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How to find bets with value: Basic theory for beginners


For thousands of years people have been drawn to risk and opportunity. Gambling was therefore already very early an exciting thing to do. Long before the invention of slot machines, poker, blackjack and roulette people attended certain sporting and competitive events placing free bets of winners and losers of the competition.

Today the betting and gambling industry is one of the biggest in the world making more money than the entire music and film industry put together. While more and more people get into the business of online casino slot games, enjoying the new opportunities the internet and certain inventions like the new digital cryptocurrencies have brought to the industry, others are more interested in sport events and betting on them.

In the United Kingdom alone the betting industry has reached a value of more that 14.5 billion pounds,  between 2017 and 2018. There is no doubt that the industry has grown a lot since then.

Betting has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. With the industry growing also advertising the whole thing has reached a new point, getting more and more people on board. Nowadays you can not only bet on horse racing but on every kind of sport you can think of.

While the old sentence “The house always wins.” may often still be true, players have found ways to avoid high risks and look for new strategies that increase their chances of winning such as so called “value bets”.

As many people keep on making the same mistakes losing their money, we have put together some simple instructions for finding the best bets with value.

What strategies and odds exist?

People have developed many different strategies and calculations to find the best bet. As betting is about randomness, it is all about the odds. Understanding the basic systems that exist for odds can be crucial to successful betting.

One kind of system is called Decimal Odds or European Odds. This system is mostly used by European, Australian and Canadian bookies. It is a pretty easy system for calculating potential winnings. All you have to do is to multiply your stake by the European odds and then take away your initial stake.

That means that if the odds stand at 2.75 for the team that you chose to bet on and you bet 20 pounds, you multiply 2.75 with your stake of 20 getting 55 and subtract the initial stake of 20 pounds, which leaves you with 35. That means you would make 35 pounds profit if your bet is right or lose all your 20 pounds if not.

Another system is called American Odds, that is obviously it is used by mostly North Americans. At first sight this system looks pretty confusing but it is still pretty helpful. The idea here is that the odds are represented by the amount of money you must bet in order to win 100 dollars if the odds have a minus symbol.

A plus symbol means that the number represents your profit if you bet 100 dollars. In an example of Trabzonspor playing against Diyarbakırspor with Trabzonspor having odds of -175 and Diyarbakırspor +700 and you bet on Trabzonspor, you must bet 175 dollars to make 100 dollars profit. If you bet on Diyarbakırspor betting 100 dollars will bring you additional 700 dollars in case of winning.

That may seem confusing but it is important to understand those systems in order to get an overview over what is happening to your money.

What are value bets?

Now we should talk about what are value bets and how to find them. The idea is easy. You try to find a wager at favorable odds that will offer you an advantage over the bookmaker. Do not forget that you not only play against the odds but also always against the bookie. But some have found ways to beat the bookies systematically.

A “value” bet is something you have if the likelihood of an event happening is significantly higher than what the bookmaker’s odds indicate. That sounds like a dream of course, but there is a way to find those opportunities.

For instance, the oddsmaker is giving Diyarbakırspor 2.50 to defeat Rizespor. This event’s suggested chance of happening is 100/2.50 – 40. In other words, the oddsmaker predicts that Diyarbakırspor will win the game 40% of the time. If Diyarbakırspor has a 45% probability of winning, you have an advantage since the “actual” odds should be 100/45 = 2.22.

Long-term financial gain is possible if you continuously place bets at odds of 2.50 while the correct odds are 2.22. If you play right you will have a great opportunity to increase your chances and actually win.

How to find value bets?

Now that we found out what value bets actually are and stated that they exist, we just have to find a way to identify and find them.

The key here is simply knowledge. To know a lot about the sport, the teams, the players and the history of the past events will give you the tools to know better than the bookie.  Specializing is the best way to begin sports betting. It’s a good idea to specialize in leagues and competitions that you are already familiar with in particular. You will be able to apply what you have learned to other leagues and tournaments once you have built your sense of betting value by concentrating on leagues you are familiar with. Prior to starting to diversify your portfolio, stick to what you know best.

Specializing in specific sports or leagues is a smart idea, at least at the start of your betting career. And it’s a good idea to do it in a league or sport you are already familiar with. If for example you are into football in Turkey and follow what is going on in the first league, you should start betting here.

If your main knowledge is about Hockey and you follow the British National Hockey League that is the right place to start. The more you know about the match that is about to happen and all its participants, the more sure you can be about its odds. As soon as you see the bookie got it wrong, you bet and win.




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Can Betting and Gaming Strategies Ever Mix? Yes, Because Context Matters

Can you use popular sports betting strategies in casino gaming and vice versa? Yes, when you look beneath the surface of both pursuits and realise that context matters each time you place a bet.

What does this mean? It means you need to assess a selection of variables and your own circumstances before you gamble. This theory applies to sports betting and casino gaming. To bring some context to the notion that context matters in all forms of gambling, let’s start with casino gaming.

House Edge, Payout Potential and Context Matter

Source: Pixabay

When a gamer logs into PlayStar, a licensed online casino site, they’ve got over 100 games to choose from. Selecting games you enjoy is important, but a player who wants to maximise their potential will gravitate towards table games such as blackjack. Why? Because these games have the lowest house edge. This is something a sports bettor can relate to. The odds only tell part of the story when it comes to sporting picks.

A bettor needs to assess whether the odds offer value based on the amount they can stake. A casino gamer has plenty of options and needs to find the ones with the best payout potential vs. house edge (aka the return to player (RTP) score). They then have to weigh this against the amount they can stake vs. the amount they can win. For example, slots allow you to bet a small amount and win a large sum of money. However, the house edge is fairly high.

In contrast, the payouts for blackjack are smaller but, based on the house edge, players have a better shot of winning compared to slots. Therefore, the player needs to decide how much they can wager based on the size of their bankroll. Then, they need to think about how much volatility they want to accept. Do they want smaller but, potentially, more consistent payouts? Do they want less frequent payouts but the potential to win a much larger return on investment (ROI)?

Bet in a Way that Suits You

Source: Pixabay

Sports bettors can adopt a similar way of thinking. The odds are important but are they worth it based on the amount you stand to win, your stake, and the pick’s chances of winning? For example, a horse might be 2/5. The bookies believe it’s going to romp home. If you can only wager £2, it’s probably not worth betting on. Yes, the horse might win comfortably, but the amount you stand to win is so small that it’s not worth the risk. In this situation, someone with £2 to stake might be better off choosing the 3/1 second favourite. The chances of winning might be smaller, but the potential payoff is better.

Thus, the sports bettor is in a similar situation to the casino gamer choosing between slots and blackjack. They can pick the horse with a greater chance of winning but a low payout. Alternatively, they can shoot for a larger payout but with less chance of winning (according to the bookies’ odds). Neither decision is wrong. However, the lesson here is that context matters. All casino games are fun and have plenty of payout potential, but not all of them are right for you. It’s the same with sports betting. Every bet you make should be based on data and logic, but context also matters. If the very best option isn’t right for you, choose the next best option and so on. That’s the lesson here and it’s a concept both casino gamers and sports bettors can use.




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Best British Champions Day Tips for 2022

British Champions Days at Ascot is one of the highlights of the year in horse racing in the UK. It is the end-of-the-season championship on the Flat calendar, so it often includes many of the leading horses from their respective divisions.

Here is a look at the best tips for this year’s meeting at the Berkshire racecourse.

Stradivarius, the Value in Long Distance Cup

There has been very little between Trueshan, Kyprios, and Stradivarius this season in the stayers’ division. Arguably the horse who has been the unluckiest of the three is the latter. He found traffic in running the Ascot Gold Cup, while in the Goodwood Cup, he went down by just a neck.

Despite having consistent form in 2022, Stradivarius can be backed at 6/1 for the British Champions Long Distance Cup. He is likely to be one of the best horse racing tips for the card, as the former winner remains at the top of his game.

The eight-year-old did not enter the Doncaster Cup at the St Leger Festival this season. He should go into British Champions Day relatively fresh, for what could be the final assignment of his illustrious career.

Alcohol Free to Have More Sprinting Glory

Four-time Group One winner Alcohol Free had a lot of success over the sprint distances in the early stages of her career. Most of her runs since then have come over 1m, which has meant she has bumped into Baaeed on a few occasions.

The four-year-old filly dropped back to 6f in the July Cup at Newmarket on her penultimate outing and she showed all her speed, prevailing in a strong field that included Naval Crown, Perfect Power, and Creative Force.

Andrew Balding’s runner is the highest rated runner in the British Champions Sprint Stakes, yet she will be receiving 3lb from the opposite sex in the race. At 6/1 in the betting, she represents the bet for the 6f contest.

Classy Inspiral Can End the Season on a High

John and Thady Gosden’s filly Inspiral ended last season as the leading two-year-old filly. An injury meant she made a belated return to action in 2022, missing the Classics at Newmarket and Epsom.

The daughter of Frankel made up for missing the Oaks by prevailing in the Coronation Stakes at Royal Ascot by just under five lengths. It was one of the most striking performances of the season so far by a filly.

Defeat followed at Newmarket in the Falmouth Stakes, but she soon bounced back in France, landing the Group One Prix Jacques Le Marois under the hands of her regular pilot Frankie Dettori.

Inspiral is the 5/2 favourite for the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes where she will be taking on the opposite sex once again. The talented filly will not need to worry about Baaeed, who looks set to run in the Champions Stakes, so this is a good opportunity for her to add to her tally.

British Champions Day takes place on Saturday, 15th October. There will be six races across the afternoon at Ascot.




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World Cup Betting: Which is the toughest group to call?

For many football fans, the knockout stages of the World Cup are where it gets exciting. Each game pits one top team against another, and a team that wins in the last sixteen is suddenly just a couple of games away from the final.

We’ve seen enough weird sporting results in the last few years to know that anything can happen in a one-off game, so of course this stage of the tournament is interesting. But for others, there’s nothing to beat the group stage. And before you chuckle at that idea, bear in mind a few points.

While World Cup betting is on a knife-edge when only the best teams are left in, the underestimated joy of a global football tournament is seeing teams you’re not used to watching.

The group stage is also when there is the most football to watch: up to four games a day, which is heaven for many fans. And there is always the Group of Death. That one group which, however it pans out, is going to bring bad news for a team that should really be in the tournament longer. Looking at the 2022 World Cup betting, which group is that this time around?

Group B?

Some pundits have named this as the Group of Death, and let’s be blunt: we’re not convinced. England need to get past Wales, the USA and Iran in this group. While the meeting with Wales throws up some regional rivalry and the massive complication that is Gareth Bale in a Wales shirt, anyone betting on the World Cup accepts that England should have enough about them to win that game.

The USA national team is not bad, but by the middling standards of past USMNTs it’s far from the best. As for Iran, they are blessed with some highly gifted individuals, but the squad is beset by disharmony and the national FA tried to sack the coach in July to the displeasure of half the squad. They then reinstated him, to the displeasure of the other half. Group of Death? Nah.

Group F?

This is a little more interesting. Belgium and Croatia were third and second respectively in Russia four years ago, and both will feel that they could have won the whole thing with a bit more luck.

Reasonable analysis and the odds here at, however, suggest that both sides have fallen back a little in the last four years and could be vulnerable. Canada cut a dash through CONCACAF qualifying, leaving the USA and Mexico in their wake, and won’t make life comfortable for anyone, Morocco, meanwhile, may be tipped to end up bottom of the group, but the presence of players such as Amine Harit and Achraf Hakimi makes them a dangerous opponent.

Group E

We’re just going to say it: this is the Group of Death. This is particularly bad news for Japan, who will probably be one of its two victims. There are plenty of talented players in the Japanese squad – as any Celtic fan will tell you.

However, they will face Germany, Spain and Costa Rica in this group. That’s two of the last three winners and favourites in World Cup 2022 betting, plus a Costa Rican side which always shows up at the finals. The winner of this group is rewarded with a last-16 game against the runners-up of the group above, so congratulations to anyone in Groups A through D; you’ve definitely got the easier half of the draw.




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Mistakes that need to be avoided when playing online casino games

If you want to have fun when playing at online casinos, there are a few mistakes you should avoid. Physical and internet casinos have become a part of our daily lives because we accept them as a source of money and entertainment.

The knowledge and abilities required to succeed in a casino are more complicated than they initially appear. Since some people who are just starting out may not know what they should do or should not do, the following are some blunders you should never make when gambling online.

Playing in casinos that are not registered

Using an illegal or unauthorized casino is one of the biggest blunders you can make when gambling online. There are many casinos out there; some of them are fake. They only exist to defraud you of your hard-earned money.

When looking to play casino games online, you can find a lot of licensed casinos at, which have a lot of bonuses you can utilize. Never give your money or personal information to a casino if you aren’t sure about its reliability. You may always check a casino’s website to see if it has been approved by a gaming commission.

Betting without control

Uncontrolled betting is yet another fatal error that players can make. Whether you are an experienced player or not, you should always control your betting and avoid making impulsive wagers. It is quite easy to get caught up in the thrill of the game and make quick decisions that you could later regret.

Before making a gamble, carefully consider it and take a step back. Consider your chances of winning and whether the prize would be valuable. It’s also crucial to establish limits before you start playing. In this way, you won’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Not playing the games that are free

Many free casino games are offered to players in reputable online casinos, but the majority of them go overlooked and are rarely played. If you want to improve your skills without spending any money, try out these free games that have gameplay components similar to some of the classic casino games you commonly play in online casinos.

Using too much money to place wagers

Another common mistake that players make is poor money management. Your bankroll is the amount of money you have available to play, and it needs to be carefully managed. If you don’t have a decent bankroll management strategy, you probably won’t have enough money when you need it.

Before you start playing, be sure you have money set aside that you’re willing to lose. If things don’t go as planned, don’t feel obligated to place more bets or spend more money because doing so can be very expensive.

Not using the available bonuses

Utilizing the many bonuses, promotions, and events that online casinos provide is definitely a smart idea, but it’s crucial that you understand the terms and conditions beforehand. Certain rewards and promotions have a cost.

You might need to complete various restrictions related to specific bonuses before you can withdraw your earnings. Others can be subject to time limits or other restrictions.


If the advice given is followed, you shouldn’t encounter many problems as long as you are cautious and watchful about where you share your personal information.




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Things you should do while betting on sports to try and achieve big wins

Making money from sports betting might be challenging, but there are many sports bettors who routinely succeed. Many professional bettors even make a solid income from sports betting.

Despite the fact that luck does play a big part in sports betting, long-term success requires a lot of ability and technique. Experienced gamblers are aware that there will always be ups and downs. The secret is to stick with it, practice discipline, and gradually increase your bankroll over the long term.

A lot of bettors search for sites where they can bet with freedom, and they can find that at SNOG, where they will find betting sites that suit their various needs. There are many techniques and strategies that can be employed when betting on sports, and having knowledge of so many will help you ensure bigger wins. Here are some strategies to utilize when betting on sports.

Control your finances

A specific sum of money, referred to as your “bankroll,” should always be set aside when placing a sports wager and is what you can afford to lose. You should never bet on sports with money you cannot afford to lose, as with any form of gambling. Create a bankroll for the week, the month, or the season by setting aside a specified sum of money. As a basic rule of thumb for managing your sports betting budget, use only 1% to 5% of your bankroll when placing bets.

Keep your sights on only one team

It really should be considered important to keep focused on just one team or individual when it comes down to sports betting and enhancing the possibility of winning. This is because it will provide you with the opportunity to learn as much as possible about one thing, rather than trying to learn everything about a variety of different things, which can then subsequently make things a little more challenging.

Compare Prices and Odds to Get the Best Deals

Despite the fact that this tactic is obvious, many individuals don’t apply it since it requires work. You have to check out various options and not depend on one. You can get better value for your money if you browse the lines carefully. You will also have the chance to take advantage of the many promotional offers during sign-up and initial deposit due to the fact that you will need to register separate accounts at several bookmakers.

Don’t place excessive wagers

The love of gambling is real due to the thrill it brings along with the money-making opportunities. However, gambling purely for the sake of excitement is never a wise idea. It’s risky to wager on 10 or 15 games every night. You’re taking a huge risk, and one bad night may wipe out your bank account. Instead, gamblers should maintain self-control and restrict their wagers to the games they feel most certain about. Never place a wager you can’t afford to lose.


As mentioned earlier in the article, there are so many strategies to use when betting on sports and they are not limited to this list. However, you are provided with some useful tips that you can use to ensure big wins.




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Most Popular Payment Methods And Withdrawal Times With Online Bookmakers

When choosing an online bookmaker, the first things that come to the mind of an experienced punter are withdrawal methods and speed. However, if you have previously played in an online bookmaker, you must have noticed that they offer a very long list of payment options.

Therefore, carefully choosing a payment option that suits you is very important. Today we will discuss the popular payment methods found in an online bookmaker and determine which one is the best to choose and why.

Top Ten Popular Payment Methods Available At Online Bookmakers

#1 Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency payment options have become quite famous nowadays. Due to their fast withdrawal speed and significantly less processing time, punters now choose cryptocurrency over other withdrawal options.

When you withdraw from an online bookmaker, they take only an hour or so to process a cryptocurrency payment, while other payment options may take five to eight hours to get processed.

There may be fees involved in cryptocurrency withdrawal, depending on the wallet you use to store your crypto coins. Nevertheless, Cryptocurrency withdrawal is the fastest in the world.

If you plan on betting again, you can easily deposit your fund using crypto deposit methods and enjoy special crypto bonuses.

#2 PayPal

PayPal is a very versatile and readily available payment method on an online betting site. Since PayPal offers services in over 60 countries, bookmakers add this as a withdrawal option.

PayPal is an eWallet therefore, the withdrawal deposit time is virtually instant. In addition, once payment is processed, it gets credited instantly. However, to get your money from PayPal to your bank, you need to pay a fee and wait 24 hours before the withdrawal.

#3 Bank Transfer

Regarding withdrawal speed, bank transfers take a lot of time to process the payment. However, if you choose the bank transfer method, there is no fee involved. Moreover, the bank transfer method is the only payment option available in all online bookmakers and casinos.

#4 Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards are also one of the most popular payment methods in online bookmakers. It is effortless and fast to deposit using a debit or credit card as you only need to remember your card number and pin. However, using credit cards is getting banned for online gaming these days.

#5 Skrill

Skrill is also an eWallet commonly seen in small and medium-sized online bookmakers. So if you like fast withdrawal and don’t mind paying a little fee to withdraw your winnings, Skrill is an excellent option.

The processing time for Skrill withdrawal is between four to six hours. Once you get money in your Skrill account, you can choose to withdraw it to your bank account, which will cost you some money as fees. Otherwise, you can reuse that money to bet on your favourite sports for no charge.

#6 Astropay

Astropay offers the world’s first virtual prepaid card. You can recharge your card on their app and use it to make payments worldwide. You can also receive payment on your card and withdraw. It works like an eWallet, so it’s at breakneck speed.

#7 UPI

After cryptocurrency, UPI is the fastest payment method in the world, with a mere fraction of a second processing speed. However, UPI has ranked so low on our list because this payment method is only accepted in a few countries like India, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, and France.

Nevertheless, it is rapidly reaching new countries. Moreover, transferring money through UPI is entirely free and easily accessible. You need a bank account linked to your UPI ID, and the funds will be credited directly to your bank account for free.

Bookmakers With Fastest Withdrawal

The withdrawal speed is not entirely dependent on the selected payment method. It is also reliant on the bookmaker. This is because when you enter the amount and hit the withdrawal button, the bookmaker’s staff from the finance department will check and approve the payment.

They check for dues, withdrawal vs deposit ratio, illegitimate actions on your account, and more. These things take a lot of time. The time taken for processing the payment varies from one bookmaker to another.

According to surveys and reviews by many players, Bet365 withdrawal time is the least in the market. That is because their processing time is significantly less. Once the processing is done, the amount will be credited to you via the chosen method.

Final Say

To conclude, we can say that cryptocurrency is the clear winner in this category, where we ranked payment options according to their withdrawal time and availability.





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Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster?

We recently did a post looking at who is the best football tipster, which provoked quite a bit of interest and debate among you, our visitors.

So we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at who is the best horse racing tipster.

We have reviewed hundreds of horse racing tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews, subjecting each one to a live trial here on the site. It’s a very competitive category with some elite talent to choose from.

Below we take a look at the best of this talent in our list of our all-time top 15 horse racing tipsters, based on their long-term performance.

Firstly though we take a look at the top horse racing tipsters based on their current performance, in our “Hottest Horse Racing Tipsters Table.”


Hottest Horse Racing Tipsters in 2022

Below is a table of the hottest horse racing tipsters right now, based on their current form over the course of 2022. Their profit/loss (P/L) for the year so far is listed in descending order. 

This table is updated monthly to reflect the up-to-date results.

You can also read our original (or in some cases ongoing) review of the tipster by clicking “Read Full Review here” on the right hand side of the table. 


Tipster P/L 2022 Review
Hanbury Racing Tips +451 points profit Read Full Review here
Racing Consultants +141 points profit Read Full Review here
The Bookies Enemy +105 points profit Read Full Review here
Quentin Franks Racing +97 points profit Read Full Review here
King of the Picks +81 points profit Read Full Review here
Irish Cash Consortium +71 points profit Read Full Review here
Cheek Pieces +54 points profit Read Full Review here
BSP Racing Tipster +34 points profit Read Full Review here
Always Back Winners +25 points profit Read Full Review here



Top 15 All-Time Best Horse Racing Tipsters

Okay, let’s move on to looking at our all-time top 15 horse racing tipsters. These are the tipsters who have done well not just this year, but produced exceptional profits over a number of years, proving their mastery of tipping over the long term. 

This list is based on our extensive testing and research, carried out over the last seven years of running this website. Who has come out on top? Check below to find out!

Please let us know if you think there are any we have missed off this list that deserve to be on there.


1. Quentin Franks Racing

At the top of our rankings of the best horse racing tipsters is the one and only Quentin Franks Racing. Regular followers will know we are huge fans of the service, which has been our number one recommended horse racing tipster for a number of years now.

Why has it achieved such high acclaim from us? Well it ticks every box in terms of what we look for in a tipster. 

First and foremost the returns have been exceptional, with over £18,000 profit made to £10 per point stakes since starting up in 2014. Very few tipsters break the 1,000 point profit barrier, but Quentin is well on his way to 2,000 points profit. 

Secondly the strike rate is rock solid at 23%, which when coupled with a return on investment (ROI) of 16% are some of the best stats you will see from a tipster over the course of eight years.

Thirdly the consistency has been excellent, with a high ratio of winning months and every year so far having been profitable.

Fourthly it is a reasonably simple service to follow, with just a few bets per day and tips posted on the morning of racing, when the markets are settled but with plenty of time to get the bets on. Plus if you don’t have time to follow all the tips, an alternative is to follow the ante-post selections which have made over 300 points profit in total, a very nice sum in itself.

Quentin also performed very well under our live trial, making over 400 points profit in our four-year tracking of his tips. 

So there really isn’t much more you could ask for from a tipster than to produce these kinds of results over such a sustained period. Quentin Franks Racing comes strongly recommended and fully deserves his place at the top of our rankings.



2. Loves Racing

At number two in our list is a service that could easily win the award for best-named tipster. Loves Racing is run a chap called Brett Love (see what he’s done there?) but it’s not just in the name that this tipster is a winner.

Mr Love comes from a family of horse-racing professionals – mainly on the bookmakers side however – so was already closely involved with the sport. When his own career as a professional footballer was cut short by injury, Brett decided to take up the family profession. His role though was on the other side – that of professional gambler. 

He has shown an exceptional talent for it too, being particularly adept at picking high-priced winners in large handicaps. There have been numerous 50/1 shots landed by Mr Love in such contests.  

Whilst Brett started off just providing his tips to a group of private clients, he became a public tipster in 2017 and has been taking the bookies to the cleaners ever since, making over 900 points profit in total.

In our own trial Loves Racing performed very well, making 84 points profit at advised prices. Since our trial ended it has continued to excel, adding another 160 points profit with plenty of high-priced winners. 

One of the specialisms of the service is in festivals like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot, where Brett has a very strong record and really focuses hard on producing additional profits for members. 

It’s also a simple service to follow with bets normally coming just at weekends or those big festivals, meaning it’s less work to follow than some other tipsters. All in all Loves Racing is a top tipster with plenty to like – or love – about it! 



3. Hanbury Racing

A relative newcomer to this list compared to some of the longer-running services in these rankings but one that has caused quite a splash since going live in 2020 is Hanbury Racing

It is based at the Mega Tipsters platform and has a penchant for picking winners at huge odds of 100/1 and more! 

The total profit to date stands at just over 1,300 points profit, which equates to over £13,000 profit at £10 per point stakes. The strike rate is respectable at 19% but the return on investment (ROI) has been exceptional at 43%.

The tips are provided by a guy called Richard Hutchinson, who you can see from his write-ups really knows his stuff when it comes to horse racing. He won the Tote Ten To Follow Jumps competition 2020 and has even had a runner in the Grand National. 

During our own trial of Hanbury Racing it lived up to its billing, producing a very handsome return of 238 points profit at a return on investment (ROI) of 27%. They managed to bag a 100/1 winner during our trial, one of the biggest winners we’ve ever had in a horse racing trial here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

It’s been a fantastic couple of years as a tipster for Hanbury Racing and if they can keep up results like those it may well move up even higher in our rankings. 



4. Back Lucrative

When talking about the very best tipsters out there, there are only a handful that have managed to amass over 1,000 points profit in their careers. Even fewer have managed to break through the 1,500 point barrier, but one such tipster is Back Lucrative.

Run by a chap called Michael Carr, Back Lucrative have been tipping since 2013 and are one of the most respected names in the business. Their total profits stand at 1547 points made, which equates to £15,470 at £10 per point or £77,350 at £50 per point. 

We conducted a live trial of Back Lucrative and they finished with a total return of 180 points profit for their “Value Tips,” which is top class tipping. 

Michael at Back Lucrative is constantly innovating and has set up a number of spin-off services. Two of those are Flat Flyers and Hidden Winners. We ran live trials of both and Hidden Winners in particular did well, amassing 61 points profit at advised prices. 

One of the aspects of the main Back Lucrative service we like is there is a minimum profit guarantee, whereby if they don’t make 100 points profit over the course of the first year of membership, they will refund membership fees. Can’t say fairer than that really! 

We don’t many (or any) services that offer such a guarantee, so Back Lucrative should be applauded for that and for their long-term results over the course of coming up to 10 years now. 



5. Always Back Winners

We like a service with a catchy name and this one gets straight to the point! Always Back Winners is a service that has been running since 2015 and focuses on flat racing, both on the turf and all-weather.

The tips are provided by a chap called Gary, who is an ex-owner and is privy to certain information regarding so-called ‘triers,’ (or horses that have been set up to perform well on certain days) which has resulted in many notable successes. He believes value selections at odds of 8/1 plus will win out in the long term over backing short priced ‘lumpers.’

This approach has proved very successful for Gary, with the total profit since starting up now standing at over 1015 points. 

In our nine month live trial of Always Back Winners they returned a highly commendable 105 points profit at a 21% return on investment and with a 42% strike rate. 

Since our trial was completed they have continued to churn out the profits, with another 150 points profit added to date.

They also like to do £1,000 to £10,000 challenges, whereby 2.5% of the bank (or 1.25% EW) is risked on each bet. On three occasions – in 2015, 2017 and 2020 – they have hit the £10k target which is quite exceptional. 

So this tipster probably qualifies as an “unsung hero” and deserves much more acclaim than it has got. Certainly Always Back Winners merits being ranked up there as one of the top racing tipsters out there.



6. Racing Consultants

One of the first tipsters we reviewed here on this site back in 2015 was a service called Racing Consultants

It did very well in our initial trial, making 135 points profit at advised prices at a return on investment of 34%

Since that time it has continued to go from strength to strength and the total profits now stand at over 1,000 points. That puts it up there in an elite band of tipsters. 

The tips are provided by Rory Delargy, who racing enthusiasts may know from the Irish Daily Star where he is a writer, or from Timeform Radio and William Hill Racing Radio where he has been a commentator. Another tipster, David Massey, used to also be involved in providing tips but it has been just Rory since 2017 and the results have remained just as good, if not better, with him as the sole tipster.

All the selections come with detailed write-ups and you can see that Rory really knows his stuff and spends many hours on form study. 

It has clearly paid off for him and makes Racing Consultants one of the premier tipsters out there.



7. USA Racing Tipster

Despite the popularity of racing in America, it is perhaps something of an oddity that there aren’t more top tipsters specialising in US horse racing. That may change now that racing is being legalised in many US states, but for the time being there is something of a dearth of them.   

However, we have managed to find one that stands out and that is a service known as the USA Racing Tipster. We have been following the tips for a number of years now and can vouch that it is a top quality tipping service. For our live trial it has made just over 90 points profit to date. 

The total gains for the service overall now exceed 390 points profit at advised staking (or 490 points profit at level staking) with over 51% ROI at advised stakes and 56% ROI at level stakes. 

Those ROI figures are some of the highest we have come across in any sport, not just horse racing. That is over a nearly three-year period so is clearly no fluke either. 

Sometimes in life – and particularly in tipping – people can become victims of their own success and that has unfortunately been the case here to some extent. Prices tend to get hammered after being sent out as members rush to grab the odds, meaning it is tough to match the advised prices. A good spread of bookmaker accounts is vital if you want to follow this service, as well as the ability to act very quickly once tips are sent out. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t still make a profit from this service even if you don’t always obtain the advised prices however – it just means you may end up with slightly less profit than the official results.

In any event you can’t fault the tipster for the exceptional results achieved. At the moment they don’t have a website, but if you are interested in joining, please e-mail us at and we will provide details of how to sign up. 



8. Racing Intelligence

Coming in next in our rankings is a service that is a little different to most of the other tipsters on this list and that is Racing Intelligence. 

That’s because the tips don’t come from studying form, stats, trends, or any of the conventional means normally used by tipsters. Instead they come from an “insider” who works at one of the UK’s top bookmakers. This insider gets to see where the smart money is being placed and then passes that information on to members.  

Now typically we would be skeptical of any claims like this of having “inside information” but the results actually backed up those claims very well in our own live trial, when they made a superb 192 points profit at advised prices and 76 points profit at Betfair SP (BSP). 

Looking at the long-term results they compare with the very best, with over 1000 points profit made at advised prices if backing each-way and 500 points profit at Betfair SP.

That profit has come at a return of investment (ROI) of over 12% at advised prices and over 10% at BSP, with a strike rate of 37% if backing each-way. It has also been very consistent, regularly making over 100 points profit per year.

With top quality results like these then, Racing Intelligence might go about things a little differently to other services on this list, but it should not be overlooked if you are looking for one of the best horse racing tipsters out there. 

PLEASE NOTE: no new memberships to Racing Intelligence are currently being taken (as maximum membership numbers have been reached).

To put your name down on a waiting list should places become available, please email Matthew Walton direct at with the subject “HBR Member – Racing Intelligence.”



9. Bet Alchemist

As mentioned above we place great importance on a tipster’s longevity and one that has stood the test of time very well is the Bet Alchemist

Run by a chap called Nicky Doyle, the service has been running since 2012 and the total returns stand at just over 640 points profit. That would be just under 80 points profit per year, or around £4,000 profit at £50 stakes. 

It is actually possible to beat the advised prices as they tend to quote generally available prices rather than best price, which is not something all tipsters do.

In our own trial the Bet Alchemist made a nice 38 points profit at a return on investment of 26%, which is more than respectable.  

Where the service really comes into its own is around the big festivals, particularly Cheltenham, where Nicky has a penchant for picking out big-priced winners at prices of 25/1, 33/1 and more. 

It’s quite a simple service to follow too with most of the bets coming at weekends and the bigger race meetings. 

All in all then there’s a lot to like about the consistency and reliability of the Bet Alchemist, one well worth adding to the portfolio.  



10. Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor

It is difficult to argue with the record of At the Races tipster-in-chief Hugh Taylor. Since he began tipping over twelve years ago, Hugh has managed a whopping 3,324 points profit at a return on investment of over 30%. 

That works out at 255 points profit per year on average. And that hasn’t been achieved in just one or two great years and then some blank ones. He has managed to make at least 60 points profit each year since he started tipping, with his best year being 2009 when he racked up a mind-boggling 500 points profit. Last year he made 281 points profit which was an excellent effort.

What one has to bear in mind with Mr Taylor is that the vast majority of his tips are one point win bets, with the occasional one point each-way bet. So there is no crazy staking system to make the results seem better than they actually are.

There are generally just one or two bets per day as well, so we are not talking about a service that requires a huge turnover to generate its profit either.

This is quite simply just a well-oiled value-finding machine. Going on for over twelve years at nearly a 30% ROI is something even the great hedge fund managers in the City could only dream of.

Now sadly there is a small snag to all this brilliance: it is damn hard to make money following Hugh’s tips – as we found out in our own review of Hugh Taylor Tips! Even Hugh acknowledges this himself, saying that you should only back his tips if you can get 80% of the advised price.

Secrets of his success: Hugh says the main tool he uses to analyse form is Computer Timeform, commenting “it remains an excellent guide to the merits of past performances and it provides a very good overview of a race in terms of ratings as well as the interpretative comments on each horse’s past performances.” In addition Taylor says he also uses the Query feature of Raceform Interactive for statistical purposes, but that his most potent weapon is studying videos of past races. In fact he has an archive of 6 months worth of races stored on DVD – so no shortcuts to success for Mr Taylor it seems!



11. Laurence Lambourn

Laurence Lambourn

He may look slightly sinister in this photo, but rest assured that Laurence Lambourn is a renowned and highly respected tipster – and seems like a thoroughly decent chap in all the correspondence we have had with him. A former senior computer operator with Lloyds TSB, Laurence turned to professional gambling about 20 years ago. He set up the website Equine Investments in 2003 and over the next 10 years amassed over 1,000 points profit at an ROI of 30%.

In 2013, the tipping service was switched to a performance-based service as quite simply the tips had become too popular and it was virtually impossible to make a profit. Much in the same way as with Hugh Taylor’s tips, as soon as tips were released, prices would absolutely plunge, making it quite frustrating for subscribers to the service.

The idea of the performance based subscription was to split subscribers into two smaller groups – one that would receive tips on a daily basis (or most days anyway) and the other just on weekends and during festivals, where prices would hold up better.

Since going to this model, the service has continued its excellent form and continues to produce the same very high ROI and the problems with prices have been mitigated to a certain extent, particularly with the weekend/festival group.

Much like Hugh Taylor, Laurence’s great strength is his level of consistency. He has never had a losing year since the service began, managing at least 15% ROI every year for the last 13 years.

Those who have been in since the beginning and backed at £100 per point would be over £100,000 in profit now, presuming they had been able to obtain somewhere close to the advised prices. Not bad going for a few minutes work each day.

Such excellence does come at a price though. The current subscription cost is £825 per cycle, with each cycle being 30 points of profit – so if you were betting at £100 per point that would be £3,000 of profit.

And if you want to join the service, you have to go on a waiting list as it is currently full. Places do become available, but you normally have to wait a good few months.

For consistently excellent results over a hugely long period – getting on for 13 years now – there is nothing to quite rival the achievements of Equine Investments. 

If you can afford the subscription fee and don’t mind a bit of a wait to join the service, this comes highly recommended.

Secrets of his success: In the highly educational Thoughts and Secrets of Successful PuntersLaurence says he uses the Racing Systems Builder database to generate his positive and negative factors about horses, which he then uses to get the shape of a race. Like Hugh Taylor, Laurence spends hours studying videos of past races. From there he estimates his true odds for the contenders and looks for any horse that is priced 30% or more above his true odds as a potential selection. On advice for us punters, Laurence says “it’s all about the prices. Perhaps try and come up with prices for your fancies and stick with them. If the prices don’t appear then leave the bet.” Sounds like good advice to us from one of the very best in the game.



12. Tom Segal

Tom Segal

No account of the top racing tipsters in the game would be complete without mention of Tom Segal, aka Pricewise from the Racing Post. Gaining his education at the same school as our editor in chief Dan (a coincidence you may ask?), Tom Segal has amassed an army of loyal followers after years of successful tipping in the Racing Post.

Much in the same way as Hugh Taylor and Laurence Lambourn, such is Mr Segal’s popularity that it is very tough to make a profit from his tips. As soon as the tips are released, prices crash to a fraction of their advised level, particularly on long shots. It wouldn’t surprise us if the bookies pay a premium to the Racing Post to get the tips a few minutes early so they can cut the prices in advance of the avalanche of money that will shortly descend on one of Pricewise’s selections.

Although the Racing Post don’t publish a detailed record of Tom’s results, whenever he has been proofed to other publications he has consistently made a profit at a return on investment of over 20%. Few who have followed his tips for an extended period would question how good the Racing Post’s tipster-in-chief is.

It is also arguably a tougher job that Segal has than most other tipsters as he is expected to tip in the big races as part of his job in the Racing Post to satisfy punter demand, so does not necessarily have free reign to select only the races he wants to tip in.

But there is certainly a great thrill from following one of his juicy 20-1 tips at one of big race meetings and cheering it home alongside thousands of fellow punters who have also faithfully followed Pricewise’s tips in that morning’s edition of the Racing Post.

Secrets of his success: In The Secrets of Pricewise: The World’s Number One Tipster Revealed, Segal talks quite a bit about the value of trainers and jockeys being underestimated by punters. Talking about master trainer John Gosden, Segal comments “If Gosden is running a horse in a Royal Ascot handicap that’s only won a stupid maiden at Southwell or somewhere, people will say ‘that one’s got an awful lot to find on the form book.’ Yes, it might have an awful lot to find on the form but it’s also trained by John Gosden. He’s got 150 horses, he’s won this race countless times before and he knows exactly the level of horse he needs to win it again. So for Gosden to be running it is a tip in itself. You might get 10/1 about a horse when it should really be a 5/1 shot.” Commenting on jockeys in Thoughts and Secrets of Successful Punters, he asserts “I strongly believe they are the most important factor in any race after the ability of the horse.” Finally, much like just about all of his colleagues on this list, Tom says he watches past races many times over to find his selections.



13. Steve Lewis Hamilton

Steve Lewis Hamilton

Another name synonymous with horse racing tipping is Steve Lewis Hamilton, who is one of the old pros who has been around the game for many years and has established a deserved reputation as an honest, successful professional punter.

Perhaps a testament to his roots in the pre-internet days of tipping is the fact that Steve still provides his tips via a phone line. Now whilst we would ideally prefer Steve to provide his tips via e-mail or a website log in, it should not detract from the quality of his tipping or his record over the years.

His main “Private Service” generated over 650 points profit between 2008 and 2014 at a return on investment of 35%, which is an exceptionally high rate of return. That was supplemented by his “Exchange Service,” which has made over 250 points profit since its inception in 2009 at a strike rate of over 50% and an ROI of over 20%. So all in all you are talking about 900 points of profit over a seven year period, which is most commendable.

Steve is also one of the few tipsters to subject himself to live proofing on both television and to a major newspaper study. A few years ago, the Observer ran a year-long investigation to see if gambling could be a legitimate form of investment and whether the average punter could make a profit following his tips.

Well the answer to the two questions of the Observer study was in the affirmative, big time. Steve amassed 113 points profit, or £11,345 to advised £100 stakes at a return on investment of 48%. The Observer adjudged it “a master class in tactical, value betting” and dubbed Steve “Britain’s foremost professional backer.”

Steve has also appeared on BBC and ITV features on gambling, proving each time his effective betting skills and doing his public profile no harm. All in all, he comes across as honest and successful, which is rare in the world of tipping. For consistency achieved over a long period, Steve ranks alongside the best in the game and is deserving of a place in the top five in our view.

Secrets of his success:  In Thoughts and Secrets of Successful Punters, Hamilton says he forms tissues which are basically his own view of the prices horses in a race should be. To do this, he first reduces races to contenders and non-contenders. Then “it is down to form study and looking at how the race will be run, the conditions and who it will suit and then allocating prices based on this.” Interestingly, he says with the advent of Betfair, you have to be aware of a price that is considerably higher than it should be – it may be due a reason that isn’t general knowledge. If he and trusted colleagues “agree on a price and it’s twice that on the exchanges, then the alarm bells start ringing.” Again, it looks like a combination of hard work and forming your own prices are the key to successful punting.



14. The Outside Edge

The Outside Edge is a tipster from the Betting Gods network of tipsters and the picks are provided by a guy called Darren. He summarises his strategy as liking “to take a two-pronged approach which is why I send two sets of tips each day. I send my first few tips the evening before – this is where I capture value in the markets. I then send a second round of tips in the morning of racing where I look at market trends to grab some final value for you.”

That approach has worked very well for him so far, with a profit of over 550 points made since he started tipping in December 2019.

The average monthly profit has been very good at just under £200 per month to £10 per point stakes and there has been a good winning monthly ratio to date. The performance was also strong during our live trial of the service, during which it made 269 points profit.

In terms of the return on investment, that has been decent at over 9% whilst the strike rate is solid at a shade under 30%. Those are more than respectable figures to have sustained over the course of more than two years.

If The Outside Edge can keep those kinds of numbers going over the long-term then they may well be promoted higher up this list.



15. Sporting Life

The Sporting Life is one the longest-running tipping services in the UK, having previously operated as a newspaper but now running solely online.

Their main racing tipster for quite a few years was Ben Linfoot who ran their Value Bet column, but now they have a team of tipsters including Mark Howard and Tony McFadden providing ante-post tips, Chris Day with weekend tips and David Massey with tips during the week.

The Sporting Life’s overall tipping record is excellent, with over 3,800 points profit made since 2003 up until the time of writing. A good portion of that has come from horse racing and a large share has also come from golf.

What’s more, the tips are free which is great and they don’t tend to suffer from the same incredible pressure as tips from the likes of Hugh Taylor and Pricewise.

You probably won’t make quite the same profits as following some of the other tipsters on this list with the low volume of bets, but the Sporting Life is still a solid tipping service and is worthy of a place on this list in our view – particularly as it’s free.


Factors We Looked At

In compiling the above list, we took into a consideration a range of factors, including:-

  • Return on investment (ROI) – this is a useful yardstick for judging tipsters against each other, telling you how much they would return from every £100 (or dollars, Euros etc) staked. In horse racing anything over 10% is good, whilst over 20% is considered top notch. 
  • Strike rate – also known as win rate, this tells us how often the tips produce a return. The strike rate in horse racing is generally lower than in football as the odds tipped at are higher. A higher strike rate means losing runs tend to be shorter and the bank can be maintained more easily. 
  • Profit/loss (P/L) – usually expressed as points or units, this gives us the raw figures of how much profit or loss a tipster has made. 
  • Betting Bank growth – if you started off with £1,000 bank for example, how much has it grown in a year – has it doubled, trebled or even more perhaps? 
  • Longevity – most important of all is whether a tipster can perform over the long run. Any tipster can do well over a short period of time, but that could just be luck. To be sure a tipster actually has an edge over the bookies you want to see they can produce profit over the course of many years. The longer the tipster’s record is, the more sure you can be that their success isn’t just down to luck.

So those are the key factors we look at when judging a tipster, but not the only ones by any means. We take a broad view, combining all of these factors and others to determine who the best tipsters are.



So there you have it, our complete guide to the top horse racing tipsters out there. Please let us know if you think there are any we have missed. 

Like this post on the best horse racing tipsters? Well you may also like our guide to free horse racing tips, which contains a list of top free tips you can get hold of now. 




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Free Spins vs Matched Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos are extremely generous most of the time when it comes to allowing customers to either play for free, or offer them bonus funds that give them more to play with than just their initial deposit.

Casino bonuses are a great way to kickstart your casino gaming experience as it allows you to wager more, wager higher and try out games you wouldn’t necessarily think of playing, but you choose them now that you don’t have to gamble your own funds.

One of the most generous casinos we’ve come across when it comes to free spins and matched deposit bonuses is Boom Casino who have a bunch of casino offers for new and existing players.

In this article, we are going to compare the similarities and differences between free spins and matched deposit bonuses. From this, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you’re a player that would rather take advantage of free spins offers, or matched deposit offers.

Free Spins

Free spin offers are bonuses that you can only use on online slot games. They have the benefit of allowing you to spin the reels more, without having to use your own money. From spinning the reels for free, you still have the chance to land a winning line. These winnings will then be yours to either continue playing with, or withdraw (as long as you have surpassed the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions).

Some free spins bonuses will require you to deposit a certain amount before you can claim them. Whereas others can be given to you completely for free, as a way to get you to try their gaming platform and if you enjoy it, to hopefully continue depositing and playing there.

The amount of free spins you can receive really does depend on which casino you register with. For some, they will simply offer up to 50 free spins, which is quite typical. However others can be really generous and reward you with hundreds of free spins, completely free. If you encounter an offer that allows you to claim hundreds of free spins, then the chances are you will land a win from them and you should definitely snatch this offer up.

On occasion, there are some strict terms attached to the free spins, like game requirements. Some casinos will only allow you to use the spins on certain games, whereas others will let you roam wild with them.

Matched Deposit Bonuses

It’s hard to say whether or not matched deposit bonuses are more common than free spins. But they certainly take the limelight ahead of free spins as they can be a lot more lucrative. Matched deposit bonuses are promotions that will reward you with a cash bonus amount based upon your initial deposit.

They have a slight advantage ahead of free spins as they can be used on any casino game, unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions. On top of that, they can be a lot more rewarding. Some casino matched deposit bonuses have been known to reach up to £500 in bonus funds!

These matched deposit bonuses are typically 100%. What that means is if you deposit £100 into your account, you will receive an extra £100 in bonus funds. So if you were to do that with £500, that is an astonishing £500 extra which would certainly benefit when playing the casino games they have in their library. Again, like all casino bonuses, some are more generous than others and it’s worth knowing which casinos are good value for money.

How To Claim Both

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a casino that will offer you both, in the same promotion! This has become more common in recent times and is an excellent way to experience any type of casino game without the risk of losing your own money.

An example of a matched deposit bonus + free spins could be as follows: “100% matched deposit bonus up to £100 + 50 free spins”. So if you’re unsure which bonus is right for you, you could always look for both!




always back winners

Hot Form at Half Price

One of our top recommended horse racing tipsters is on hot form at the moment, with winners at 10/19/1 and 10/3 and four placed selections from their last 8 bets!

The service is appropriately called “Always Back Winners” and they have a special offer at the moment of half price membership, which is well worth checking out if you consider their long-term results.

In our review a couple of years ago they made an impressive 105 points profit (52 pts at BSP) at a return on investment of 21%.

Their yearly totals on the turf stand at:

  • 2017: +231 pts
  • 2018: +125 pts
  • 2019: +90 pts
  • 2020: +140 pts
  • 2021: +49 pts
  • 2022: +46 pts (so far)

So very consistent and impressive results there, and the all-time profit across all their tips is now over 1,000 points!

You can get half price membership here using offer code ABWHBR50 at checkout.

Using percentage staking of just 1.25% EW of the bank, they have also taken a £1,000 starting bank to over £10,000 in 2015, 2017 and 2020.

It’s a simple service to follow too with usually just 5-6 bets per week at average odds of 8/1+.

All in all then a really top service that has continued to perform well since our review. Well worth checking out given their special half price offer at the moment.

Get half price membership here using offer code ABWHBR50 at checkout.