlikely but it can happen. But flip that coin 300 times and you know for a fact they’ll be more heads than tails.

That analogy sums up what my service offers. Its absolutely guaranteed monthly profits. I can’t believe that some tipsters have losing months and say its just a blip. I don’t have losing months. NEVER.

25-50 points per month without fail. GUARANTEED.”

Well we’ve heard that before a few times and virtually all of such promises have failed to deliver, but we will put our scepticism aside for the moment and see how the new Thoroughbred Betting gets on during a live three month trial here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Since taking over the service, the results published on the website look promising with 36 points profit made at an ROI of 46%.

Our own trial results will be updated on this page periodically during the trial and we hope we will have some good news to deliver.

We started receiving the tips on 29th October and they have started well so that is a good sign. Let’s hope it continues like that. 

You can check out Thoroughbred Betting here. 






exponential bet

Exponential Bet – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Exponential Bet (Dutching Systems) and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss   +33 points 
Strike Rate  93%
Bank Growth:   33% 
ROI:  7%
Average number of bets:   4 per week
Cost:  £29.99/month, or £268.99/year 


You can view full results here.


Exponential Bet – Full Review


Exponential Bet is a suite of various betting systems for horse racing and football.

The service is run by a guy called Ryan who has been a professional gambler for a number of years and he developed these systems after rigorous testing.

The idea of all the systems – as the name of the website suggests – is to grow a betting bank exponentially over time by using progressive staking.

Of course a staking system is only any use if the selections themselves are actually profitable – if they aren’t then no staking system can turn a losing approach into a winning one.

But if the selections are profitable then using a progressive approach, where you bet a percentage of your bank each time, can grow your bank dramatically over time.

For the purposes of this review, we were just looking at their horse racing dutching systems.

In essence with these systems you are betting on a number of different horses in the same race at combined odds which are very low, often 1.1 – 1.2. 

So it is a little bit like laying the outsiders, but with better liquidity and not needing to lay at crazy odds of 100+ which you need a lot of funds to do.

So how did the laying systems get on in our trial?

Well are pleased to say they did very well, churning out a solid 33 points of profit overall during our three month review.

All of the four systems ended in profit which was good to see and the strike rate was extremely good at 93%.

The service utilises an unusual method of betting that involves using the BSP multiples service, which is on the old Betfair interface. It can take a little getting used to but there are instructions on the Exponential Bet website.

One of the problems with using BSP multiples is that it doesn’t record your bet results in your Betfair bet history, so it can be a little more work than usual keeping track of your results.

But Ryan updates you daily by e-mail so that helps with things.

One point to bear in mind is that if you are following all four of the dutching systems then you will need four separate betting banks, so make sure you have enough funds available to do that. 

Overall though we were impressed by the service and can see that over time the banks could really grow.

We are happy to give this a PASSED rating based on our three month trial and will keep an eye on things to see if the banks do continue growing over time.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: As we say, placing the bets takes a little bit of getting used to but once you have got the hang of things it shouldn’t take too long each day to place the bets. The selections are usually sent out late morning and then you just go to the BSP multiples page and it takes a few minutes normally to place the bets.

Availability of prices: As you are using the Betfair SPs, there is no issue with getting the prices as everyone will of course get the same prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 93%,  which is excellent and means losing runs should be minimal with this service. 

Advised Betting Bank: Different banks are advised for each service, but normally you are betting between 5% and 10% of your bank each time.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs for the four dutching systems (including the new Super Dutch system) are £29.99 per month, £148.99 for 6 months or £268.99 per year. 



Exponential Bet’s Dutching Systems take an unusual approach to betting, but in a way we like that.  It is tough to make a profit these days if you are just using age-old form reading, so we tend to favour approaches that take a different angle.

The results during our trial were solid, with 33 points profit made with a very high strike rate of 93%.

We can see that if those results were maintained in the long run, you could really build a bank in an exponential fashion like the service aims for.

So it is a PASSED rating from us and one we will keep monitoring to see if they can indeed continue to build those banks.







Exponential Bet – Results Update

4th January 2018

Exponential Bet continues to make steady progress, adding another 6 points of profit since our last update.

That means we are now 16 points up for the trial overall across all the different dutching systems.

You can view full results here.

Please note at the bottom of the results spreadsheet you can see tabs for each of the dutching systems – D1, D2, D3, D4 Multiples and D4 Singles.

Good to see things moving along nicely here and if that continues then stakes will steadily build and the bank will grow towards some exponential returns. 





Exponential Bet – Results Update

7th December 2017

Things have continued on steadily for Exponential Bet, which is what it is all about really.

Since our last update we have made another 6 points profit across all the systems, meaning we are now 10 points up in total.

You can view full results here.

Please note at the bottom of the results spreadsheet you can see tabs for each of the dutching systems – D1, D2, D3 and D4 Multiples.

It takes a little bit of getting used to in terms of placing the bets and tracking results but we think we have the hang of it now.

Good to see the positive progress here and let’s hope it continues long term. 





Exponential Bet – Results Update

18th November 2017

It’s been a little bit of a quiet start to our trial of Exponential Bet, although we are in profit so far.

We have been following the tips since 1st November and across all the horse racing dutching systems, we are 4 points in profit so far.

You can view full results here.

Please note at the bottom of the results spreadsheet you can see tabs for each of the dutching systems – D1, D2, D3 and D4 Multiples.

The idea behind Exponential Bet is to place dutch bets so that you are covering multiple eventualities in the same race.

Plus you are using progressive staking, so you are using a fixed percentage of your bank (e.g. 10%) on each bet to hopefully grow your bank over time more quickly than if you were using fixed staking. If things go really well then the banks should grow exponentially – hence the name of the service.

It uses an unusual method of betting that involves the BSP multiples service, which is on the old Betfair interface.

One of the problems with that is that it doesn’t record your bet results in your Betfair bet history, so it can be a little more hard work keeping track of your results.

Anyway, a solid start from Exponential Bet and hopefully the bank growth will continue. 





Exponential Bet – New Review

29th October 2017

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we are always on the lookout for new and innovative approaches to betting.

Let’s face it, in this information age we live in, if you just go through old-school form reading to try and pick your bets, you are probably going to struggle.

You need to try and find some kind of new angle, a different approach to those being used by the vast majority of punters.

So when we were approached by a chap called Ryan lately about his new betting strategy, it piqued our interest.

Ryan runs the Exponential Bet website and his specialist approach to betting is to concentrate on growing a betting bank exponentially by using an incremental staking system.

Whilst the focus is on protecting the betting bank, the goal is to start with an initial betting investment and grow it into a substantial sum. 

The staking system is built in to the betting systems themselves. This means that growing each betting bank is made as simple as possible for members of Exponential Bet.

Ryan uses his own betting and trading strategies as the basis for the service. These are the same strategies that he has developed over a number of years as a professional gambler to make a substantial income for himself.

He began developing his betting seriously back in 2009 and ran a betting website previously. In mid- last year Ryan decided to introduce his exponential betting systems, and added a PDF ebook to ebay to test the water. Surprised at the take up of the product he then launched the Exponential Bet website last November, only recently adding a subscription service.  

The results published on the website look highly impressive, with one of the systems showing a 296% bank growth in 2 months and another showing a 617% bank growth in 8 months.

Those results have been achieved with a very high strike rate that allows the bank to increase significantly on long winning runs. 

There are three different strategies on the website for members to potentially get involved in. They are:

  • – Pre-Race Trading (horse racing)
  • – Dutch Betting (horse racing)
  • – Football Betting tips

In case you aren’t aware, there is a full guide to what dutching is here, but basically it is where you back multiple selections in the same race or event. This gives you a greater chance of finding the winner but obviously also reduces your potential profits. In essence it is about reducing the margin for error.

This looks like a really interesting approach to betting and we are looking forward to seeing how it gets on during our review.

Our trial will commence on Tuesday 31st October and will run for three months as standard.

We will update results here regularly so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Exponential Bet here. 






slow horse luke

Slow Horse Luke – Final Review

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Slow Horse Luke and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +14 points 
Strike Rate:  77%
Bank Growth:    14%
ROI:  8%
Average number of bets:    2 per day  
Cost:  £14.95/month 


You can view full results here.


Slow Horse Luke – Full Review


Slow Horse Luke is a horse racing laying service which provides about two selections per day.

The service is run by a guy called Luke Glover and he looks for horses who he thinks have a lower chance of winning than the odds suggest, because they have a history of falling, are bad starters of a race or are quite simply too slow.

It must be said there are a dearth of good laying services out there, in fact there is only one laying service in our winning systems list and that is Little Acorns.

It is more difficult than you would think to make a profit from picking horses to lose. Certainly there are a lot more successful backing services than laying.

So it is good to see that Slow Horse Luke finished our trial with a profit of 14 points in the end to advised prices and 16 points profit to Betfair SP.

As you can see from the graph below, after being in loss early on we rebounded nicely in the second half of the trial.

Slow Horse Luke Profit Graph

The strike rate was good at 77%, although as is the problem with most laying services, the bank growth over the trial was quite low at just 14%.

The problem with laying horses at odds of up to 6.0 is that a couple of losers in quick succession can do quite a bit of damage to your bank. It is often a case of two steps forward, one step back.

The growth in the bank for Slow Horse Luke wasn’t very high in comparison to some of the other successful horse racing services we have reviewed here on the site.

So whilst we are happy to give Slow Horse Luke a PASSED rating on the basis that it finished in profit, this is more a steady eddy service than one that will double your bank in a month or two.

If you are looking for a laying service though, this could be the one for you.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: A relatively straightforward service to use with an average of just two bets per day, sent out in the morning. You will need to be able to access an exchange to be able to lay the bets.

Availability of prices: Interestingly at the start of the trial we saw quite a lot of pressure on prices, probably due to a lot of people subscribing to the service when it launched. Prices could move out quite significantly, making it tough to get close to the advised prices. However, things have settled down since then and there generally isn’t such a problem with prices. The best thing to do if prices do go against you is to wait for them to come back down, which they usually do. The Betfair SP results actually beat the advised prices, which backs this up.  

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 77%,  which is decent although not quite as high as the 90% claimed on the website.

Advised Betting Bank: A 100 point bank is advised for following the service, which we think is sensible and should cover the losing runs. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £14.95 per month.



It is good to have found a laying service that has passed a trial here at Honest Betting Reviews as there haven’t been many of them over the years.

Slow Horse Luke is a nice simple service to follow and generated a solid 14 points profit over our trial.

Much like its name, this is a slow and steady service rather than one that will produce spectacular returns.

On the basis of our trial though we are content to award this is a PASSED rating and if you are looking for a laying service, you could certainly do worse than this. 







Slow Horse Luke – Results Update

16th January 2018

A small improvement for horse racing laying service Slow Horse Luke since our last update, with another 3 points profit made at advised prices.

That takes us to 18 points profit for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have been pretty similar, with another 3 points profit made and 19 points profit made overall.

The service is a little inconsistent in its delivery, with some days seeing no e-mails received, even just to say there will no bets. Other days Luke sends an e-mail saying there will be a weekly review but then nothing is forthcoming.

Anyway, it is nicely in profit so can’t have too many complaints really.

Back soon with more updates.





Slow Horse Luke – Results Update

23rd December 2017

The good form has continued for laying service Slow Horse Luke, which has made another 10 points of profit at advised priced since our last update.

That means it is now 15 points up for our trial overall at advised prices.*

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have been pretty similar, with 9 points profit made since our last update and also 16 points profit made overall.

Finding a good laying service has proved hard work so hopefully Slow Horse Luke can continue the good form and establish itself as a successful laying operation.


*Please note we did not receive an e-mail for 19th December so our results had not previously included the tips for that day. We have now received notification of the tips for that day and have updated the results accordingly. The previous results had stated a profit of 18 points overall at advised prices where as this has now been revised down to 15 points. 




Slow Horse Luke – Results Update

5th December 2017

Slow Horse Luke has managed to turn things around since our last update, making 18 points of profit at advised prices.

That means we are now 5 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things are also much improved, with 13 points profit made since our last update and 7 points of profit made overall.

There has been a 14-bet winning streak which just came to an end yesterday but was nice to see and hopefully we will see more of that kind of form from Luke going forward.





Slow Horse Luke – Results Update

13th November 2017

It’s been a poor start to our trial of laying service Slow Horse Luke as we are 13 points down so far to advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have actually been slightly better, with only 6 points lost so far. That is because one horse won at a BSP of 10.6, but Luke advises not laying above 6.0, so that was a no bet if you were laying at Betfair SP.

But either way it has been a disappointing start. Sadly the horses chosen by Slow Horse Luke haven’t quite been slow enough thus far!

Let’s hope we have better news to report by our next update.




Slow Horse Luke – New Review

24th October 2017

We have been getting a lot of e-mails in our inbox lately regarding a service called Slow Horse Luke, so we thought we would give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

This is a high strike rate horse racing system, based on laying horses to lose on the exchanges.

The sales page claims that the system has a strike rate of 91.3%, which means that over 9 out of every 10 bets would be successful.

It also claims that the person behind the system – a person called Luke Glover – earned £26,872 from the system in 2015. 

He claims to be a statistician and analyst by trade and after some research and tweaking of his strategy, came up with three key things to look for when laying a horse:-

  1. 1. The Start
  2. 2. Falling (in jumps races)
  3. 3. Being too slow

So he focuses on speed ratings in short races, on the basis that a slow horse can only win a short race with a great start – anything other than that and it will have little chance.

In addition he looks for potential fallers during the jumps season. 

He claims to have made an additional £22,000 in 2016 on top of the monies won in 2015, which if true would be quite a feat.

One of the e-mails we received claimed this has just come off a winning run of 13 successful lays, which again sounds very good if accurate. 

There are no results published anywhere on the sales page which always makes us a little worried however.

Anyway, we will put aside our skepticism for a little bit and see if this Slow Horse Luke system can deliver the kind of returns suggested on the sales page.

It only costs £14.95 per month to sign up so it’s not going to cost us too much to find out if it is any good. 

We will run a standard three month trial and see how it gets on – results will be updated on this page.

In the meantime you can check out Slow Horse Luke here.









Top 20 golf tips pic

Top 20 Golf Tips – New Review

Today we are going to take a look at a golf tipster with a bit of a twist.

Whilst the vast majority of golf tipsters bet on the winner of the tournament, this one backs only in the top 20 market. Hence the name Top 20 Golf Tips.

There is quite a sensible logic to backing in the top 20 market. Anyone who has bet on golf will know how tough it can be to pick the winner of a tournament. Or how agonising it can be to have your player be up in the lead virtually the whole tournament and then have a bit of bad luck or have a putt just lip out at the end to miss out on the win.

So by backing for a player to finish in the top 20, you are giving yourself quite a lot of leeway for the player to get themselves inside that bracket.

That is the logic anyway, but more important is whether the tipster has made it work in practice.

Well judging by the results on the Betting Gods website, they have done – and how!

The results are quite astounding. With over 1,000 points profit made since February 2016, it has one of the highest points totals on the Betting Gods platform.

And that has been achieved with a return on investment of 56%, an awesome level to have sustained over the course of two years.

But what impresses us most is the consistency. Just check out this profit graph:

Top 20 Golf Tips Profit Graph

As you can see, it is one of the smoothest profit graphs you could possibly ask to see. Just nice steady profit month after month.

In fact, 21 out of the 23 months so far have been profitable. That is the kind of consistency most tipsters can only dream of.

It is quite a high volume service, with 80 to 100 bets per month, so there will be quite a bit of work to do on a Wednesday evening when bets are sent out.

And we will have to see how obtainable the prices are.

But certainly based on the results achieved to date we are very much looking forward to this trial and seeing whether they can be replicated in the long run.

As usual progress will be updated here regularly.

In the meantime you can check out Top 20 Golf Tips here. 





Racing goldmine

Racing Goldmine – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Racing Goldmine and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   -57 points 
Strike Rate:  13%
Bank Growth:    -57%
ROI:  -7%
Average number of bets:    10 per day
Cost:  £57/month or £114/quarter  


You can view full results here.


Racing Goldmine – Full Review


Racing Goldmine is a horse racing tipster that takes quite an unusual approach to their betting. 

Basically they tend to provide multiple selections in the same race – or in other words are “dutching” in betting parlance. The idea is that you are hedging your bets and covering multiple angles for how the race may pan out.

The results coming into our trial looked outstanding so we were cautiously optimistic that the people behind the service had found a new profitable angle for betting on the horses.

Unfortunately though, things did not turn out well under the spotlight of a live trial and we ended up 57 points down at advised prices and 75 points down at Betfair SP.

At advised prices, that represented a return on investment of -7% and a 57% loss of the bank, which are fairly disappointing figures.

As always, it could be that we just caught the service at a bad time but really we were hoping for better than that and we feel we have no alternative but to award it a FAILED rating based on the results of our trial. 

It is one to avoid for the time being and is not one we will be adding to our portfolio. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The bet volume is high with around 10 bets per day, which are sent out the evening before racing, so there is quite a bit of work involved in the following the service.

Availability of prices: We did not experience any problems in terms of obtaining the advised prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was quite low at 13% so there will be drawdowns encountered with this tipster.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 100 point bank for the service but a larger bank of up to 150 points could be used for added safety. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £57 per month or £114 per quarter which are quite high given the results achieved during our trial.



We had high hopes for Racing Goldmine coming into our trial but sadly it ended up disappointing with a loss of 57 points at advised prices.

This isn’t a service we will be following and it receives a FAILED rating from us.  






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

11th December 2017

A bit of an improvement for Racing Goldmine since our last update, with 10 points profit made.

That means we are now 6 points up for the trial as a whole.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair there has also been a slight improvement, with 11 points profit made since our last update.

However, we are still 39 points down at Betfair SP for the trial overall, so it is looking questionable as to whether the service is practical to follow at Betfair SP.

Back soon with more updates.






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

25th November 2017

Things have gone south for Racing Goldmine since our last update a month ago, with 21 points lost in that time to advised prices.

That means overall we are now 6 points down for the trial so far.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we have seen things take a more severe nosedive, with 50 points lost since our last update and 42 points lost overall.

So far Racing Goldmine isn’t living up to the results published on their website prior to our trial starting, which if you remember showed an astonishing profit of over 1300 points since April.

Anyway, we only around half way through the trial, so plenty of time for results to pick up.

We will be back soon with more updates.






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

23rd October 2017

It has been solid start to our trial of Racing Goldmine, whilst not quite matching the amazing results published for the period prior to our trial.

So far to advised prices we are 15 points up after three weeks.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we are 8 points up, which isn’t bad either.

There are a large volume of bets with this service, although a lot of them are in the same races. So you will be backing 3 or 4 horses in the same race, which is quite an unusual approach.

However, so far it is working well so we can’t have any complaints really.





Racing Goldmine – New Review

3rd October 2017

Today we are commencing a new trial of a very promising horse racing service called Racing Goldmine.

To say this has some of the best results we have ever seen from a horse racing tipster would be an understatement.

These results are positively mind-blowing!

Since starting proofing to Bet Kudos in April 2017, the service has made an astonishing 1380 points profit to advised prices. 

That would be £13,800 profit to just £10 per point in only 6 months!

And that is to 1 point level stakes. So no crazy staking system to inflate results, just simple 1 point stakes on every bet.

The return on investment is a ridiculous 160%. Nuts. Just nuts.

Even the strike rate is pretty good at 35%, so a decent proportion of winners.

Now having seen those results, our initial worry was that they would all be predicated on getting early prices and that by the time the races come round, the value would be all gone and those without bookie accounts wouldn’t be able to follow the service.

But get this – the Betfair SP results are an amazing 1144 points profit too! So hugely profitable by using Betfair as well.

There isn’t much given away on the sales page as to how selections are chosen and all we can glean is that it involves backing more than one horse in each race and the service is run by a guy called Richard Man.

We have been advised to use a 200 point bank when following the service, which for once seems like a more than adequate bank given the 1 point stakes and 35% strike rate.

So we are very excited to get the trial underway and to see if results can come anywhere close to those published on the Bet Kudos website. 

If they can then we will be onto something very special here indeed!

We will update results here regularly during the trial so you can see how the service is progressing.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Goldmine here. 





crpto investing pro

Crypto Investing Pro – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Crypto Investing Pro and here are our final thoughts.

This is more of a general advice service about crypto rather than a tipping service. You don’t get specific tips to buy particular cryptocurrencies at a certain price. 

What you do get are videos and blog posts on:

  • – Market Update videos of about 20-25 minutes with Alex’s general thoughts on the crypto markets and where they are likely to go
  • – How to get into Bitcoin
  • – The Advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin
  • – How to choose a winner
  • – How to buy and sell on an exchange
  • – The steps you need to take to keep your coins safe and secure

So whilst these articles and videos are useful, it’s a little difficult to give the service a rating because there are no actual results to report.

What we can say is that the advice is sound and you would have done well by following it.

Of course at the same time, just about everyone involved in the crypto space in the last year has done phenomenally well, so we wouldn’t say this would have given you results markedly different to the market average or just having bought a selection of coins and held them.

Certainly if you are completely new to crypto then there is some useful advice, but you could probably find that advice for free elsewhere on in the internet.

So overall we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair here. It’s a useful guide to the world of cryptocurrencies for beginners but without specific recommendations or tips of coins to buy at a particular price, we are not sure it is worth the ongoing monthly subscription fee.





Crypto Investing Pro – Results Update

28th November 2017

We have been a member of Crypto Investing Pro for a couple of months now so it is high time for an update on how things have been going.

The main point to note about this service is that it does not provide specific “tips” as such, for example to buy a particular coin at a certain price etc.

It is more of a general advice service where you get Alex’s insights on the market and where he has his own cryptocurrency investments.

This mainly consists of monthly “Market Update” videos where Alex gives his thoughts on where the market is likely to go, in videos of around 20-25 minutes.

Plus there are blog posts and a lot of general advice of how to get into cryptos, store your coins safely, his rules of cryptocurrency investing and so on. 

The advice he gives generally is very good though and it is certainly sensible.

Since we joined the service his main focus has been on Bitcoin and Ethereum and he has not been investing in ICOs or the smaller coins, apart from a very small investment in Zcash.

His focus on the “big two” of Bitcoin and Ethereum has done very well as they have both been on a tear lately.

He did recommend selling Bitcoin Cash in his October video, which in itself would have been a mistake as it has rocketed in value lately by about 300%, but he did recommend using those funds to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin, so you still would have done very well with those.

He also gives some good general money management advice and insights into things like the hard forks, which is useful for those who are not experts in cryptos and want to know more.

Overall we really like Alex’s service, it is good, no-nonsense and sensible advice that is based on his own in-depth knowledge of the sector. You don’t get hype or any pump-and-dump nonsense from him, just sound cryptocurrency advice.

So we will run this review for another month before wrapping up, but so far Crypto Investing Pro is looking good and is something we would recommend if you are looking to get into cryptos or even for the experienced investor who wants some additional insights. 








Crypto Investing Pro – New Review

26th September 2017

In recent times we have become very excited by the growth of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and have been looking at ways to become involved.

The stories of people buying just a few hundreds dollars worth of Bitcoin back in the early days becoming millionaires are just too hard to ignore.

First up then we have purchased some Bitcoin and Ethereum, but we have been eager to learn more and to find out what the best up-and-coming Altcoins (alternative coins) are.

So in that vein we have turned to what looks like a helpful guide from professional investor and entrepeneur Alex Fortin called Crypto Investing Pro.

This is a course of 40+ videos that provides information on everything from:

  • Why Bitcoin may pop another 10x
  • The Advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin
  • Other cryptos poised to pop
  • How to choose a winner
  • How to buy and sell on an exchange
  • The steps you need to take to keep your coins safe and secure

To be honest, it is the third item on the list we are most interested in – i.e. which cryptos are poised to surge right now – and thankfully membership of Crypto Investing Pro gives you access to a private Facebook group where Alex will apparently update this information regularly.

So all in all this looks like a very interesting course and we are keen to check out if it can help us select the next altcoins that might rocket in value and land us a big win.

So we have signed up and will be running a live trial to see if Alex can deliver.

It should also gives us some useful info on cryptos in general and strengthen our knowledge of the sector.

We will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Crypto Investing Pro here.




Bitconnect homepage

Bitconnect – Final Review

The party is over. 

Yes folks, as of yesterday Bitconnect is finished. They have closed the lending and exchange platform and have refunded the value of people’s investment in Bitconnect coins.

The only problem with doing things that way though is that the value of Bitconnect coins absolutely plummeted on the news (by around 90%), so what people actually received was only a fraction of their original investments.

Well we had warned repeatedly during the review that was probably a Ponzi scheme or scam and so it proved.

Anything that pays 1% per day is simply unsustainable, particularly when you can reinvest funds and compound the returns.

It was always really just a question of when Bitconnect would fold, not if.

Officially they say the reason for shutting down was due to two Cease and Desist letters, one from the Texas State Securities Board, and one from the North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division, plus bad press and DDos attacks, but more likely it was the crypto market collapse that meant they could no longer afford paying back the loans.

The site’s business case always required a continually rising Bitcoin price to be able to afford to pay back the loans and the recent drops in Bitcoin’s value would have made payouts increasingly difficult.

Plus of course they had some huge loans to pay back from the likes of Trevon James and Craig Grant (prominent YouTubers) who put in money around six months ago.

In any event, at least Bitconnect paid back something to its members unlike some of the other Ponzi schemes that just cut and run.

In the end I have lost around $500 here which is disappointing, but not the end of the world. 

Weirdly they are still ploughing ahead with plans for their BitconnectX exchange platform, but given what has happened here that must be dead in the water. All the trust is gone and who would want to invest in anything related to Bitconnect now?

Anyway, the only thing left to say is that this is obviously a FAILED rating and another warning to avoid any other HYIP (High Yield Investment Progreamme) like this that promises to pay 1% per day or anything like that.

Quite simply any scheme of that nature is an obvious Ponzi scheme and is guaranteed to collapse at some point.




Bitconnect – Results Update

7th January 2018

The profits keep rolling in from Bitconnect, with another $920 made since our last update and $2,173 made overall.

You can view full results here. 

So far we have withdrawn $1,385 from Bitconnect in comparison to total deposits of $2,540, so in just over a month or so we should have recouped our investment and be playing with the house’s money so to speak.

Bitconnect continues to develop their plans for the future, with a detailed roadmap for 2018 and the mysterious pre-launch of BitconnectX, which no-one knows what it is exactly but will be unveiled in a few days.

In any event, this is looking like an intriguing experiment that has lasted longer than a lot of people expected and may still have legs in it for a while yet. 







Bitconnect – Results Update

8th December 2017

Bitconnect continues to roll along nicely, with a further $488 profit made since our last update and $1253 profit generated overall.

You can view full results here. 

For the first month we were reinvesting our funds so that meant we were increasing the payouts further down the line.

But for the last couple of weeks we have started withdrawing our profits and so far have withdrawn $494 worth. 

We plan to keep withdrawing until we have recouped our initial investment of $2540 and then may reinvest some more to increase the payouts.

That’s presuming of course that Bitconnect sticks around long enough for us to do that, but so far it is looking good and they even recently launched their own debit card, Bitconnect pay, so it looks like they are expanding rather than contracting.

Anyway we will see, but so far has been operating exactly as advertised.






Bitconnect – Results Update

19th November 2017

Bitconnect continues to deliver us excellent profits and we have made another $644 profit since our last update at the end of October.

That means we have now made $765 profit in total from Bitconnect from a combined investment of $2540.

You can view full results here. 

So far this is looking like one of the best investments we have ever made.

However, that does come with a caveat, as mentioned in our previous update.

The caveat is that we are still unsure of the long-term sustainability of Bitconnect. How long can they keep on paying members an average of 1% profit per day?

We don’t know – and frankly neither does anyone else.

Yes they have the incredible appreciation in the value of their own Bitconnect Coins, which are now up a mind-boggling 185,000% since their inception, giving them potentially hundreds of millions, even perhaps billions, with which to pay investors.

But as more and more people join the platform and start withdrawing funds, their payout bill becomes larger and larger.

Anyway, as we say no-one can predict how long Bitconnect will stay around for but for the time being it is paying us fantastic returns and long may that continue.




Bitconnect – Results Update

31st October 2017

It has been an excellent start to our trial of Bitconnect, with $121 profit made so far after 10 days.

We have made combined investments of $1530 and are reinvesting any profits we make for the time being to compound our earnings and grow our capital. 

You can view full results here. 

Just to recap, this is a passive income scheme based on Bitcoin. You “lend” money to a trading bot which pays out a daily amount of interest. 

So far this interest rate has averaged around 1% per day, which is obviously very high indeed!

So high in fact that some people have questioned whether this is a Ponzi scheme.

We don’t know either way, but what we can say is they have an exceptionally clever business model that means the value of their own coins (Bitconnect, or BCC, coins) appreciate over time the more demand there is.

Their coins have grown over 140,000% in value since the launch, which is quite incredible and means they should a huge amount of capital with which to pay investors.

Certainly enough to reward some of their top promoters with supercars at an event they held over the weekend! Some lucky sods won Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Ferraris.

However, at the same time there is still suspicion around the company. They have no registered address nor does anyone know who is behind the scheme. And there is very scant information about how the trading bot works.

So we treat this investment as very high risk. Ultimately the site could go down at any time and we could lose all our money. There would be no recourse to recoup that money given that there aren’t even details of who the company are!

But of all the dubious high-return investment schemes around Bitcoin at the moment, this one appears to have the most credibility and at least some kind of tangible business model that means it isn’t just a pure Ponzi scheme (if it is one at all).

We are betting on the site being around for a little longer, or hopefully long enough to at least recoup our investment and make some profit.

That is all you are doing if you invest in a scheme like this really – betting on the site being around long enough to make you some profit.

We shall see, it will be an interesting experiment in any event…

You can check out Bitconnect here. 






Bitconnect – New Review

21st October 2017

We have recently expanded our repertoire here at Honest Betting Reviews into looking at cryptocurrencies.

This is mainly for a fairly simple reason – because the returns around some cryptocurrencies have been pretty insane!

Here are just a few stats for you:-

  • – IOTA up 56,464%
  • – Ethereum up 82,450%
  • – Spectrecoin up 21,102%
  • – Stratis up 44,293%
  • – Antshares up 17,813%

And let’s not forget Bitcoin itself, up well over 100,000% since its inception. 

People who bought a few dollars worth of Bitcoin back in the early days are now millionaires.

And lots of other people are becoming millionaires all the time off the exciting new coins that are being released these days.

We are eager to check out the potential new opportunities around cryptocurrencies and to see if we can get you and us some of those stunning returns.

So in that vein, the latest opportunity we are checking out is called Bitconnect.

The returns from this look pretty incredible we have to say.

It says on the website you can earn up to 40% in interest per month from being part of Bitconnect.

Yes just to repeat that – 40% interest PER MONTH.

Now let’s compare that to interest rates here in the UK – which currently stand at 0.25% per year. 

In the US, interest rates are around 1%.

So you earn pretty much nothing by holding money in your bank account, where as Bitconnect is offering you the chance to earn 40% per month!

Now that potential 40% per month looks – dare we say it – a little too good to be true. However, having done some research on it and looked at a lot of YouTube videos on Bitconnect, there do appear to be people achieving returns like that.

As with all these things though, the only way to be sure is to try it yourself and see how it turns out.

So that is exactly what we are going to do – today we are starting a live trial of Bitconnect here on the site.

How Does Bitconnect work?

Having registered on the Bitconnect site and taken a look around, it is a little complicated and takes a bit of understanding to work out what it’s all about.

Here is a video from Bitconnect themselves explaining what it is in a nutshell:

So basically to break things down for you, there are a few different options as to what you can do when you join Bitconnect:-

  • – Buy Bitconnect and hold it, hoping the price of the coin will rise
  • – Trade Bitconnect, hoping to make a profit by buying and selling it
  • – Lend Bitconnect out and earn daily interest

It is the third option that interests us the most and is the one we will be pursuing in this review. That seems to be the one that most investors in Bitconnect are doing from what we can gather and looks to be by far the most profitable avenue.

Now it should be made clear that when it says “lend Bitconnect out,” you are not lending out Bitconnect to borrowers, like in a peer-to-peer lending scheme.

What you are doing is “lending” Bitconnect to a trading bot that trades on the volatility of Bitcoin. The more volatile Bitcoin is on a given day, the more interest you make. 

Any regular followers of Bitcoin will know, it tends to be hugely volatile, with swings of hundreds of dollars in price in a day not uncommon. 

So you earn interest on a daily basis from the returns of the trading bot and these can average as high as 1% – or more.

On the Bitconnect platform you can check all the recent interest payouts and at the time of writing, the interest payouts over the last week have averaged just over 0.8% per day, which is pretty amazing.

You can also reinvest some or all of the interest you earn, compounding your returns further.

We have seen a demonstration of how this could allow you to turn $5,000 into $60,000 in six months if interest rates averaged 1% per day!

All in all this looks like quite a compelling investment opportunity, although as we say the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

So we will be begin our trial today and will report back soon on how it’s going.

In the meantime you can check out Bitconnect here.