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The summer of sport continues next week with the start of Wimbledon on Monday.

Regardless of whether you’re a tennis fan or not, Wimbledon offers a HUGE number of profit-making opportunities for us punters.

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They all start from a basic psychological weakness almost all professional tennis players (and most humans) have, and he’s included three of his favourite ways to exploit it for profit:

– LtDB

– SaaB


He’ll also share some important ‘setting up’ information that really can make all the difference between massive success and frustrating failure. These are simple steps that anyone can follow.

And finally, Paul will pull back the curtain on the exact information source he uses to know more about some players than they know about themselves!

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Not only could this be your most enjoyable – and lucrative – Wimbledon ever, but it could also be the start of a new approach to turning a profit from watching sport. Who knows, you might even be able to take this full-time, like Paul.

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Get Top Royal Ascot Tips Here!

It’s the start of Royal Ascot tomorrow, one of the world’s biggest race meetings.

Cotswold Racing smashed it at Royal Ascot last year, making a MASSIVE 59.5 points profit.

That’s £1,190 profit to £20 stakes for just one week’s work!

And it came at a phenomenal return on investment (ROI) of 110%.

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It is not a flash in the pan either as Cotswold Racing has made profit in 16 of the last 17 months and 400 points profit to BSP.

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Good luck with your Royal Ascot bets this week and let’s hope for plenty of winners!




Does the Dutching Betting System Really Work in Horse Racing?

The phrase ‘go Dutch’ generally means to share the cost of something equally, whether it’s when settling a restaurant bill or taking a taxi home following an evening out.

In a betting context, Dutching is the act of sharing out your stake across two or more runners in a market, whether that’s equally or on a proportionate basis to their odds or your prediction as to which is the most likely winner.

Dutching is perhaps best observed in horse racing. We know that there can be only one winner of a race, but by backing two or more runners we can increase our chances of finding that elusive champion, albeit at the cost of eating into our potential profit margin.

Dutching: In Application

Let’s take a look at this summer’s racing, where punters will be placing their Royal Ascot bets with relish in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A renewal like the King’s Stand Stakes has, at the time of writing, two outstanding favourites – Golden Pal and Nature Strip – with the rest of the field priced at odds of 10/1.

Assuming we wanted to somehow bet on both of the market principles, is Dutching the right way to go about it?

Playing the Percentages

You could, of course, back either Golden Pal or Nature Strip if you had a particular fancy about one or the other. The former has, after all, recently been described as an ‘awesome specimen’ by trainer Wesley Ward. However, that accepts the risk that you might pick the wrong horse and lose, so maybe there’s a sharper way to play it.

We can Dutch the two horses together at their current odds of 7/4 and 11/4, and rather than staking 50/50, we might bet a little more on Golden Pal (the ante-post favourite) and a little less on Nature Strip – let’s say 0.6 units on the former and 0.4 on the latter.

Now let’s work out where we stand on the numbers front:

  • If Golden Pal wins, we make 1.05 profit from our 0.60, minus Nature Strip’s 0.40 = 0.65 net.
  • If Nature Strip wins, we make 1.65 profit from our 0.40, minus Golden Pal’s 0.60 = 1.05 net.

So, as you can see, we can net a similar return with split staking across the pair, and while there’s a chance we could lose on both fronts if an outsider takes the spoils, Dutching can work where two selections in a market are head and shoulders above the rest.

In our King’s Stand Stakes example, Golden Pal has an implied probability of winning of 36.4% from odds of 7/4 and Nature Strip 26.7% from 11/4, so we can cover more than half of the book and still profit. But, as we know, horse racing can be unpredictable, and an outsider taking the line in first place scuppers the whole thing.

What About Forecast Betting?

If you are having a flutter on Royal Ascot, or any other sport/event where there are two clear market principles, then forecasting is another possible option. A straight forecast would require you to back the 1-2 in the correct order, which naturally increases your risk but also pays out a greater rate than prescribed in the Dutching example above. So, a 1.00 stake on Golden Pal to finish first and Nature Strip second would yield a net of 6.38, but our stake is lost should the latter win or any other horse in the field finishes first or second.

With a reverse forecast, we can back both possibilities in a 1-2 combination. We have to place two bets – so, in this example, that would be 0.50 units apiece – but yield a profit in two potential ways:

  • 1st – Golden Pal, 2nd – Nature Strip = 0.50 pays 3.19 net
  • 1st – Nature Strip, 2nd – Golden Pal = 0.50 pays 3.69 net

So, there are a few betting systems that can work – mathematically speaking – where there are two favourites that are likely to dominate. But, as ever, the success of any system is in being able to spot where the market principles are worthy of such an accolade while avoiding those ‘weak’ favourites that can derail a punter’s ambitions.




Croupier at roulette table

Casino Games & Their Live Options: What’s The Difference?

With the seemingly endless list of casino games on the internet that are repackaged and repurposed in all sorts of ways, it can be overwhelming for new players, in particular, to get their bearings. When you throw into the mix the addition of live options, it’s even more confusing, especially as many players will undoubtedly be wondering what the key benefits of this variation are exactly. 

The online gambling industry is positively booming. From gameplay changes to alternate bonus options, we’re here to walk you through what sets live and non-live options apart, to better steer you in the right direction. We’re going to go over three game types and take examples from each to show you the differences between them. 

vintage bingo turner and numbered balls” by starsantiques is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


As one of the most straightforward games out there, it doesn’t take long to explain the basic premise. You’re given a board with numbers on it. Numbers are then randomly called and if you line up the called numbers on your board, you win.

Little is changed from that basic premise when you play bingo live: in some bingo rooms, your numbers are called by a live dealer, and in others, you will be able to enjoy the additional benefit of a chatbox. Within this, you can communicate with other players, which definitely contributes to the interactive and immersive element of the game. Also, some of the bonuses will be enhanced now that you’re competing against other players. 

In the example of The Voice live bingo, you play bingo as normal. However, if you match all four numbers that are displayed on the coach chair while you win, you also win an extra jackpot prize. There are also bonuses for being the first to match a chair number or spinning a chair. While this has you competing against more than just the game, it also gives you additional payouts.

5 Slot, Caille’s Quintette” by cobalt123 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


If anything is arguably easier to understand than bingo, many would argue that it would be slot games. Essentially, you pull a lever or push a button and wait for the spinning symbols to stop spinning. If they match up in specific ways, you win money based on the odds of the match. 

With live slots, a presenter commentates a live game that all watchers are betting on. There is a chat bar that players can communicate with and the presenter reacts in real-time to the happenings of the game. That is essentially the biggest spin on the live take as well as the presenter spinning for the possibility of free spins when that comes up on the screen. At the end of the day, the live variant of slots is for those who want to share the experience with like-minded players. 

Djibouti – PASHA CASINO at Djibouti Palace Kempinski” by badcat777 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


Roulette is all about picking one or more numbers and hoping a spinning ball lands on one of those numbers. It’s one of the showier games in a casino and typically attracts crowds. Online is no different as people love to watch live dealers doling out spins. But with many live roulette games, there’s a catch: certain numbers can be multiplied. For example, 2, 7, 12, 24, and 30 are picked to receive multipliers at the start of the round.

If you picked one of those numbers and it’s landed on, the amount of money you win will be doubled, tripled, etc. depending on the multiplier. It adds an extra layer of complexity to the game for the sake of bonuses. Of course, you can also chat with other players and the sets are always luxurious looking, but we’re more interested in the multipliers. 

So there you have it. If you want to maximize your winnings in online casinos, consider our advice on live games and you should be able to up your knowledge and refine your strategy. 





Betting the “House”: Why Bingo is popular (and should you play it?)

It’s easy to be snobbish about bingo. For most casino games, there are ways to be good at them and get better, but with bingo, you’re entirely at the mercy of two things – the numbers on your card, and the numbers that get drawn.

You can’t choose the former, and you have no control over the latter, either, so from the first time you sit down to play to the hundredth, you won’t get any “better” at the game.

So that begs the question: why is bingo so popular? And it is popular in both the online and offline versions.

Whether you’re in an airy hall with a sound system or sat at home playing bingo sites not on Gamstop, you are going to have a large number of people playing against you. And believe it, they will be against you. Given the size of some of the jackpots you’ll find around the world, winning at the bingo table is something everyone who plays it is deeply determined to do.

It’s relaxing

Fairly simply, bingo is not a stressful game at its core. If you’re holding cards in your hand trying to make them look like a winning hand, it’s easy to get exasperated. If you’re at the roulette wheel betting on red, it can feel like the world is against you when it lands on black four or five times in a row.

As we noted above, in bingo the numbers come out as they come out; you don’t have any say in the matter, so there’s really no pressure on you. If you’re doing something for leisure, that’s a big plus point.

It’s social (online or offline)

Although everyone wants to win the jackpot, the level of jeopardy in bingo is what it is. Nobody’s realistically going to be cheating, you won’t get any hustlers turning up looking to use their skills to dupe everyone out of their cash, so there is a feeling of social relaxation to be found with bingo.

This is even more the case when there is no cash fee for entry, which is increasingly the case on social casino sites. Once you’re signed up to those, you can find yourself chatting away with other players like they’re old friends. Try doing that at a high rollers’ poker night.

It has cross-generational appeal

There is a cliche about bingo and its popularity among the senior community, but if you walked into a bingo hall tonight, you would not see a big crowd of elderly players – or at least, not exclusively.

Bingo is increasingly attracting a more evenly spread demographic, and you might just as easily find yourself sat next to a hen night of women in their 20s, a bunch of students who didn’t fancy a bar crawl, or a work night out. And yes, you’ll probably find quite a few older players; they’re part of that cross-generational demo too.

For all the things that some people don’t like about bingo, there are plenty of people who find those things enjoyable. So why not take the chance to get involved yourself and see how you like it?




Rafa Nadal

Finding the Best Betting Bonuses: A Beginner’s Guide

With laws in the United States and Canada regarding online gambling moving in line with much of the rest of the world, millions more sports fans can now enjoy a wager on their favourite competitions, teams and players. But how do you ensure you get the most out of these newfound freedoms?

Trawl through the mountain of legal and licensed online betting apps, and you’ll quickly discover you aren’t short of options but with each app promoting themselves as being the best in the business, how do you know which to trust? Which bookies can live up to the hype and which are nothing more than clever marketing?

Finding the answers to those questions aren’t easy, and you could spend hours, days and weeks looking for the sportsbook that best suits you as a gambler. A gambler is only as good as the betting app they are using, so it’s crucial you have the best downloaded to your smartphone.

The app with the widest range of sports, the most generous odds, type of markets that improve your chances of making a profit and the best betting bonuses. There’s much more to being a successful gambler than simply placing winning bets.

That’s why we have written this article. We wanted to help readers thrive from the very beginning of their gambling adventure. If you build it on strong foundations, your gambling will grow into a successful and profitable hobby. It may all seem a little overwhelming or daunting at first – we get that – but by the end of this page, you will know exactly where you stand and exactly what to look for in a bookie.

Google Images Creative Commons Licences

It’s a great time to be a bettor

The online gambling market is more competitive today than it has ever been in the past, with established names from the era of high-street betting offices competing against the best of the emerging talent. It’s a challenging time to run a successful international sportsbook but a glorious time to be a bettor with so much choice at your fingertips.

How does a bookie stand out from the crowd and ensure a steady stream of new customers and repeat business? By offering the kind of promotions and welcome bonuses that catch your eye and encourage you to choose them over the competition.

Welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, with any bookie worth their salt offering new players an incentive to join. The most popular deals in the industry at present include free bets, risk-free bets, cashback, extra places each way and profit boosts.

There is a deal to suit all types of gamblers, and you will find at least one that will work for you. But it’s crucial that you take your time, size up what’s being offered then compare and contrast the deals. Many promos look spectacular at first glance but fail to stand up to scrutiny.

You want to spend more time finding winning bets and less time choosing a bookie, so you’ll want to get it right first time. The welcome bonus that is most common today is the deposit matched free bet. This is a deal that gives new players who register for an account and place their first wager on sports a free bet.

That value of this will be equal to your first gamble. For example, if you sign-up, deposit $100 and place a qualifying bet on the NFL, for example, you’ll receive a $100 free bet. That will be dropped into your account balance and be ready to use as soon as your qualifying bet has a result.

Dig a little deeper

When choosing a promo, you must look beyond the poster. Don’t snatch at the first free bet offer you see just because it looks good. Dig a little deeper and rummage around in the terms and conditions because it’s there you’ll find out how good a bonus really is.

The T&Cs are often lengthy, but snippets to look for are wagering requirements, minimum odds of qualifying bets, the number of times you must play through your bonus before withdrawing and any maximum winnings. There’s no point using a $100 free bet on an outsider if you are limited to a $200 win. Research is key to choosing the right deal.




Mobile casino pic

Mobile Casino Bonuses Explained

If you are looking for a mobile casino app to download you should take your time and make good considerations about the promotions that are available to you.

There is so much competition out there that casinos are fighting to win our custom, not the other way round! Although you should be cautious of promotions that sound too good to be true it is also important to be aware that many mainstream sites offer great promotions, and you don’t want to miss out on these for the sake of a few minutes of research.

What Are Mobile Casino Bonuses?

Just like sports betting sites offer a free bet or a promo when you join, online and mobile casino operators also like to offer a bonus to new players. A casino bonus is a promotion offered by numerous bookmakers in an attempt to attract more players to their sites. The basis of these promotions will involve a player signing up and depositing money onto a site and being rewarded in some way. Some of these bonuses will be easy to understand while others require a little more thinking before you fully commit.

So, with this in mind, what does a good mobile casino bonus look like? Well, firstly a good bonus will return some incentive from signing up to a casino. Every bonus will be different, but the best promotions should be good enough to act as a big enough incentive to sign up to a casino site before you have considered anything else.

What also needs to be considered though is the nature of the bonus. Sure, a 500% deposit does sound amazing, but we should stress the importance of reading the terms and conditions before you go full steam ahead as promotions are only valuable if you have the potential to turn the bonus into actual cash.

The Different Types of Mobile Casino Bonuses

The majority of casino bonuses will reward the player for making an initial deposit. The instructions will typically be very clear such as bet $100, and you will receive a $200 bonus to play with. These bonuses are typical for an online casino and will normally have to be wagered about 40 times before you can withdraw the bonus money as actual cash.

Some of the most attractive mobile casino bonuses though come in the form of no deposit casino bonuses. These no deposit casino bonus codes instant play will let you sign up to a site and play with bonus funds without having to make any deposit. This is a great way of playing with a casino as you can test out the quality of a few games without having to risk any of your money.

This money given to you will have to be wagered a considerable amount, so we recommend you do two things with the bonus money. You either use it on a few games to test if you like them or not and work on a few strategies that will later improve your gambling experiences, or you just try and get extremely lucky and look to win big. If you win big you can then wager the money easily and you will find yourself in a nice position

Promotional Bonuses Vs Reload Offers

Most of the attractive promotions that you see advertised can only be used when you are signing up for a site for the first time, such as a risk free bet. There are sites however that like to reward loyal customers with promotions, and these are the types of casinos that we respect.

A Reload bonus can be random and some sites will send you an email one day where they will entice you to bet money so you can earn a nice bonus. On some occasions, these bonuses can be just as good as promotional businesses.




MK Horse Racing Tips

Three Tips for British Flat Season

With the Cheltenham Festival over for another year, attention now turns to the Flat season. We’ve looked at some of the major races over the summer and come up with the best bets for the campaign.

Baaeed To Win Lockinge – 4/7

William Haggas has revealed that he plans to run Baaeed in the Lockinge Stakes at Newbury in what will be the unbeaten colt’s first appearance of 2022. Last season’s Queen Elizabeth II Stakes winner is the 4/7 favourite to get off to a winning start to the campaign.

Baaeed showed exactly how good he was when he defeated Palace Pier at Ascot. John and Thady Gosden’s runner has consistently been the best miler in Europe over the last couple of seasons, so to get the better of the horse was a huge achievement.

In what will be his four-year-old campaign, we could see even more from Baaeed this season. All the leading 1m races will be on the table for him. It is going to take a big performance to stop him in each of those races.

Manobo To Win Ascot Gold Cup – 5/1

Charlie Appleby’s gelding Manobo has had a lot of international success over the last couple of years. He was victorious on Arc weekend in the Grade Two Prix Chaudenay back in October. More recently, he broke the track record at Meydan to win the Nad Al Sheba Trophy.

The Ascot Gold Cup is likely to be the main target during the summer as he switches back to turf. He is 5/1 in the betting for that 2m4f contest at Royal Ascot. For advice on how to place your bet on the race, research some site to learn how to bet successfully on sportsbook and give you all the pointers you need, including where to find a free bet to use on the meeting.

Manobo is the joint-favourite for the Ascot Gold Cup along with Trueshan. As talented as Alan King’s runner is, he is ground dependent. He missed the race last year as he did not get the rain he needed. This makes Manobo a much better prospect at the latest odds.

Golden Pal to Win King’s Stand Stakes – 4/1

US-based trainer Wesley Ward has had a lot of success in the sprint races at Royal Ascot over the last two decades. He looks set to be targeting the King’s Stand Stakes this year with his very talented sprinter Golden Pal.

The four-year-old colt finished second in the Norfolk Stakes in 2020 at the meeting. He came home just a neck behind The Lir Jet on what was just the second start of his career. Since then, he has developed into one of the fastest horses in the world.

Last season Golden Pal won three of his four starts on the track. He prevailed at Saratoga, Keeneland and Del Mar, the latter being the Grade One Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint. That race featured some of the best sprinters from Europe, so it was a strong test for him.

Ward’s runner is 4/1 to prevail in the day one contest at Royal Ascot in 2022. He looks the one they will all have to beat as he bids to go one place better on his second shot at glory at the meeting.

Good luck with the three above bets this Flat season. Remember to gamble with responsibility. Hopefully, the campaign ends as a successful one for you.




Augusta National Leaderboard

Get Your Masters Tips Here!

It’s the first major of the golfing calendar this week from the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. 

One of the highlights not just of the golfing year but the sporting one, the Masters is famed for its fast greens, beautiful surroundings and high drama.

The favourite for the tournament this year is Jon Rahm at around 11/1 after winning the US Open last year and contending at Augusta on previous occasions.

Just behind him in the betting are the likes of Justin Thomas at 12/1 who has been knocking at the door this year and Cameron Smith, the Players champion, who is a best price of 16/1.

It’s a great week for punters as the bookies are offering up to 11 places for each-way betting, which is cracking value particularly in a reduced field like the Masters with a number of the players being old-timers. 

If you are looking for some tips for the Masters then we can highly recommend the Golf Insider, who has a phenomenal betting record. 

The Golf Insider’s winners include:

  • Martin Laird – WON at 250/1
  • Marc Warren – WON at 150/1
  • Chris Kirk – WON at 125/1
  • Rasmus Hojgaard – WON at 200/1
  • Andrew Dodt – WON at 150/1
  • Corey Conners – WON at 175/1
  • Cameron Champ – WON at 150/1
  • Hennie Otto – WON at 80/1
  • Thomas Pieters – WON at 66/1
  • Martin Kaymer – WON at 70/1

Amazing stuff. Plus there have been a whole host of high-priced placed finishes as well, which are too numerous to mention here. 

In total the Golf Insider has made over £20,000 profit at advised stakes since starting up in 2014 at an ROI of 27%, which is sensational tipping. 

He absolutely crushed it in our live trial as well with winners at prices of 250/1, 150/1, 20/1, 30/1, 12/1 and 50/1.

He has some big bets lined up for this week’s Masters and has even provided a FREE Masters Factfile to whet the appetite. 

To unlock the Golf Insider’s Masters tips and get your fully protected 100% money-back-guaranteed 30-day trial click here. 

Whether you follow the Golf Insider’s tips though or place your own selections, good luck this week and here’s hoping you find the winner! 





Aintree Grand National

Three Potential Bets for Britain’s Summer of Sport

Aintree Grand National 2013” (CC BY 2.0) by stacey.cavanagh

Not many countries have such a rich and varied calendar of sports as the UK. There are major events that run throughout the year, from the Six Nations rugby tournament in February and March, all the way through to the World Darts Championships in December.

However, it’s from the spring through to the summer that many of the most exciting and high-profile events take place and, with them, naturally many betting opportunities arise. So, to set you thinking, here are just three events that you could put a bet on to make what is always a captivating season of sports even more exciting.

Rachael Blackmore to win her second Grand National in a row

Last year the Irish jockey rode into the history books when she became the first-ever woman to win the world’s most famous steeplechase on Minella Times. Last year she won while priced at odds of 11/1, but this year it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get odds as good at this. If she does come good, it will cap a remarkable season for Blackmore following on from her equally historic victories in Cheltenham’s Champion Hurdle and Gold Cup.

With 70,000 spectators expected on the day, it will certainly provide an unforgettable spectacle for them if she does indeed manage to ride Minella Times into the select group of consecutive winners of the race.

England cricket to return to its winning ways

Following on from their disastrous Ashes you, which saw the departure of head coach Chris Silverwood along with various other members of the back-room team, it was hoped that the 2022 tour of the West Indies would be the start of a re-set for English Test cricket. Nonetheless, following two close draws, the final match in the series saw England soundly beaten by 10 wickets with Joe Root’s role as captain hanging very much in the balance.

The summer sees two home series against New Zealand and South Africa, as well as a single test against India. This could very well be the chance for a new dawn for the team, if a long shot. For those avid bettors among you, perhaps it might be better to head for an online casino with a no deposit bonus, instead. That way, you’ll be able to play games for real money without any outlay yourself. There is a wide number of casinos to choose from and many also feature sportsbooks if you do fancy a punt on the cricket.

Rafael Nadal to win Wimbledon

Rafa Nadal, Wimbledon semi-final 2011” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Steve M. Walker

Men’s tennis is at a crossroads with the old triumvirate of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Nadal starting to show their age. The latter, in particular, has been plagued by injuries and must surely be looking towards the end of his career. So it would be a fairy-tale ending if he could claim a 22nd Grand Slam title at this year’s Wimbledon, not to mention a joy for his many fans all around the world.

So there you have them, three very different bets for this summer of sport. Put them in an accumulator and, if all three do come off, that really would be something to celebrate.