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Frankie Dettori

Get Your Free Derby Tips!

This year’s Epsom Derby Day is looking like it’s going to be a cracker with a bumper card at the Surrey course including the Oaks as well as the Derby itself. 

With 16 runners due to go to post for the Derby at 16.55 BST on Saturday, it is set to be a red-hot betting market with millions wagered on the race. You can view the current odds here.

Heading the betting is 2,000 Guineas winner Kameko at 7/2, followed by English King at 4/1 who is ridden by Frankie Dettori. 

Aiden O’Brien saddles third favourite Russian Emperor at 6/1 and is looking for his record eighth Derby success. 

If you are looking for free tips for today’s racing, here are a few sources we can highly recommend:

  • – Betting Gods – a highly respected website providing free tips for those who sign up plus there are a range of paid tipsters, with some excellent records of profit accumulated.
  • – Sports Betting Stars – another high quality site providing free tips from pro gamblers including Russell Blair who has made over £20,000 profit to £10 stakes.
  • – Bet Alchemist is a top racing service that has made over 750 points profit since 2011 and has an excellent record in the big races.

And of course in addition to the Derby, you have a great quality card at Epsom to get your teeth into.

So good luck with your betting on the Derby and any other wagers you have this weekend. 






Brett Love Horses to Follow

Get Your FREE Horses to Follow List That’s Made 90 Points Profit!

Last year we completed a review of a horse racing service called Loves Racing.

The tips are provided by a guy called Brett Love (see what they’ve done there?) who was a pro footballer but is now a professional gambler.

The service performed very well in our trial, making 65 points profit on the main tips and 19 points on the festival tips – so 84 points profit overall.

Since our review ended we’ve continued tracking the service and Brett’s now made 184 points profit – or £1,840 to £10 stakes – in total since we’ve been proofing his tips.

Horses to Follow List

Well now Brett’s got a pretty awesome special offer for you.

He’s offering his “Horses to Follow List” completely FREE.

Grab your FREE copy here.

Last year’s list made over 90 points profit purely at Betfair SP.

Yes, that’s £900 profit at BSP by backing all the horses on the list in their next three races and removing them from the list once they have won.

Pretty simple eh?

Grab your copy of the Horses to Follow list completely FREE here.

Don’t miss out on this free guide, it really is top quality info from a top quality tipster.




football players running

Which Football League is the Most Profitable for Draws?

Betting on a draw in football is a highly recommended option and widely used among the most expert bettors because it is a very common outcome that usually offers quite interesting odds, especially in matches between unequal teams.

In this article we take a look at the leagues where drawing is the most common outcome and which leagues should be avoided when it comes to betting on drawing markets.

What are the leagues with the most draws?

From a statistical point of view, the Spanish second division leads the way in Europe over the past two seasons. Even with taking into account the most important leagues in the world such as the Spanish second division comes out top with La Liga and French Ligue 1 following behind.

During the 2018/19 season, there were a total of 286 draws between the 22 teams in the division which is a huge 66 more draws than La Liga and Ligue 1 which saw 220 draws between the 20 teams.

Over the same period, the Premier League proved to be the least profitable league when it came to betting on a draw. The teams in the English top division registered 78 less draws over the course of last season than the Spanish and French first divisions. Only one team in the Premier League reached double figures for draws during the 2018/19 season which is unlike the rest of the major European leagues.

What are the teams that tie the most in Spain?

At a quick glance, we can see that Spain is the country to back when it comes to draws. Whether that has something to do with the style of play, the quality of the defensive shape or the poor shot conversion is another question. But, when it comes to betting on draws, Spain should be your first port of call.

Just a quick look at the tables for the 2018/19 season, you can see which clubs are the most successful in winning the draw markets. Here are teams that drew the most in the 2018/19 season in the top two divisions in the Iberian Peninsula.

La Liga 2018/19:
16 Draws: Atlético Madrid
14 Draws: Getafe, Athletic Bilbao and Eibar
12 Draws: Leganés and Huesca

2018/19 SmartBank League:
18 Draws: Las Palmas
17 Draws: Deportivo La Coruña, Tenerife and Lugo
16 Draws: Cádiz, Elche and Numancia

Thus, we see that the teams that record the most draws in Spain are Atlético Madrid and Las Palmas, teams that practically tied half of their league matches the previous season.

At the time of writing, Atletico Madrid are still churning out draws on a regular basis. Tied with Valladoilid, Diego Simeone’s side have drawn 14 of their 33 games in La Liga so far.

In the Spanish second division, the 22 teams this season have already smashed the 286 draws from last season 38 match days into the season. So far, the teams have registered a total of 290 draws already.

Rayo Vallecano are the team to back in this division with the Madrid side drawing a whopping 19 games already this term.

Which are the teams that draw the most in Europe?

Now let’s look at the teams that registered the most draws last season in the major European leagues.

Premier League 2018/19 (142 draws in total):

12 Draws: Southampton
9 Draws: Chelsea, Man. United, Wolves, Everton, Newcastle and Brighton

Bundesliga 2018/19 (146 draws in total):

12 Draws: Hoffenheim and Freiburg
11 Draws: Werder Bremen

Serie A 2018/19 (216 draws in total):

17 Draws: Fiorentina
16 Draws: Sassuolo

Ligue 1 2018/19 (220 draws in total):

16 Draws: Reims and Angers
14 Draws: Montpellier and Toulouse

As we can see, excluding Spanish competitions, Ligue 1 and Serie A are the European leagues with the highest number of draws per season, leaving the Premier League and the Bundesliga to dust.

The Premier League has registered more draws this term so far with 162 racked up at the time of writing, but it is still a long way off from the figures shown by the Spanish second division and 22 draws off the record set currently by Spanish top division sides.

If you wish to bet on football matches from any of the major European League and games from across the world to compare odds on thousands of football markets or get some free bets then check out Easy Odds.




betfair website pic

Best Tipsters and Betting Systems to Use on Betfair

One of the most common questions we are asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “what are the best tipsters and betting systems to use if you have lost your bookie accounts and only have access to Betfair?”

It’s a good question as it happens to a lot of us, particularly if you are doing well and making some money following a top tipster or betting system. 

Fortunately, the good news is there are a number of very good services you can follow solely at Betfair, even if you have lost your bookie accounts. 

We’ll take a look at them below and list our top six services to follow purely on Betfair.


Using Betfair Instead of the Bookies

Before we get onto looking at the services in question though, just a quick word on using Betfair (or other exchanges) rather than traditional bookmakers. In most cases – with horse racing tipsters anyway – you would still do better using the bookies, particularly if you have access to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed). This is because most top tipsters find value early in the day (or even the night before) at the bookies when there is little liquidity on Betair. This value often disappears by race time, meaning those tipsters don’t make a profit at Betfair SP.   

That’s not to say that following top tipsters on Betfair can’t still be very profitable – as we’ll see below, it certainly can be. And there are some systems that have been specifically designed to work on Betfair, meaning they are wholly based on finding value at the exchanges.

These days with Betair offering just 2% commission rates, the opportunity to make a profit on the exchange is better than ever. More system designers are focusing their energies on the exchange as more and more people are having their bookie accounts restricted or closed. And the Betfair API allows developers to set up automated systems and bots and that is something we expect to see more of in the future. 

For now though, let’s have a look at the best betting services to use on Betfair. 


Best Betting Services for use on Betfair

OK, so now let’s take a look at the most profitable betting systems you can use on Betfair. Here at Honest Betting Reviews we’ve tested hundreds of betting systems and we ensure that all our horse racing reviews include the results at Betfair SP, as we know that a large number of you are restricted to using the exchanges. That means we are well placed to know which systems are actually profitable on Betfair and which are not. 

Anyway, without further ado here’s our top 6 list:


     1. Russell Blair Racing

The number one service on our list is a horse racing tipster called Russell Blair who has been wonderfully successful tipping at bookies’ odds but also has an excellent record if you were just taking Betfair SP on all his tips.

We have run two separate trials of Russell Blair Racing. In our first trial he made 214 points profit at advised bookies’ prices and 121 points profit at Betfair SP; and in our second trial made 305 points profit at bookies’ odds and 198 points profit at BSP. 

So as you can see phenomenal results in themselves but also the BSP results held up very well, bringing in a combined 319 points profit over the course of our two trials. The BSP results were around 38% lower than the advised bookies’ odds, which although being somewhat lower would still leave you with a very healthy profit when you consider that Russell has made over 2,000 points profit overall at advised prices since starting tipping in 2015.

Allowing for a 38% deduction would still leave you with over 1,200 points profit at Betfair SP, which is very good going indeed – £12,000 profit to £10/point in fact.

Sometimes a tipster is so good that even allowing for the fact that their BSP results are not quite as good as the advised prices, you would still make an excellent profit – and Russell Blair is one of those tipsters. 


     2. Racing Intelligence

One of the best tipsters we have come across and one of the most profitable on Betfair is Racing Intelligence. It is a little different from traditional “tipsters” as it doesn’t study form, ratings, or any of the standard ways that tipsters normally produce their tips. Instead the selections are provided by an inside man at one of the world’s leading bookmakers, who gets to see where the big money is being placed on certain high value “marker” accounts. You can check out our original review of Racing Intelligence here.

The service has proved remarkably successful both at the bookies and Betfair. Using BSP alone the service has made over 400 points profit if backing win-and-place at Betfair and over 600 points profit if backing win-only. Since the service started up three years ago, every quarter bar one has been profitable at Betfair SP and 70% of the months have been profitable. The return on investment has been over 18% at BSP, with strike rates of 39% if backing win-and-place and 20% if going win-only.

All in all those are top class results and makes Racing Intelligence well worth following purely on Betfair even if you’ve lost your bookie accounts.  


     3. Little Acorns 

Little Acorns is a horse racing laying system designed specifically for use on Betfair.  The system comes in PDF format and has just four simple rules to follow. You can use the Racing Post (or a similar racecard website) to find the selections, which should only take around ten to fifteen minutes per day. 

The system has been around for over ten years now and remains one of the most popular and consistent horse racing systems out there, with a legion of fans. It has won numerous awards and continues to churn out steady profits of 100+ points profit per year, relentlessly year after year. 

Little Acorns advises a loss-recovery staking system which is not for the faint-hearted and requires a substantial betting bank, although you can also use flat staking if you prefer. During our live trial of the system it made 189 points profit using loss recovery staking and 116 points profit using flat staking.  

If you are looking for a steady, reliable laying system for Betfair that has proven itself over the course of more than ten years, then you can’t do much better than giving Little Acorns a go. 


     4. Goal Profits

Up next is the first football service on our list, Goal Profits. This is a football trading service specifically for use on Betfair and has a hugely dedicated following as well as winning numerous awards, including our very own Best Football Service, as voted for by our members. 

Goal Profits encompasses a veritable treasure trove of tools for the budding trader, including vast databases of stats from leagues all over the world that can be customised to find value trades not obvious to the everyday punter.  You can also follow along with their pro traders in a live chat room and learn from the best. In addition there is a comprehensive training package, including videos and guides, as well as a forum and extensive support available. 

There are even some Goal Profits members who claim to be trading full time based on its strategies and stats, which is about the best proof of its value you could imagine. Certainly if you aspire to trade the Betfair football markets successfully then Goal Profits is a great place to start, whether you are just starting out on your journey or are an experienced trader looking to improve your returns. 


     5. Trade On Sports

Another trading service that’s been set up to be used specifically on the Betfair markets, Trade On Sports comes from a dedicated team of professional traders and covers a range of sports including football, tennis, cricket, NFL, ice hockey and more.

The focal point of the service for us though is the football trading, particularly their HT Overs Bot which amassed a superb £6,000 profit during our live trial of it. It is a tool that analyses in-play Betfair markets and uses historical data to find stand-out trading opportunities where there is at least an 80% chance of another goal. It has proved to be very effective at doing that.   

In addition, Trade On Sports (TOS) includes a range of other tools including pre-match trading, an unders Bot, tennis ratings and recommended bets across a range of sports. There is also a vibrant community of members who exchange ideas and chat about trading on the TOS Telegram app. All in all Trade On Sports is a service that’s constantly evolving and improving and we expect it will keep finding new profitable angles to exploit on Betfair. 


     6. Betfair Scalper

Finally on our list we have Betfair Scalper. This is a trading course on how to scalp and trade the Betfair horse racing markets before the race. It includes over forty hours of professional training and 150 videos and is highly regarded in the trading community. 

We ran our own review of the course and made 9.2 points profit during our testing period, which was a decent return. The course contains lots of useful information and strategies on how to trade the pre-race markets successfully and there is full support available from the Betfair Scalper team. 

Although you will need to devote quite a bit of time and energy to learning the strategies, if you are prepared to do that then this course is well worth checking out. 


Conclusion – Using Betfair For Your Bets

Many of us have unfortunately had our bookie accounts restricted or closed over the years, which is a frustrating thing when it happens. Most tipsters advise their bets at the bookies’ best available odds and record their results accordingly. Thus it can seem like when you lose your bookie accounts, it isn’t worth following tipsters any more.

This isn’t always the case however and the good news is that there are still a number of tipsters who are profitable at Betfair SP, even if the results aren’t quite as good as using the bookies. There are also now an increasing number of systems and services that have been developed specifically for Betfair, which is encouraging news for us punters.

As time goes on we expect more software and bots to be developed for Betfair and this is something Betfair themselves seem eager to encourage. With Betfair now offering just 2% commission as well, we see a time when it won’t matter too much if you have access to bookie accounts or not. 

In the meantime, there are already a number of really good services listed above you can use solely on Betfair. So if you haven’t signed up already, it is high time to check some of them out! 




Royal Ascot

Get Your Royal Ascot Tips Here!

It’s not long now until one of the most famous horse racing festivals in the world gets underway.

Tomorrow is the start of Royal Ascot and it is set to be a cracking week. 

The weather is due to be fair and the racing will be top quality with a world class field of the very best flat thoroughbreds in the world going down to post.

There will be a slightly different feel to Ascot this week with no spectators in attendance but we should still be in for a treat watching it from home.

If you are looking for some top tips for the week then we can highly recommended the following tipsters:-

  • – Loves Racing – over 500 points profit made overall and over 50 points profit made at Royal Ascot over the last two years.
  • – Quentin Franks Racing – over 1,400 points profit since 2014 at an ROI of over 20% 
  • – The Bet Alchemist  – over 900 points profit since 2010 and history of landing big winners at Ascot. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

So some top class tipsters to choose from there and hopefully they will yield some substantial profits this week. 

If you follow those tipsters or even have your own bets this week, good luck at Royal Ascot and enjoy the action. 





MK Horse Racing Tips

Why They’re The Best

Racing has been back less than a week but already we’ve seen just why our top two recommended horse racing tipsters are the best in the business.

First up we’ve had Russell Blair Racing who’s been absolutely smashing it:

Secretario 1pt win @ 11/1 WON = £110 PROFIT
Little Jo 1pt win @ 12/1 – WON = £120 PROFIT
Ziggle Pops 1pt win @ 22/1 – WON = £220 PROFIT

Then we’ve had Quentin Franks Racing who’s had the following winners:-

English King – 1pt win @ 10.0 & 1pt win @ 3.5 WON = £115 PROFIT
Art Power – 1pt win @ 2.63 WON = £16.30 PROFIT
First Receiver – 1pt win @ 2.75 WON = £13.10 PROFIT (rule 4)
Celestran – 2pt win @ 4.33 WON = £66.60 PROFIT
Haqeeqy – 1pt win @ 7.00 WON = £60.00 PROFIT
Al Salt – 1pt win @ 3.50 WON = £25.00 PROFIT

As you can see it’s taken no time at all for them both to hit their stride after the enforced break and get back to plundering the bookies.

Quentin has made over £15,000 to £10 stakes overall and Russell has made over £20,000 to £10 per point.

That’s why they’re the best in the business!

And the great news is you can currently get a 15 day trial of Quentin for just £1.99 and a 14 day trial of Russell for FREE!




horse jumps

Get Top Tips for Cheltenham!

It’s finally here! Yes today is the start of the “Greatest Show on Turf” – aka the Cheltenham Festival. Thankfully neither the coronavirus nor the bad weather have put paid to this year’s action. 

We hope you are ready for a week of top-class jumps racing.

If you’re anything like us – you’ll want to boost your profits at this year’s festival.

Well fortunately we have a service that has a record of doing just that.

This is a tipster that we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews and we gave it a strong recommended rating, having made 38 points profit during our trial and over 900 points profit since starting tipping.

Get your top tips for Cheltenham here.

And it has a record of picking high value priced winners at Cheltenham that is second to none.

The service has made an astonishing 311 points and £15,562 in profits at the Cheltenham Festival to £25 e/w stakes since 2010.

The average profit over the past 10 festivals is +£1,556.21 which is +31.12 points profit on average.

2019 Cheltenham Results – Members backed winners Klassical Dream 8/1, Defi Du Seuil 3/1, Any Second Now 10/1, Ch’tibello 12/1, Sire Due Berlais 6/1

And this service was voted the Number One Horse Racing Service of 2018 by you, the members of Honest Betting Reviews.

What service are we talking about?

Well you can check it out here and get all their tips for Cheltenham.

Act now before their special Cheltenham page is taken down.





Champions League

Betting Pitfalls to Avoid in the Second Round of Champions League Last 16 Matches

After an intriguing set of first leg matches in the Champions League Round of 16, attention is already turning to their concluding encounters in mid-March.

There are lots of opportunities for bettors to sink their teeth into a variety of markets, but before you join them, you should really consider what constitutes value and what doesn’t in these home-and-away matches.
Don’t succumb to irrational biases in your bets, and instead consider these three contrarian angles of attack.

Never Write off a Mourinho Comeback

The general consensus is that the Midas touch that Jose Mourinho displayed in his ‘Special One’ days is very much consigned to the past.

And it’s true: if he is to reinvigorate his management career, he is going to have to overhaul his own working methods and get Tottenham back to the level they enjoyed in happier times under Mauricio Pochettino.

But to write off the Portuguese disciplinarian would be foolish, given that this is a man who has twice won the Champions League as a manager and also triumphed twice in the Europa League – he knows his way around a continental knockout phase.

Spurs face a one-goal deficit against RB Leipzig and have to travel to Germany for the second leg, of course, but they will only need to score one away goal to really put the cat amongst the pigeons. That is what makes their ‘to qualify’ betting odds of 7/2 so appetising.

But is there any hope of that? Well, the German outfit were beaten by Lyon on home soil in the group stage and dropped points against Benfica, while in the Bundesliga they concede at an average rate of more than a goal per game in front of their own supporters.

The Londoners may be without Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, but with Mourinho at the helm, they will know that anything is possible.

Underestimate Simeone’s Dogfighters At Your Peril

Despite trailing by a goal from the first leg, Liverpool are priced as short as 5/6 in the Champions League football betting odds to progress to the last eight at the expense of Atletico Madrid.

The Reds may be closing in on the Premier League title but they have been riding their luck of late, and in the first leg against Atleti at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, they failed to muster a single shot on target against a defensive masterclass from Diego Simeone’s men.

In truth, this was the archetypal performance from the Madrid based outfit in the Champions League. Aggressive, hard-working and well organised, Atleti rarely looked like being broken down by a Liverpool side that quickly ran out of ideas.
The Reds could be without midfield general Jordan Henderson for the second leg at Anfield, and only the most optimistic of their supporters would predict anything other than a tight and conservative affair.

Atletico have conceded just 18 goals in 25 La Liga games at the time of going to press, shipped just five in six in the Champions League group phase and, lest we forget, they have reached two finals of this competition in the past six seasons thanks largely to the tactical wizardry of Simeone.

If you back Liverpool blindly here, you may be in for a nasty shock.

Don’t Fall Into the Goals, Goals, Goals Trap

If you read any build-up and analysis ahead of the second leg between PSG and Borussia Dortmund, much of the content you see will extol the virtues of the two attacks.

Any why not? On the pitch at the Parc des Princes are likely to be Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Angel Di Maria, Erling Braut Haaland, Jaden Sancho and Thorgan Hazard.

But one common fallacy bettors fall for is that automatically means that goals will follow.

Admittedly, the first leg finished 2-1 in the Germans’ favour, but an Expected Goals (xG) count of 1.26-1.36 hardly screams end-to-end thriller.

These two teams will also deploy a 3-4-3 system, which will pit the players into individual battles, rather than allow for any tactical supremacy, and that could lead to frustration on behalf of the neutral observer watching on from home.
And, of course, the chief consideration in any betting act has to be game state.

Let’s think about the facts. Borussia Dortmund would happily take a 0-0 draw here, ad while parking the bus is not really their style there will be a subconscious desire to protect their lead for sure.

And then PSG’s away goal means that they only need a 1-0 victory in the second leg to progress – if they concede an away goal of their own, it will be curtains for their hopes of a quarter-final place.

With both teams happy for an event-free, low-scoring encounter, does it make sense for punters to oppose the general logic of goals between these two sides?

These are three Champions League trapdoors that many punters will fall through. Make sure you don’t follow the herd.






Cheltenham AP McCoy

Cheltenham Special Offer

We are just four days away now from the “Greatest Show on Turf” and there is a great offer available with Cleeve Racing.

They are offering a great deal for Cheltenham and the Grand National meeting for just £10+VAT.

Cleeve have an excellent record at Cheltenham over the past few years:

– Total of 149 tips
– 19 winners
– 29 E/W places
– That’s a 32% tip success rate
– Works out to a profit of £3,284.60 (to £20 stakes)

Cleeve are one of the most respected tipsters out there, receiving an excellent rating on Trust Pilot, a Gold award as Best Tipping Service Newcomer by the SBC and considered to be “one of the best (if not the best) service I have ever reviewed” by Geegeez.


For just £10+VAT this is one of the best value offers you will see for Cheltenham – and works out at just 20p per race.

They have already posted their tips for the RSA Chase, Supreme Novices Hurdle and Gold Cup so don’t miss out.






Cleeve Racing Cheltenham 2020

Free Cheltenham 2020 Festival Yankee

Our friends at Cleeve have just released their 2020 Festival Yankee and it’s FREE for everyone.

It features 3 double-figure priced horses and they’ve put in one of the bankers to anchor all the doubles and trebles (and hopefully even the four-timer!). If they achieve 4 places it returns over £250, and should they somehow manage 4 winners it’s over £15,000!

Coming back down to earth Cleeve are one of the most consistently profitable tipping services in the UK and they’ve made money at the Cheltenham Festival in 4 out of the last 5 years, so it’s well worth getting their thoughts on four of the best value horses due to go to post… and remember it’s totally FREE!


Those sneaky bookmakers are cutting their prices every day now as the hysteria builds up a head of steam so grab your copy now before the prices go.