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Paragon Coin – A Blockchain for Cannabis

One of the newest cryptocurrencies to launch is Paragon Coin, which is an innovative approach to solving the many problems inherent in obtaining medical cannabis in the 29 states where it is legal in the US.

The coin is being launched by a former Iowa beauty queen, Jessica VerSteeg and her tech millionaire husband Egor Lavrov, with backing from rapper The Game. 

In essence, what they are trying to do with the coin is provide a transparent and trustworthy supply chain for cannabis, involving everyone from doctors to patients and suppliers.

The problem is that in America, even in states where cannabis taken for medical purposes is legal, under federal law it is not.

This means there are significant difficulties in regulating the industry properly and has led to problems with verifying how pure the cannabis being distributed is in the same way that regulators would normally test a drug or other medical treatment. On the other side of things, there are difficulties with verifying patient identities properly, as well as other data security issues.

Piles of Cash

In addition, because of the federal laws, it is also illegal to deposit the proceeds of cannabis sales in the bank or to buy it using a bank transfer. So the whole industry therefore operates in cash. That means everyone involved in the industry must be paid in cash – the cannabis companies, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, even delivery drivers. As you can imagine, this creates quite a logistical nightmare, particularly at the high end where large quantities of cash are involved.

So Paragon has been proposed as a solution to the many problems involved in the nascent cannabis industry.

Here is CEO Jessica VerSteeg explaining more about Paragon and what they intend to do:

What they are proposing in the first instance is to build a reliable blockchain to ensure the smooth and transparent operation of the supply chain.

Doctor to Patient

This would mean you could start by downloading a wallet where you would buy your Paragon Coin, then you could schedule a doctor’s appointment, have your identity and medical situation verified, obtain a valid prescription from the doctor who would also sign your Medical Marijuana card (MMJ), then have the dispensary verify that information and provide you with your valid medicine.

This would all happen on an immutable ledger with anonymous patient identification and all product lifestyle events stored forever. It would also allow for the whole supply chain to be verified, including the lab test analysis (THC/THC-A/CBD levels etc).

Participants in the process would have different access permissions dependent on their status. You would use Paragon Coin to pay for all cannabis services apart from buying the cannabis itself, which is still illegal at this point in time.

Paragon Cafes 

At the same time as doing all this, Paragon will set up a chain of high-tech, fully equipped ParagonCoin Centers in all 29 States where cannabis is legal, which will be hubs for scientists, journalists, investors, marketers, doctors, developers, fintech specialists, entrepreneurs, startups and lawyers in the cannabis space.

These will be spaces where people can exchange ideas and information, hold conferences and events, as well as socialise in a cafe-style environment.

So all in all it is quite a comprehensive vision. It also has backing from some major industry players such as IOTA and ICO Promo, as well as Edway Group co-founder Sergei Sergienko, rapper The Game and Troy Von Otnott, CEO of Massive Technologies.

Enormous Potential Market

Paragon Cafes

As co-founder Lavrov has said “If we move just 1% of the industry’s cash into PRG, you can imagine the value. It’s a $100 billion industry,” so the potential is enormous.

Certainly some think that the business case is sound.  Dylan Dewdney, Co-founder and Principal at Harbour, a Canadian blockchain governance protocol company says that Paragon’s core business proposition is also sound. “Having supply chain verification is definitely the way to go.”

If you are thinking of investing, please note that cryptocurrency investments are high risk and largely unregulated, so all your capital is at risk.

The Pre-Sale of Paragon Coin (PRG) of 70 million coins was completely sold out, indicating strong support for the idea.

The Crowdsale is now on and there is a hardcap of 30 million coins that will be sold. Over 60,000 people have participated so far.

You can join the crowdsale and purchase some Paragon Coin here. 






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How to Bet on Football

Football betting has grown over recent years to become one of the biggest sports betting markets, second only to horseracing. It has become a global market, with literally hundreds of football matches being played every week worldwide. No longer is football betting a seasonal activity; you can enjoy it year round so it’s worth spending some time on perfecting your football betting skills,

In this short guide, we aim to help you improve your chances of making a profit by betting on football. Even if this is an entirely new enterprise for you, by following these basic guidelines you will soon become an expert football better and make consistent profits. There is one important caveat though, and we will emphasise this later in the guide. That is, you must bet with your head and never with your heart. Don’t be tempted to bet on the football club you support unless it makes complete sense to do so.

Football betting odds

Football betting odds are usually presented as fractional odds. For instance, you might be offered 3/1, 5/2, 2/3 and so on. Alternatively, they may be expressed as fractional odds such as 3.0, 1.5, and 3.5. In another article, we explain exactly how these work so we won’t go into too much detail here. Just be aware that fractional odds indicate your potential profit should you win your bet, and in addition to that your stake is returned. Decimal odds show what the bookmaker will pay you, and this includes your stake.


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Discovering value bets

The key to successful football betting is to find opportunities for making value bets. Value bets are bets where the chances of any particular outcome, say a side winning, losing, or a tie, are greater than the odds offered by the bookmaker on that outcome. Of course, an objective assessment of the probability of any specific outcome isn’t easy, and will always involve an element of subjectivity.

Football CelebrationAlso don’t expect to be right all the time; nobody is. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful football better is that in the long run the former can rely on making a profit as they get it right more often than they get it wrong.

The only way to discover value bets is to truly understand the sport. This means developing a deep knowledge of the teams, the individual players, the attitude of managers to the importance of wining specific matches, and so forth.

Improving your football knowledge

All we football fans like to believe that we really understand the game. However, the one thing we all have in common is that we tend to overestimate how much we think we know. The key to successful football betting is to always be prepared to learn, even if that means abandoning some of the things we once were certain of. Understanding football is the prelude to understanding football betting.

It is best to start from what you already know and build on that rather than venturing into new territories. At first bet on the leagues you know, though spend some time studying the leagues you wish to bet on in the future. It is better to have a deep understanding of just a few leagues rather than a superficial understanding of many. In football betting your depth of knowledge is always more important  than your spread of knowledge. Ultimately you must outsmart the bookmakers; and, given their range of tools and insight, bookmakers are usually very smart.

Alternative football betting markets

While traditional football betting involves betting on the outcome of a match, for instance which side will win, on a tie, on the final score, the first goal scorer, half time scores and so forth, because of the internet, in-play betting has become a highly popular and potentially lucrative.

While in-play betting is great entertainment and can be an adrenaline fed ride, it also requires the right temperament, a cool head, and an instinctive understanding of the sport. If you are relative novice, then you might be best advised to stick to bets placed prior to kick-off and getting the best odds.

Evaluation of team and individual performance

Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Manchester UtdWe mentioned in the introduction that it is important to bet with your head rather than your heart. When you evaluate team in individual performance it is essential to maintain objectivity and not be swayed by sentiment. There are many elements to consider in this evaluation; here we will mention some of the fundamental ones, but there are many more that could be considered. You might care to create a spreadsheet for storing and comparing the results of your evaluation.


Key factors include:

  • Home side advantage – while all clubs benefit overall from a home-side advantage, some clubs seem to benefit more than others.
  • Perceived important of the match – for instance while one club might consider the specific match crucial, the opponents might consider it less so and not worth fielding their best squad, preferring to rest some of their key players. Although this practice might be frowned on in some quarters, it certainly happens frequently, though some managers tend to be adept at fielding excuses for doing so.
  • Individual players – every player tends to have periods when they are in-form and others when they are not in-form. This is affected by many factors both personal and fitness related. Following individual player form is vital.
  • Relationships within the club – has there recently been a falling out between a players, has their manager attacked a player with a football beet? What has gone on in the dressing room can impact what goes on in the field.
  • Motivation to win – is the club happy with a draw? Will it go defensive in the second half after taking a first half lead?

There are many more; come with them yourself as you develop your predictive model.

Choose the best bookmakers

Don’t stick to a single bookmaker but set up accounts with several. This way you can easily choose the best odds for a particular game. There can be significant differences, which is what arbitrage betters take advantage of. Always betting at the best odds increases the overall value of your betting strategy.

You can get £250 cashback from Betfair as a new customer – click here for more details. 


Football betting

Football betting is highly entertaining and when done properly can be highly lucrative. It is something at which you can improve if you are willing to put in the effort. This brief guide should put you on the right patch.





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The Top Five Most Profitable Horse Racing Systems

With so many horse racing betting systems available, it can be hard as a punter to know where to place your pennies – and your trust.

Tipsters will have access to a great deal of information such as jockey form, horse form, training schedules, distance and stall draw, and so many will be able to provide sound advice when it comes to maximising your profits. However, as this industry is unregulated, anyone can create a profile online and dub themselves a “tipster”, which can lead to some pretty costly losses if you fail to do your due diligence and research.

At Honest Betting reviews, we know that it can take a lot of time and dedication to test systems and know which are trustworthy and profitable, and that most punters simply don’t have this time to hand. That’s why we’ve created a testing system through which we put a number of systems, weighing up their performance based on certain criteria to determine which are most likely to result in punters making a profit.

While no system can guarantee results (such is the nature of gambling), we have found some to be more consistent and likely to return results than others. Here, I’ve collected our top five most profitable racing systems to help beginners and experts alike maximise profit…


The top five most profitable systems

Horse Racer

Simply put, these systems make our top five based on their ability to help users see high ROI whilst minimising risk. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are our five favourites…

1. The Bookies Enemy

Renowned tipster The Bookies Enemy provides professional horse racing tips that no serious gambler should be without. The returns have been and are currently fantastic, with an average 15% ROI. Since we first began trialling the system in 2015, there have been consistent, steady upward gains – for just £10 stakes, punters could make over £10,000 in profit! For anyone serious about making money through betting on horse racing, accessing these tips for just £1 is highly recommended.

2. Bet Alchemist

Looking for an impressive strike rate? Look no further than Bet Alchemist, where members have enjoyed a run of 15 out of 18 winning months since December 2015, resulting in an 83% strike rate. They average eight out of 12 profitable months a year, meaning those who backup their tips can look to make substantial gains.

3. Loves Racing

Professional bettor Brett Love moved from a career in football to horse racing as a result of injury, but has been remarkably successful with over 1,000 points profit made. Now he shares his secrets of success through Loves Racing. Punters can expect to receive tips the night before the race, giving you excellent chances of placing a bet using the most up to date information possible.

4. Hanbury Racing Tips

Since starting up, Hanbury Racing Tips has amassed an amazing 1400 points of profit, which would be over £14,000 to just £10 stakes, or over £35,000 to £25 stakes. That has been achieved with a superb return on investment of over 30%, one of the highest in the industry.

The service has a penchant for picking high-priced winners, with winners at prices of 100/1, 66/1 and 50/1 having been achieved. 

5. Profit Maximiser

Although covering more than just horse racing, Profit Maximiser has been a favourite of ours for the past couple of years and it’s easy to see why. There are a number of risk-free introductory offers, and there are plenty more ongoing offers as well. This system was created by Mike Cruickshank, and specialises in connecting punters with numerous free bet offers from around the web. The proven successes that have emerged from this site over the last two years has cemented Profit Maximiser’s five-star status.


Some Final Thoughts

When it comes to making money through betting on horse racing, there’s more than just tipsters and winning systems to consider. Whether betting on racing or indeed any other kind of sport, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t have to bet on every race. It may sound obvious, but especially for horse racing, there are so many fixtures in a year it can be incredibly easy to lose money if you’re betting for the sake of it.
  • Never gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Betting on horses especially can become an expensive habit, and if you’ve lost money, it can be easy to spend more and more in a bid to recoup this. Betting what you can afford to lose through a system awarded a “winning” status is the smartest way to minimise the risk.
  • Do your own research. Not only should you research the chosen tipster or system to ensure they are legitimate, but you should do your research on the tips provided to assess the profitability for yourself.
  • Keep records. Make a list of your profits and losses throughout the year so that you can see for yourself any patterns that could emerge, and how you may use this information to pick a better horse with each and every race.  





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Betfair Sniper – New Review

Regular visitors to Honest Betting Reviews will know we are big fans of Mike Cruickshank’s betting products.

We have given recommended ratings to four of his products – Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, Each-Way Sniper and Accumulator Generator.

And one of those – Profit Maximiser – is the top system we have reviewed so far. 

So any time Mike releases a new product we sit up and take notice.

The latest product he has put together is called Betfair Sniper and has been sold on a limited basis as a bonus for purchasing Each-Way Sniper (but please note this is not an ongoing offer and is just for short periods chosen by Mike). 

Betfair Sniper is a strategy for trading the horse racing markets on Betfair before the off.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need bookmaker accounts to use it – it’s based purely on Betfair. 

It is a little different from other Mike Cruickshank products in that it does not involve software (as yet) but is based on monitoring certain markets manually for about 10 minutes before a race is due to start.

Then if specified criteria are met, you enter a trade and wait to see which direction it moves in before trading out, hopefully for a profit.

The amount you will win on each trade if it goes right is apparently significantly more than the amount you tend to lose if it goes wrong. Mike has found this is the best method for trading the horses after months of studying how the racing markets moved on Betfair.

The system certainly has a logic to it and is clearly explained, unlike a lot of the junk trading systems you find floating around on the web.

Will it make a profit in real time though?

Well the only way to find out is to run a trial, so we will get things underway and report back on our progress shortly.


Tony Langley

Tony Langley Profile

Tony Langley is a creator of sports trading systems and is best known for his Football Hedging System and Sportsure trading service.

Tony has apparently made over £230,000 in the last five years from his football trading and now mentors others on how to trade the Betfair markets.

He works with the marketer Tim Lowe on bringing his trading expertise to the public via websites, seminars and training days.

Here we take a look at Tony’s two main trading services and what they are all about.


Football Hedging System

Tony’s number one trading package is the Football Hedging System, which is a suite of football trading systems for the Betfair markets.

There are five separate methods to trade as part of the package. The systems are set up in such a way as to ensure that you shouldn’t make a loss on any of the trades – i.e. they are risk free.

Since the trading systems went live in June 2015, there hasn’t been a single losing trade which is impressive.

The sales page for Football Hedging System claims that you could make between £9,000 and £12,000 per month from trading the systems.

That is a fairly bold claim, but there are some traders who have claimed you can make a decent profit from the systems on a monthly basis, so whilst it may be difficult to make the sums claimed, there does appear to be positive feedback coming out regarding the Football Hedging System.

The systems operate on a high strike rate basis, with approximately 90% of the trades being successful.

On the other 10%, you have to operate what is termed a “recovery trade.” This involves taking up various positions in two different markets that are related but not mutually dependent. 

The method behind the systems is quite ingenious and involves some quite complicated trading to get right, but there are lots of helpful training videos and instructional slides to aid your learning.

Tony provides excellent customer service as part of the package, dealing with all the queries from members personally and in a comprehensive manner.

There is quite a buzz around what Tony has created with Football Hedging System and it is not hard to see why.


Sportsure Trading 

Tony’s other major trading suite is Sportsure Trading, which he set up with his wife Pauline.

Their development of sports trading strategies began following the attendance of a seminar on trading, from which they learned about the possibilities of trading Betfair markets to make a profitable monthly income.

From there, they spent a great deal of time developing their own strategies and now make monthly incomes from trading that many City professionals would be proud of!

The Sportsure trading suite comes with monthly modules on the various trading methods, such as the “Early Goal Method.”

There are also training videos to aid with your understanding and development as a trader and a support centre to deal with any queries.



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What is an accumulator bet?

If you have ever seen news stories some lucky punter winning a small fortune on a bet, the chances are that it was through an accumulator bet. As part of our continuing effort to make betting terms easier to understand, we move on to one of the most popular types of bet.

Why place an accumulator bet?

The beauty of accumulator bets is that the returns can be huge. If you take a sure thing, a David-and-Goliath-where-Goliath-wins, top-of-the-league-against-bottom kind of encounter, the odds will usually be so small that placing a bet does not seem worth it as you would have to place a pretty hefty stake on it to see any kind of return worth more than pennies.

However, by combining the odds on such selections, you can bring them up dramatically, and adding a selection with carries higher odds can really up the stakes. Pile up a few big predictions, throw on a quid, and get them all right and you could make a million in minutes.

If you place three bets together it is called a treble; any more than that, it is called an accumulator bet, because it is an accumulation of selections.

How do you win an accumulator bet?

To win on this type of bet every selection has to come through, which is why making dozens of selections is not usually advised – all it takes is one wrong selection for the whole thing to fail. The huge odds on accumulator bets reflects the risk involved, however.

There are a few ways your accumulator bet can be spared if something happens to one of the selections. For example, if there is a non-runner in a horse racing accumulator bet the that particular horse will be excluded from it and the bet will carry on as normal. While this will reduce your odds, your bet will least still be valid.

Some bookmakers offer insurance policies on accumulator bets, and it is possible to pay a little extra for an accumulator bet to ensure you will still get a return even if one of your selections does not come through.

You can also hedge the risk by placing bets on the folds of your accumulator bet so you can still get a return if one of your selections fails. For example, if you place a six-fold accumulator you could also place a stake on six five-fold accumulators so that should one selection not come in you still get some money back.

When can you not place an accumulator bet?

One thing to bear in mind with accumulator bets is that it is not possible to place one featuring selections on involving the same participant in the same event. For example, you cannot place an accumulator bet featuring four or more selections involving the same runner. The technical term for this is that all the bets must remain mutually independent of each other; the result of one selection should not affect that of another, in other words.

Hopefully we have answered all the questions you had about what an accumulator bet is, and how you go about placing one. With the potentially massive returns they offer, it is easy to understand why they are so popular.

Fancy making £500 per month risk-free? Then check out Profit Maximiser, our top recommended betting product. 

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Tim Lowe Profile

Tim Lowe is a successful UK internet marketer and has brought a number of products to the market including Football Hedging System, Sportsure Trading System, Super You and Relay amongst others.

Tim has been in the internet marketing business since 2001 and has apparently made over £16 million in that time. He is the founder and owner of Waverley Media Ltd and Markiteer Ltd.

Often working in partnership with producers of systems, Tim helps them market the systems and generate income for them from sales. He also runs his own courses and workshops to help people who want to become internet marketers themselves.

Below we have a look at some of the products Tim has been involved in over the years and what they are all about.


Football Hedging System

Football Hedging System is a series of strategies for trading the football markets on Betfair. It is created by a guy called Tony Langley and marketed by Tim Lowe.

According to the sales page, it claims that Tony has made over £230,000 in the last few years from trading the systems. You can apparently make £9,000 to £12,000 every month through Football Hedging System, which is quite a claim.

Amazingly, since launching on 17th June 2015, there has not been a single losing trade according to the product page.

This has apparently been achieved through a special “recovery” strategy that is enacted if trades go wrong. About 90% of the trades will be successful, so you only enact the recovery on about the other 10%.

There has been a lot of buzz around the system and a great deal of interest from the trading community, so if the system can live up to the sales claims then this certainly seems to be one worth investing in.

We are conducting a trial on Football Hedging System at the moment so will see if it works as well as advertised.


Sportsure Trading System

The Sportsure Trading System from Pauline and Tony is another football trading system for the Betfair markets. It’s about something that is termed a 9 Minute Profit Plan, based around an early trading setup in a football match – approximately nine minutes in length as you may have guessed. 

There are around a dozen “monthly modules” where you can learn various trading strategies to gain a profit. There is support through live webinars to aid your learning and a support centre where you can get personal assistance from the Sportsure traders.


Tim’s Partnership Deal 

Tim’s Partnership Deal is an opportunity to enter into a business partnership with Tim Lowe and his colleague Bob Rothman. The idea is that you as a website owner of a syndicate runner sign up people who are interested in obtaining top betting tips. 

Once you have people signed up, you then send out the selections from Bob to your members and receive a portion of the profits generated. So in many ways this like the many affiliate schemes you see around the place. 

It is not clear that this system is still available.


Smart Sentinel 

Smart Sentinel is something a little different from Tim and doesn’t involve betting or trading in any way. It is actually a piece of software for businesses. Basically the software converts business websites that are currently not optimised for mobiles and makes sure they that they are. 

It scours the internet and looks at various sectors where there are opportunities. You can then make money from the additional income the businesses make by being optimised for mobile devices, which is so important these days. 

A Smart Sentinel 2 has recently been released. 

benjamin graham

Benjamin Graham Profile

Every once in a while a person is born who changes the way the world works forever. Isaac Newton would discover gravity, Alexander Bell would create the telephone, and Thomas Edison would discover the beauty of electricity. These men were wonders of their time and one such man deserves to be put up there in that class. That man is Benjamin Graham.

Changing the World of Investing

Benjamin Graham was one of the main economists who would change the world of investing as we knew it forever. He was ahead of his time in the sense that he could see exactly what people needed and how their money should be growing at a much more regular pace. He has mentored people like Warren Buffet, William Ruane, Irving Kahn, and Walter Schloss, making him the ‘father’ of value investment.

Early Life

Graham was born in as Benjamin Grossbaum in London, England on May 8, 1984. Along with his Jewish parents, he moved to New York City when he was just 1 year old. He didn’t live a wealthy life at all, which might have been the reason why he invested so much of his time in investing. It is an age-old story of soaring above one’s circumstances and Graham definitely got that right.

After the death of his father, he became a very good student and graduated as salutorian of his class at Columbia University. All this he achieved at the mere age of 20. After his illustrious tertiary education career, he received an invitation of employment to work as an English, mathematics, and philosophy instructor. This was a big deal for someone who was only 20 years old, but he turned it down. Instead he took a job that would change the course of his life forever: a job on Wall Street.

The Concept of Value Investing

Here he started the Graham-Newman partnership. This propelled him to success and already he started making new plans for the world of investment. His most famous was “The Northern Pipeline Affair” that involved the one and only John D. Rockefeller. In 1928, he decided to teach students the concept of value investing at Colombia University and this is the concept that would change the world for the better.

The Intelligent Investor

In 1934 he published his first book along with David Dodd, titled Security Analysis. This book, along with The Intelligent Investor is seen to be the most widely acclaimed books in the economic and investment sphere of studying. It invited the stock market participant to carefully distinguish between investing and speculating. In his first book he explains it carefully: that an investment is only something that promises a safe return. If it does not meet this requirement it is mere speculation. This statement made a huge impact on the way people went about doing business.

Graham was the first to urge investors not to be too concerned with the short term fluctuations in the stock market, but rather the long term effects of an investment. It has to carry weight in order for it to be successful. He also distinguished between passive and active investors, and urged participants to rather become active investors – to spend time analysing the stock markets and to make informed, calculated decisions. They should also make sure that they analyse the intrinsic value of a company as well as its financial state. This helped people to make expert decisions and to factor in different aspects that would lead to the growth of their money.

The Allegory of “Mr Market”

Graham explained that the only time that investment will be the most lucrative is when it is approached in a business-like manner. What he meant by this is that potential investors or established investors should not believe himself or herself to be right or wrong based on others’ agreements or disagreements. They should believe that they are right because his facts and his analysis are right. He often used the allegory of Mr Market, who would show up at investors’ houses selling shares. These prices would differ everyday – some being reasonable, others being ridiculous. The investor can choose to ignore these offers or accept it. Either way, Mr Market won’t mind. What he tried explaining here is that investors should do their homework properly and not partake in the follies on offer by the stock market. They should concentrate on their dividends rather than the stock market’s irrational behaviour.

He was a critical thinker and often saw through the financial reporting of businesses. He supported and fought for dividend payments from companies rather than these businesses keeping all their profits as retained earnings. He criticized the people who openly said that any investment is a good investment if it was bought at a reasonable price. His observations are still relevant today and his material is still taught in schools all over the world.

New Currency Basis

Apart from his extraordinary work in the investment world he also made brilliant contributions to economic theory. He was the one who devised a new basis for U.S and global currencies. His most famous student, Warren Buffet claimed that Graham was an excellent economist until his death. Every day he wished to do something creative, something generous and something foolish. By taking these chances he is one of the most noteworthy figures in investment banking.

There is little information known about Graham’s death, only the date which was September 21, 1976. The only thing that we do know is that he was dubbed the ‘Father of Security Analysis’ by millions at the time he passed away. Graham had a son whom he lost and he lived with his son’s elder girlfriend for a very long time. They never married but they returned to her homeland of France where he took his final breath.


Health Lottery Review

We take a look here at the Health Lottery, how it works and how you can get the best out of it.

The Health Lottery is a game which is specifically designed to raise money for local health causes. Basically, 20p of every £1 that is played goes towards helping health-related causes in Great Britain.

Overall over £70 million has been raised for health causes through the Health Lottery, benefiting over 350,000 people.

So the nice thing about playing it is you can be sure you are helping good causes whilst giving yourself a chance of winning big!


Health Lottery Odds

The odds of winning the Health Lottery are considerably better than winning the National Lottery (Lotto), such that you are about 21 times more likely to win the Health Lottery than the National Lottery. The odds of winning (i.e. getting 5 numbers) is 1 in  2,118,760.

However, you will win quite a lot less with the Health Lottery, with the jackpot being £100,000 as opposed to the many millions you can win on the Lotto.


How to Play

It costs just £1 to play, as it is just £1 per ticket. Basically you just pick five numbers from between 1 and 50 and you’re done! Couldn’t be simpler.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes:

5 numbers: win up to £100,000*
4 numbers + bonus ball: £10,000
4 numbers: £250
3 numbers + bonus ball: £50
3 numbers: £20
2 numbers + bonus ball: £10

So there are a good range of prizes down to the level of getting 2 balls plus the bonus ball.


When are the draws?

The draws for the Health Lottery are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and are broadcast on Channel 5.


Instant Win Games

In addition to the live draws on TV for the main lottery, you can also play instant win games. There are a number of different instant win games to play and each is just £1 to play. As the name of the games suggests, you find out straight away if you’ve won and are paid instantly as well. 


Health Bingo

In addition to the Health Lottery, there is also Health Bingo to be played. When you register you can get a 200% deposit bonus up to £150. This operates just like any of the other many online bingo sites that are available. 


Health-Related Causes

Here are some examples of health-related causes they have helped due to people playing the Health Lottery:

Hulme Community Garden Centre

A grant of £44,077 was made to Hulme Community Garden Centre, using money raised by HealthForm CIC through The Health Lottery.

The money went towards establishing a project called “A Place to Call Your Own,” where local people can learn to do things like grow plants, socialise with other people and relieve stress.

The garden is used by people from social housing as well as those with drug, alcohol and mental health issues.  Having an outlet for stress and avoiding isolation can be important for people with mental health issues, which the garden is able to provide.

White City Theatre Project

A grant of £39,840 was made to The White City Theatre Project (WCTP), using money raised by HealthEquality, in order to give young people, of 9 to 18 years of age a chance to participate in theatre productions. In doing so young people can develop new areas of creativity and gain fresh skills, whilst expressing matters that are important for them in a dramatic capacity. Of primary significance, it gives them an opportunity to establish new friendships with other youngsters in the area.


Click here to play the Health Lottery now and help good causes across Great Britain! 

Union Jack

Union Jack Bet

We continue with our quest to break down the confusing jargon that litters betting in order to enlighten the casual punter and make betting more accessible. With so many different terms used by those in the know, it is easy to be intimidated and put off betting, and that is what our series of explanations is looking to address. This particular guide will explain the union jack bet.

How do you place a union jack bet?

The union jack bet is named after the national flag of the United Kingdom because the layout of the flag can be used to pair up the selections it involves. In total, nine selections are chosen for this wager, with the design of the Union Jack used to arrange the selections in rows of three, so the four points of St George’s cross and the four points of the Scottish saltire bear a selection, with the remaining selection placed in the middle.

This grid is then used to make several treble bets based on how the selections line up –  horizontally and vertically there are three trebles , and diagonally there are another two.

The union jack bet is not just used to make treble bets though – it can be used to place a union jack Trixie bet – eight trebles and 24 doubles, a union jack patent bet – eight trebles, 24 doubles and 24 singles, or a union jack round robin bet – eight trebles, 24 doubles and 24 up-and-down singles stakes about (SSA) pairs.

Bookmakers often have special betting slips laid out in the style of the union jack for placing union jack bets.

Why place a union jack bet?

So why place a union jack bet? Using the flag design to match up selections gives some bets more coverage than others. For example, the selection placed in the middle of the flag would be involved the most, as it is implicated in both diagonal trebles, as well as one vertical and one horizontal.

This gives you a banker if you place the selection you are most confident about in the middle to ensure it is involved as much as possible, therefore increasing your chances of several of your combinations being successful.

The union jack bet also means you do not have to rely too heavily on selections you are not overly confident about coming in, as four of your picks will only be involved in two of the eight trebles that can be placed as part of a union jack bet.

This spread allows you to place a bet that emphasises the selections you are confident about and limits the influence of the selections you do not feel as confident about, which will increase your chances of getting a return on the selections you are more sure of and lessen the odds on the others.

So that is the union jack bet explained; for more simple breakdowns of betting terms, keep it Honest Betting Reviews.

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