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Make Money on the Go!

There are no excuses for not making BIG profits in 2018.

There is a great new app you can check out called Betting Mastermind and it will help even the busiest people to rake in tax-free profits each and every month.

Betting Mastermind is basically a suite of matched betting tools that allow you to make low-risk profits at the touch of a button. Some people are making up to £3500 per month from it. You can check out our full review of Betting Mastermind here.

On the new app you can set real time alerts for all the software on the Betting Mastermind website. When a bet that meets your criteria is found, you will get an alert straight to your mobile device.

If you’re not sure what settings to use don’t worry. Criteria are included so you get the best possible results with no fuss.

Click here to find out more.

Instead of spending 3 hours per day monitoring 10+ pieces of software, you can now achieve the exact same results in 20 minutes!

Never miss a good value offer, trade or bet again. This is the best way to increase your monthly profit and decrease time taken by only focusing on the highest value opportunities. Use the notification system to do the monitoring for you!

There is a yearly and monthly payment plan, which is a MASSIVE 74% discount of the usual £825 price tag so everybody can get involved.

This is going to be the last time this deal is going to be offered.

If you want to grow your profits in 80% less time, sign up for Betting Mastermind now.





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Envion ICO – Make Up to 160% ROI!

We have recently come across a new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for a cryptocurrency called Envion and we think this has amazing potential.

Basically what Envion are planning to do is change the face of how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are mined.

If you are familiar with mining, you will know that it is very energy-intensive. It requires large rooms filled with masses of computer hardware that use up a lot of electricity as well as needing to be cooled, which requires additional energy.

A large proportion of mining farms are concentrated in China and Russia and are based on fossil fuel energy, the pollution from which is harmful to the environment and human health.

At the same time, something has been going on in energy markets that has surprised a lot of people. The cost of renewable energy – particularly solar energy – has been plummeting in recent years, putting it on a par or even cheaper than fossil fuel energy in some parts of the world.

Unfortunately though, in some particularly sunny places there are actually over-capacities of electricity – where more is produced than is needed locally.

So in places like California, they have to pay neighbouring states to take their excess electricity at times so it doesn’t overload their grid.

In other places excess electricity is effectively lost and in some areas such as remote parts of India, solar plants are not even connected to the grid because of low local energy demand. 

Envion intend to take these two different factors – the centralised nature of mining in Russia and China and the plummeting costs of renewable power – and disrupt them with a revolutionary new approach. 

What Envion plan to do is place mobile mining units (MMUs) right next to renewable energy plants like solar and wind farms.

In this way, they can take advantage of the very low energy costs and over-capacities of these plants and use the electricity to power their mining units.

Envion ICO

It is also beneficial to the owners of the renewable energy plants, because they will get paid for their electricity that would otherwise be wasted or sold for close to nothing. So in this way it will help make renewable energy plants more viable.

The plan is for Envion to have hundreds – and even thousands – of these Mobile Mining Units stationed around the world at places where there is plentiful, cheap electricity.

Therefore they will help to decentralise mining once again as well as having a business that is scalable, flexible and hopefully very profitable.


How You Can Benefit

Envion have structured their token sale so that you can benefit directly from their mining operations if you purchase Envion Tokens.

Basically, all of the profits from the mining operations will go to token holders. This will be apportioned in such a way that 75% of profits will go to token holders directly as dividends, payable weekly, and 25% will go into paying for more mining units.

This means the business should keep on growing and if things go well, this growth could become exponential: the more mining units they have, the more new ones they can make, and the more they have – and so on.

Projections on the Envion website estimate that with a $10,000 investment in the ICO, you could receive more than $177,000 over the course of five years, which would be a stunning return.

Profitable returns with Envion

Possible returns of a $50,000 investment – from Envion.org website

Now it should be borne in mind that these are just estimates and actual dividend payouts will vary depending on the profits, which in turn will depend on a number of different factors. However, Envion have produced some very detailed workings behind those figures, which you can check out here.

If returns do turn out that high, it would be a very profitable investment indeed for token holders.

It is also worth noting that Envion are aiming to secure deals with Third Party Operators (TPOs), who are outside companies that would pay for Envion’s mobile mining units and get a share in the profits.

Token holders would also get 35% of those profits on top of the profits they will already receive from Envion’s own mining operations, with no dilution. So the profits could actually be considerably higher than those forecast on the Envion website.

Of course, there are still risks that things could go wrong – technical problems, competitors, regulation and so on – so as with any investment you should be aware of the risks before taking part and do your own research and due diligence.



The ICO commenced on 15th December and finishes on 14th January 2018 (or until all the 150 million tokens are sold, if that comes earlier).

They state that 91% of the proceeds from the token sale will go to the production and deployment of MMUs and 9% will go to research and development and administration.

The Envion Tokens (EVN) are priced as follows during the ICO:

  • – $0.90 per EVN token until 11.59 (GMT) on 21st December 2017
  • – $1 per EVN token until token sale ends on January 14th 2018

The ICO has been going extremely well so far, with over 100,000 people registering before the ICO even started.

There was over $20 million raised in the first 24 hours and over $35 million has been raised so far.

One investor even came in with an investment of $5 million, indicating a great deal of confidence in the project.

Envion also report that they have a potential nine-figure deal (i.e. over $100m) being discussed at the moment with a third party operator.

So all in all things are looking very exciting for Envion and this looks like being one of the most successful ICOs of the year.

You can check out the Envion ICO here.




Disclaimer: we are not financial advisors and the above article should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own due diligence and research and take professional financial advice before investing. All cryptocurrencies are risky ventures so please only invest money you can afford to lose.




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Best Betting Systems 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the betting year and pick the best betting systems we have reviewed this year.

In total we have trialled 65 systems this year – 19 have passed, 12 have been awarded a neutral rating and 14 have failed, whilst 20 trials are still ongoing.

Here are our picks of the best performers this year in each category:

Best Horse Racing System

The most competitive category and this year there were some outstanding performers, but the award for the Best Horse Racing System goes to the Elite Betting Syndicate, with over 180 points profit made and 10 winning months out of 12. 

Honourable mentions also go to DG Tips, who had an excellent year and the ever-consistent Master Racing Tipster, who delivered over 100 points profit for the fourth year in a row, which is an exceptional achievement.

Best Football System

Another competitive category and some very good results this year. 

However, with over 160 points profit made in 2017 there is a runaway winner and that is Pro Footy Tips. 

Run by a professional gambler with over 20 years experience, the service showed it has a clear edge over the bookies and made its followers some excellent profits this year.

Best Sports System

Quite a broad category this one and some strong contenders but latecomer Sports Spread Betting made a real splash, notching up over 1,000 points profit during our trial and continuing to amass profits each week.

We also want to mention the Golf Betting Expert who had a strong year with a number of big priced winners.

So there you have it, those are our best picks from 2017. If you have your own favourites for this year that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know.

Otherwise, have a great New Years Eve and we will see you in 2018 when we will have some massive new developments here at Honest Betting Reviews.



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Get Tips from the Master for FREE!

One of the very best horse racing tipsters we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews has an amazing offer you today.

The Master Racing Tipster, who we have been proofing for over two years now, is offering completely FREE access to their tips for 7 days.

There are no payment details required, no strings attached, just 7 days of free tips. How good does that sound?

Here is a look at just how exceptional the Master has been since he started tipping at the Betting Gods network back in 2014:

 – Over £6,200 profit to just £10 stakes

 – 29% Strike Rate

 – 30% ROI (return on investment)

 – £150 average monthly profit 

Absolutely fantastic results there and some of the most consistent we have come across from a tipster.

To have averaged a return on investment of 30% over a period of more than three years is quite incredible stuff, almost unheard of in the tipping game.

Get your free tips for 7 days here.

And the Master Racing Tipster has been in stunning form lately, smashing in winners left, right and centre.

Here are some his latest winners:-

  • Groundworker – 1pt win @ 8/1 WON 
  • On to Victory – 3pt win @ 13/8 WON
  • Ower Fly – 1pt win @ 10/3 WON
  • Big Tour – 2pt win @ 11/8 WON
  • Lady of the Lamp – 1pt win @ 11/8 WON
  • Kind Act – 3pt win @ 11/8 WON

Those winners have contributed to a very nice 15 points of profit so far in September, to go with the over 80 points profit made already this year.

So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE 7 day access to the Master’s tips here.




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Get Matched Bets for just £1!

The new football season is within touching distance which means there will be a wave of free bet offers and promotions on the way from a number of bookmakers.

Excited? We are too!

How would you like to make this season even better by making a profit on every bet you make? Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not with matched betting.

Matched betting is a method of turning free bets and bonuses given by bookmakers into real withdrawable cash. It’s nothing new but it has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years due to the number of free bets being given out by bookmakers and some matched bettors are earning £1,000+ a month from this.

All it takes is a few calculations with your bets and you will know how much you will profit before the game has even kicked off!

Matched Bets is a matched betting service that provides all the information, tools and support needed to profit from matched betting and they’re running a heavily discounted promotion for new members for the 2 weeks leading up to the new season.

For just £1 you can gain FULL access to MatchedBets for 7 days and start making a guaranteed profit from your bets today.

Click here to sign up to MatchedBets.com for only £1

Whats included for £1?

  • 7 days full access to MatchedBets premium subscription
  • Access to over 50 bookmaker new customer offers and guides on how to make a profit of around £1,000 from them
  • Unlimited use of all the premium features such as their odds matcher which shows you the most profitable matches, their advanced matched betting calculator, their AccaBacker tool which complies profitable accumulators to use with ACCA Insurance offers and daily reload offers so that you can make a profit every singe day.
  • You will also have support 7 days a week via live chat, email and the forum full of other matched bettors.

This promotion is only running until August 15th so check it out while you can! For only £1, this is a no-brainer!

Click here to sign up to MatchedBets.com for only £1






Backing Irish Dominance at Royal Ascot Could Be Profitable

Royal Ascot is the one the richest and most historic festivals on the racing calendar and this year’s five-day extravaganza will see a number of trainers from all over the world compete for huge prize pots once again. Visitors from France and the USA will be fancied for success by many punters but it could pay to side with the Irish to come out on top. 

Aidan O'Brien

Source: Irish Examiner via Twitter

Aidan O’Brien may have scaled down his Royal Ascot team but the Ballydoyle trainer sends an impressive string to Berkshire and he could be the trainer to watch at this year’s festival. One of his main hopes comes in the Ascot Gold Cup with Order of St George odds-on for the race over 2 miles and 4 furlongs. O’Brien has won this race seven times already and is hoping his charge can double up after a 10/11 success in this contest 12 months ago.

Churchill looked mightily impressive in the Guineas and headlines the first day of the festival partaking in the St James’ Palace Stakes. O’Brien will be hoping his stable star is able to add to his already impressive record this season. Caravaggio and Winter also feature prominently in their respective races. The former is unbeaten in four starts and is heavily favoured for the Commonwealth Cup whilst Winter is expected to make her class count in the Coronation Stakes.

Sports bookmakers including William Hill have a number of specials priced up for the festival, which can be found at http://sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb/events/royal-ascot and these include ‘Number of Irish Trained Winners’ and ‘Top Trainer’. Predictably, Aidan O’Brien is the odds-on favourite for the trainer title at the festival, priced at 1/5, but there is more value to be found elsewhere.

The bookies are offering 13/8 for ten or more Irish-trained winners and this looks the best bet here. Joseph O’Brien, Jessica Harrington and Willie Mullins are all sending a strong string of runners across to the Berkshire track and they could have a big say at this year’s festival.

Jessica Harrington

Source: Independent Sport via Twitter

Harrington sends a handful of runners including the impressive Brother Bear and Centauri, who are both unbeaten as two-year-olds. They are both well fancied in the betting, with the latter priced at 13/8 for the Albany Stakes.

The trainer who has had success at both Cheltenham and Fairyhouse already this year has admitted a Royal Ascot winner is her “next ambition“. Joseph O’Brien is also searching for his first winner here. The Irish contingent landed 10 winners at the 2016 festival breaking their previous record and there’s no reason why they can’t go one step further this time around.

Ambitious punters may be interested by the 10/1 on offer for ‘More Irish Trained Winners than the rest of the UK and US combined’. Aidan O’Brien’s name is likely to dominate the headlines at Royal Ascot once again but he is just one of many trainers who’ll have their impressive string firing on all cylinders and there looks to be value in backing Irish dominance once again.




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What A Weekend of Betting!

It is quite a weekend of betting coming up with some fantastic events to get stuck into.

First up at Epsom we have the Oaks on Friday and the Derby on Saturday, one of the biggest races of the year.

There are 19 runners due to to go post in the race and the ground is currently good.

At the moment, Cliffs of Moher and John Gosden-trained Cracksman are the joint favourites in the betting at 4/1, with Eminent the third favourite at 7/1.

If you are looking for free tips for tomorrow’s race, here are a few sources we can highly recommend:

  • Betting Gods – a highly respected website providing free tips for those who sign up plus there are a range of paid tipsters, with some excellent records of profit accumulated
  • Tipster Street – another high quality site provding both free tips – which made over £530 per month to just £10 stakes in 2015 – plus a number of paid tipsters
  • Betting Bias – a free tipping website with a record of over 1500 points profit since being established in 2011.

Then on Saturday evening there is the Champions League final to look forward to, with holders Real Madrid taking on the Old Lady of Juventus.

There are a whole host of free bets being offered for the final, meaning it is a great chance to make some risk-free cash. Here are the some of the best offers:

  • William Hill £100 winnings boost – If there are 4 or more goals in the Champions League final, you’ll get an extra 25% free bet bonus on top of your winnings, when you bet on Match Betting, Both Teams To Score or Match Result & Both Teams To Score.
  • Coral Double winnings up to £100 – Place your single bet of £/€5+ on the 90 minute Match Result market for the final and if your team wins both halves, they’ll double your winnings as a free bet up to £/€100.
  • Ladbrokes – £75 refund – If the final results in a draw they will refund losing bets on that match up to £/€25 per market, as Free Bets. Money Back as a free bet up to £/€25 on losing Correct Score, First Goalscorer and Half-Time/Full-Time bets.

Please see each of the bookmakers for the individual terms and conditions of the offers.

So plenty of opportunities there to make some risk-free cash.

Get dozens more offers like this and make up to £500 risk-free every month with our number one recommended betting product here.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also have French Open tennis, the ICC Champions Trophy in cricket and golf from the Memorial Tournament.

So all in all it should be a cracking weekend of punting!

As ever, if you are going to have a flutter on this weekend’s events, please gamble responsibly. 




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Become a Betting VIP

How would you fancy becoming a Betting VIP?

Well, now there is an opportunity to do just that with one of our recommended services. 

If you have been a long-term follower of Honest Betting Reviews then you will know that one of our favourite betting services is a tipster platform called Betting Gods.

They have produced some of the very best tipsters we have ever come across, including the magnificent Quentin Franks Racing – now over 1,000 points in profit in total and Master Racing Tipster – a service with a long-term ROI of close to 34%, a quite incredible achievement.

Betting Gods have a number of other superb tipsters that have passed trials here on the site and continue to perform well, including:

Well now you have the chance to become one of Betting Gods’ VIP members. 

But why would you want to become a VIP and what are the benefits?

– You’ll receive exclusive horse racing and football tips including festival specials (we’ll be publishing tips throughout Cheltenham)

– You’ll gain access to VIP-only discounts on current and future Betting Gods tipsters ranging from 10% to 50% off, for life!

– Knowledge is power and it’s why we’ve put together an extensive collection of betting tutorials which you’ll also gain access to

– You’ll also have access to every interview we complete with industry experts and people in the know. 

All of this for just £10 per month and you’re free to cancel at any time. 

In fact, if you’re not happy then they’ll send your £10 back. That’s how confident they are that you’ll enjoy being part of the VIP community. 

So sign-up now and turbo-charge your betting with Betting Gods’ VIP membership! 


Jolly Lock IP – Stop the Bookies from Snooping on You

As you may be aware, the bookies are watching us all. Yes, by using spyware and other monitoring tools like iesnare, they are watching the online activity of their customers to see if they are doing matched betting, arbing and other strategies designed to beat the bookies.

The bookies’ business model is based on the vast majority of punters losing money. Most studies have put the figure at between 98% and 99.5% of punters losing money in the long run.


Matched Betting Changes the Game

In recent years this has started to change though, down in large part to matched betting – the technique of systematically exploiting the bookies free bets and bonuses using the exchanges to ensure risk-free profit.

You may well be a matched bettor yourself, using one of the excellent products like Profit Maximiser that bring together all the bookies offers in one place and shows how to exploit them.

Matched betting has become a huge industry in itself and recent reports have suggested it is costing the bookies approximately £20m per month.

Indeed, some people have turned matched betting into a full-time career, earning £20,000 to £30,000 per year from it.


The Empire (i.e. Bookies) Strikes Back

Unsurprisingly, the bookies are not happy about this. Not happy at all.

And what made things worse for the bookies was that they had a problem in identifying matched bettors. Shrewd matched bettors have been using techniques such as mug betting to disguise their activity, making it look like they were poor punters taking the occasional free bet or bonus.

So the bookies felt there was no option but to resort to spying on us. This has been well documented elsewhere and the bookies do not seem to even deny it.

They can track all of your activity using special spyware – which websites you visit, where you click, what bets you place – and yes, they can see you matched betting.

You won’t even know they are doing it – it is all done completely quietly in the background. 

The Empire had struck back.

Some would – and indeed have – questioned the legality of this. For the time being though, it is legal and the authorities such as the Gambling Commission have generally seemed to be more on the side of the bookies rather than the punter.

In any event, once the bookies have seen you matched betting then the chances are they are going to shut you down – by closing your accounts, stake-limiting you or removing the free bet and bonus offers from your account.


Turning the Tables Back to the Punter

So, it appeared that in the long-running battle between bookie and punter, the former had won.

That is until now, with a company developing a solution to stop the bookies spying on us.

The tool in question is called Jolly Lock IP and it significantly reduces the chances of having your bookie accounts closed.

It is a fully functioning protection tool that stops spyware and other monitoring techniques from tracking your activity. It has been designed specifically for bettors. The market has been crying out for something like this and thankfully it has arrived.

Basically, Jolly Lock IP is a specifically designed VPN for bettors that has significant advantages over traditional VPNs:

  • Jolly Lock IP allows you to run multiple IPs per computer and doesn’t just restrict you to one
  • It can run with FLASH websites, as opposed to other VPNs that can’t and therefore reveal the underlying IP when playing things such as online games and casinos.
  • Some VPNs will use IPs that have already been used before and therefore appear on a banned IPs list that the bookies have access to. You will not have this with Jolly Lock which will issue a completely new IP.
  • Jolly Lock will also issue a dedicated static UK based IP address.

Because the IP is a UK one, you can even use it to bet when you are abroad, something you may have found a real problem if you have been on holiday to places like France and Spain recently!


So What About Setting it up?

Well it’s all pretty simple really. Just a standard download and install, all takes just a few minutes and has full instructions so you can’t go wrong really. It works with both Windows and Mac, so all bases are covered. 

Once you have installed it, you just click on the Jolly Lock icon on your desktop, sign in and away you go. You just open the websites you want as normal and start betting. 


Is it Any Good?

Well it certainly does what it says on the tin.

Flash loads with no problem, it runs fast and there are no problems using sites like Betfair, which all run completely smoothly.

I have been doing some matched betting with it and to date have experienced no problems with the bookies at all, so that is a very good sign. 

In terms of cost, it is on a par with other VPNs so if you were thinking of switching to a VPN then Jolly Lock should be the choice of all gamblers going forward now. 

This really could change the game completely in the centuries-long battle between punters and bookies. If you are doing any matched betting at all or are a successful gambler than this piece of kit should be essential for you. 

Plus it is nice not to have people spying on you!

We thoroughly recommend Jolly Lock IP and you can try it out by clicking here.

pro footy tips

Best Football Tipster/System 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it is time to complete our series looking at the best betting products of the year.

In our previous categories, Profit Maximiser picked up the title of Best Betting System and Flat Racing Master picked up the title of Best Horse Racing Tipster.

Well today it is the turn of the football tipsters and systems to see who picks up the award of best one of 2016.

Football is the most gambled-on sport in the world and there is no shortage of tipsters out there trying their hand at making a profit from the game.


So it has been quite an effort to sort through them all and find the best ones.

But we are pleased to say we have managed to do so and have whittled the list down to our top three.


Top Three Football Tipsters/Systems 2016

It has been an interesting year for football betting products, with a number of new concepts being devised and some good ones emerging.


3. Betfair Renegade

At number three on our list is Betfair Renegade, a piece of software that comes free with Profit Maximiser – but on a limited basis only as the owner, Mike Cruickshank, only sells it at certain times. What the software does is find instances where the Betfair odds are too high in particular football matches, indicating there is value. Under a live six-month trial here on the site, Betfair Renegade made over 230 points profit at an excellent return on investment of 14%. And the best thing about it is that all the bets can be placed at Betfair – so no worries about having those bookie accounts closed!


2. Football Trading Alerts

At number two on our list is Football Trading Alerts, which is a trading system for Betfair using in-play stats to identify value live betting opportunities. It made over £620 profit to just £35 stakes during our trial, achieving a strike rate of 60%. Going back further, the results on their website show profits of over £4,000 since starting in January 2015, so these alerts certainly seem to have an edge on the market. A clever, but simple, betting strategy that has proved its worth and well deserving of the number two spot on our list.


1. Pro Footy Tips

At the number one spot is Pro Footy Tips, a football tipster who has achieved outstanding results in 2016, despite only starting tipping in March. With over 180 points profit made in the year from March, members following Pro Footy Tips will have done very well indeed. Having been a professional gambler for over two decades, the chap who runs the service tends to bet “against the crowd,” picking odds-against shots and those not-so-obvious selections. It is clearly an approach that works very well, with a return on investment very close to 25% so far. Kudos to Pro Footy Tips for picking up the number one spot in our Best Football Betting Product of 2016.


So there you have it, that wraps up our Betting Awards for 2016.

It only remains for me, Dan, to say thanks very much for following Honest Betting Reviews this year and I hope you have found the reviews interesting – and that they have helped you make a few quid/Euros/dollars in the process.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and see you in 2017!