Racing Professionals AW – Seven Month Update

It is now four months since we completed our trial of Racing Professionals AW and gave it an approved rating.

We like to keep an eye on our winning systems here at Honest Betting Reviews rather than just reviewing products and then forgetting about them.

So how have things been going since we reviewed this tipster back in March?

Well unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse and they have dropped 35 points since the end of our trial.

You can view full results here.

That leaves them just 20 points up after seven months of bets, which translates into a 4% ROI and 20% bank growth over that period.

Unfortunately we are going to have to downgrade Racing Professionals AW to a neutral rating.

We look for services to have an ROI over 10% to be on our approved list, unless they have exceptionally high bet volume or strike rate.

More importantly though, we would look for bank growth to be significantly higher than 20% after seven months and perhaps to have doubled or more in that time.

So all in all this one doesn’t quite justify a place on our recommended list at the moment. But who knows, they do tend to tip some big priced winners, so maybe a 100/1 winner is just around the corner…

In the meantime we will continue to keep an eye on things and see if they can pick up their form again.




Final Review

23rd March 2015


Over £24,000 profit in 2014. Did it continue during our trial?

You can get the Racing Professionals AW service here

Here are the final results of our three month trial of the Racing Professionals AW service:


Profit/loss: +55 pts
Strike rate: 20%
Bank growth: 55%
Cost:        £29.99 per month
ROI: 18%
Average number of tips: 3 per day


You can view full results here


Racing Professionals AW Final Review

This is a service that advises 1 point level stakes bets at Betfair SP on the All-Weather. It is a complimentary service to their principal one which runs during the main flat season on the turf.

The published results on the website are excellent, running back to 2008 and range between 100 and 478 points profit a year.

Digging a little deeper though, there are some massive priced winners that make up quite a large portion of those profits.

For example, in 2014 they made 244 points profit, which is an impressive £24,400 to £100 level stakes. However, a big portion of that was made up of one winner at 100/1.

And in 2013, they made 462 points profit, but nearly half of that was made up of one winner at over 200/1.

Still, even if you take off those massive winners they are still turning a decent profit so I started out the trial with high hopes for this service.

So, how did it pan out?

I began subscribing to this service on 28th November 2014 and it has been something of a rollercoaster ride to say the least over my 3 month trial!

As you might expect by looking at past results, there were some tough losing runs during the trial.

Then all of a sudden a big priced winner would pop up to turn things around.

As it did on 24th February when Atwix won at a BSP of 74! That turned what had been a losing 2015 up until then into a nicely profitable one.

Overall  a very pleasing return of 55 points, or £2,750 to £50 level stakes during the course of the trial, for what is very little work on the part of the subscriber.

You can see the kind of rollercoaster ride it was from the graph below:



Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good, tips are sent out by e-mail and usually arrive by midday.

Availability of prices: Excellent. I particularly like that bets are advised at Betfair SP (BSP) so no fancy prices that nobody can obtain and very little time needed to place the bets.

Strike rate: The strike rate is surprisingly high for a service that picks out such huge priced winners, being around 20-30% historically. That is basically because whilst they tip at some massive prices, they also have quite a few at odds-on – and everything in between!

Advised Betting Bank: They advise a 100 point bank, which seems a little on the low side considering we were nearly 50 points down at one stage during the trial. That would have equated to half the bank. I would think a 150 point bank would be more appropriate here.

Subscription costs: A fairly reasonable £29.99 per month


The trial finished with a nice profit of +55 points at BSP, so good results for a couple of minutes work a day.

You could say that if it hadn’t been for that one winner at 74 BSP then the trial would have finished down.

To be fair to them though, they also had second places at over 50/1 and 20/1, so as football managers are often keen to point out, luck has a tendency to level itself out over the course of a season. That seems to have been the case here rather than them having been “bailed out” with one lucky winner.

All in all then it gets the thumbs up from me and goes onto the approved list.

It does come with a bit of a health warning though – expect some big ups and downs, this is not a ride for the feint hearted!

But a great feeling when one of those massive outsiders comes romping home.

I will continue to monitor the service and provide updates on how this one performs.

You can get the Racing Professionals AW service here

Dark Horses – Final Review

Did it light our way to profits?

You can get Dark Horses here.

Profit/loss: 2 points
Strike rate: 19%
Bank growth: 4%
Cost: £30 per month
Average number of tips: 10 per week
ROI: 1.4%


You can view full results here


Dark Horses Final Review

The third and final of our trials of Tony Gibson’s betting systems, Dark Horses is a simple betting system selecting just one or two horses per day to back.

The service claimed profits of over 300 points coming into our trial, but unfortunately as with our two other reviews of Tony’s services – the Value Seeker and Tim Russell’s Private Service – it has failed to live up to previous results during our trial.

A profit of two points was made at advised prices, whilst backing at Betfair SP (BSP) resulted in a 9 point loss.

So nothing too bad, but not something to get excited about either I’m afraid.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than receiving them by e-mail. Tips are available by around 10 am daily (UK time) and bets are simply backed at Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers each morning after selections are given out. There are a maximum of 2 bets per day so shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Fairly good – prices were generally available for long enough to enable you to place bets. There was a difference of around 10 points between results at advised prices and BSP, which isn’t too bad. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during our review was 19%, which means there will be some drawdowns along the way using this service.

Advised Betting Bank: A 50 point betting bank is advised, which was never in danger of being lost during the trial and seems reasonable.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just the Dark Horses betting tips but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’ website.


As the service just made a small profit of 2 points during our trial, it doesn’t seem to quite warrant inclusion in our passed systems, and it seems fairer to put it in our neutral category for now.

I had been hoping for better things from our reviews of Tony Gibson’s systems but that is betting for you – don’t rely on anything!

Perhaps things will pick up for these systems – we will keep an eye on them and report back in due course.

The Value Seeker Final Review

Did it find the value?

You can get the Value Seeker here

Profit/loss: 0.26 points
Strike rate: 14%
Bank growth: 0.1%
Cost: £30 per month
ROI: 0.1%
Average number of tips: 2 per day


You can view full results here


The Value Seeker Final Review

Coming into this review the Value Seeker had notched up one of the most impressive points totals I have come across. Indeed, they asked the question themselves “Is this the greatest proofing period ever?”

With over 1200 points profit in 18 months, it was not a ridiculous claim to make. So how did it get on during our trial?

Well things got off to a rip-roaring start and I was suitably excited when just two days in, the service landed a 65/1 winner in the form of Lough Derg Walk. 

However, sadly that profit has been steadily eroded over the subsequent three months and we end up back where we started at break even point.

So no real damage done, but nothing to write home about either.

The provider of the selections Tony Gibson has clearly spent a good deal of time coming up the system and this is evidenced in his book of the same name, The Value Seeker, which is an interesting read.

Essentially it is a system for selecting unexposed horses from some of the top trainers, but I can’t really say more than that without giving too much away.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than having them e-mailed to you. Tips are available by around 10 am daily (UK time) and it is advised to use Betfair SP, which makes things easy. There are on average about 2 bets per day so using Betfair only it shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Very good – as above, you are advised to use Betfair SP so no problem in getting the bets on and you know you can match the advertised results. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was just 14%, so patience and a good size betting bank are required.

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point betting bank is advised, which seems more than adequate to deal with the losing runs.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just the Value Seeker selections but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’s website.


As the service broke even over the course of the trial, the only fair verdict seems to be a placing in our neutral category.

Given the previous results and the fact that this has a well-researched and carefully thought out system behind it, we will continue to monitor results and see if there is an improvement.