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Superbowl trophy

Are WSN’s Super Bowl Predictions, Betting Odds and Picks Valid?

Super Bowl Trophy” (CC BY 2.0) by EDrost88

The countdown to Super Bowl LVI is well and truly on, with a road to Inglewood on February 13th being mapped out for 14 teams still in contention for American Football’s grandest prize.

Only one will prevail, with confetti set to rain down on those fortunate enough to get their hands on the Vince Lombardi trophy. The battle to savour that moment in the spotlight looks set to be an intriguing one, with there being both arguments for and against all of those involved coming out on top.

The reigning champions are still in the mix, as are the beaten finalists from 2021, a franchise looking for the perfect end to a debut campaign in Las Vegas, plucky underdogs and three sides that are still waiting on their first taste of ultimate glory.


Who will hoist the prestigious piece of silverware aloft? Many are willing to offer insight and opinion in a keenly-contested race for NFL supremacy, with the pros and cons of firm favourites and rank outsiders being dissected in minute detail.

There are Super Bowl predictions to be found at, but are they valid and can value be unearthed in a congested market? The cream has a tendency of rising to the top in scenarios such as this, with tried and tested often the way forward, and it comes as no surprise to find that pedigree is being favoured over potential.

Runners and Riders

At the business end of any given NFL campaign, when fixtures become all-or-nothing and everything is put on the line, it is wise to look for experience and cool heads. Those that can handle the pressure, rather than buckle under it, are best placed to make a serious play for sought-after trophies.

With that in mind, WSN is not straying too far from a proven winning formula when tipping the Green Bay Packers to go well. They currently top the market, having been priced at odds of 19/5, and have the evergreen Aaron Rodgers under centre, with an all-time great desperate to claim the second ring that his ability and longevity deserves.

If pure scoring power is more your thing, though, then the Kansas City Chiefs, who are staked at odds of 5/1, are an obvious pick. Patrick Mahomes has every play in the book, along with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. In addition, Mahomes has been there or thereabouts when the biggest prizes were dished out in each of the last two seasons.


The 15/2-backed Buffalo Bills represent something of a punt, given that they can be inconsistent at times, but they are another outfit, with Josh Allen as the quarterback, that boasts the attacking firepower to trouble anybody and the defensive steel to keep opponents at arm’s length.

It is wise of WSN to advise steering clear of the injury-ravaged Baltimore Ravens, while the Philadelphia Eagles are another of those looking to do things the hard way out on the road, but the absence of Tom Brady from any Super Bowl discussion poses plenty of questions. History dictates that the GOAT should never be underestimated and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will believe that they truly can go back-to-back.

That, though, is what sport and betting are all about: opinions, personal preference and fabled ‘feelings’. Ultimately it does not matter how you get to an ultimate selection, just that you know how to separate you Rams and Raiders in the runners and riders.





Draw No Bet Explained

Draw no bet is probably a term you’ve seen on bookmakers’ websites or heard people talk about, but what exactly does it mean? And is it a good bet to place?

We’ll have a look at these questions and a possible strategy for betting on draw no bet below.


What does “Draw No Bet” mean?

Draw No Bet (often shortened to DNB) means that if the team you have bet on draw the game, then you will get your money back. If they win the match, you will win your bet.

Here is the bet explained in table form:


Team Wins Match Team Draws Match Team Loses Match
Win bet Money back – break even Lose bet


So the bet is very much as the name suggests – if the match finishes in a draw it is essentially a void bet: you get your money back and can move on to the next match.

It can be thought of as a slightly hedged bet, where you think a team will probably win a game, but have a tendency to draw a few as well so want to cover that angle.

The odds will be considerably lower than if you had just bet on a team to win, but that is the price you pay for covering two eventualities.


Getting the Best Odds on Draw No Bet

We recommend using the exchanges for placing your DNB selections as they will normally have the best odds. Sometimes it can be worth checking an odds comparison site like Oddschecker as well just to be sure you can’t get better odds at the bookies though. This is particularly the case if it’s a match in an obscure league or a cup game where there isn’t much liquidity on the exchanges.

In general though and certainly for the big games, the exchanges will tend to offer the best odds. The Betfair exchange is normally the most liquid and covers the greatest number of matches, although Smarkets is catching up in terms of liquidity and is worth checking when placing your bets, particularly on the bigger leagues.



Barcelona are playing Real Madrid in the Super Cup. It’s always a close game between the two big rivals, but this time it’s Real who have been in better form recently and are therefore the favourites.

Real Madrid’s odds to win the game are 2.04 (or slightly above evens in fractional odds).

But if you back them at Draw No Bet, their odds are 1.51


Here is what would happen if you bet £100 on Real Madrid “Draw No Bet” at odds of 1.51.

  • Real Madrid win: +51
  • Real Madrid draw: £0 (money back)
  • Real Madrid lose: -£100


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There are alternatives to draw no bet which have a similar effect but mean constructing the bet differently.

1. Manually place Draw No Bet using the match odds

First up you can manually create a draw no bet wager using the standard match odds.

This might be if your bookie is not offering DNB for some reason. Or perhaps you want to see if there is better value using the match odds on the exchanges rather than using the bookies.

You can do this by betting a certain amount on the win and then enough on the draw so that you get your money back if it finishes in a draw. 

To work out how much to wager on each part, you divide your stake by the odds of the draw. Here is an example taking the above match between Barcelona and Real Madrid again. 

The draw is priced at 3.9

  • Take your stake (for our example here we will use 100)
  • Divide it by the odds of the draw (3.9)
  • That gives you £25.64
  • Place £25.64 on the draw
  • Place the remainder of your stake (£74.36) on Real Madrid to win
  • You will now have manually created a “Draw No Bet” selection



2.  Use the Asian Handicap

Or alternatively you can use the Asian Handicap option of 0 – e.g. back “Real Madrid 0” in the Asian Handicap market at 1.48. This achieves the same thing as the “draw no bet”.


Draw No Bet Strategy

A potential strategy for betting on draw no bet is to look for instances where teams draw a good deal of games but don’t tend to lose many. This gives you some insurance rather than just backing them to win the match and then ending up disappointed if they draw it.

Here is an example you can see from the soccerstats website. Union Berlin in the 2020/21 season were a good side and lost a relatively small number of games over the season. However, they had a propensity to draw a lot of games too:

As you can see they only lost 8 games all season, which was  good record. However, they drew 14, so if you had been backing them to win matches you would have had quite a lot of frustration with the number of drawn matches.

By backing draw no bet though you would have covered the eventuality of them drawing and got your stake back on 14 occasions.

The trend was even more pronounced at home, where they only lost once all season but drew 8 matches, so backing Union Berlin DNB when at home would have been the optimal strategy.

If you can find teams like this, they can be ideal for draw no bet opportunities.



Draw no bet provides a safer option of betting on football matches where you think there is a reasonable chance of a draw.  It can be particularly useful in low-scoring leagues like Greece and France where there are lots of draws. 

Check out our number one recommended football betting system here.




keith elliott golf tips

Golf Tipsters – Our Top 10

We have looked at dozens of golf tipsters and betting systems over the years here at Honest Betting Reviews. Many of these we have subjected to in-depth reviews on this site, testing out if they can produce a profit under the spotlight of a live trial.

The majority of services we have tested have failed our trials, but there are a few who have succeeded and gone on to produce excellent long-term results.

These few “diamonds in the rough” (if you’ll excuse the pun!) are part of that select group of elite tipsters who have demonstrated an ability to beat the bookies on a regular basis and produce consistent profits. 

If you are going to follow a golf tipster you don’t want to risk your hard-earned cash on one with a poor record who loses money overall – despite shouting very loudly when they happen to hit a winner.  You want to follow a tipster with a proven track-record of success compiled over many years.

We have therefore put together our list of the very best golf services out there, so you can see for yourself who is actually worth following.

Making money on golf betting is very much a long-term endeavour, with patience and a decent betting bank required. However, when you land a big winner at odds of 100/1 or better, it’s a great feeling and well worth the wait. And those who stick with a top golf service (like those listed below) for the long haul can boast of very substantial profits accumulated over time.  


Top 10 Golf Tipsters

Anyway, without further ado here is our list of the top ten golf tipsters we have found through our extensive research and testing.

This list is from ten to one, with the best saved for last.

We hope you enjoy the list, but please let us know if we have missed anyone from this list who you think should be on there!


10. Golf Betting System

Golf Betting System is run by Steve Bamford and Paul Williams and offers weekly golf betting tips for the PGA and European Tours, including in the major championships and big events. They focus solely on golf betting, and all of their advice and information is free on the website. The weekly previews are very in-depth with a whole host of info including quotes from players, course stats, tournament info and of course the tips themselves which are accompanied by detailed write-ups.

They are active on social media and have built up a decent following and provide podcasts and videos with their picks which is a nice additional bonus. The Golf Betting System team have built up a respected reputation in the game which is well deserved. 


9. Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer

The Racing Post’s other golf correspondent is Steve Palmer, who regularly provides columns to accompany those of Jeremy Chapman, often covering the smaller tournaments or specialist events.

Palmer is perhaps best known for his book Born to Punt: Steve Palmer’s Betting Year, which is a highly entertaining look at the ups and downs of a regular punter trying to win big. One of the features of the book is Palmer’s attempts to hit the jackpot from his golf betting by putting on outrageous doubles of winners on the PGA and European tours each week at odds normally in the thousands to 1.

The goal behind this is that if he can win one of these (and at least £30,000 in the process) then he can quit his day job at the Racing Post and become a full-time professional punter. In his enigmatic style, Palmer refers to this as the “face-spitter” – a win so large you could quit your job and spit in your boss’s face in the process. Well, that might be taking it a bit far but then some people really don’t like their bosses…

Anyway, the book was published in 2011 and as yet we don’t think Steve has landed one of these big winners, but of course it only takes one – as any lottery winner will tell you…

Again sadly the Racing Post don’t publish the records of their tipsters, so we are unable to give an idea of how successful Palmer is over the long term. The only proofing we can find showed he made over 100 points profit over a six month period in 2012, but nothing more than that.

Overall our best guess from his own comments and those that follow the column is that Palmer more or less breaks even or makes a small profit, so not too bad but at the moment not worthy of higher consideration in our list of golf tipsters just yet.


8. Edwards Tips

Formerly a professional snooker players, Craig Edwards has forged a very successful subsequent career as a tipster. His Edwards Tips service actually covers both golf and snooker, but the lion’s share of the profits come from his golf selections. 

Since starting out in 2018, Craig has amassed a very impressive 617 points profit on his golf tips, which is comprised of 254 points for his place betting tips (e.g. Top 20, Top 10) and 363 points profit for his outright picks.  

The place picks have been achieved with a more-than-respectable return on investment (ROI) of 26% whilst the outright picks have come at a whopping 49% ROI.

Some his stand-out winners include:

  • Richard McEvoy at the European Masters @ 150/1
  • Tom Lewis at the Portugal Masters @ 66/1
  • Bubba Watson at the Travellers Championship @ 50/1
  • Mito Pereira at the Bogota Championship @ 125/1
  • Kevin Na at the Colonial @ 66/1
  • Christian Bezuidenhout at the Andalucia Masters @ 100/1

Some big prices there as you can see. With an eye for value and quick to move in the markets, you can tell that Craig takes his profession seriously and puts in a lot of research.

There are quite a lot of tips to follow so you need to be aware of that, but if it’s a little much you could always just opt to follow either his outright tips or place tips.

Either way though Edwards Tips is a top quality service with excellent long-term results.


7. Betting Bias

Betting Bias is a website run by a team of professional gamblers who tip across a number of sports including horse racing, football, cricket and tennis.

However, their greatest achievements have come from tipping on golf, with some massively priced winners over the years. They tip not only in the main PGA and European Tours, but have had some of their greatest success on the Korn Ferry Tour (which is the satellite tour for the PGA Tour).

Some of their top winners over the years have included:

  • – Smylie Kaufman at 250/1 to win the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open 
  • – Kevin Stadler at 125/1 to win the Phoenix Open 
  • – Pablo Larrazabal  at 125/1 to win the Abu Dhabi Championship 
  • – Brian Harman at 100/1 to win the John Deere Classic 
  • – Patrick Reed at 80/1 to win the Wyndham Championship 
  • – Keegan Bradley at 150/1 to win the USPGA 

A good deal of their success has been in following up-and-coming players who are “under the radar” so to speak and not yet household names – or even known to most regular golf punters.

There is clearly great value to be found in identifying such players before the vast majority of other gamblers do – and Betting Bias have shown a real knack for that.

With the tips provided completely free, it really is a “no-brainer” to follow their golf tips. The only thing we would caution is to have patience, as when tipping at odds regularly over 100/1, there can be long spells without a winner.

But when one does come, it is a tremendous feeling and well worth the wait. In between times they will often land decent-priced each-way bets as well, which keeps things ticking over nicely.

With a record that is highly commendable over the last seven years, Betting Bias clearly deserves a place on our list of the top golf tipsters.


6. Golfbetsgold

A service with an established track-record and a dedicated following is GolfBetsGold. They provide both pre-tournament and in-play selections on the PGA and European Tours.

We ran a full review of the service and it made a commendable 93 points profit after a nine month trial.

They managed a number of impressive winners during our trial, including:-

  • Billy Horschel at the BMW PGA Championship @ 28/1 – WON
  • Nacho Elvira at the Cazoo Open @ 22/1 – WON
  • Garrick Higgo at the Palmetto Championship @ 16/1 – WON (in-play)
  • Sam Horsfield first round leader at the Scandinavian Mixed @ 28/1 – WON (dead heat)
  • John Catlin at the Austrian Open @ 45/1 – WON
  • Rory McIlroy at the Wells Fargo @ 20/1 – WON
  • Jon Rahm at the US Open @ 10/1 – WON

Members of the service have averaged 100 points profit per year for four years, which is a strong level of consistency to have achieved.

It’s quite a simple service to follow with just a few selections per week so there is minimal work involved. There are normally detailed write-ups with the tips so you can see the logic behind them and certainly based on what we have seen their logic seems very sound.

All in all then Golfbetsgold is a golf tipster well worth checking out. 


5. Golf Forecast

Next up on our list is Golf Forecast, which is a little different from most other golf services. That is because it would not strictly be classed as a “tipster” in the typical sense, as it produces its selections via an algorithm rather than a tipster reading the form. The algorithm is based on the Shotlink data that compiles a huge array of stats on each player and the strengths and weaknesses of their game.

When the algorithm identifies instances where the odds on a player are higher than they should be, that player is then selected as a bet.  The algorithm also apparently uses machine learning to update itself and improve in light of new data, which should allow it to maintain its edge over the market in the long term. 

Golf Forecast’s record certainly stands up to scrutiny with close to 1,000 points profit made since starting up in 2017. The return on investment is an exceptional 42%, which is the highest of any golf service we have come across. The average monthly profit so far has been around £480 per month, which is quite a nice bit of extra income!  

Some of their most notable winners include:-

  • – Ian Poulter at the Houston Open – WON at 100/1
  • – Bryson DeChambeau at the Northern Trust – WON at 90/1
  • – Matt Kuchar at the Sony Open – WON at 40/1
  • – Patrick Reed at the Masters – WON at 55/1
  • – Lanto Griffin at the Houston Open – WON at 60/1

As you can see some very nice winners there. We have run two trials of the service and it has performed well in both, proving itself under the spotlight. 

We had no hesitation in awarding Golf Forecast a PASSED rating in our review and we have no hesitation awarding it a place high on this list. 


4. Sporting Life Golf (Ben Coley)

The Sporting Life’s principal golf tipster is a chap called Ben Coley and he has established a formidable reputation with a string of impressive winners in recent years.

His form in 2020 has been red hot with winners including Marc Warren at the Austrian Open at 150/1, Sami Valimaki at 250/1 in the Oman Open and Cameron Smith at 50/1 in the Sony Open. Although Ben’s record in 2019 wasn’t quite so good, he made a profit in each of the previous three years, which is very good going. 

Some of his big winners over the years include:

  • – Russell Henley for the Honda Classic in 2014 at 300/1
  • – Richie Ramsay for the Omega European Masters in 2012 at 100/1
  • – Brett Rumford for the Ballantines Championship in 2013 at 80/1
  • – Billy Horschel for the BMW Championship in 2014 at 70/1
  • – Kyle Stanley for the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2012 at 66/1
  • – Hunter Mahan for the Barclays in 2014 at 50/1

Before joining the Sporting Life’s tipping team, Ben had previously provided betting tips on Sports Live Radio and even worked for one of the UK’s largest bookies. He apparently spends many hours studying the golf form to come up with selections and it has certainly worked well for him over the years.

With Ben’s tips provided for free and with a record like he has established, you really can’t go wrong following his golf selections. Highly recommended.


3. Bookie Insiders Golf Tips

Next on our list is another tipster who has compiled a very impressive record since launching and that is Bookie Insiders Golf Tips. Based on a sophisticated algorithm that exploits errors in the bookies’ pricing model, this service has quickly established itself as one of the best in the business.

Originally just focused on the top 20 market, Bookie Insiders Golf amassed some very impressive results on that market with over 350 points profit made since starting tipping in 2019. That has been compiled at an excellent return on investment (ROI) of over 23%.

The service has also moved more recently into tipping in the outright markets to give members a wider choice, particularly those who may have been restricted by the bookies on the top 20 market which is quite niche. They provide selections at both bookies’ odds and Betfair exchange odds in the outright markets. Their results for the Betfair exchange model are very impressive with over 800 points profit made in 2020 and more profits following in 2021.

Winners have included:

  • – Andrew Landry at the American Express – WON @ 460
  • – Hudson Swafford at the Corales Puntacanes – WON @ 260
  • – Stewart Cink at the Safeway Open – WON @ 230
  • – Nick Taylor at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am – WON @ 180

Expanding even further, the service will now be providing selections in Korn Ferry Tour and Ladies tour events, as well as in the top 10 markets so there is a huge amount on offer with this service. Members can of course choose to follow all of the tips or just focus on certain tours and markets.  

During our review of Bookie Insiders Golf they performed commendably, racking up over 150 points profit on the top 20 bets and over 50 points profit on the Betfair outright bets.

Bookie Insiders Golf Tips is a top quality service and has proved it deserves a place high on the list of the best golf tipsters out there.


2. The Golf Insider

Coming in at the number two spot on our list is a tipster who has amassed a seriously impressive record of success, landing some fantastic winners at huge prices and maintaining an excellent return on investment for over six years. That tipster is the Golf Insider.

Since starting tipping in 2014 they have made over 2,000 points profit, which is unrivalled in the world of golf tipping. That equates to over £20,000 profit at £10 per point stakes, a very tidy sum indeed. Those profits have been compiled with a return on investment of 30%, which is also one of the best records in the business. We undertook a live trial of the service during which it performed very well, landing winners at 150/1 and 50/1. 

Some of the Golf Insider’s most notable successes include:-

  • – Marc Warren – WON at 150/1
  • – Chris Kirk – WON at 125/1
  • – Rasmus Hojgaard – WON at 200/1
  • – Andrew Dodt – WON at 150/1
  • – Corey Conners – WON at 175/1
  • – Cameron Champ – WON at 150/1
  • – Hennie Otto – WON at 80/1
  • – Thomas Pieters – WON at 66/1
  • – Martin Kaymer – WON at 70/1

So some very impressive winners there indeed. One of the secrets of the Golf Insider’s success has been utilising a computer model and value ratings that take account of statistics like strokes gained off the tee, greens in regulation, putting statistics and so on to identify players who are likely to go well on a given course but are undervalued by the bookies. 

That approach has clearly yielded massive dividends not just on a one-off basis but for over six years now. As we often say, the proof of a tipster’s skill is their longevity and this tipster has certainly stood the test of time. 

With a record like this over such a long period it is no surprise then that the Golf Insider comes right towards the top of our list. 


1. PGA Profit

Claiming the number position in our rankings as best golf tipster is a service that has a superb record of consistency over more than four years of tipping – and that is PGA Profit.

The tips are provided by a maths expert who has built a special algorithm that uses all of the stats available these days like strokes gained tee-to-green, driving accuracy etc to compile a list of potential picks. It then builds up a profile of the course and what type of player it will suit. Putting the two parts together then provides a model of which players represent value for the tournament in question.

Adding to that information about players such as their current personal circumstances and you have a powerful strategy with which to attack the golf markets.

All of that means nothing though unless you can produce results. Thankfully PGA Profit has done exactly that, with an annual record since they started that reads as follows:-

  • 2018: +274 points profit
  • 2019: +286 points profit
  • 2020: +208 points profit
  • 2021: +500 points profit

Those are the kinds of returns most tipsters can only dream of and add up to a total profit of over 1200 points a return on investment of 34%.

Recent winners have included:

  • Max Homa at the Genesis Invitational at 66/1
  • Garrick Higgo at the Gran Canaria Open at 40/1
  • Abraham Ancer at the WGC Fedex at 45/1
  • Max Homa at the Fortinet Championship at 66/1

Over the years they have also had numerous 100/1+ winners including Zach Johnson at 125/1, Marc Leishman at 100/1 and Jason Kokrak at 100/1.

With big winners like those coupled with an exemplary record of consistency then, PGA Profit comes out on top in our list of the Best Golf Tipsters out there.



So there you have it – a list of our Top Ten Golf Tipsters. Some of them provide tips for free, others charge a fee but all of them have proved themselves over a lengthy period of time. 

With golf tipsters it is worth bearing in mind that the strike rates tend to be much lower than with most horse racing and football tipsters. That means you need a larger betting bank and a good deal more patience, as there will be some long losing streaks and drawdowns, no matter how strong the tipster is overall.

If you have the right mindset though and accept this from the outset, you can do very well following a top golf tipster like those we have listed above. Certainly it is a great feeling when they land one of their 100/1+ winners!

As ever, if you are going to follow a golf tipster then please gamble responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose.





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Honeysuckle Can Defend Champion Hurdle Crown in March

Honeysuckle proved her class earlier this year with a dominant display in the Champion Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival. The mare prevailed by seven lengths in a strong field which included the 2020 winner Epatante.

The defending champion is set to appear at the Festival again in March, where she will be bidding to do it all over again in the premier hurdles contest in jump racing. On the evidence of her opening run of the season, she is going to take some beating.

Henry De Bromhead’s runner returned to action in the Grade One Hatton’s Grace Hurdle. She travelled strongly throughout that race at Fairyhouse before scoring by eight lengths.

Honeysuckle is now odds-on at 4/5 if you are looking to bet on horse racing for the 2021 Champion Hurdle. It is going to take a tremendous performance to beat the mare, as she has proved on multiple occasions she is the leading 2m hurdler in the UK and Ireland.

The Champion Hurdle winner is likely to be popular in today’s horse racing tips for the Matheson Hurdle over the Festive period. The Grade One contest at Leopardstown is set to be her next assignment. It could be her penultimate outing before her trip to Cheltenham.

100% Record Remains in Her Career

After 13 starts under Rules and an appearance in a point-to-point, Honeysuckle has yet to suffer defeat. She made her debut in a points race at Dromahane in April 2018. Later that year, she appeared for the first time under Rules, winning at Fairyhouse in a maiden hurdle over 2m4f.

Honeysuckle’s opening Grade One success came in the Mares Novice Hurdle Championship Final at Fairyhouse in April 2019. The following season she was victorious in three Grade One contests, with wins coming in the Hatton’s Grace Hurdle, Irish Champion Hurdle and Mares’ Hurdle, the latter coming at the 2020 Cheltenham Festival.

Last season, the Irish horse won all four of her assignments. She defended her crowd in the Irish Champion Hurdle and then ended her campaign with another win at the top level at the Punchestown Festival.

Familiar Rivals Set to Tackle Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is familiar with the majority of the rivals she will face in the Champion Hurdle next year. The biggest challenger to her, according to the betting, is Sharjah. He finished behind the mare three times last season.

Willie Mullins’ hurdler has made a strong start to the 2021/22 campaign. He scored in the Grade One Morgiana Hurdle at Punchestown, beating a field that included Zanahiyr and Echoes In Rain.

Sharjah chased home Honeysuckle in the Champion Hurdle in 2021. If he is to reverse the form with the unbeaten mare, he is going to need to improve again this season.


2020 winner Epatante is also set to have another shot at the 2m hurdles contest on the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival. Nicky Henderson’s runner finished in a dead heat for first place in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle at Newcastle on her seasonal reappearance. The seven-year-old mare was over nine lengths behind Honeysuckle last March so she has to produce more at Cheltenham.

Next year’s Champion Hurdle takes place on the 15th March and it will be the 92nd running of the race.




Gambling casino

How Important is Discipline in Betting?

Many punters will talk about discipline when they are discussing betting and betting patterns, but just how important is it? The truth is that if you want to be a successful punter, you must have discipline, without it, you are going to struggle to move forward.

What you bet on forms most of the talk around discipline, but this covers sports and leagues, the markets you use and also the types of bet you place. You need to be an expert in the field you are betting on to be a success. Going from picking out Chelsea to win the Champions League to choosing the winners of NBA and NFL games on a regular basis is not something that very many people can do.

Discipline keeps you on the right track and prevents you from venturing into areas where you will make a loss. Get this right, and your chances of winning will improve. Without it, you have little to no chance at all.

The Betting Markets You Use

One of the most important aspects of being a disciplined punter is choosing the betting markets you are going to use and sticking with them.

Many bookmakers have enhanced their services in recent years, bringing in a wide range of new betting markets for customers to enjoy. This covers many sports and here at Space Casino there is a great focus on football and a wide range of markets to choose including match-winners, goals, player bets, half time bets and much more.

The choice on offer is excellent, and it will ensure you can select the right market for the bet you want, but the key thing in terms of discipline is to not use too many markets. Stick with ones that you know and have enjoyed success with before.

What Sports Should You Bet On?

Much of the same can be said for the sports you bet on. If you want to bet seriously, you have to be a big fan of a particular sport, and watch it, as well as keep up with the latest news. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up to fail.

You need to ensure that the sports you are following and betting on have no clashes too. For example, if you are staying up to watch NHL games, such as the recent Colorado Avalanche win listed here on ESPN over the New York Rangers, then you are not going to be able to watch NBA basketball, which takes place at the same time.

Only bet on sports you know and watch on a regular basis, and make sure you don’t force clashes upon yourself that will cause viewing problems.

Choosing a Bet Type

The final aspect of discipline is the bet type you choose. Many people try and find additional selections to add to their bet, in a bid to boost the odds. This is not advisable, and you should never go looking for selections in order to make up the numbers on your bet.

The best bet type is one that suits the selections you have without finding more. This way, you are not stretching based on the odds. Instead you are sticking to selections you think will win, regardless of the odds on offer.




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Nube Negra, a Good Bet for Champion Chase this Season

Although the 2021 Queen Mother Champion Chase was lacking two of the biggest stars from the race in Chacun Pour Soi and Altior, it is a contest which may have given us a glimpse into the future in the 2m chasing division.



Put The Kettle On and Nube Negra were involved in an excellent tussle at the finish, with the former coming out on top by less than a length. The runner-up has an excellent chance of reversing that form and going one place better in the Championship race in 2022.

Dan Skelton’s runner is 9/1 in the betting for the feature race on day two of the Cheltenham Festival. After an excellent performance in the Grade Two Shloer Chase at the November Meeting, he is likely to be a one of the popular betting tips for the meeting in March.

Nube Negra is seven years old, so he remains open to improvement over fences. His victory last time out at Cheltenham was just his eighth appearance over fences. He has won four of those races which gives him an impressive 50% strike rate as a chaser.

Skelton has made a very good start to the 2021/22 season which could indicate he is set for his best campaign yet. Nube Negra is the flagship horse in the Lodge Hill yard at the moment. He has some talented novices, but they will have to prove themselves over the next six months.

Sandown Next for Talented Chaser

Nube Negra has an entry in the Group One Tingle Creek Chase at Sandown next month which will be another strong test for the horse. That could see him take on some of the leading horses in the UK and Ireland in the 2m division.


Last season’s Arkle Trophy winner Shishkin has an entry in the Tingle Creek field and is the favourite with the bookmakers. He is unbeaten in five starts over fences, but all those runs have come in novice company. Nicky Henderson’s runner will now feature against much more experienced chasers so he may not have it quite his own way.

Chacun Pour Soi is expected to make the trip from Willie Mullins’ yard to Sandown. The horse finished ahead of Nube Negra in the Champion Chase at the Punchestown Festival last April. That race came at the end of a long hard season for Skelton’s runner. The Irish horse did not run at the Cheltenham Festival, so he was much fresher.

Although the result at Sandown is not the only factor to consider when it comes to the Champion Chase, a victory over Shishkin and Chacun Pour Soi would see Nube Negra even closer to the top of the betting.

The former Spanish-based horse has run at Sandown before. He finished second in the Grade One Henry VIII Novices’ Chase in his novice campaign. Victory on his return to the Esher-based track will be the biggest success of his career so far.

Selection: Nube Negra to win Queen Mother Champion Chase @ 9/1 




horse racing

The Beginners Guide to Horse Racing

Betting on horses is one of the most popular sport outlets when it comes to gambling.

Believe it or not, it actually is not relatively difficult to pick up as a beginner, and that preparation and research that you commit to in the beginning is massively important when it comes to progressing fast and picking up what you need to know and when it comes to understanding all the different types of bets there are in horse racing. 

Within this short guide, you will become familiar with the foundation and principles of horse race betting.

Alternatively, if you are more into the casino gambling side, then make sure to head on over to take a look at the Casino Reviews that are available. That should definitely give you a head start in your casino betting, but also some sites do accommodate horse racing betting too, so you could hit two birds with one stone!

Straight Wagers

This form of betting is usually the first genre of betting within horse racing, that punters feel most comfortable in attacking. They come in the form of Win bets, Place bets and finally Show bets.

These bets are available for all types of horse racing, so you could comfortably try these out, the next time big races like The Royal Ascot, Kentucky Derby and Melbourne Cup!

Win Betting 

Win betting is of course in the name, meaning you will need the selection you place a bet on to actually win. There is no leeway for this bet to secure you a return. It either has to be right, or you go home with nothing unfortunately. So, this is ultimately the most difficult bet of all three straight wagers.

Winning odds are primarily determined by the form of the horse in question.  On average most people receive a return on this form of betting on every three races. It is often the most exciting betting experience out of all three, and therefore the most popular choice for beginners!

Place Betting 

Place betting is the betting type that will require you to select which horse will come in the places. The terminology is a little different between the US and UK.

In the US, place betting typically means your horse needs to finish in the top two for you to receive a return on your bet.

In the UK however, how many places are offered depends on how many horses are in the race and the type of race. As a rule of thumb though, it is normally two places if there are 5-7 runners, three places for 8-15 runners and four places for 16+ runners.

Place betting is easier to get a return from in comparison to a win bet. However, the payoff of this bet is lower for that very reason – for example a quarter or a fifth of the win odds. Therefore, when going into making this bet you will have to pay more to win less, but have a higher chance of achieving a return.

A variation on place betting is each-way betting. This is where you are placing half your stake on a horse to win and half on it to finish in the places.

Show Betting 

Show betting is more common in the US than the UK.

A Show Bet means you will need to make sure the horse that you selected finishes in first, second or third place.

Again, just like place betting, because it’s considered an easier option to pick, you will be paid less if you manage to make a winning bet from this scenario – again normally a quarter or a fifth of the win odds.

Exotic Betting 

Last but not least, we have the exotic bets. These are far more difficult than straight wagers, that is for sure.

Newcomers to this form of betting will often struggle in getting to grasp the foundations of this, therefore it is not recommended that beginners jump on these right away, before they have adjusted to the principles of straight wagers. You would be running before you can walk essentially.

The easiest of all exotic bets in horse racing is the Exacta bet. This is where you will need to select the first two horses to finish across the line (and in the correct order).

Another alternative exotic bet you could try is the Quinella betting, where you pick the first two horses to finish and it can be in either order.

You could up this then by selecting Double exotic betting, where you will need to predict the right horses for two consecutive races, but definitely build up your try of these exotic bets within the order mentioned above.



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Different Types of Betting in Horse Racing

A series of brief explanations to horse racing betting terms to assist the use of betting sites online.


Single bets occur when punters place one bet within a chosen event. In order to get a return, the single bet has to come back successful.

Each Way

Each Way bets are made up of two equal bets. There is a ‘win’ bet where punters make a selection to win a given event and a ‘place’ bet that covers various runner-up positions at reduced odds. The place bet can cover between two and four places.


Accumulator bets require a varying number of selections to win in order to gain a return. ‘Accas’ have boosted odds and multiple selections are combined. All of the chosen selections must be successful in order to gain a return.

Doubles, Trebles, and Larger Accumulators

Doubles are accumulators with two single bets where the odds of each bet are then combined.

Similarly, trebles consist of three selections. Larger accumulators may be referred to as “four-fold”, “five-fold”, “six-fold”, etc. depending on the number of selections.

To see a return, all selections chosen must both be successful


Trixies are four bets across three different events in the form of three ‘doubles’ and one ‘treble’. This allows a return if two of three event bets are correct.

Example: Event A, Event B, Event C
Treble: A, B, C
Double: A, B
Double: A, C
Double: B, C


Patents are seven bets made across three events. These are similar to trixies but involve additional single selections.

Patents require just one selection to be successful to gain a return.


A Yankee is eleven bets from four selections. A Yankee bet comprises of a four-fold accumulator, four ‘trebles’, and six ‘doubles’.

Example: Event A, Event B, Event C, Event D
Four-fold: A, B, C, D
Treble: A, B, C
Treble: A, B, D
Treble: A, C, D
Treble: B, C, D
Double: A, B
Double: A, C
Double, A, D
Double: B, C
Double: B, D
Double: C, D

Lucky 15

These are like ‘yankees’ with the addition of single bets. Lucky 15 bets include a ‘four-fold’, four ‘trebles’, six ‘doubles’, and four ‘singles’.


A Canadian is 26 bets made up from five selections. Canadian bets include an accumulator, five ‘four-folds’ 10 ‘trebles’ and 10 ‘doubles’. In order to get returns from a Canadian, at least two of the selections must be successful.

Lucky 31

As the name suggests, a Lucky 31 is made up of 31 bets which are then placed on five different selections. A Lucky 31 consists of 10 ‘trebles’, 10 ‘doubles’, 5 ‘singles’, 5 ‘four-folds’ and a ‘five-fold’ accumulator. There are additional bonuses of 15% and 25% if four or five selections win respectively.


These bets are comprised of 57 bets made using six selections. A Heinz bet includes 20 ‘trebles’, 15 ‘doubles’, six ‘five-folds’ along with 15 ‘four-folds’, and also a ‘six-fold’ accumulator. In order to gain returns, at least two of the selections must be successful.

Lucky 63

Similar to the Lucky 31, a Lucky 63 involves 63 bets from six different selections. A Lucky 63 consists of 20 ‘trebles’, 10 ‘doubles’, six ‘singles’, with six ‘five-folds’, 15 ‘four-folds, and a ‘six-fold’ accumulator.

Super Heinz

The Super Heinz is 120 bets spread over seven different selections. To secure a return, at least two selections have to come in. This bet has 21 ‘doubles’, 35 ‘trebles’, 35 ‘four-folds’, 21 ‘five-folds’, seven ‘six-folds’, and a ‘seven-fold’ accumulator.


The aptly named Goliath is comprised of a massive 247 bets made across 8 selections. A Goliath consists of 70 ‘four-folds’, 56 ‘trebles’, 56 ‘five-folds’, 28 ‘doubles’, 28 ‘six-folds’, eight ‘seven-folds’, and an ‘eight-fold’ accumulator. In order to gain a return from a Goliath, at least two of your selections must be successful.

Straight Forecast

Essentially a ‘forecast’ of the top two finishers will be in the given order.

Reverse Forecast

Reverse Forecasts involve predicting two finishers in a given order.

Combination Forecasts

In Combination Forecasts, punters choose three or more selections to finish in the top two in any order.

Straight Tricasts

The top three must finish in the predicted order to secure a return.

Combination Tricasts

These involve three or more selections to finish in the top three in any order.